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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Allan, J. Pitt's Corner, 20

Anderson, T. Spring Plain, 1700

Ashley, J. Ashley Hall, 1733

Austin, J. New Park, 80

Allan, J. Milk River, 20

Allan, J. Hayes Savanna, 19

B___[hole in page], Y. S. Milk-River, 9

Barriffe and Garrigues, Yarmouth, 1490

Barrit, T. heirs of, Paradise, 2290

Bartley, G., Hayes Savanna, 60

Binger, S. H., Hayes Savanna, 12

Booth, W. P. Milk-River, 25

Booth, W. P. Rest, 10

Bruce, R. G. land at Hall and Lionel Town, 40

Buckley, T. Hayes Savanna, 11

Brown, J. Content, 27

Bartly, H. Green Gully, 40

Bravo, Hon. A. Knight, 1500

Bowen, J. Bowen Hall, 746

Booth, S. Milk-River, 16

Booth, R. B. March Quarter, 66

Booth, R. B. Serpentine River, 1100

Boddington and Davies, Greenwich, 662

Biggs, A. Hayes Savanna, 14

Callagan, D. Extent, 50

Chambers, A. Pleasant Hall, 10

Cobham, G. T. Heart's Ease, 10

Collins, J. heirs of, Content and Milk-River, 20

Crewe, R. heirs of, Raymonds, 691

Canton, H. Longwood, 13

Christie, J. J. Stoneyfield, 2220

Davy, J. Milk-River, 2000

Dawkins, J.C. heirs of, Sutton's Pasture, 293

_Same, Sandy Gully, 2466

Dixon, P.M. Gibbons, 634

Dixon, P.M. Bay Macarry Pen, 613

Dowell, W. Portland, 21

Drummond, Jane, Gullyside, 24

Dudley and Ward, Lord, heirs of, New Yarmouth, 852

Dawkins, G. Hayes Savanna, 13

Fitzherbert, Sir H. Perrin's estate, 1226

Foster, F. Fairfield, 18

Fraser, D. Fraserfield, 150

Ferguson, Elizabeth, Portland, 11

Gibbs, J. N. Banks, 175

Godson, R. Pusey Hall, 1674

Goulburn, H. Amity Hall, 2401

_Same, Beacham Cottage, 700

Goulburn, T. S. Kemps Hill, 395

_Same, Good Design, 18

Grose, N. Sand Bay, 20

Grannell, ___, Tincker Hall, 10

Hamilton, Diana, Comfort Hall, 13

Hamilton, G. W. Dunkley's, 3000

Harry, S. E. A. Twickenham, 60

Husband, G. B. Rest, 20

Hylton, S. B. Twickenham, 30

Harrison, T. Happy Hall 11

Jordon, A. Dee Side, 402

Kerr, A. Retreat, 12

Kelly, W. Bounty Hall, 12

Knight, J. Green Castle, 13

Kelly, R. Portland, 10

Kelly, ___, Patrick, 30

Kelly, J. S. Terrace Hall, 10

Lewin, E. L. Hayes, 20

Lewin, James P. 24

Lewin, J.P. New Park, 30

Lewin, Ann, Hayes Savanna, 15

Lewis, J. Haylesfield, 40

Lombard, S. Free Town, 40

Lousada, J. B. Carlisle Estate, 906

Loveless, E. Bowens, 16

Ludford, T. Portland, 24

Ludford, Ann E. Westminster, 12

Lopes, D. Haylesfield, 30

McEachran, Elizabeth, Gunter's hill, 10

McGilchrist, H. L. 13

McGregor, R. Richmond Hill, 70

McIntosh, J. Milk-River, 20

McKenzie, W. heirs of, Harmony Hall Estate, 1337

McLeod, A. Harris's Savanna, 500

McLeod, M. Clydeside, 60

Madden, J. heirs of, Cherry Garden, 20

McLeod, Grace A. Roxburgh Castle, 500

Messam, S. B. Knights, 16

Messam, S. L. Free Town, 15

Mitchell, J. H. Morelands, 3558

Morant, J. Bog, 3610

Murchison, Alexander,1818

Mitchell, J. Balmany Hut, 79

Matthie, R. Ramble, 280

McLean, W. J. Milk-River, 137

McKinnon, S. Braziletto, 2333

Oats, H. Rowington, 90

Osborn, K. heirs of, Caswell Hill, 2108

Owens, E.G. 10

Owens, W. Longwood Lane, 15

Padmore, Mary, Spring Garden, 15

Parker, H. heirs of, Chesterfield, 1089

Parker, J. T. Hillside Estate, 1333

Patrick, D. R. Friendship Hall, 54

Pitt, F. Portland, 11

Planter, W. N. Heart's Ease, 12

Pinnock, J. B. near Spring Plain, 12

Robinson, Dorothy, Groves, 14

Roden, J. Dry River, 1091

Smith, Mrs. J. H. Riverside, 700

Stirk, J. Heart's Ease, 33

Swanson, J. Vigass, 140

Sympson, R. Moneymusk, 1695

Thomas, J. Hayes, 12

Trutch, C. Milk Spring, 671

Thomas, J. Hayes, 19

Ward, J. W. Trentham, 16

Wildman, J. B. Salt Savanna, 1780

Wilson, C. Portland and Hayes, 20

Wilson, G. Hayes, 13

White, E. heirs of, Stretton Hall, 2000

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres: 958

Number of Horsekind: 1743

Number of Stock: 4361

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