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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Anderson, C. Rothlemurchus, 894

Anderson, C. as guardian, 15

Atkins, J. by A. Simpson, 175

Allan, Jane R. 18

Anderson, William Wemyss, 236

Anderson, John, 16

Brough, J. Hermitage, 608

Bolt, D. Huline Park, 130

Bernard, F. Marshall Hall, 709

Burke, U. Mountain View, 23

Bryan, W. T. River View, 10

Bernard, G. Rose Garden, 16

Bunting, T. Perth, 30

Brown, Ann, Islington, 160

Brown, Rev. H. Content, 52

Brymer, A. J. Providence and Cottage, 170

Buckley, Elizabeth, Buckley's Valley, 97

Buckley, H. H. Buckley's Valley, 80

Bartlet, Elizabeth, Titchfield, 97

Bunting, Capt. J. Good Hope, 14

Clachar, A. John's Hall, 12

Clarke, R. Harbour and Stoney Hill, 150

Clkarke, H. Rockhall, 12

Cooper, R. Ladyfield, 32

Downer, T. Lydust, 12

Douglas, I. Belle View, 13

Downer, J. Pleasant Hill, 145

Dyce, W. near Shrewsbury, 37

Dyce, R. near Shrewsbury, 37

Donnan, Christian, Mount Donnan, 89

Downer, James, 10

Duncan, W. and Sophia, 15

Ford, A. Happy Hope, 60

Francis, J. A. Fruitful Vale, 500

Fuller, F. River View, 12

Fuller, W. River View, 13

Gordon, G. Nonsuch, 203

Gibson, G. Rock Hall, 10

Gibbs, J. W. Experiment Hill, 138

Hinchelwood, J. Providence, 80

Hibbert, S. Rockhall, 15

Hanson, Elizabeth, Cottage, 10

Henderson, Dr. J. J. Pleasant Hill, 18

Johnston, A.G. Anchovy Valley, 736

_Same, Richmond, 10

Jones, J.P. Castle, 600

_Same, Boston, 900

_Same, Sion-Hill, 300

_Same, Rodney-Hall, 600

_Same, Eden Vale, 200

_Same, Woodpecker Grove, 200

_Same, Lodge, 120

King, R. Parrington, 56

Kinlock, Elizabeth, West Street, 10

Layton, J. Shot Over, 440

Lawrence, H. J. A. Sincerity, 116

McDonough, R. Belmont, 17

McLeod, John James, 20

McKenzie, A. Belle View, 10

Morrison, A. Good Hope, 13

McKenzie, J. E. Roslin Castle, 116

_Same, as guardian, Roslin Castle, 16

Mitchell, J. Shady Grove, 25

McPherson, R. L. Part of Bourbon, 20

McKenzie, K. Richmond, 50

McKenzie, J. Berridale, 133

McKenzie, Cathering, Planter's View, 50

Mein, J. Marshall Hall, 14

Micklejohn, P. Happy Return, 50

Ming, J. Planters' Retreat, 50

McKenzie, J. as guardian to J. C. McKenzie, Union, 37

Mais, R. Town's Hope, 11

Mein, R. Retreat, 156

_Same, Pleasant Hill, 120

_Same, attorney, Mount Oakley, 198

_Same, attorney, Brownfield, 372

_Same, attorney, Mount Lebanon, 130

Norman, G. Rockhall, 12

Norris, Charlotte, Burvenis, 49

Neilson, Margaret, Dunfries, 46

Naylor, J. R. Trustlands, 16

Orgill, Rev. T. T. Harmony, 159

Osborn, G. Moore-Town, 50

Oakley, T. Canaan, 15

Porteus and Carson, Shrewsbury and Twickenham, 1462

Phillips, R.D. Happy Retreat, 20

Paplay, N. Bradshaw, 16

Purrier, J. V. Fairy Hill, 1663

Phillipps, S. Red Hill, 97

Paterson, J. Jack's Lodge, 33

Phillips, H. Kew Green, 40

Palfer, C. Town's Hope, 12

Phillips, J. near Cooper Hill, 10

Passley, Sarah, Fairfield, 15

Ramsay, T. Hulme Park, 330

Richards, G. Durham, 25

Richards, Ann, Harbour-Street, 308

Roswell, G. Grange, ___ [hole in page]

Richards, W. Gravesend, ___ [hole in page]

Ritchie, H. near Mount Oakley, ___ [hole in page]

Roswell, T. Spring Hill, 45

Rogers, J. Constant Spring, 50

Sheppard, R. West Street, 25

Steel, Mary and Sisters, Spring bank, 576

_Same, Seaman's Valley Estae, 1501

Sherwood, Mrs. Ann, Port-Antonio, 16

Shelton, F. Pleasant Hill, 36

Stillaman, ___, estate of, 40

Taylor, O. Bradshaws, 12

Timberlake, W. Content, 14

Thaxter, J. S. Mountain Land, 320

Thomson, C. Cambridge, 1600

Thomson, Mrs. R. Brighton, 34

Usher, J.P. Fellowship & Teddington, 400

Usher, Ellen, estate of, Teddington, 100

White, E. Marshall Hall, 20

Williams, C. Rockhall, 10

Williams, T. Garland Grove, 20

Wilson, T. Durham, 50

Williams, E. Mount Pleasant. 18

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 230

Number of Acres, 48,520

Number of Feet, 34,463

Number of Horsekind, 323

Number of Stock, 128

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