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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Atherton, E. heirs of, Green Park, 1315

Atkins, J. Forest, 930

Anderson, P. Belleview, 52

Burke, J. heirs of, Phoenix, 1172

Bright, R. trustee, Garredu, 1345

Baillie, J. Sion Hill, 100

Bakehouse, W. Florida, 176

Baynes, Elizabeth C. Amity Hall, 10

Bernard, W. Richmond Hill & Shady Grove, 335

Barrett, E. M. Cambridge, 2691

_Same, Oxford, 2881

Barrett, S. heirs of, Schawfield, 834

Bullock, R. Duncan's, 270

Buchanan, T. Endeavour, 23

Buchanan, Elizabeth, Belmont, 30

Brown, T. R. Content, 13

Barnett, Judith G. Industry Grove, 17

Brown, G. Home Lodge and Brown's Hill, 10

Bailey, T. Zion Hill, 53

Bernard, B. Endeavour, 40

Barrett, S. H. Barrett-Hall, 300

Barrett, Edward, 1939

Colville, A. Fontabelle, 1961

Campbell, J. heirs of, Gibraltar, 863

Campbell, C. J. Florence Hill, 1100

Clarke, G. heirs of, Swanswick, 1150

Clarke, E. heirs of, Hyde, 3077

Cunningham, S. Manchester, 1340

_Same, Roslin Castle, 1262

_Same, Biddeford, 1139

_Same, Hopewell, 912

Chorley, J. Cottage, 12

Campbell, J. Orange Hill, 10

Case, W. Humility, 15

Carter, Eliza, Troy, 1300

Clarke, Sir S. H. Hampshire, 1560

_Same, Long Pond, 2347

_Same, Mahogany Hall, 2789

Coore, F. Pembroke, 1676

Cunningham, G. heirs of, Greenside, 936

_Same, Maxfield, 584

Campbell, Ann, Belmont, 225

Carey, J. Carey Park, 330

Cotterhill, C. Zion Hill, 12

Codling, Georgianna, Virgin Valley, 49

Coulson, G. Roslin Castle, 91

Carvalto, M. D'C. Falmouth and Weirs, 50

Cerar, J. Maroon Town Lodge, 20

Dexter, W. Richmond Hill and Gray's inn, 284

Dunstone, J. Orange Hill, 104

Dunbar, A. Dunbar Castle, 15

Doig, P. Epsom, 50

Dalrymple, W. Whitehall, 43

Douglas, R. Kelton, 60

Davis, J. Litchfield, 661

Dawson, W. Sportsman's Hall, 851

Deffell, J. H. Hampstead Retreat, 3215

Doman, N. S. Green Vale, 500

Donaldson, A. heirs of, Brampton Bryan, 1336

_Same, Bryan Castle, 1402

Earl, A. Seafield, 19

Earl, J. Seafield, 14

Earl, E. Coppersmith, 19

Earl, Elizabeth, Falmouth, 16

Earnshaw, Milbrough G. Dry-River, 330

Earl, Frances, 17

Earl, F. Home Cottage, 19

Earl, R. Comfort Hall, 34

Earnshan [Earnshaw?] and Baillie, Colchis, 886

Fowler, J. Lottery and Grange, 1185

_Same, Friendship, 935

Frater, W. estate of Lysmoney, 434

Ferguson, Elizabeth, Liberty Hall, 222

Ferguson, T. Good Hope and New Birmingham, 24

Ferguson, Catherine, Liberty Hall, 197

Gale, Edward G. M. 990

Gordon, T. heirs of, Georgia, 1389

Gordon, C. heirs of, Braco, Williamsfield, etc. 2250

Gerrard, J. Falmouth, 325

Gordon, H. Broughton, 16

Gegg, R. Upper Stirling Castle, 486

Graves, L. T. Gravesend, 96

Gibb, S. Dover Castle, 63

Hislop, L. Weston Favel, 910

_Same, Wakefield, 1216

Hanky and Co., Arcadia, 1992

Harvey, S. senior, Yelrah and Greenwich Park, 60

Hine, J. T. Mount Hermon and Scarlett Hall, 72

Howell, Rebecca, S. Rock Hall, 22

Holder, W. Rosehill, 24

Hine, W. G. Good Intent, 32

Hame, R. E. Cedar Hill, 98

Hardy, G. and Mary L. Derby Wharf and Clermont, 220

Irving, J. B. Irving Tower, 900

Irvin, J. Cedar Hill, __

Jackson, Kemble, 68

Jackson, J. G. Recess, 17

Jackson, H. Good Design, 12

Jarrett, H. N. Orange Vale, 1948

Jarrett, J. heirs of, Kent, 274

_Same, Golden Grove, 1350

_Same, Silver Hill, 1049

Jeffrey, J. Trafalgar, 30

Kenyon and Brooks, Chester, 884

Knott, W. H. Southfield, 480

Kelly, D. W. Hillingdon, 13

Keleher, D. Caenwood, 29

Kitchen, J. R. executor of W. Hine, Hampshire, ___

Knibb, Rev. W. Mount Kettering, 70

Kellerher, H.R. Industry Mount, 12

Kerr, A. Lower Sterling Castle, 89

_Same, no name of property, 170

Kinton, J. heirs of, Linton Park, 2409

Lawson, J. S. heirs of, Steelfield, 1177

Lyon, D. Reserve, 985

_Same, Holland, 756

_Same, Barnstaple, 1255

Lewis, C. heirs of, Mount Pleasant, 374

Lemonious, W. Retirement, 469

_Same, agent for E.W. Marshall, Spicy Hill, 17

Low, A. Springside, 150

Minto, J. Water valley, 1526

_Same, Dry Valley, 566

_Same, Jacks Lodge, 520

Mitchell, R. W. and S., Spring, 1371

Mitchell, J. heirs of , George's Valley, 1349

Martin, M. B. Liberty Hall, 195

Marrett, G., Ashton and Wigton, 59

_Same, executor of Webb, Brandon hill, 44

Muir, J. E. Oatlands and Falmouth, 27

Morris, Ann, Cottage, 32

Mowatt, W. E. Mount Clelland, 229

Mitchell, T. Stewarton, 10

McDaniel, W. Prospect Hill, 71

McKay, W. Williamsfield, 14

McNeil, C. Content, 12

McDonald, Mary, Rocky Fort, 63

McNeil, M. Wiltshire, 53

McHardy, A. Tangier, 21

McClymont, J. heirs of, Tyre, 830

Miles and Kington, Johnston Pen, 574

_Same, Orange Grove, 589

_Same, Hayne and Clifton, 1289

Marlow, Elizabeth, Connecticut and Cottage, 46

Morrison, Edward, 42

Moorhouse, T. Orange Hill, 42

Morrish, T. Fleet's Pond, 50

Morrison, Henrietta, Shady Grove, 82

McDonald, J. R. Unity, 1765

McDonald, Jean, Liberty Hall, 221

McNeil, Elizabeth, Rock Pleasant, 12

McBean, A. estate of, Retreat, 18

Nesbitt, G. Eden, 84

Nesbitt, J. Endeavour, 50

Oakly, Sir C. trustee, Bunker's Hill, 1497

O'Conner, R. heirs of, Carrickfoyle, 321

Parkinson, Rose, John's Hall, 19

Paterson, T. heirs of, Donne Castle and Monteath, 150

Pile, Joseph, 49

Pickett, J. Spring Valley, 13

Palmer, J. heirs of, Acton, 468

Rattulo, W. Cairnby, 80

Reid, G. heirs of, Friendship, 773

Reynolds, C. heirs of, Clermont, 423

Ricketts, G. R. W. Canaan, 1199

Royes, C. Holland Hill and Amity Hall, 158

Ranking, J. Hermon, 40

Scott, G. Kinloss, 1416

Shirley, H. Hyde-Hall, 4332

_Same, Etingdon, 1070

Stothart, W. heirs of, Dundee, 644

Spain, H. Greenfield, 11

Simpson, A. Hermitage, 47

Samuels, J. R. Prospect, 108

Simpson, T. T. Norwood, 36

_Same, Duan Vale, 17

Stirling, A. Kew, 560

Scharmidst [Scharschmidt?], S.T. Windsor Castle, 260

Stobbs, Ulster Spring, 1740

Simpson, J. Tilston, 2028

Sheddon, R. and Son, Stewart Castle, 1340

Sutton and Swaby, Freeman's Hall and Durham 3166

Sevwright [Seivwright?], W. Dromilly, 756

Simpson, Elizabeth, Bounty Hall, 334

Scott, A. Falmouth and Armagh, 46

Stobbs, J. Great Valley, 30

Scarlett, J. heirs of, Perin, 1550

Salmon, M. executor of Fowles, Florida, 50

Tharp, J. heirs of, land, 22,409

Todd, U. T. Bengal, 137

_Same, executor, Belin, 527

Tenison, T. Hope Gate, 55

Turnbull, M. Spring Garden, 466

Thompson, W. Orange Grove, 15

Travers, J. Harmony Hall, 1296

Thompson, T. P. heirs of, Lancaster, 1240

_Same, Vale Royal, 1035

Thompson, J. Rio-Bueno, 64

Thorburn, Rev. R. Retirement, 192

Underhill, Mary A. Farm, 25

Underhill, J. Haughton Hall, 26

Vernon, ___, heirs of, Stonehenge, 1682

Virgo, R. C. G. heirs of, Belmont, 854

Vernon, J. Earlstonhill,19

Wilton, ___, heirs of, Nightengale Grove, 481

Wilson, R. Falmouth, 21

Walcott, J. L. Baron Hill, 530

_Same, Ashley Hall, 453

Wright, F. Heart's Ease, 21

Williams, P., Rocky Fort Sawyers, 21

White, May, Content, 14

Watt, R. heirs of, Belmore Castle, 900

Young, T., Falmouth and Shady Grove, 20

Yount, J. My Lot, 164

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 468

Number of Acres, 145, 963

Number of Horsekind, 2,893

Number of Stock, 13,797

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