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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Anderson, W. M. Oxford, 717

Ansel, W. V. Prospect Farm, 109

_Same, Mile-Gully, 56

_Same, Marlie, 100

Allen, T. M. Happy Return, 58

Archer, R. estate of, Rock-Spring, 130

Armstrong, W. Wallingfrod, 70

Anderson, W. M. Preston, 87

Bayley, C. N. Attorney, Bremmer Hall, 1000

Bayley, C. N. Trinity, 859

Bayley, C. N. Roslin, 447

Bayley, C. N. Tryall, 497

Buchanan, W. Highgate, 51

Bucknell, a. Happy Retreat, 33

_Same, Darley, 10

B___ [hole in page], James, Providence, 10

B___ [hole in page], C. Mulberry Mount, 65

Bennett, J. Mount Bethel, 98

Bowley, N. Bagnold's District, 10

Bowen, F. Athalone, 85

Boyce, G. Bagnaw, 20

Brow, J. Bagnold's 13

Bowen, Frances, Derry, 308

Bond, E. attorney, Oracabessa, 127

Batty, Fitzherbert, Bagnold Spring, 804

Batty, Elizabeth, Lambkin Hill, 729

_Same, Richard's Pen, 395

Cruickshank, ____, estate of, Ballard's Valley, 1178

Campbell, Jane, Elgin, 13

Clarke, T. Spring Farm, 20

Clarke, Sir S. Warwick Castle, 2131

Clemetson, R. Mount Zion, 73

Crossan, A. Labour Valley, 14

Cruickshanks, ____, estate of, Berry Hill Pen, 709

Creightney, P., Richmond Green, 45

Darling, Sir. W.W. Donnington Castle and Pen, 1771

Davis, A. Langley estate, 1200

Davis, J. Bossnolds, 15

Draesike, C. Russell Hall estate, 1000

_Same, Newell Spring, 11

Davidson, Elizabeth, Done at Last, 20

Day, J. Home Cottage, 25

Ecle, W. Castlemaine land, 10

Elin, Wright, and Co., Friendship estate, 710

Ennis, Sarah, Mount Concord, 18

Ennis, J. Contentment, 18

Evans, G. Renhand, 14

Forbes, R. Carron Hall Land, 10

Foreman, J. G. Gibraltar, 64

Forrester, R. attorney, Frontier Estate, 1413

Francis, M. G. Good Hope, 10

Fyfe, A.G. Mount Gurney, 10

_Same, Harmony Hill, 280

Geddes, Hon. J. Castle Estate, 940

Girod, Rev. W. Castle Comfort, 23

Gray, J. W. Tryall Land, 12

Gray, Sir A. Albion Estate, 1290

Geddes, J. Greenwood, 155

Gordon, F. Cool Spring, 20

Gordon, J. Fontabelle Estate, 660

Gordon, F. White-Hill, 15

Gohagan [Geohagan?], J. Victoria Township, 10

Gregor, R. attorney, Pembroke Hall, 1130

Gregor, R. Lucky Hill, 108

Gregor, R. Gale Estate, 888

Hind, B.S. Gibralter River, 86

Harrison, J. W. Manning's Town, 25

Heslop, W. Pimento Hill, 218

_Same, Tremolesworth, 1268

Henderson, Eliza, Richmond Hill, 5

Heslop, W. Kemerraura, 150

Hine, R. Smithfield Land, 10

Hermit, J. Woodside Land, 18

Harrison, R. Mason Hall, 710

Hutton, J. Stapelton, 64

Hamilton, R. Marley Land, 12

Hyatt, W. Gayle, 10

Hamilton, J. Pemberton Valley, 1427

Hamilton, J. 967

Hearn, F. Greenfield, 13

Halthan, Catherine, Mango Valley, 58

Innis, Margaret, Charles Mount, 10

Johnston, J. Whitehall Estate, 1300

James, J. Petersfield, 10

Jeffry, J. M. Salisbury, 101

James H. Sandside, 18

Leatherland, W. Palmeto Grove, 863

Lloyd, G. White River, 18

McKoy, J. Bray Head, 25

Murphy, T. Seffry Town, 13

Morgan, P. Clifton Hill, 10-7

Morris, H.J. Cherryfield, 20

Montgomery, Margaret, Highgate, 10

Mogg, J. Somerset, 14

Mann, H. Rionueva Wharf, 31

McCaw, E.Salt Gut Wharf, 20

McKenzie, T. Frampton Cottage, 21

McKoy, G. Mount Hill, 17

McKenzie, J. Comfort Hill, 12

McEchron, D. part of Marley, 28

McCathlan, Peggy, Woodside Land, 20

McFarlain, H. Galiner Land, 18

McClure, R. Windsor Cottage, 16

McGrath, G. Castlemine pen, 600

Munro, C. Oracabessa, 40

Martin, J. Bolton, 76

Martin, W. T. Retreat, 90

Manahan, Bridget, Beechey Cottage, 10

Morrison, D. Smilefield, 10

Martin, Eliza, Brighton, 107

Nailor, J. Darltonsee, 70

Northover, W. Change Hill, 85

Nelson, W. Highgate, 16

Nelson, R. Huddersfield, 900

Oldakre, J. Maria, Content and Standway, 343

Pearson, H. Content, 20

Philpots, S. Tower Hill Estate, 549

_Same, Epping Estate, 705

_Same, Halifax Estate, 1626

_Same, Industry, 1007

Peterswald, J. Cottage, ?0

Pollack, W. Petersfield, 360

Pearson, J. New Castle, 20

Plunkett, R. C. Rock Cottage, 69

Palmer, Mrs. Prospect pen, 13

Rennie, J. Dobsen's Choice, 29

Read, J. W. Hampstead, 65

Ramsay, W. Jeffry Town, 11

Robinson, E. Rock Hall, 11

Russell, J. Elgin Cottage, 10

Rigg, H. Retreat, 473

Rigg, H. Ross Common, 10

Rigg, H. Bourness, 100

Robinson, R. Stoneyfield pen, 488

Robinson, R. Up-Park pen, 682

Ray, J. Dalton, 340

Robinson, R. Fellowship Hall, 903

Rughly, Margaret, Sweet Home, 20

Smart, C. J. Breezy Hill, 15

Stewart, C. attorney, Decoy, Hazard, etc. 3247

Snodgrass, W. Palmetto Grove, 12

Smith, Susan, P. Oracabessa, 48

Stephenson, J. Hopeton Content, 14

Stewart, J. Islington Estate, 300

Sutherland, Charlotte, Mint, __0 [hole in page]

Sutherland, A. Montreal, 42

Shaw, A. A. Bishop Mount, 45

Simpson, Elizabeth, liberty Hall, 43

Sharp, O. Rocky Hill, 65

Shaw, J. W. Nonsuch, 2227

Shreyer, A.H. Highgate, 25

Tucker, W. Pleasant Farm, 58

Tucker, D. Look Out, 26

Temperon, J. Union Estate, 1654

_Same, Union Hill pen, 525

_Same, New Ramble Estate, 385

Thompson, Elizabeth, Petersfield, 13

Thompson, A.H. Home Castle, 200

Tucker, T. Cherryfield, 13

Thompson, J. Palmetto Grove, 10

Thompson, W. L. Crawle Pond, 17

Turnbull, E. Bonnyland, 11

Taylor, G.W. Llanrumney Estate, 1040

Usher, W. Windsor Castle, 75

Vidal, Elizabeth, Pleasant Hill, 18

Vermont, T. R. Mount Pleasant, 238

Wilson, C. M. Content Retreat, 34

White, T. T. Cherry Garden, 10

White, Catherine, Retirement, 52

Wood, J. Cardiff, 362

Willes, J. Endeavour, 12

Waters, J. Newland, 10

White, A. Providence, 45

Walker, W. Luckey Valley, 10

Williamson, J. Comfort Valley, 16

Wilson, Jane Eliza, Woodside Land, 70

Wildman, T. Quebec land, 1799

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres: 1312

Number of Acres: 64,162

Number of Feet: 4785

Number of Horsekind: 2,447

Number of Stock: 5,334.

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