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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors and Properties. Acres.

Abrahams, Ann E. Neesberry Garden, 75

Abrahams, G. Cottage 28

Abrahams, J. Happy Content, 12

Allen (agent for Miss Clare) Guy's Hill, 10

Allen, Isabella C. Hyde Park, 14

Allen, R. Byndloss, 1552

Allen, R. Russell Pen, 95

Allman, J. Lime Ridge, 15

Altman, J. Petermount, 10

Anderson, J. And C. Retreat, 12

Angus, A. Middlesex, 15

Angus, J. Content, 16

Ares, J. Enfield, 924

Ares, J. Cold Hill, 20

Ares, J. executor of W.W. Ross, Greenwich Park, 47

Ares, J. executor of A. O'Meally, Luckey Valley, 212

Armstrong, Rev. C. Mount Nebo, 10

Bale, Dr. W. Estate of, Milton, 168

Barrett, C. Comfort Return, 10

Bariffe, Sarah, Hayfield, 365

Bayley, G. J. Happy View, 33

Bell, A. Content, 10

Benbow, J. L. Agent for J. Ke?y, Try Hall, 50

Bennett, G. agent for L. S. Roach, Guy's Hill, 33

Bennett, J. Cottage, 12

Bennett, R.J. Happy Retreat, 10

Betty, Mary, Holymount, 387

Blackburn & Edbury, part of Ragville, 75

Blackburn, P. Linstead Villa and Cottages, 50

Blackburn, P. Dublin Castle, 96

Bonner, W. Content, 17

Bowen, F. Estate of, Saxham land, 13

Brammer, Betsey, near Peacan's, 20

Brearcliffe, D. Bagbie, 12

Brue, Elizabeth, Grantham, 75

Brue, J. Nottingham Park, 46

Brown E. Lawrence Hall, 13

Brown J. estate of, Liffyside, 32

Brown, P. Mount Exchange, 18

Burke, R. C. attorney to the trustees of Ross, Bybrook estate, 1765

Burke, F. Kent Village, 20

Burke, W. Endeavour, 10

Burnett, Ann, Cedar Ridge, 33

Burnett, R. Lousiana, 80

Burrowes, E. M. Golden Grove, 150

Burton, Elizabeth R. Woodey Hill, 82

Burton, W. G. P., Woodside, 40

Campbell, Col. James, deceased, Belgar and Lucky Hill, 666

Campbell, Mary, Strathdown, 33

Campbell, R. Nates Level, 11

Campbell S. Retirement, 10

Chambion, Elizabeth, Mount Caroline, 10

Chambion, J. J. Labour in Content, 17

Chambion, Mary, Liberty Hall, 10

Chavan, Mary F. Mount Industry, 67

Chase, R. Cheerfield, 140

Christian J. Happy Retreat, 180

Clarke, F. Hertford Land, 16

Clarke, J. Prospect, 10

Clarke, J. A. Providence, 36

Clarke, S. Content Spring, 10

Clarke, Susan, Bethany, 19

Clarke, W. H. Woburn Park, 45

Clayton, A. Annandale, 12

Clunes, J. Fairfield, 18

Cocking, A.D. Milton, 20

Cocking, J. M. Retirement, 29

Cocking, Olive, Summer's Valley, 10

Connolly, S. Bonnet, 12

Coombes, G. W. Airy Mount, 80

Conie, Diana, Content, 10

Cox, Mary, near Cotswold, 30

Cox. T. Labour Hill, 10

Crary, E. estate of, Drilly Ridge, 25

Crary, Elizabeth, Content, 15

Crary, G. Orange Hill, 25

Crary, J. senior, Sandy River, 33

Crary, J. Pimento Valley, 16

Crary, S. Spring Hill, 20

Crossley, L. S. Kendall, 250

Cummings, Jane, Hampstead, 20

Cummings, _____, Inverness, 25

Cunningham, Mary Jane, Cashew Ridge, 28

Cummings, P. Petersfield, 10

Cushnie, E. S. Sterling Castle, 21

Daly, F. M., H. D. McKay agent, Boozy Ridge, 119

Davidson, Barclay, and Co., Mount Olive, 1150

Davis, Elizabeth, Fair Content, 20

Davis, H. Liberty Hill, 10

Davis, J. A. guardian, Hampshire, 40

Davis, J. A. Hermitage, 18

Davis, J. Sedbury, 33

Deeks, M. Thomas Hall, 55

Delatour, J. Liberty Hall, 25

Desporte, J. Belle Vue, 42

Dillon, J. Friendship and Saxham, 69

Diton, F. Content, 20

Dixon, S. Mullet Hall, 12

Douglas, A. R. Pleasant Hill, 27

Dubedat, A. Peter's Retreat, 83

Ducasse, P. Harmony Hall, 21

Ducasse, P. Spring Valley, 18

Dunn, J. Woterton, 350

Eccles, H. Bethel, 22

Edbury, S. Shenton, 989

Edbury, S. Banbury, 317

Edbury, S. Cottage, 10

Edbury, S. Linstead, 15

Edwards, B. Dove Hall, 2400

Edwards, J. Happy Hill, 10

Elliot, F. Top Hill, 336

England, J. Grateful Hill, 13

Evans, J. Mount Patience, 13

Ewart, J. Airy Mount, 680

Ewart, J. River Head, 1092

Ewart, J. Boozy Ridge, 35

Ferguson, J. Gordon Castle, 11

Finlay, Mary, Endeavour, 15

Fletcher, S. Mount Industry and Airy Mount, 33

Forbes, Jane, agent for F. Brown, Lawrence Hall, 16

Ford, J. Bonnet, 10

Francis, W. Maiden Hall, 13

Fraser, J. W. Content, 10

Fuller, A. E. Knollis, 1215

Garrigues, P. F. Bonnet and Hope, 558

Gilzean, A. Dunnegan, 143

Godfry, J. Spring Farm, 170

Godfry, S. Home Castle and Phillipsburg, 11

Gordon, F. and J. Golden River, 841

Gordon, Maria, Content Valley, 10

Gordon, W. Bybrook Land, 15

Grandison, Adeline, Dunkeld, 58

Grant, Sir A. C. Rio Magno, Mount Pleasant, etc., 2355

Grant, C. E. New Hall, 800

Grant, C. E. attorney for Davidson, Barclay, and Co., Tulloch, 2030

Grant, J. Grant's Retreat, 10

Grant, J. Hillside, 436

Gray, G. New York, 13

Green, Ann, Cottage, 30

Green, J. Berwick, 213

Gruber, C. Mount Zion, 449

Gyles, N. Recess and Mango Grove, 385

Hamilton, F. Mount Augusta, 60

Hamman, Ann, Caledonia, 20

Hamman, E. Belle Vue, 12

Hamman, M. Aberdeen, 31

Hamman, W. Happy Retreat, 20

Harewood, Earl, Williamsfield, 2793

Harris, Eliza, Brown Hall, 12

Harris, F. Ham Walk, 10

Harris, W. Unity Hall, 12

Harrison, Catherine, Mason Hall, 12

Harrison, G. Lucky Hill, 10

Harrison, H. Rock Hall, 14

Heighington, J. Harker's Hall, 1300

Henderson, Elizabeth, Pleasant Hill, 34

Henny, S. Trentham Park, 200

Henry, Ellen, Innes, 20

Henry, J. Content, 10

Henry, R. Belle Vue, 28

Henry, W. Lucky Valley, 13

Henry, M. Constant Spring, 13

Hewett, Rev. E. Jericho, 58

Hewett, J. M. Airy Mount, 10

Hiatt, Eliza T. Hampshire, 15

Hinds, G. B. Golden Grove, 33

Holmes, Jane, Nutshell, 40

Home, W. Happy Retreat & Hope Hill, 74

Howell, T. J. Good Hope, 20

Hudson, J. Look Philipsburg, 10

Hume, Rev. G. Hampshire, 10

Hunter, Margaret, More Wish, 13

Hutchinson, A. Golden Grove, 10

Hutchinson, S. Gallantry Field, 17

Hylton, J. Labour Rest, 52

Jackson, G. New York House, 13

Jackson, T. Waterford, 37

Ingles, W. New Ramble, 10

Ireland, J. W. Springfield, 10

Johnson, Jessy, Dove Hall, 20

Johnson, Isabella, London Ridge, 30

Johnson, R. Content, 11

Kelly, J. C. Saxham Land, 13

Kelly, J. C. Richmond Hall, 171

Kelly, J. O. Argument, 10

Kelly, P. Kelly Castle, 32

Kinkead, E. Stirling Castle, 1302

Lamb, Eleanor, Carlton, 12

Land, Caroline, Mount Friendship, 10

Landells, W. Coldingham, 130

Langbridge, W. Orange Hill, 37

Lapointe, C. L. Highgate, 139

Latore, B. Spring Garden, 15

Lowes, J. Industry, 10

Lee, R. Rosehall, 1210

Lewis, Ann Letitia, Retreat, 20

Lewis, C. Pleasant Hill, 11

Lewis, C. Water Valley, 14

Lewis, H. Pleasant Wood, 11

Lewis, Mary Ann, Cashew Ridge, 10

Lobban, Ann, Cottage, 33

Lobban, G. Cedar Valley, 35

Lobban, J. J. Good Intent, 10

Lobban, Maria, Content Valley, 10

Lobban, R. Sinai, 11

Lobban W. junior, Media, 11

Lobban, W. senior, Ebenezar, 21

Lord, W. Dover Castle, 891

Love, Mary Ann, Hampshire, 45

Lovesy, W. Bethany and Trafalgar, 44

Lovesy, W. E. executor, Sandy River, 19

Loundes, H. And R. G. Ragville & Logan Castle, 57

Lundie and Robertson, Pear-Tree Grove and Retreat, 798

Lusada, E. Palm Estate, 1892

Lynch, Rev. L. Sligoville, 10

McCally, Sarah, Barmaddy, 49

McDermott, C. Orangefield, 380

McDermott, C. Calswood, 420

McDonald, Isabella, Retirement, 70

McDonald, Sarah E. Hampshire, 20

McGaw, A. Bernanwood, 13

McGaw, A. Fine View, 23

McGaw, J. Fine View, 11

McGaw, Mary, Fine View, 12

McGaw, W. Bold Attempt, 14

McGrath, G. Pleasant Farm, 544

McGrath, J. Charlemount, 1755

McGrath, J. Berkshire-Hall, 1025

McGregor, J. Simmer's Valley, 39

McGregor, J. Cedar Valley, 191

McGregor, R. Woodside, 14

McInnes, J. estate of A. McInnes, Razmount, 758

McKay, G. Heart's Ease, 10

McKay, R. Water Vale, 10

McKenzie, J. Mahogany Hall, 22

McKenzie, J. Rose Hill, 114

McKenzie, K. Sportsman's Hall, 42

McLachlan, C. Done Beggar Retirement, 10

McLachlan, P. Habitation Hall, 18

McLeod, A. Springfield, 40

McLeod, D. estate of, Zoar, 28

McLeod, J. Grateful Hill, 16

McMicken, Catherine, Mount Pleasant, 26

Mais, J. Heathfield, 100

Marshall, Catherine, executor of L.S. Roach, Content, 29

Marshall, Jane, Bunker's Hill, 61

Martin, A. Cheesefield, 18

Martin, B. Philipsburg, 107

Martin, E. Waterloo, 60

Martin, M. Cedar Valley, 19

Martin, J. Cambridge, 25

Martin, Maria S. Mahogany Hall and Old Red Tavern, 32

Mighty, J. Lucky Valley, 15

Mignot, Ellen, Brooklyn, 116

Mignot, Ellen, Mount Concord, 332

Milward, F. Heart's Ease, 11

Milne, J. Belle View, 21

Montgomery, W. Springvale, 11

Morgan, W. Heart's Ease, 10

Morris, J. Spring Vale, 15

Morrison, W. Look Out, Top Hill, 10

Moss C. Charlton and Warton, 2500

Mundell, R. Happy Retreat, 12

Munro, J. estate of, Cottage, 48

Murphy, J. Pleasant Valley, 20

Nepean, Sir Molyneaux Hyde, 300

Narcape, L. Happy Hill, 14

Naylor, J. Kirkwall, 20

Nelson, W. Falkland, 19

O'Meally, Mary Ann, Gravesend, 150

Osborn, C. estate of, Berry Hill, 215

Page, R. Ginger Hall, 590

Palmer, H. B. Try Hall, 590

Palmer, W. estate of, Tedby, 95

Parke, W. T. Springfield, 300

Parker, R. Stoneyfield, 30

Parker, W. Comfort Hill, 12

Parker, W. H. Kenmure, 22

Patterson, Eleanor, Philipsburg, 11

Patterson, R. Occasion Call, 10

Patton, Diana, Sporting Hill, 10

Pearce, W. Liberty Hall, 11

Pearson, R. Palmetto Valley, 12

Pennock, J. Try See, 10

Pollack, W. Ham Walk, 114

Polby, R. Top Hill, 10

Poulton, Sarah, Mount Pleasant, 49

Pouri, A. N. Bachelor Hall, 11

Price, G. Mickleton, 600

Price, Polly Ann, Endeavour, 18

Proudhomme, J.P. Belle Vue, 11

Ray, J. Ramble Park, 32

Ramford, R. Contented Cottage, 20

Rainford, T. Airy Mount, 30

Rainford, W. P. Rocky Hill, 33

Raymond, G. Lawrence field, 10

Redwood, G. Orange Vale, 120

Redwood, S. Pimento Valley, 17

Rees, J. Wallens, 1663

Reid, J. U. Springfield, 423

Reid, P. Honest Castle and Hampshire, 16

Rennalls, A. Content, 15

Rennals, J. Mount Providence, 15

Rennalls, S. Glengoffe, 1224

Rennalls, W. J. Mount Florence, 34

Richards, B. estate of, Water Vale, 10

Richards, D. Richard's Cottage, 14

Richards, Eleanor, Water Vale & Mount Providence, 78

Richards, Elizabeth, Content, 19

Richards, G. Airy Mount, 10

Richards, G. C. Carpenter's Valley, 21

Richards, J. Ebenezer Rentcomb, 10

Richards, Mary Ann, Mount Friendship, 10

Richards, R. Water Vale, 10

Riley, G. Mount Diablo, 10

Roach, L. S. Moreland, 79

Roach, L. S. Bybrook Land, 17

Roberts, W. Try all, 55

Rogers, S.W. Lebanon, 69

Rogers, S. senior, Grateful Hill, 16

Rose, W. And J. Tuckett, Treadways, 1195

Ross, R. Labour Hall, 10

Ross, W. estate of, Greenwich Park, 47

Rowe, R. Hampshire, 10

Royes, C. Hoghole, 1130

Russell, Elizabeth F. Cold Spring, 14

Sadler, J. Hopewell, 67

Shannon, R. Hampshire, 18

Sanson, a. Henderson pen, 17

Sanson, J. Falkland, 50

Sinclair, J. Come See, 12

Smellie, A. Chesterfield and Providence, 54

Smellie, R. Content, 10

Smith, Ann, Mount Industry, 12

Smith, J. Happy Hill, 13

Smith, J. Green Hill, 15

Smith, Mary, Content, 330

Smith, T. H. Hertford and Cherry Mount, 197

Spreight, J. Mango Valley, 10

Steer, Rev. R. Retirement, 449

Stevenson, Hon. W., Seven Mile Walk, 400

Stewart, R. Clifton Hill, 10

Strdwick, H. Pleasant Retreat, 73

Strudwick, Theodosia, Ashley, 34

Sullivan, J. A. Langibby and Winchester, 895

Surgeon, J. Retirement, 42

Sutherland, A. Dornock Castle, 47

Sutherland, A. New Works, 2000

Sutherland, D. Prospect, 990

Taylor, D. Cooper Valley, 28

Taylor, J. Hopewell, 14

Thelwall, A. Logan Castle, 13

Thomas, Maria, Content, 24

Thomas, W. Good Hope, 15

Thompson, J. Pear Ridge, 57

Thompson, J. Retreat, 20

Thompson, R. W. Gratitude Cottage, 19

Tilley, W. for estate of J. Smith, Rentcomb, 418

Titley, W. and Co., Mount Industry and Fitzmorris Land, 450

Tobin, J. Mount Edbury, 20

Trupar, J. L. Mount Pleasant, 20

Tucker, Eliza, Woodside, 20

Tucker, Lucy Ann, Paradise, 32

Tucker, S. Cherryfield, 10

Tucker, R. Happy Content, 20

Turner, Hon. W. D. Pimento Mount, 500

Verner, Jessy, Cornwall, 10

Walker, J. Philipsburg, 82

Wallace, R. Mayfield, 10

Walker, H. P. Lime Hall, 12

Welch, R. H. Hyde, 899

Wheeler, G. Lucky Valley, 14

West, S. Pear Ridge, 20

White, R. M. Carew Castle & Buckfield, 430

White, Sarah, Top Hill, 20

Williams, Ann, Hope Hill, 40

Williams, E. Banbury, 11

Williams, J. R. Glengoffe, 10

Williams, W. Coolshade, 160

Wilson, E. Come See, 22

Wilson, Rebecca, Look Out, 19

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 16,04

Number of Acres: 73,201

Number of Horsekind: 1,467

Number of Stock: 3,807

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