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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey



Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Brown, C. Rural Hill & Gibraltar, 10

Croft, W. Rose Hill and Long Bay, 26

_Same, Beldevury, 50

Cargill, T. F. Haining, 825

Cockburn, J. Williamsfield, 940

Codrington, G. Happy Grove, 127

_Same, estate of Passley, Content, 250

Cameron, A. Corrymony, 900

Darling, C. H. Muirtown, 1120

_Same, Weybridge, _23

Fitzherbert, Sir H. Grange Hill, 1136

Garrigues, H. L. Betty's Hope, 1020

Hoyes, J. Kensington, 280

Hinchelwood, Jh. Edingham, 28

Hall, J. Hector's River, 1416

Hinchelwood, Jno. Mulatto River, 908

Hoyes, J. Orange Hill, 407

Jones, J.P. Fair Prospect, 1000

_Same, Hartford, 300

Kennedy, A. estate of, Bellevue, 100

Leslie, J. Beldorney, 10

Lyon, H. R. H. Windsor and Friendship, 101

McWilliam, J. estate of, Providence, 1600

_Same, Windsor Castle, 440

Neufville, W. B., estate of, 100

Padmore, W. R. Kensington Park, 20

Panton, Hon. E. Elmwood, 1144

Panton, J. Rose Garden, 710

Quelch, R. Windsor Forest, 290

Speed, T. P. Rural Vale, 1180

Thompson, W. Hopewell, 400

Trench, T. and D. P. Reach, 800

Thomson, Mary, Greenfield, 150

Ward, G. Spring Valley, 846

Wright, G. Friendship Valley, 600


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

B___ [hole in page], A. Plantain-Garden River, 1592

_Same, Duckenfield, 2361

_Same, Airy-Mount, Arcadia, &c. 1050

_Same, Fairfield, 270

Black, Nancy, Dalvey, 26

Codrington, G. Stoakes Hall, 1280

Grant, J. Amity Hill, 50

Humphreys, W. Suffolk Park, 872

_Same, Pleasant Hill, 1051

_Same, Phillipsfield, 799

Kirkland, W. P. Amity Hall, 1256

Lewis, M. G. Hordley, 1670

McC__nock, Hon. T. Winchester, 888

_Same, Bachelor's Hall, 2300

Mahon, B. Springfield, 36

McKay, C. Wheelerfield, 10

Marshall, R. G. Wheelerfield, 1020

Quelch, R. Green Castle, 845

Thompson, W. Holland and Church Hill, 35

_Same, Holland, 3525

Wright, G. Chiswick, 2004

Wright, Jesse C. Mount Lebanon, 150

Watt, P. Dalvey, 25


Anderson, W.W. Ginger Hall, 255

Burke, W. Mount Felix, 10

Carter, A. Bath, Essex, etc. 400

Clarke, R. Bath, 35

Crane, C. Bath, 53

Coles, W. P. Friendship, 1112

Cargill, R. Sunning Hill, 944

Drysdale, J. Roaring River, 236

Drysdale, A. Hayfield, 16

Duffy, J. Bath, etc. 120

East, Sir E. H. Rhine, 838

Ferguson, R. Cotton Tree, 30

Fleming Margaret, Bath, 25

Gardner, W. Fraserfield, 16

Hedman, G. Mount Felix, 185

Hamilton, W. Content, 20

Hedman, C. Tamarind Grove, 19

Johnson, J. Retreat Pen, 100

Lake, R. Brown's Hall, 11

Logan, R. Roaring River, 10

Logan, J. Mile Hall, 12

Lindsay, R. Cotton Tree, 10

Lindsay, J. Content or Croton, 33

McFarquar, Margaret, Glenmoy, 20

McCourllie, Sarah, Charity Spring, 58

Moon, J.C. Happy Grove, 14

McLean, Marianne, Queen Western, 14

McLean, C. River View, 29

McLane, J. Crosspass, 28

McQueen, G. J. Patose, 1338

McFarlane, J. Mount Felix 10

Pine, W. Sunflower, 730

Panton, Mary, Rockbrook, 100

Rankin, Fanny, Airy Castle, 150

Raymond, P. Mount Mowbray, 11

Sterling, J. River View, 10

Scott, R. Mount Mowbray 20

Stewart, Margaret, Kockando, 100

Tennant, Cecilia, 11

Taylor, R. River View, 12

Taafe, M. Mount Stewart, 110

Wright, Sarah, Spring Crawle, 182.


Aris, J. Bowden, 512

Ashe, G. Arcadia,a 10

Barclay, A. East Prospect, 996

Darling, C. H. Darling Lodge, 250

James, F. H. Clifton Hill, 998

Noyes, S. Harbour Head, 1473

_Same, Air Mount, 695

_Same, Newmarket, 335

_Same, Somerset, 44

Sedgewicke, E. Oxford, 600

Scott, T. Pera, 1228

Thomson, Hon. E. Cardiff, 854

Tilly, W. S. Leith Hall, 455.


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Anderson, W. M. Middleton, 1321

Bigbie, W. Golden Valley, 15

Cardell, C. Montpelier & Mount Ephraim, 1633

Cathcart, J. J. Friendship, 80

Chrystie, Elizabeth, Stoney Gut, 10

Cooke, Rev. S. H. Brooklands, 178

Donaldson, I. Retreat, 780

Edwards, W. Morant-Bay, 13

Freeman, C. W. Belvidere, 2050

Grant, R. Morant-Bay, 67

Griffith, E. Shady Spring, 300

Hodgson, W. T. Hermitage, 250

Harris, G. Highbury, 20

Innis, Sarah, Healthful Hill, 224

Johnson, W. Stoney Gut, 10

Kister, Margaret, executor Morant-Bay, 28

Logan, A. C. Roselle, 1469

McKerr, J. Bannickburn, 120

_Same, Pembroke Hall, 846

_Same, Stanton, 800

Messenger, J. Little Hill, 54

McKenzie, D. Springfield, 310

McPherson, D. Morant-Bay, 388

_Same, executor of ____ Smith, Morant-Bay, 26

Marshall, R. G. Morant-Bay, 10

Nedham, H. Nutt's River, 1030

Sedgwick, E. Spring Garden, 1000

Thompson, M. Lyssons, 3017

Turner, G. A. Woodhall, 263

_Same, Ladyfield, 400

Wilkie, T. White Horses and York, 10

Watson, A. Morant-Bay, 14

Williams, H. Morant-Bay and Cave Bottom, 900


Dakers, J. Fonthill, 11

Donaldson, J. executor of ___ Shroat, York, 348

Edmistone, __, Round Hill, 64

Franklin, Rev. B. Prospect, 20

Francis, B. Fonthill, 13

Fitzherbert, Sir H. Blue Mountain, ___[hole in page]

Grosset, Hon. J. R. Petersfield, 2500

Graham, D. Seaforth, 10

Graham, Sammy, 10

Hodgson, C.O. Whitehall, 1010

Halyburton, G. Mount Lebanus, 1129

_Same, Wakefield, 534

_Same, Greenfield, 163

_Same, Househill, 680

_Same, Glenmoy, 429

Huxtable, J. Newfield, 860

Jacques, T. Fonthill 14

Jourdin, P. York, 50

Jackson, J. Williamsfield, 38

Kelly, J. Fonthill, 38

Kirkland, W. P. Georgia, 960

Logan, A. Fonthill, 14

McLean, D. Benlomond, 300

McLean, J. Windhill, 1000

_Same, Woodside, 128

_Same, Seaforth, 257

McPherson, J. Cluney, 53

McCornock, Hon. T. Golden Valley, 1000

McFadyen, Dr. J. Garbrand Hall, 6200

McNaught, N. York, 12

McPherson, D. executor of ---Francis, Barracks, 264

_Same, ditto, Newington, 1020

Nockells, C. Hallhead, 2401

_Same, Mount Pleasant, 603

_Same, Serge Island, 1609

Nicol, J. Hillside, 115

Napier, J. J. York, 25

Nembhard, Sophia, Shooter ‘s Hill, 14

Paterson, J. Shirley Castle, 300

Paterson, R. Monklands, 1090

Parker, J. Pleasant Hill, 23

Ross, K. McP. Cherry Spring, 28

Robertson, P. Whitehall, 12

Ross, W. York, 15

Reid, K. Inverness, 67

Ross, W. and A. Rosehall, 46

Ross, Jane, Ross Isle, 163

______, ___ [hole in page]. Holiday Hill, 240

______, [hole in page] G. Union Hill, 300

____er, [hole in page] R. Fonthill, 12

Smith, Mary, Fonthill, 27

Stewart, Sarah, Harmony Hill, 14

Smith, D. Fonthill, 10

Thomas, T. Soho, 73

Tasker, R. Dunrobin, 600

_Same, Duart Castle, 300

_Same, Thornton, 120

Telfer, L. Fonthill, 10

Thompson, Hon. E. Spring, 1543

_Same, Buckingham, 2061

_Same, Mount Vernon, 1002

Taylor, W. Fonthill, 23

Wright, G. Island Head, 1100

_Same, Duckworth, 1163

Number of Small Settlements under 10 Acres:

Manchioneal District, 207

Plantain-Garden River District, 158

Bath District, 145

Port-Morant District, 49

Morant-Bay District, 84

Blue Mountain Valley District, 108

Total 751

Number of Acres, 119,820

Number of Feet, 22,841

Number of Horsekind, 1502

Number of Stock, 7533

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