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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Abbott, T. Lochiel pen, 83

Adams, G. Long Pond Mountain, 178

Allen, J. Comfort Hall, 11

Anderson, H. Rockhill, 13

Anderson, S. Happy Content, 10

Anglin, W. Labour Hall, 20

Appleton, T. deceased, Goodman's pen, 1181

Ashton, J. Green Castle, 17

Atkins, J. Comfort Valley, 10

Barham, C. H. Mesopotamia, 2448

Beckford, F. L. Petersfield, 1896

Beckford, W. heirs of, Fort-William, 3163

_Same, Roaring River, 1196

_Same, W. heirs of, Smithfield, 448

Bailiff, J. Hornby, 41

Bailiff, Jane, Savanna-la-Mar, 20

Baker, R. Paradise, 20

Ball, W. W. Chancellor's Hall, 50

Balford, P. Lamb's River, 111

Ball, W.W. excutor, Content, 70

Barker, C. Green Park, 16

Barker, E. Newmarket, 200

Barrow, J. Savanna-la-Mar, 22

Barton, Frances, part of Belleair, 117

Beasley, J. John's Hope, 10

Barker, P. Industry, 11

Bell, A. Middlewood, 17

Bell, W. Bigwood, 10

Bent, Elizabeth, Hermit Hill, 10

Bennett, J. Addington, 10

Birg, G. Savanna-la-Mar, 1?5

Birkett, Eleanor, Friendship, 12

Blake, D. J. Spring Garden, 13

Blake, T. New Mountain Content, 11

Boxall, J. Mount Charles, 22

Bravo and Evans, Happy Retreat, 36

Brands, J. Hopewell, 10

Bright, H. Meylersfield, 3714

Broadfoot, A. Dunblane, 36

Broomfield, W. L. Mount Olive, 19

Brotherton, C. Hog Magog, 10

Brown, J. Morland, 17

Brown, R. Rosemount, 10

Brumley, Sarah and M. 14

Buchanan, Isabell, Richmond Hill, 12

Buckridge, W. Comfort Hall, 10

Burke, M. Poor Man's Corner, 20

Campbell, J. G. Culloden, 887

_Same, Retrieve, 1552

_Same, Albany, 821

_Same, Amity, 1333

_Same, New Hope, 1834

_Same, Ackendown, 1547

Same, Bog and Bluefields, 3354

Calvert, Sarah, Carlyle, 13

Campbell, Ann F. Green Park, 10

Cameron, D. Sweet Home, 10

Campbell, C. Reward, 12

Campbell, D. Orange Hill, 10

Campbell, G. Comfort Hall, 10

Campbell, G. Bush Hope, 14

Campbell, S. P. Harrowgate, 98

Campbell, S. Savanna-la-Ma, 12

Campbell, W. Labour Hall, 16

Case, S. Abington, 52

Cathcart, J. Content, 13

Chambers, R. Cotton Tree Hall, 66

Charlton, R. Mount Zion, 10

Clarke, C. Rocky Hill, 15

Clarke, E. H. Enfield, 1014

Clarke, J. A.G. Whitehall, 1893

Clarke, J. Comfort Hall, 13

Clarke, S. H. King's Valley, 1994

Clarke, R. O. Newberry, 18

Clough, N. Savanna-la-Mar, 15

Cohall, R. Providence, 10

Colville, A. Blackheath , 2646

Cooke, W. H. Hermitage, 1140

Cooke, W. H. Darlington, 12

Cooper, F. Cruize, 404

Cortine, J.D. Rockinghame, 15

Cowell,E. Biddle Hill Settlement, 12

Cowell, Sarah, Mount Pleasant, 47

Cowell, S. G. Industry, 42

Cragg, J. Reserve, 50

Cudland, S. Little Grove, 12

Crawford, T. M. Three Mile River, 1125

Crooke, A. Content, 11

Crooks, J. Content, 11

Cummings, Jane, Endeavour, 15

Cunninghame, G. Lambridge, 338

Cunninghame, W. Grandvale, 3516

Cunninghame, W. Rocky Hill, 14

Cunninghame, W. Distress, 11

Davidson, H. heirs of, Midgham, 1078

Delop [Delap], A. B. Mount Eagle, 1523

David, C. Rosehill, 22

Davis, R. Pleasant Hill, 13

Davis, T. Garland Grove, 14

Davidson, G. Summer Bank, 360

Dennison, S. Rose Street, 10

Dewar, R. Mount Stewart, 702

Dick, J. Dryman and Greenfield, 36

Donald, G. Mount Horeb, 19

Downer, T. H. Hermitage, 10

Drisdale, A. Distant Hill, 29

Drummond, John, 72

Drummond, T. Dunbar River, 11

Drummond, J. Drummond Lodge, 1187

Deleon, A. senior, Bigwood, 160

Deleon, A. junior, Rockredunda, 298

Delap, Sarah, Vinegar Hill, 25

Deleon, J. Phoenix Park, 27

Easson, G. Jacob's Hope, 200

Edkins, M. Negril Wharf, etc. 24

Evans, R. E. Welchpole, 313

Evelyn, D. H. Killarney, 104

Falconer, Elizabeth, Grange Hill, 90

Farquharson, Eliza, Darliston pen, 1408

Farkin, Mary, Cheapside, 42

Fenton, J. Wiltshire Mountain, 251

_Same, Springfield, 2320

Fenton, W. Acton, 92

Forbes, J. A. Delve, 1175

Forbes, D. Middle Bognie, 535

Forbes, T. Nightengale [Nightingale] Grove, 10

Forbes,W. J. Gibralter [Gibraltar], 68

Fraser, A. Linton pen, 149

Fraser, T. Duck Pond, 12

Fullwood, E. deceased, Hepburn, 51

Fyffe,Catherine, Chesterfield, 56

Fyffe, D. Forrest pen, 1373

Galbraith, J. Comfort Hall, 13

Gammon, R. Castle, 43

Gardner, S.T. Labouring Hall, 17

Gascoigne, Frances, Sisters' Cottage, 14

Gould, J. Wellington Place, 11

Getten, S. New England, 11

Glen, William, 50

Godfrey, W. Castle Hide, 10

Gordon, A.D. Islington, 66

Goodin, Elizabeth, Vineyard Hill, 56

Goodin, Jane M. Barns, 62

Goodin, L. Claremount, 27

Goodin, S. Altavella, 103

_Same, Stand By, 48

Graham, J. Longwood, 48

Graham, James, Save Rent, 10

Graham, J. junior, Hogmagog, 20

Graham, R. S., Mountain Spring, 15

Grant, F. heirs of, Blackness, 873

Grant, J., Frome Hill, 33

Grant, J., Westland, 14

Grant, Sarah, Giddy Hall, 14

Grant, W., Sheffield, 358

Gray, Mary, Rose Hill, 79

Gray, S. Good Will, 10

Gray, S. C. Croydon Villa, 48

Greaves, Eleanor, Waterwheel, 50

Greaves, J. Content, 12

Green, B. Green Vale, 10

Green, W. Greenhill, 10

Grierson, J. Humility, 52

Guthrie, J. Strathmore, 14

Gunning, J. Main Top, 27

Guttares, J. M. Mariner's Hall, 13

Hewitt, J. Savanna-la-Mar, 15

Hewitt, R. Pleasant Spring, 19

Hilton, S. Pleasant Valley, 14

Hilton, T. Spring Vale, 20

Hilton, W. Hopewell, 20

Hogg, J. Strathmone, 2719

Holland, Lady, Sweet River pen, 2145

_Same, Friendship, 2183

Heming, O. Paul Island, 1833

Hudson, J. Prospect, 10

Hylton, H. Sea View, 50

Hylton, J.W. Flamstead, 23

Hylton, Mary, Action Park, 10

Hylton, J. W. Pleasant Rest, 50

Hylton, T. H. Retirement pen, 575

Haldane, Dorothy, Prospect, 765

Haldane, Eliza, Prospect, 20

Haldane, Sarah, Far Enough, 30

Hamilton, W. Glenburnie, 680

Hanson, J. Bushy Park, 17

Hardin, Ann, Chantilli, 139

Harper, T. heirs of, Prospect Hill, 228

Hart, M. Mount Lebanon, 19

Hart, W. Providence, 10

Harvey, R. H. Windsor, 96

Harvey, T. Gibraltar, 28

Harvey, T. Ashton, 200

Harvey, T. Allva, 136

Hay, W. D. Solitude Mountain, 45

Hayle, G. T. Cedar Grove, 122

Hayle, G. T. junior, Maho Hall, 20

Hayle, Sarah, part of Main Hall, 19

Henderson, P. Erroll,40

Hoskins, J.A. Chebuctoo, 346

Ireland, J.D. Chilton pen, 432

Jackson, J. Unity Hall mountain, 218

_Same, Belvidere mountain, 447

_Same, Seaford Run, 1845

Jackson, S. Redymond, 68

James, J., Green Valley, 18

James, J. H., Dean's Valley Water Works, 2155

James, S. H., For me no been know, 16

Jamieson, Alcie, Dunstaffnage, 10

Jeffries, S. heirs of, Windsor Forest, 1013

Jelly, Mary, J. Hatfield pen, 275

Jelly, T. Malbro' Hall, 387

Johnson, Anne, Legacy, 10

Johnson, Elizabeth, Sav-la-Mar, 42

Johnson, R. More beside Rock, 10

Johnson, Sarah, part of Craigbannock, 43

Johnson, A., Orange Hill, 104

Johnson, J. H., Content, 27

Johnston, Mary C., Glaencairn, 100

Jones, Frances, Retreat, 140

Jones, Mary, Ramble, 10

Kilnock, J. Comfort Hall, 16

King, J. L. Kingswood, 886

Kinloch, Jane, Woodlands, 20

Kinloch, Susan, Cameron, 18

Lewis, E. Wesley Vale, 22

Lewis, T. Middle Quarter, 10

Leyson, P. Somerset Place, 16

Loch, J. Mandeville, 14

Loch, R. Brighton 100

Locke, J. Lary Hall, 10

Lowe, Mary A. Harmony, 14

Lundie, P.M. Dundee, 48

Luttman, Margaret, trustee, Grove, 412

Lynch, B. B. Duck Pond, 99

Lushington, Sir H. Cornwall, 8696

Mair, Helen, Fair of Mair Hall, 20

Mair, R. Mair Hall, 26

Mair, R. Mair Hall, 120

Maitland, R. Carpenter Hall, 11

Malcolm, N. Alexandria, 200

Marrett, G. Holy Land, 265

Marshall, F.T. Bellevieu, 15

Martin, S. Hopewell, 22

Mason, D. Villa, 17

Mason, J. J. Redamine, 402

Medley, G. Green Park, 12

Medley, T. part of Providence, 10

Miller, Catherine, St. Paul's District, 17

Miller, D. B. Happy Cot, 19

Monfries, W. Greenfield Cottage, 17

Moore, A. Shrewsbury (in St. Elizabeth), 266

Morris, R. Watchword, 11

Morrison, J. Orange Delap, 11

Morton, C. Truro, 300

Murdoch, William, 304

Murray, G. River Side, 12

Munroe, A. Savanna-la-Mar, 60

Murray, W. Mount Airy, 11

Murray, W. Happy Retreat, 20

Myrie, R. Long Wish, 12

McLeod, T. Lucy's Hope, 10

McCreath, J. Highgate, 134

McDonald, A. Sober Side, 10

McDougall, Jane, Little Bogney, 20

McDonald, S. A. Revival Pen, 310

McFarlane, Janet, Kilmerston, 10

McFarlane, J. Axe and Adze, 15

McGregor, A. Stand By, 10

McIntyre, Eliza C. Sav.-la-Mar, 47

McIntyre, W. Comfort Hall, 10

McKenzie, A. et al. near Three-Mile-River, 65

McKesy, E. Speculation, 10

McKenzie, Elizabeth, Dunston pen, 400

McKenzie, Theresa, Mount Pleasant, 20

McLeod, J. Pleasant Hill, 14

McNeil, T. California, 2577

_Same, Donatyne, 340

_Same, Lylncoln, 700

_Same, Masemure, 612

_Same, Caledonia, 1474

_Same, New Galloway, 1600

_Same, Caledonia, 1475

_Same, Clifden, 509

_Same, Petersville, 3182

McTavish, A. K. Cambridge, 95

Malcolm, N. Argyle, 1476

Murray, J. Bath, 1700

Nation, H. Exeter, 30

Needham, T. Happy Content, 11

Needham, W. Cottage, 266

Niven, W. Sterling, 107

Nugent, R. Rock Pleasant, 10

O'Brien, Mary, Industry Hall, 12

O'Connor, H. Did no Think, 10

Oliphant, J. Rockshore, 10

Osmond, H. Lindores, etc. 183

Palmer, Judith, Bold Attempt, 25

Parkinson, Elizabeth, Picton, 50

Pearce, J. Land's River, 10

Pennycook, D. part of Flower Hill, 50

Pennycook, Patrick, 77

Perrin, Robert, 52

Pessoa, Mary, Anglesea House, etc. 370

Pew, J. L. Mount Pleasant and Islington, 26

Polack, J. Farm Pen, 33

Porter, P. Retirement, 42

Potts, W.W. Retirement, 19

Potter, J. Kilmarnock Hall, 20

Price, T. Kennedy Hill, 88

Rae, J. Nile, 11

Raffington, Thomas, 48

Ranker, A. J. Content, 554

Reckord, E. R. Fair Prospect, 23

Reckord, J. H. Elderslie, 25

Reid, A. Happy Retreat, 11

Reid, D. Hatherden, 75

Reid, G. Nonpareil, 1169

Rerrie, A. Richmond Lodge, 461

Rencastle, Elizabeth, Content, 52

Reynolds, J. Orange Grove, 12

Ricketts, J. heirs of, Prospect, 1944

Rickets, P. Mount Pleasant, 12

Reddell, A. Cottage, 19

Riddock, D. Grange Hill, 54

Riddock, J. Sterling Castle, 18

Riddock, R. Retreat, 20

Rivers, Lord, Shrewsbury, 2333

Roach, J. R. The Nile, 57

Robertson, A. Lone Eye, 15

Robertson, J.D. et al. Newington, 12

Robertson, Mary, Ailsa, 12

Robertson, W. Jingo Ground, 26

Robertson, W. R. Westlands, 1779

Russell, Ann M. Three Bravos, 47

Russell, Frances S. Little Paradise, 33

Russell, R. Content, 12

Russell, Sophia, Mount Sinai, 10

Ruddock, Bonella W. Strawberry Hill, 44

Salmon, G. Industry, 18

Sandilands, J. Make Him Rich, 20

Sangster, J. Industry, 20

Sawyer, Ann E. guardian, Mount Airy, 52

Scott, A. Clontarf, 60

Scarlett, C.A. Happy Content, 11

Scott, Jane, Cherry Garden, 18

Scott, Isabella, Cave, 23

Semple, J. Clydesdale, 20

Smith, W. Prospect, 60

Smith, J. assignee, part of Pentefact, 16

Smith, Jane, Comfort Hall, 15

Smith, E. Own Labour, 10

Smith, D. Endeavour, 16

Smith, A. J. Bridgewater, 356

Spence, Catherine, Providence, 11

Spence, E. S. Spence's Hall, 16

Spence, Johanna, Bachelor's Hall, 28

Spence, Mary, Struie, 72

Spence, M. L. Hopewell, 423

Sterne, J. Whitehouse, 328

Stewart, A. Little Land, 16

Stewart, J. Savanna-la-Mar, 15

Stewart, M. Mount Olivet, 12

Stewart, R. Content Hall, 16

Stewart, Rev. T. The Grove, 70

Stone, Frances, part of Long Pond, 50

Stone, R. Occasion Hall, 12

Stone, R. Long Pond, 170

St. Vincent, Lord, Canaan, 869

_Same, Mount Ricketts, 800

Storer, A.G. heirs of, Haddo, 2151

_Same, Fontabelle, 1149

Scott, H. Lenox, etc. 2440

Storer, A.M. Belleisle, 2613

_Same, Frome, 790

Samuels, W. Negril Spots, 1153

Spence, W. heirs of, Woodstock, 1500

Tate, H. Industry, 14

Tate, R. Robin's River, 1187

_Same, Orange Grove and Bronte, 206

_Same, Mount Edgecombe, 2215

_Same, Old Shatton, 786

_Same, Rotherwood, 4155

Tavares, D. Grotto, 63

Taylor, Jane F. Retirement, 25

Taylor, J. Darliston, 11

Taylor, J. Mount Zion, 120

Taylor, G. Did not Think, 13

Thompson, Sophia, Clydesdale, 30

Tomlinson, F. Ivanhoe, 126

Tomlinson, J. Dumbarton, 47

Tomlinson, J. S. Stand and See, 14

Tomlinson, R. G. Kilmington, 34

Tomlinson, S. Tophill, 20

Touzalin, A.M. Sav.la-Mar, 62

Touzalin, S. senior, Lousiana, 183

Touzalin, S. junior, part of Silver Spring, 150

Vaccing, J. Rosehall, 15

Vanriette, C. H. Embden, 22

Vervin, H. Caper's Stand, 10

Vaz, J.N. Savanna-la-Mar, 38

Vickers, J. A. Epsom Cottage, 10

Vickers, B. Mackfield, 550

_Same, Geneva, 785

Vaughan, W. Ridgland, 8753

Walcott, W. Camp Savannah, 934

Wagstaffe, Ann, Cottage, 27

Wagstaffe, J. Broughton, 45

Wagstaffe, M. Mount Lebanon, 4

Wagstaffe, Mary F. Broughton, 45

Wallace, R. Glasgow, 865

Waite, W. Mount Pleasant, 10

Walcott, W. Second Attempt, 16

Walcott, W. Harmony Hall, 2494

Walker, Catherine, Catherine Hall, 20

Walker, D. Solely, 70

Watt, R. George's Plain, 2631

Webb, Jane, deceased, Broughton, 40

Wedderburn, J. heirs of Mint, 1044

_Same, Retreat, 2487

_Same, Moreland, 18903

_Same, Jerusalem, etc. 1841

_Same, Spring Garden, 2931

Wedderburn, D. heirs of, Blue Castle, 1820

Wedderburn, J. Innerary, 170

Whitby, J. Hermitage, 85

Whitelocke, Hugh A. Bullstrode, 1436

White, J. Spring Vale, 63

White, J. Providence pen, 11

Whitehead, B. Rose Bank, 20

Whittingham, J. Tracey, 23

Wills, J. R. Mount Lottery, 17

Williams, S. Carawina, etc. 1703

Williams, M. Old Hope pen, 3630

Wills, J. R. guardian, Hampstead; 123

Williams, A. Castle, 29

Williams, J. Fair Mount, 21

Williams, J. John's Hope, 134

Williams, J. Comfort Hall, 14

Williams M. Good Gift, 11

Williams, R. Savanna-la-Mar, 11

Williams, S. Industry, 14

Williams, W. Mask's Run, &c. 63

Wingate, T. Sterling Castle, 10

Woolcock, Elizabeth, Well Dee Side, 48

Woolcock, J. Mount Teviott, 20

Woolcock, W. Glenmore, 25

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 1,169.

Number of acres, 191,238.

Number of Horsekind, 4,378.

Number of Stock, 16,362.

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