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bap= baptism

min= minister

Sp= sponsor

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NOTE: These baptismal entries were written in the Marriage Register by the Revd. J. Dupont [JD] in error.

Brown, George b 12/1860, bap 8/20/1861, son of George Brown and Frances Pinnock. Sp: William Thompson, Isabel Delande. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Elting, Ellen b 5/12/1861, bap 8/19/1861, daughter of James Elting and Cecilia Edward. Sp: Joseph Narcisse. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Gardner, Elizabeth Virginia b 7/29/1861, bap 8/9/1861 daughter of James Gardner and Rebecca Anderson. Sp: David Alexis, Isabel Alexis. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Nelson, James Adolphus, b 6/28/1861, bap 8/18/1861, son of Francis Nelson and Eliza James. Sp: James Richard and Elizabeth Gordon. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Suares, Bonifacia b 4/2/1860, bap 8/19/1861, daughter of Julian Lepaes and Amelia. Sp: Bonifacio Suares, Maria Suares. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Wilson, Margina Augusta b 3/24/1861, bap 8/18/1861, daughter of Edward Wilson and Joanna Robertson. Sp: Elizabeth Ann McDonald. Min: JD. p. 220 marriages

Wizard, Sarah, bap 2/20/1861, aged 26 years. Sp: Mary Angeline Montagnac. Min: JD. p. 216 marriages

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