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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Armstrong, G. J. Hollow, 30

Allen, J. M. Allendale, 15

Anderson, Flora, Cape Clear, 20

Allen, J. Crab Hall, 16

Anderson, J. E. Bedington, 408

_Same, Oran, 99

Anderson, R. Cape Clear, 13

Archer, W. Friendship Hall, 30

Archer, Charlotte, Retreat, Friendship, 320

Aikman, J. Industry, 10

Barnet, J. Pleasant Hill, 20

Burke, R. C. Newry, 937

Bell, W. Greenside, 16

Bruce, C. G. Hopewell, 1800

Burke, R. C. Agualta Vale estate, 845

Brennan, J. Brown's Hill, 15

Burke, R. C. Orange Hill, 900

Bucknor, L. Happy Grove, 10

Bennett, R. G. Happy Hut, 44

Brown, Cecelia, Mount Cottage, 10

Bell, J. estate of, Clermont, 840

Burke, R. C. attorney, Gray's Inn, 2006

_Same, Agualta Vale Pen, 2000

Bragg, J. Hillside Pitfield, 300

Battist, J. New Valley, 14

Buchanan, T. Albany, 545

Butt, J. Pleasant View, 22

Baxter, R. Endeavour, 10

Baxter, J. Retreat, 50

Burgess, T. Standing Valley, 10

Baker, F. Retirement, 30

Baxter, Sarah, Jackfruit Hill, 15

Baker, Lydia, Springfield, 56

Bennett, R. G. part of Rock-River, 15

Carpenter, C. Bunker's Hill, 66

Clarke, G. Spring Valley, 10

Catanach, R. Occasion Call, 10

Clarke, T. Good Intent, 20

Callan, J. Sandwood, 95

Clark, A. Mains, 27

Clark, Grace, Content, 10

Cumming, ___, Cumming Castle, 20

Clarke, H. A. Ann's Retreat, 46

Clough, E. Lucky Retreat, 31

Clough, H. Bethel, 13

Cockburn, J. New Ramble, ??0

Crossley, L. T. Kendal, 367

Carpenter, W. S. May River, 20

Cockburn, J. Lunna, 400

Carter, Madeline, Mount Providence, 25

Davis, J. Rose Valley, 13

Davis, W. Content, 13

Davidson, Barkley, and Co., Orange River, 1366

Delander, J. Bellevue, 30

Dunkerly, J. H. Friendship, 32

Delande, L. Crosshill, 107

Dakers, R. Pleasant Hill, 10

Desgouttes, L. H. Golden Valley, 42

_Same, New Farm, 16

Davidson, G. deceased, Redington, 500

Davis, Elizabeth, Mount Charles, 50

Davidson, Barkley, & Co. Cromwell, 1194

Delande, Eugenia, part of Cross hill, 25

Duncan, D. estate of, Rothsay, 300

Dunn, W. M. Mount Royal, 83

East, H. attorney, Koningsberg, 1549

Edward, B. Water Castle, 10

Eliott, F. Mount Zion, 50

East, Sir E. H. Woodland, 550

_Same, Cape Clear, 580

Espeut, W.F. Fairburn, 200

Espeut, W. J. Hopehill, 200

East, H. attorney, Belfield, 1444

Edwards, J. Zion Hill, 11

Earlington, T. Comfort Hill, 12

East, J. part of Fort Stewart, 134

East, J. Make Shift, 10

Ellis, J. deceased, Green Castle, 1280

_Same, Nutfield, 1545

Ewell, W. Clifton, 28

Espeut, C. W. Happy Content, 20

Ewell, J. Content, 10

Elliot, F. Clarke Castle, 10

Forrester, J. Mill Further, 40

Forbes, R. Cottage, 97

Ferguson, R. Content, 16

Fairweather, W. deceased, Clon__mell, 550

_Same, Aleppo, 707

Forrester, W. Come See Him, 64

Forrester, G. Garden Hill, 63

Forrester, R. Pleasant Grove, 70

Frazer, A. McK. Look Out, 41

Fairweather, J. Industry, 184

_Same, Flemington, 68

Forbes, A. Mammee Hill, 900

Frazer, D. Golden Spring, 55

Frazer, Alexander, 11

Forbes, Mary, Mount Charity, 30

Greenwood, N. Mount Calne, 45

Gordon, W. Mount Faith 16

Gordon, Hon. J. Rosehill, 467

_Same, attorney, Fort-George, 3333

_Same, Woodland, 300

Galloway, Mary-Ann, George's Hope, 35

Giscome, G. Industry Cottage, 11

Gray, C. Gray Hall, 10

Goodin, R. Desire Valley, 10

Geddes, Hon. J. attorney, Sherness, 1022

Green, J. Leinster, 738

Gardner, E. Pleasant Hill, 17

Gardner, R. Robert's Peninsula, 15

Grant, C. E. Lewisberg, 1084

Galloway, G. Clay Hall, 35

Green C. part of Chesterfield, 15

Giscome, W. Happy Grove, 13

Gardner, Ann, Ann's Peninsula, 12

Gardner, T. Peninsula, 24

Grierson, Ann, Mount Tranquillity, 28

Giscome, Jacky, Bell Hall, 18

Hines, T. Hine's Delight, 27

Henderson, J. Welcome Hall, 10

Howard, F. Comfort Hill, 20

Holmes, G. Mount Providence, 10

Henny, P. Comfort Valley, 10

Hanham, R. Happy Retreat, 16

Hossack, W. Iterboreale, 1475

Hardy, C. Lovely Grove, 21

Hall, T. Hatred Hall, 12

Harrison, Margaret, Comfort Valley, 12

Hall, W. Rural Prospect 28

Hannaford, S. Fort Stewart, 8920

Hyslop, Harriet, Annotto River, 14

Heming, Ann, Comfort Hill, 24

Heming, A. Chesterfield, 17

Harrison, Margaret, Paisley, 25

Henson, F. Gregory's Pen, 55

Jones, Mary Ward, Mount Olympus, 46

Johnston, R. Bellhall, 18

Jaquet, P. Epsom Content, 500

Jones, P. Mount Olympus, 11

Killikelly, J. F. guardian, Lismore, 21

Kirkely, J. Mount Plenis, 30

Kerr, R. Mount Gillyeard, 10

Long, J. B. Moor Hall, 800

Landell, Margaret, Dan Cleugh, 23

Langbridge, W. R. Sue River, 800

Laing, J. Happy Content, 15

Livingston, P. Sweet Home, 30

Landell, T. Content, 202

Lovesey, W. Deeside, 313

Latebaudierre, J. S. Happy Retreat, 10

Landell, Ann, Spring Hill, 10

Linder, H. Content, 16

Livingston, S. Good Intent, 16

Lowe, T. Williamsfield, 610

Laidley, J. Ellis Content, 13

Leith, T. Rotherhithe, 66

Lester, H. Pentonville, 22

Love, A. Monmouth, 117

Linder, W. Healthy Hill, 130

Lowe, J. Industry Cottage, 10

Ledley, J. Irish Content, 13

Lowe, Isabella, Mount Hilly, 42

Murray, J. New Cottage, 12

McNaught, W. Cold spring, 105

Miller, R. Mount Industry, 14

McFarquhar, Flora, Bagbie, 35

McKinnon, L. attorney, Hermitage, etc. 1482

_Same, attorney, Platfield, 1326

McKenzie, W. Comfort Hill, 11

Moore, Hannah, Cedar Valley, 10

Maillett, A. Mammee-Hill, 16

Maillett, J. Spring Valley, 12

McTaggart, P. Mount Pleasant, 14

Marshall, F. Rocky Valley, 10

McDonald, J. Belmont, 138

McVean, Mary, Pleasant View, 19

Macintosh, J. James Park, 12

Macintosh, D. Try See, 73

Macintosh, Mary, Try See, 12

Macintosh, Ann, Try See, 12

Macintosh, Elizabeth, Don Side, 64

Milne, W. Castleton, 100

Mein, R. Annotto-River, 229

McDonald, T. Delightful Prospect, 22

Matthew, T. attorney, Osborne Estate, 1281

Macintosh, E. Rigging Yard, 12

Mais, E. Job's Hill, 672

Manahan, L. Come See, 31

McCaulley, J. Duplin, 50

Morrison, D. Spring Vale, 40

McKellar, N. Dec. Expectation, 14

Maxwell, J. Happy Hut, 230

Maxwell, J. Evandale, 310

McCaulley, T. Baggin Green, 24

Montgomery, A. R. Industry, 37

Maillett, E. Chesterfield, 10

Maggin, J. New Providence, 14

McGlashan, C. Newton Hill, 100

McBean, N. Mount Alto, 50

McIntosh, A. Cottage, 12

McIntosh, J. Rocky Mount, 12

McIntosh, L. administrator, Monmouth, 67

Miller, R. Mount Industry, 10

McKay, C. Mount Pleasant, 14

Nugent, Ann, Comfort Hill, 24

Nelson, M. Mountainside, 107

Nugent, L. B. Marysfield, 60

Oxford, T. Delightful Spot, 10

Owen, Mary, Redland, 13

Pearnoe, C. Pleasure Retreat, 22

Pearson, R. attorney, Golden Grove, 831

Phillips, Henrietta, Wilford, 91

Pickersgill, T. H. Thomasfield, 100

_Same, Thomasfield, etc. 309

Rogers, T. P. Tinsbury, 162

Roper, T. Friendship Hall, 20

Robertson, Jane C. Mount Sewell, 62

Rutherford, G. A. Healthy Hill, 28

Shaw, G. A. Retirement, 15

Shenton, J. H. Dover, 1__6

Shaaffe, Mary, Freezeland Cottage, 20

Stewart, C. attorney, Esher, 1745

Stevenson, H.J. Bramar, 46

Shreyer, Mary, Content, 21

Sewell, J. J. Essex, 193

Strachan, J. Newcastle, 50

Stewart, C. Water Valley, 2126

Strachan, ___, Good Intent, 27

Shurie, H. Castle Daly, 18

Scotland, J. Cascade, 70

Sadler, S. Green Valley, 16

Smart, J. Content, 50

Shreyer, J. Mount Regale, ::1

Strachan, W. Will's Cottage, 16

Summers, N. Montrose, 66

Smith, J. M. Pontefract, 136

Strachan, R. Pleasant Park, 19

Scotland, G. agent, part of Redington, 94

_Same, trustee, Broadgate, 332

Smith, H. Weyhill, 565

Smith, W. Pleasant Hill, 10

Smellie, W.R. Paisley, 33

Schouberg, J.P. Devon Pen, etc. 642

_Same, Beverly, 226

Sherriff, D. Springfield, 12

Strachan, Mary, Mount View, 25

Strachan, D. Happy Retirement, 20

Smellie, Sarah, Bethel, 17

Shreyer, J. Childermas, 25

Shreyer, S. Childermas, 25

Shreyer, W. Childermas Run, 155

Smith, H. Poor Ground, 10

Thornhill, R. Rock River, 88

Tucker, T. Comfort-Hall, 13

Thompson, A. Pleasant Hill, 56

Timberlake, Jane, Recess, 12

Taaffe, M. Montrose, 1356

Thompson, R. Come See, 13

Thompson, W. Shady Spring, 16

Thompson, Jemima, Heart's Ease, 13

Thomas, R. Content, 20

Veitch, H. W. End All Disputes, 23

Vandall, Lettice, deceased, Sherwood Forest, 38

Veitch, Elizabeth T. Mount Pleasant, 236

Wellington, D. Stirling Castle, 100

Westmorland, H. Gibraltar, 2100

_Same, Charlottenburg, 1000

Wildman, Jane, Kelso hill, 15

Willock, R. Retirement, 11

Watson, J. Chester Castle 15

Watson, J. O. Gloomy Vale, 12

Watson, R. Greenfield, 20

Watson, Robert, Rural Vale, 12

Westmorland, H. Prospect, 18

Wick, J. G. Pembroke, 620

Whitehorne, W. et al. 40

White, C. Legionfield, 26

Westmoreland, H. attorney, Richmond, 1294

Whitlam, J. Whitlam's Retreat, 19

Wilson, R. Content, 14

Young, R. Content, 15

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 692

Number of Acres, 72, 483

Number of Horsekind, 2281

Number of Stock, 5941

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