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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Armstrong, W. Garden Hill, 55

Aris, J. Limewalk, 100

Armstrong, J. Lookout, 36

Ashley, G. Airy Mount, 35

Ashley, G. Content, 13

Ashley, J. Redhills, 10

Archer, R. Sweetsop Grove, ?3

Anderson, E. B. Relieve, ?2

Anderson, R. Content, _1 [hole in page]

Anderson, J. and C. Endeavour, 100

Anderson, J. Shady Grove, 10

Ayles, J. Constant Spring, 12

Artray, Elizabeth, Fair Prospect, 83

Anderson, R. Crawle, 20

Abercrombie, Janet, Coconut Walk; 50

Adolphus, J. J. Adolphus Bog, 100

Anthony, A. Algiers, 30

Aldred, E. R. Industry, 10

Anderson, R. Content, 20

Anderson, E. Content, 20

Anderson, J. Occasion Call, 10

Armstrong, Nancy, Roaring River, 10

Adour, W. Redhills, 40

Archer, Phillis Ann, Redhills, 20

Anderson, R. Mount Olive, 11

Archer, B. Pimento Grove, 22

Armstrong, Elizabeth, Enniskillen, 10

Bowra, J. Pusey Hall, etc. 200

Bryant, J. senior, Colridge and Woodside, 12

Beer, R. Orange Valley, 11

Bachelor, A. Orange Valley, 26

Bedward, T. Tryal Valley, 42

Bedward, J. Industry, 10

Bedward, T. Ellingrove, 10

Bedward, Catherine, Mount Pleasant, 10

Bedward, Ann, Mount Pleasant, 10

Brown, J. Dryhill, 10

Bish, C. Dryhill, 10

Breary, S. Cowan, 10

Blake, W. Labour Hall, 32

Breary, J. A. Douglas Castle, 125

Bell, Mary, A. Fairfield, 179

_Same, Springfield, 27

Brown, J. McK. Church Valley, 36

Brown, E. trustee, Content, 17

Byles, N. Bloomfield, 200

Brammer, W. K. Friendship, 14

Bruce, G. C. Tydixton, 2973

Bennett, D. McC. Orangefield, 29

Blake, Sarah, Content, 10

B__[hole in page], ?. Mammee Hill, 100

B__[hole in page], F. estate of, Redhills, 40

B__[hole in page], Sally, Redhills, 20

Bachelor, T. Liberty Hall, etc. 13

Brown, T. Hopewell, 20

Bennett, J. Watermount, 10

Brown, T. C. Wolverhampton, 10

_Same, Florabo, 160

Brown, J. Newcastle, 20

Burke, H. T. Pleasant Hill, 12

Burke, R. C. Wakefield, 2250

Brown, J. E. Pleasant Hill, 21

Bedford, S. Harty's Pen, 20

Barnes, R. Tilo Mountain, 20

Brown, J. Redhills, 200

Beacher, T. P. Wellington, 132

Brammer, J. Rose and Wiltshire's Delight, 14

Blake, G. Olive Park, 12

Brown, A. Retirement, 11

Bullock, J. E. Paradise, 40

_Same, Hazard, 12

Bevan, R. Cudjoe hill, 150

Bennett, J. Occasion Hall, 10

Bennett, G. Springfield, 10

Bayley, Letitia, Bayley;s Content, 10

Bell, R. A. Pimento Grove, 39

Brown, Maria and Ellen, Napoleon and Brown's Hall, 40

Collman, W. Clifford's, etc. 984

Clarke, J. H. Rodon Hall, 10

Cooper, J. Orange Hill, 21

Conroy, T. Pimento Valley, 12

Cuthbert, L. Providence, 54

Conner, Ann R. Industry, 10

Cruckshanks, G. Content Hall, 10

Cruckshanks, R. Content Hall, 20

Chambers, J. Welcome Hall, 17

Cowan, Maria, Content, 500

Cameron, J. A. Fellowship Hall, 100

Colebrook, T. Retirement, 30

Campbell, W. estate of, Cole Redhills, 50

Christain, J. Rockyhill, 14

Campbell, J. Watermount, 11

Crouch, J. Endeavour, 50

Chavannes, G. H. St. Clair, 512

Cross, R. Redhills, 15

Duncan, E. Camperdown, 50

Duncan, J. Nugent, 24

Dillon, A.M. Content, 90

Dehany, T. Happy Content, 10

Douglas, J. Garden Hill, 272

Dillon, F. Tryall, 20

Dignum, A.G. Mount Pleasant, 446

Davis, Elizabeth, guardian, Happy Retreat, 10

Davis, Elizabeth, guardian of Desource, Pleasant Hill, 17

Douglas, Rebecca, C. Windsor Castle, 123

Douglas, Louisa, Point Hill, 125

Douglas, P. Ducks, 22

Davis, W. Fiddler's Green, 17

Davis, Elizabeth, Coolspring, 36

Dalton, Catherine, Poor Man's Ridge, 10

Davis, P. Once More, 10

Douglas, H. Happy Hall, 12

Davidson, Jane, Content, 20

Dawkins, H. Pleasant Farm, 50

Dawkins, Mary, Content, 20

Dawson, Eleanor, Swarbrick, 160

Dehany, Jane, Content, 160

Davis, F. Whitehall, 10

Dillon, Frances and Sister, Tryall and Redhills, 300

Davidson, R. Hartshorn's Folly, 16

Douglas, H. M. Hunter's Hill, 75

Dawkins, T. Milk Spring, 10

Decastro, Mary M. Upper Belle Vue, 42

Ellis, W. Happy Retreat, 10

Edbury, T. Lemon Ridge, 569

_Same, Friendship, 293

_Same, Banbury, 436

Ewart, J. Riverhead, 200

_Same, Union Lodge, 105

Ellis, W. Comfort Hall, 40

Ellis, G. Redhills, 60

Fullagar, Kelsham, estate of, Mahogany Hall, 22

Flemming, W.R. Rest Hall, 10

French, Miss _______, Tavern, 20

Ferguson, D. Cottage, 30

Francis, W. Friendship, 17

Flowers, W. Comfort Hill, 20

Ferrara, F. Montpelier, 200

Fletcher, G. H. Recovery, 80

Francis, H. Almond Hill, 10

Francis, W. Spyfield and Hazard, 58

Fuller, A. Dry Bone Valley, 14

Fuller, J. Coolspring, 10

Francis, J. S. Red Ground, 10

Francis, A. Satisfy, 32

Gordon, A. McK. Tophill, 39

_Same, Unity Valley, 10

_Same, Dover Castle, 12

_Same, as agent, Unity, 60

Gordon, Julia B. Dear Brook, 427

Gordon, L. Lemon Hall, 461

Gordon, W.R. Brown's Hall, 41

Gentle, J. S. Batola, 102

Gaynor, J. S. Carton, 25

Geoghegan, J. Content, 13

Graham, E. Liberty Hall, 20

Gordon, T. Orchard, 14

Geitrell, W. Pleasant Hall, 27

Gordon, Paulina, Coolshade, 12

Grant, A. Envy Valley, 600

Graham, G. August Hall, 15

Grant, G. Thankful Hill, 10

Gregory, J. Labour Hall, 10

Gouldng, W. Watermount, 12

Goulding, T. Watermount, 12

Gabay, R. T. guardian, Pleasant Prospect, 20

Harvey, B. W. Airy Mount, etc. 94

Harrison, J. S. Union Hill, 15

Halstead, Jane, Hogs Mount, 13

Hannaford, S. Cedar Mount, 320

_Same, Mendes, 1300

_Same, Leith Mount and St. Faith's, 834

Hunter, W. Kirby Hill, 32

Hamilton, J. Occasion Hall, 14

Heary, J. or R. Pleasant Farm, 12

Hackett, W. Temple Hall, 12

Haylet, F. and J. Cottage, 35

Hay, W. Content, 20

Hay, R. Content, 20

Hamilton, W. Pleasant Field, 10

Henry, P. Shady Walk, 10

Hylton, S. B. Fruit Hill, 250

Hoyes, J. Haphazard, 12

Haydon, H. Mount Phaenix, 10

Harvey, R. Hard Up, 11

Hamilton, D. Redhills, 60

Hunter, S. Easy Mount, 10

Huggins, Robert Ellis, __2

Haswell, Sarah, et al. Provins, __[hole in page]

Hoyes, Alexander, __[hole in page]

Halls, Phinis,__[hole in page]

Harrison, T. part of Juan de Bola, ?0

Harker, J. Gibraltar, 500

Henriques, J. Little Bellevue, 100

Harrison, F. R. Miller's Delight, 20

Haughton, J. Wintle's, 100

Huerton, F. D. Bammee Hall, 20

Hollis, Elizabeth, Belle Air, 104

Hall, Rev. C. H. Parsonage, 20

Harrison, H. Recovery Mount, 13

Hall, B. assignee of Nash, Everton, 46

Harrison, D. Cottage, 18

Innis, W. Paradise, 12

Johnson, J. Mean Well, 407

Johnson, Mary Ann, Dry Hill, 25

Johnson, W. Williamsfield, 20

Johnson, J. Labour Hall, 10

Jackson, R. Limekiln, 12

Johnson, H. et al. Villa, 34

James, Margaret, Mandeville, 10

Jackson, Miss, Montpelier, 200

James, W. Widow's Retreat, 80

Joseph, H. Jew Castle, 21

Jessop, R. H. O. Puzzle Hall, 12

Jones, S. M. and G. Hartford, 16

King. G. attorney, Lloyds, 3482

_Same, as owner, Content, 20

Knight, A. Content, 107

Kinkead, C. Charles's Folly, 46

King, G. as attorney, Mount Pleasant, 1146

Kettleholdt, Baron Von, Dove Cote Park, ?70-

Kelly, G. part of Rest, 15

Knight, C. Chancehall, 10

Knibbs, A. Florabo, 213

King, G. Juan de Bola, 100

Lambrick, J. executor, Cameron's, 92

Lambrick, J. as attorney, Swansea, 4000

Long, J. Long's Content, 77

Lord, W. Bowerwood, 239

Lynch, R. Desire, 10

Le Ray, W. G. Pimento Grove, 20

Lowndes, H. as attorney, Knollis Mountain, 186

Lee, R. Road Side, 10

Lawrence, J. Oak's Crawle, 200

Lyon, E. Blackwood, 20

Lawrence, R. Paradise, 20

L__e[hole in page], W.W. Spring Mount, 52

__[hole in page], Labour Rest, 11

__[hole in page], Johannah, Oxford Hill, 284

__nce[hole in page], R. Newhall, 13

Mais, J. Mount Success, 320

Mais, J. Mount Idalia, 625

Mills, L. New Ground, 13

McDonald, Priscilla, Happy Hut, 14

Mighten, S. Comfort Hill, 15

Medley, C. Stoney Hill, 29

Mighton, W. Williamsfield, 12

McPherson, D. Crawle, 362

_Same, Resource, 50

Morrison, J. Airy Castle & Charming Hole, 106

McDermott, John, 300

Menzie, W. Lucky Hill, 12

Mastin, W. Look Out, 10

Morgan, A. Trinity, 14

McCalla, J. Ducks, 40

Mitchel, J. Jeremie, 10

Mathew, J. G. Waion, 16

Morgan, J. Want Brown's Hall, 16

Maxwell, Ann, Bachelor's Hall, 100

Mendes, Esther, Sally's Delight, 180

Mills, T. W. Retirement, 20

McKenzie, K. Hope, 50

Marshall, Thomas, W. 20

McDonald, Mary, near Cross, 25

McKenzie, J. Redhills, 12

Mathew, E. H. Barebones, 50

Manahan, J. Sanders, 100

Montgomery, Mary A., part of Content, 22

March, C. Coolshade, 12

McGill, Julian, Crawle, 20

Nash, Lizette P. Lewisham, 16

Nicholson, W. Mount Industry, 22

Nicholson, J. Williamsfield, 100

Nunes, John T. estate of, 20

O'Brien, Eliza, Prospect, 249

Oliver, Francis, M. Proxins, 66

Osborn, Sophia, Cedar Grove, 246

Price, G. and T. H. Worthy Park, 3260

Price and Heath, Cocoree, 1190

_Same, Charmick, 62

Pottinger, G. C. Mount Pleasant, 200

Panty, J. Orange Valley, 20

Prince, J. Trinity Hall, 20

Pratt, T. Hand to Mouth, 31

Plydell, J.C. Ferron Hill, 17

Pearson, Isabella and jane, Doddington, 42

Pecke, J. R. Pleasant View, 60

Patience, R. Poor Man's Castle, 10

Power, W. Content, 11

Peace, Charlotte, Stoney Hill, 10

Philippo, J. Kitson's, 150

Paul, W. Mount Ephraim, 50

Pearson, E. Doddington, 12

Pyther, W. Pleasant View, 27

Pinnock, P. La Cruize, 80

Parish, G. Hoghole, 50

Parish, W. Hoghole, 20

Price, Eleanor D. Pointhill, 550

Queenborough, Mary, Turnbull's, 10

Queenborough, Elizabeth, Hermitage, 39

_Same, Pleasant Farm, 16

Richards, J. Notice, 12

Reid, Elizabeth Ann, Rest Castle, 10

Richards, J. Labour Hall, 29

Robinson, Eliza, St. James's Park, 15

Reynolds, F. Happy Hall, 10

Richards, T. Content, 14

Reid, Sarah, Providence, 31

Ross, W. estate of, Fiddlehall, 50

Rate, T. B. New Hope, 16

Roach, D. Happywood, 20

Reid, Johannah O. 20

Reid, Eliza, Dryhill, 20

Reid, Ann E. Rest Castle, 20

Rennalls, T. Orange Hill, 40

Russell, R. Russell's Retreat, 150

Rowley, J. Redhills, 100

Redwood, P. Redhills, 100

Rice, Catherine, Blue Mountain, 300

Robinson, J. Content, 10

Roberts, Jane, Look Out, 10

Richards, T. Content, 12

Rose, R. L. Desire, 10

Richards, T. Watermount, 14

Smith, W. Runhard, 10

Shaw, Harriet G. Happy Return, 10

Smith, W. Pleasant Hill, 100

Smith, S.S. Rosemount, 100

Symes, E. A. Versailles, 13

Scott, J. Comfort Hall, 10

Sewill [Sewell], J. Enfield, 10

Sadler, T. Lancewood Valley, 10

Smith, A. Glandour, 89

Scott, Catherine, Redwood, 25

Smith, D. Giblatore, 237

Smith, Maria and James, Giblatore, 20

Street, G. Hoghole, 70

Sybble, C.F. Fishley's Nonsense, 10

Smith, R. H. Content Hall, 10

Sumers, R. W. Mandeville, 10

Swinhoe, Martha, Content, 400

Smith, Catherine Ann, Shady Grove, 215

Shaw, A. Resident Castle, 14

Smith, H. D. Wakefield, 20

Smith, S. Orange Brook, 390

_Same, Mount Olive, 240

Stanbury, G. Retreat, 12

Thorburn, A. W. Look Out, 385

Thomas, A. Experience, 10

Thomas, W. B. Retirement, 73

Thompson, E. Thetford, 3253

_Same, Rest, 348

_Same, Watermount, 1960

_Same, retreat, 1110

_Same, Belmont, 1501

Thomas, G. Bellevue, 70

Tulloh, J. James's Mount, 10

Thomas, Fanny, Happy Hill, 11

Tomes, F. Tingly, 46

Thomas, P. B. Copenhagen and Denmark, 35

Taylor, E. L. Prospect, 40

Taylor, Amelia, Pleasant Hill, 10

Tullow, A. New Providence, 16

Taylor, H. Cottage Tent, 10

Taylor, G. estate of, Clover hill, 200

Taylor, T. Clover hill, 30

Tulloh, Ann N. Osmond Mount, 14

Taylor, Jane, Neesberry Grove, 300

Taylor, Maria, Merrywood, 12

Taws, Isabella, Redhills, 10

Thomas, J. L. Lowpark, 10

Thomas, W. Hope Plantation, 10

Taylor, J. Retreat, 10

Valentine, W. B. Rest, 94

Vaz, A. Vaz's Delight, 23

Williams, J. Woodstock, 20

Williams, T. Prospect, 28

Wilkes, H. Mountain Gale, 12

Wilkes, J. Happy Hill, 13

Winter, R. Cottage Hall, 10

Westgarth, G. W. Happy Content, 17

Westgarth, Sarah, York Castle, 16

Wright, T. C. Happy Retreat, 16

Wallace, Jane R. Cowpark, 10

Wilson, J. S. Endeavour, 90

Williams, J. Comfort Hall, 14

Wiltshire, Ann P. Wiltshire's Delight, __[hole in page]

Williams, Mary S. Providence,__[hole in page]

White, Ann, Waterloo, __[hole in page]

Williams, R. Redhills, 2__[hole in page]

Wilson, W. Redhills, 20

Wallace, F. M. Retirement, 10

Whyte, G. T. Smilefield, 25

Waters, J. W. Russel Plantation, 20

Waters, A. L. Smoky Hill, 11

Williams, D. Temple Hall, 24

Warmington, H. Newhall, 13

Wright, E. Chancehall, 12

Wright, R. Happyhall, 18

Waters, H. Contrivance, 12

Weir, R. Rosemount, 16

Winter, Sophy, St. Faith's, 15

Wallace, Dorothy a. Roofish, __[hole in page]

Welch, W. Welch's Hall, 12

White, W. D. Desire, 12

Williams, Grace W. Comfort Hall, 20

Wallce, Ann R. Redhills, 10

Williams, J. J. Redhills, 20

Williams, J. Patiencefield, 10

Williams, A. Labour Hall, 10

Williams, P. Wheeler's 11

Wilson, W. Redhills, 10

Young, S. New Valley, 10

Small Settlements under 10 Acres: 935.

Number of Acres: 64,486.

Number of Horsekind: 1096.

Number of Stock: 1436.

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