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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Bennett, R. Rodney Hall, 16

Bywater, M. Diana's Valley, 20

Barnet, W. Somerset Vale, 2242

Brown, J. Scot's Hall, 12

Boscowan, R. Cabbage Bottom, 22

Bruce, C. Rosehill, 10

Byndloss, T. David's Hill, 84

Byndloss, Sarah, Retreat, 140

Cockburn, C. Chatsworth, 350

Charlton, W. Marysfield, 22

Chevannes, ___. Shooter's Hill, 186

Cherrington, J. Shady Spring, 19

Campbell, W. Tweedside, 121

Cockburn, ___, Industry, 109

Clark, Sarah and Elizabeth, Mount Faraway, 134

_Same, Essex, 122

Campbell, D. Industry, 35

Davis, Diana, Nox Pen, 10

Davis, Hannah, Salt Hill, 191

Dasilva, T. Gardner's View, 34

Dewdney, C. Newstead, 500

Davis, J. Springfield, 18

Duncombe, J. Patience Hall, 18

Dasilva, J. Hopewell, 10

Eliott, F. Craig Hill, 100

Finlay, A. Penhill, 542

Ferguson, J. Chester Vale, 1174

Fraser, R. Job's Hill, 12

Forbes, A. Mahogany Vale, 273

_Same, Round Hill, 109

Fyfe, C. Flamstead, 380

_Same, Trafalgar, 600

Friend, Dorothy, Mount George, 35

Finlay, A. Salthill, 13

Gordon, J. B. Chip's Hall, 35

Gordon, Hon. J. Gordon Castle, 1700

_Same, Orchard, 850

_Same, Bloxborough, 1811

Gibson, D. Milbrook Cottage, 250

Grosset, J. R. Bull Bay, 600

Huxtable, J. Petersfield, 476

_Same, Washington, 100

_Same, Hampstead, 34

Haase, F. Union, 20

Jones, J. Springvale, 11

Jackson, J. Hall's Delight, 150

Jackson, J. R. Friendship Brook, 201

Kuckahn, W. New Hope, 20

Kerr, J. R. Tunbridge, 42

Kellerman, W. Mount Moses, 10

L'hoste, C. Prospect Hill, 110

Love, T. Duckpool, 18

Lyne, A. Saltspring, 10

Lowe, W. G. Violet Bank, 86

Leigh, J. Salisbury Plain, 13

Lamb, J. Hillgrove and Mavis Bank, 10

Manuel, J. Occasion Call, 11

McCatty, D. Hopewell, 10

McLeod, J. Mavis Bank, 70

Morgan, C. Fanay Valley, 16

McGowan, J. Galloway Hill, 163

MacClaverty, C. Clydesdale, 665

Morant, A. Green Vale, 540

Macglashan, C. Mount elizabeth, 336

Macgill, B. Stavely Park, 326

McGregor, J. Little Hope, 177

_Same, Lower Lucky Valley, 540

Mais, J. Halberstadt, 1380

Nicol, J. Bryan's Hill, 80

_Same, Westphalier, 244

Neise, Eleanor J. Neise's Retreat, 17

Orrett, George, Harbour Head, 1760

Phillips, W. Edinborough Castle, 12

Parker, G. Chesterfield, 20

Reynolds, B. Strickvale, 12

Rae, Ann, Mount Elizabeth, 32

Savage, R. Liecesterfield, 12

Simpson, A. Hopewell, 300

Smellie, Jane, Retreat, 34

Stewart, W. Cottage, 10

Saunders, W. Windsor-Castle, 35

Scott, A. R. Belle Vue, 650

Stewart, J. L. Green Valley, 350

Savage, R. Strawberry Hill, 572

_Same, Hopewell, 53

Stewart, R. Robertsfield, 320

Simpson, A. Mount Hybla, 435

Thompson, E. Heart's Content, 31

Thompson, A. Gorden River, 16

Turner, W. Worcester Park, 137

Thomson, W. Forrest Park, 60

Thomson, F. Resource, 780

Tilly, W. S. Upper Lucky Valley, 960

Terrelonge, J. A. Upper Mount Felix, 40

Taylor, J. Good Hope, 557

Taylor, G. Pleasant Hill, 1076

Tilly, W. S. Jolly Hall, 66

Wright, G. Mount Charles, 300

Waterhouse, E. Mount Felix, 60

Williams, J. Strafford Hall, 230

Williamson, J. H. Happy Hut, 12

Williams, B. I. Windsor Lodge, 300

_Same, Berwick, 175

Williams, J. Williams Valley, __1[hole in paper]

Williams, J. Mocho, ___ [hole in paper]

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres: 190

Number of Acres: 30,673

Number of Feet in the Town: 16,231

Number of Horsekind: 505

Number of Stock: 483

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