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By Jacob A. P. M. Andrade

Published in Jamaica, 1941


Census of the Jewish Inhabitants of the Island, showing the numbers residing in each of the Parishes, for the decennial periods 1881, 1891 and 1921 respectively, extracted from Official Returns:-

  King- Port St. An- St. Tho- Port- St. Cathe- St. St. Claren- Manch- St. Tre- Han- Westmore- St. Eliza-  
YEAR ston Royal drew mas land rine Ann Mary don ester James lawny over land beth TOTALS
1881 1087 0 77 15 40 621 56 212 88 38 76 58 85 67 15 2535
1911 808 0 166 12 59 93 13 155 16 44 44 11 4 42 20 1487
1921 613 6 260 22 58 55 19 105 26 10 17 2 21 20 16 1250


Jews with distinctly German Surnames who were granted Patents of Naturalization in the 18th and 19th centuries: -

1.   Lyon Ashers-8th October, 1706-Liber 14, Folio 261.

2.   Joseph Adolphus-13th August, 1733-Liber 20, Folio 47.

3.   Gotchal Levien-28th June, 1766-Liber 31, Folio 147.

4.   George Kiesselback -- 23rd March, 1819 - Liber 38, Folio 215.

5.   Sigismund Steibel-15th December, 1823-Liber 38, Folio 274.

6.   Bernard Steibel -17th September, 1827-Liber 39, Folio 43.

7.   Solomon Herschfeldt-19th February, 1834-Liber 39, Folio 78.

8.   Solomon Schloss - 23rd February, 1839 - Liber 39, Folio 125.

9.   Leopold Schloss - 20th December, 1844 - Liber 39, Folio 151.

10.   Daniel Hirsch Schloss-13th January, 1847 - Liber 39, Folio 160.

11.   Charles Steiner - 13th December, 1848 - Liber 39, Folio 167.

Samuel Slesingers, a native of Switzerland, took the Oath of Allegiance in the Supreme Court, in accordance with the provisions of the Imperial Act, 13th Geo II. ch. 7, in open Court, affirming his Jewish persuasion before the Chief Justice, Sir Joshua Rowe, and the Associate Judges on the 11th February, 1848. (Vide Liber 39 of Patents, Folio 163).


At present the Jewish population of the world is estimated at about sixteen and a half millions: Eberlin, 15,783,000; Trietsch, 18,080,000; of which number 11,500,000 are in Europe; 4,228,000 in the United States, including 1,765,000 in New York City; 115,151 in Palestine (American Jewish Committee, 1928).
The following religious Sects exists today: Orthodox Jews who believe in the inspiration of Scripture and who cling to the prescriptions of the Mishna and the Gemara (together constituting the Talmud) ; Conservative Jews, who also hold the inspiration of Scripture, but who have adopted the prescriptions of tradition to modern conditions, and Liberal or Reformed Jews, who have very lax views about the inspiration of Scripture, who try to make their beliefs conform to modern rationalistic theories, and who have abandoned many of the ancient customs and practises.
(The Sephardim Section number about one-tenth or 1,600,000).



Extract from the Deed of Conveyance for a Lot of Land at Port Royal Acquired for the Extension of the Synagogue Compound
Ashworth, Jasper et ux to Quixano Abraham Mendez et al, Trustees. Dated 24th March, 1719. Extent of Land, 900 sq. ft.  Purchase money, £70. Recorded at Liber 61, folio 157 of Deeds, and enrolled 29th June, 1720.
   Jasper Ashworth of the parish of St. George (incorporated since 1867 in Portland) and Susannah his wife of the first part and Abraham Mendez Quixano of Port Royall, merchant, and Moses Lamego of the same Place, merchant, and Jacob Nunez of the same place, merchant, Wardens of the Synagogue or place of Worship belonging to the Jews upon Port Royal for themselves and the Wardens for the time being, and the hole people of the Jews inhabitants of Port Royall aforesaid of the other part:  Habendum To Have and to Hold "All that part of parcel of land containing fifteen ffoot in front and sixtye ffoot in depth adjoining to the Synagogue of the Jews being part and parcel of "above-mentioned sixtye ffoot square of land . . ."


Note:  The land sold to the Jewish Community of Port Royal referred to in the above Conveyance was part of the lot of sixtye ffoot square, patented by Charles II to Edward Willis on 25th July 1664.  The boundaries given in the Patent were as follows:- North on Queens Street, West on Capt. Ridyes (?), East on Capt. Thomas Fuller and South on King's Storehouses.


Mr. A  J. Corinaldi has furnished the following information:-

"Extract from Bible of My Father-Samah Gedelia Corinaldi"

"Genealogy: Paternal Grandfather- Samuel Corinaldi (an
Italian) arrived in Jamaica 18th May, 1740.  Married
Esther Portello, same year; by whom he had several children, the youngest of whom, Jacob Portello, my father, married Hannah Gedelia (his second wife) daughter of Samah and Leah Gedelia, August 1805, By whom he had 13 children (3 still born!) Died 4th February, 1826, aged 55 years. God rest his soul. Amen. Eldest son Horatio married Eva, daughter of Solomon and Phoebe Marks in November 1833.

My Paternal Grandfather- Jacob Portello Corinaldl; born 14th March, 1771 and died 4th February, 1826- aged 55) ; married Hannah (daughter of Samah and Leah Gedelia) on 21st August, 1805. She was born on 4th May, 1785, and died on 2nd January, 1870 (aged 85).

(a) They had the following children as per Grandfather's Bible:-
1. Leah- Born 15th May, 1806; died 17th October, 1807.
2. Horatio- Born 4th Oct., 1807; died 13th August, 1863.
3. David- Born 9th May, 1809; died l6th December, 1862.
4. Samah Gedelia (my father) - Born 4th October, 1810; died 16th June, 1886 (age 76).
5. Emily- Born 29th Sept., 1812; died 17th December, 1889.
6. Rosina--Born 13th Oct., 1814; died 25th December, 1815.
7. Ann(e)- Born 6th July, 1816; died in April 1885.
8. Jacob Portello-Born 10th Aug., 1818; died 13th Oct., 1875.
9. Euphemia-Born 8th Aug., 1820; died 5th Sept., 1859.
10. Lavinia-Born 8th Feby., 1823; died 4th June, 1828.
11. Abraham Henry-Born 17th July, 1825; ;died 17th July, 1892.

(b)  My Father, Samah Gedelie [Gedelia] married Julia (daughter of Daniel and Rachel Levy) on 7th June, 1843, by whom he had 19 children.

 My Mother Julia was born on 15th November, 1825, and died on 30th October, 1917 (aged 92).

(c)  My Aunt (paternal) Anne Corinaldi, Born 6th July, 1816; married Michael Angelo Nunes on 16th April, 1833.  She died in April 1885 and Michael Angelo Nunes died in August 1885.


Names of those who had held the office of Haham in Jamaica, with their period of service:-
(1)  Haham Jeosuah (Joshua) Pardo (1683).  (The family derived their name from Prado in Castile).
(2)  Haham Mosseh Cohen de Lara, (1713/1748.  Died October 28, 1748, and was buried in the North Street Cemetery (East).
(3)  Haham Jahacob de la Penha, (1748 to July 1751.  Died July 18, 1751, and was buried in the North Street Cemetery (East-.
(4)  Haham Jeosuah Hisquiau deCordova.  He filled the Office in Jamaica for the lengthened period of 44 years. (1753/1797).  Died October 2, 1797, and was buried in the No. 1 Beth Chayim, Spanish Town.


(1) Dr. Alexander Fiddes (F.R.C.S., Edin.), a practising physician in Kingston, by his Will dated 10th January 1867, recorded at Liber 131, folio 81, bequeathed one hundred pounds to each of the Synagogues of. Kingston. Receipt for the above amount dated the 14th October. 1870, recorded at Liber 956 of deeds, folio 221, on 21st September 1871.
Altamont deCordova the President, Osmond Delgado the Vice-President, and Napoleon Alberga the Treasurer, of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue to Samuel Constantine Burke. Executor of Alexander Fiddes (deceased) Release of Legacy entered 21st September, 1971 [1871?].
"Jamaica S.S.-To all to whom these presents shall come Altamont deCordova of the City and Parish of Kingston in the County of Surrey and Island aforesaid, Osmond Delgado of the said City and Parish of Kingston, Storekeeper, the Vice-President of the said Synagogue and Napoleon Alberga of the said City and Parish of Kingston Esquire the Treasurer of the said Synagogue send Greetings  WHEREAS  Alexander Fiddes late of the City and Parish of Kingston, Practitioner in Physic and Surgery by his last Will and Testament in writing bearing date the tenth day of January 1867 did give and bequeath unto each of the Jewish Synagogues of Kingston the sum of £100 AND WHEREAS the said Will of the said Alexander Fiddes has been duly proved by Samuel Constantine Burke the duly appointed Executor thereof NOW KNOW YE that for and in consideration of the said legacy or sum of one hundred pounds paid by the said Samuel Constantine Burke, Executor thereof, aforesaid, to the said Altamont deCordova the President, the said Osmond Delgado the Vice-President and the said Napoleon Alberga the Treasurer of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (being one of the Jewish Synagogues of Kingston) the payment and receipt whereof they the said Altamont DeCordova, Osmond Delgado and Napoleon Alberga do hereby acknowledge. They the said A. deC., O.D. and N.A. on behalf of the said Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue DO and each of them DOTH by these presents release, acquit, exonerate and discharge the said Samuel Constantine Burke his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns as also the Estate of the said Alexander Fiddes of and from the said Legacy or sum of £100 and every part there of and all interest in respect thereof and of and from all claims and demands whatsoever which the said Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue hath or can or may have upon the said Samuel Constantine Burke as Executor as aforesaid or upon the Estate of the said Alexander Fiddes for or on account of the said legacy or any part thereof or any interest thereon or otherwise howsoever IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said Altamont deCordova, the President of the said Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue the said Osmond Delgado, Vice-President of the said Synagogue and the said Napoleon Alberga, Treasurer of the said Synagogue have hereunto severally set their hands and seals this fourteenth day of October in the year of the Christian Era 1870."

President K.K.S.A.

Vice-President K.K.S.A.

Treasurer K.K.S.A.

SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED by the above-named Altamont deCordova, Osmond Delgado and Napoleon Alberga, in the presence of GEO. C. H. LEWIS.

Similar bequest for the English and German Synagogue.

(b)  Receipt for the above amount dated 16th September, 1870, recorded at Liber 956 of Deeds, folio 220, on 21st September, 1871, to Samuel Constantine Burke &c.





(2)  The late Alexander McDowell Nathan bequeathed one thousand 5% Preference Shares at £10 each and Two Hundred Ordinary Shares of £10 each in Nathan, Sherlock & Co., Ltd., upon Trust, the dividends arising therefrom "to be equally divided among five of the Religious Denominations in the Island, including the Jewish for the benefit of the poor and indigent persons of the respective communions in Kingston.
The distributions which began in 1908 takes place annually. (Nathan's Will is recorded in the Island Record Office at Liber 136, folio 461).


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