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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Allen, W. Heart's Ease, 17

Allen, T. P. Burton Park, 13

Anderson, R. Lethe, 898

Anderson, J. Flower Hill, 1057

Anderson, N. S. Claremount, 27

Arnold, E. Wakefield, 28

Arnold, E. junior, Rosehill, 62

Argumbeau, J. Worcester, 1050

Atherton, E. heirs of, Spring Vale, 1971

Atherton, C. Farm and Egmont, 21

Atkinson, R. Lapland, 804

_Same, Industry, 36

Allwood, T. B. Albion, 20

Anderson, J. Home Castle, 15

Baillie, J. heirs of, Roehampton, 1478

Baillie, G. Bona Vista, 130

Baillie, W. guardian, Greenfield, 12

Balfour, Sarah W. Coldspring, 406

Barrett, S. G. Spring, 1026

_Same, Greenwood, 302

_Same, Barrett Hall, 851

_Same, Spring Gut, 463

Barrett, E. M. B. Cinnamon Hill and Cornwall, 3681

Barrett, S.W. heirs of, Spot Valley, 907

Barry, G. Content, 10

Bernard, C.D. heirs of Childermas, 1325

Bernard, D. Macfarquhar, 70

Bernard, Sara, Content, 95

Binns, Elizabeth S. Content, 10

Birch, Sir. T. B. Leogan, 601

Blackbone, Sarah, Nottingham, 16

Blackbone, Ann, Liberty Hall, 12

Bowen, J. Torbay, 197

_Same, Horse Guards, 400

Boyd, W. Smallfield, 24

Braine, G. W. Retreat, 26

Breary, Mary N., Mount Vernon, 171

Bridge, J. Orange Land, 10

Brown, R. Whitehill, 23

Brown, A. Distress, 13

Buchanan, R. W. Reading Pen, 420

Buchanan, H. Orange Land, 10

Bulger, J. S. Pleasant Valley, 20

Burchell, T. Mount Carey, 230

Burke, R. heirs of, Tangle River, 518

Butter, T. Vaughansfield, 36

Barnes, N. R. Retirement, 23

Blackaller, Mary, Clydesdale, 50

Blackaller, W. heirs of, Nunhide, 30

Brown, W. Fairhill, 10

Campbell, A. Schaw Castle, 420

Campbell, G. Georgeston, 12

Campbell, Mary, Oak Hill, 22

Campbell, Margaret, Orange Hill, 50

Chambers, J. Hope Pleasant, 10

Chambers, J. E. Saltspring Pen, 314

Chambers, E. Chamber's Content, 16

Clarke, Sir H. Retirement, 1977

Clark, W. Newham Hall, 703

_Same, St. James's Park, 150

_Same, Kempshot, 227

Cooper, T. Tower Hill, 52

Coote, H. Perseverance, 20

Coore, F. Mee One, 200

Cowan, A. Harmony, 18

Cragg, G. Bogue, 1265

_Same, Plum, 1103

_Same, Woodlands, 58

_Same, trustee, Nairn, 35

Crooks, A. Flintshire, 20

Croucher, J. Content, 13

Cunningham, J. Bellfield, 1432

Cunningham, J. Retrieve, 742

_Same, Grange, 420

Curtis, J. Spring Valley, 24

Campbell, J. Orange Land, 12

Campbell, R. Orange Land, 11

Coates, Mary, heirs of, Richmond Hill, 11

Dandie, D. Hampton, 800

_Same, Caledonia, 110

Deffell, J. H. Saltspring Estate, 927

Dehany, R. Friendhsip, 10

Delisser, G. Glendevon, 45

Dickson, J. Distance, 10

Dexter, J. Aberdeen, 10

Distrade, Margaret, Mount Prospect, 16

Dodd, J. heirs of, Content, 20

Dodd, Elizabeth, Concordia, 82

Dodd, Charlotte, Rock Hill, 53

Downs, C. Good Intent, 29

Duncan, W. Governor's Present, 12

Duncan, W. Hope, 14

Duncan, W. Hope, 14

Duncan, T. guardian, Prospect, 20

Dunn, J. heirs of, Lilliput, 560

Dandre, D. heirs of, Axe and Adze, 17

Dunstone, J. York, 32

Erskine, A. Luna, 2622

Esdale, E. J. and H. Hazylymph, 881

East, E. East Land, 10

Edwards, Ann, Woodside, 14

Fairclough, W. trustees of, Dumfries, 709

Fenton, J. Hillowton, 371

Finlayson, S. Merrywood, 14

Forrest, Isabella, Burton Park, 50

Foster and Jump, Millenium Hall, 438

Foster, E. Slippery Gut, 59

Fowle, H. Wiltshire, 791

Fowler, R. Welcome Park, 25

Fray, J. Comfort Hall, 100

Fray, E. Woodlands, 142

Fairclough, W. heirs of, Mocho, 1067

Finlater, A. heirs of, Durn, 178

Gale, E. M. York and Gale's Valley, 1830

Galloway, J. Unity Hall, 900

Goodin, Jane, and Sarah, Shaftsbury Cottage, 42

Gordon, R. Windsor Lodge, 2236

_Same, Paisley, 760

Gordon, G. Moor Park, 1020

_Same, Hopewell, 20

_Same, John's Hall, 545

Gordon, Sir A. Carlton, 701

Gordon, Maria, Glasgow, 876

Graham, J. Carlton, 25

Grant, J. Comfort Hall, 11

Gray, C. G. senior, heirs of, Virgin Valley, 1040

Gray, J. heirs of, Industry, 100

Gray, J. Nutshell, 12

Gregory, W. Grange Hall, 13

Grignon, W. S. estate of, Rockfield, 50

Grignon, Elizabeth, Duckett Spring, 249

Grizzell, Elizabeth and G. B. Friendship, 46

Groves, H. Lodge, 25

Guthrie, J. Orange Hall, 14

Goodin, T. Content Valley, 12

Hall, G. H. Williamsfield, 1000

Hall, T. K. Irwin, 1697

_Same, Tryall, 835

_Same, Stapleton, 185

_Same, Kirkpatrick Hall, 813

Halliday, S. Castle Wemyss, 1178

Hamilton, G. R. heirs of, Success, 775

Hamilton, W. A. Vaughansfield, 464

_Same, Stewart Castle, 70

Harding, Margaret, Comfort Hall, 10

Hart, A. Pleasant Hill, 25

Hartley, T. and W. Crawle, 344

Harvey, J. E. Belmont, 11

Hedley, J. Distress, 10

Hemmings, J. Cottage, 20

Henderson, T. Arron, 10

Hewan, Barbara, Bellmont, 90

Hewan, R. Discord, 12

Hill, Sarah, Hope Hill, 14

Hill, J. Springfield, 57

Hine, C. W. estate of, Farm, 174

Hine, W. estate of Hine's Lodge, 100

Hine, Eleanor L. Bellevue, 42

Hine, J. W. Hine's Refuge, 10

Hine, D. Retirement, 163

Hine, J. senior, Endeavour, 20

Hislop, L. Chatsworth, 839

Holbrook, S. A. Blessed Be, 20

Holmes, A. Trustee, Edge Hill, 15

Howe, T. Hermitage, 50

Hunter, H. St. James's Villa, 111

_Same, trustee, Orange, 14

Hunter, H. junior, Cottage, 10

Hunter, J. Roseberry, 20

Hynd, W. G. Dockery, 15

Hackett, Eliza, Irene Hall, 13

Hylton, J. Kensingon, 184

Imlah, A. Hammersmith, 62

Irving, J. and J. E. Ironshore, 1152

_Same, Hartfield, 1162

Irving, J. New Present, 10

Isaacs, I. Nairn, 30

Isaacs, A. Jericho, 30

Jackson, S. heirs of, Catherine Hall, 1071

_Same, Amity Hall, 235

Jackson, J. Brother's Retreat, 120

James, Catherine, Happy Retreat, 36

James, T. Mount Prospect, 12

James, J. H. Gibraltar, 83

James, J. M. Newmarket, 54

Jarrett, S. Guilsbro, 586

Jarrett, H. N. Grange Valley, 722

Jarrett, J. Kent, 734

Johnson, J. Prospect, 21

Johnson, W. Hopewell, 10

Jones, W. New Providence, 10

Jump, J. G. Redhill, 25

_Same, John's Hall, 100

Jackson, Ann, Jericho, 778

Kay, R. Saxe Cobourgh, 17

Keen, F. Rock Pleasant, 30

Kerr, S. senior, Albion, 14

Kerr, W. M. and H. N. Spring Garden, 1356

Kerr, S.S. Newbattle, 700

Kerr, Margaret E. Glenlyon, 22

Kerr, D. Springfield, 15

Knott, W. H. Eden, 1015

_Same, Adelphi, 1013

_Same, Vaughansfield, 2600

_Same, Friendship, 5 5

_Same, Bardon, 909

_Same, Newcastle, 90

_Same, Pitfour, 287

_Same, Spring Mount, 799

Kitchen, S. Creeping hill, 18

Landown, Ellen, Miranda Hill, 24

Lawrence, G. W. Running Gut, 768

Lawrence, C. Fairfield, 1122

Lawrence, Emily, Bethlehem, 12

Lawrence, W. et al. St Andrew's Hill, 34

Lawrence, H. W. Lawrence Park, 10

Lawson, G. M. Porto Bello, 305

Lawrence, G. Pleasant Valley, 10

Lawson, G. M. junior, Harmony Hill, 31

Lawson, Margaret, Port Bello Hill, 202

Lee, W.W. Seven Rivers, 2320

Lewis, A. Shelter, 16

Lewis, J. Comfort Hall, 18

Linton, R. T. Hyde Park, 40

Lowe, Ann E. Prospect, 37

Lynch, J. Keith, 47

Lee, R. Stapleton, 115

Lumley, J. Carr Park, 10

McDermott, H. Love-Feast, 10

McFarlane, A. Springfield, 43

McFarquhar, C. Pleasant Valley, 22

McGall, D. Providence, 25

McGhie, Sarah, St. James's Villa, 26

McKinlay, ____. estate of, Twyford, 178

McLean, Elizabeth, Roxbro' Castle, 50

McLean, E. Clarketown, 10

McCartney, G. Kenton, 143

McFarlane, J. Montego-Bay, 19

Magnus, S. Somerset, 332

Malcolm, N. Home Castle, 25

Manderson, J. Paradise, 951

Marcus, G. Golden Park, 10

Mattick, J. Woodland, 43

Maxwell, J. Content, 12

Melmouth, J. Villa, 348

Menzies, A. Russell Hill, 10

Milburn, J. Merrywood, 11

Miller, J. Labour Hill, 11

Miller, W. Perth, 10

Millingen, H. New Hope, 43

Milne, R. heirs of, Chesterfield, 1110

Minto, J. Dover Castle, 20

Mockler, E. Woodville, 30

Moran, E. Retirement, 20

Morris, J. Poor Man's Corner, 18

Mouchett, J. A. L. Bachelor's Cottage, 18

Mountague, Edward, estate of, 170

Mowat, Elizabeth W. Newington Green, 47

Mowatt, W. P. Prospect, 80

Mudie, A. Mount Pleasant, 137

Murray, W. Latium, 1609

_Same, Orange, 196

Murray, Henrietta, Robertsfield, 84

McIntosh, A. Moy House, 18

McKenzie, A. York, 14

McKinlay, J. Happy Retreat, 20

McPherson, H.J. heirs of, Helmsdale, 50

Morris, J. Williamsfield, 32

Nunes, R. Pleasant, Hill, 30

Palmer, Anna, W. Belle Vue, 58

Palmer, J. H. heirs of, Rose Hall, 623

_Same, Palmyra, 1268

Panton, W. Orange Grove, 15

Parry, R. heirs of, and G. Kerr, Leyden, 1939

Peterkin, Mrs. Grant, Chatham, 502

Peterkin, A. Hope Pleasant, 11

Plummer, W. Glenlee, 24

Price, Catharine, Ayr, 10

Reid, C. H. Comfort Hall, 24

Reid, Anna M. Ducketts, 51

Reaburn, J. and T. Industry Cottage, 10

Record, J. Blython, 18

Reeves, Lodge, 13

Reynolds, W. heirs of, Catherine Mount, 846

Rhodes, S. Rather My Own, 12

Ricketts, G. R. G. New Canaan, 818

Ricketts, G. C. Retreat, 1055

Ricketts, G. W. Endeavour, 131

Robertson, N. Save Rent, 19

Robinson, F. Lidberry, 14

Rodney, C. Comfort Hall, 12

Roe, R. Hendon, 36

Roper, W. Rosemount, 1232

Rusea, Mary Ann, Valley, 30

Rusea, R. Comfort Grove, 30

Reid, N. Silence hall, 23

Rusea, J. Rosefield, 33

Ruthven, G. R. Cooper's Hill, 11

Reid, W. Porto Bello Hill, 43

Rae, A. estate of, Belfont, 2000

Samuels, Jane, Hopewell, 22

Samuels, Sarah A. Kennington, 28

Scarlett, Judith, Harmony Hall, 30

Scarlett, Bonella, Rock Spring, 50

Schaw, E. Elysium, 19

Scott, R. Y. Bogue, 80

Seaford, Lord, Montpelier Estate, 2362

_Same, Montpelier Pen, 4759

_Same, Montpelier Wharf, 10

Sharpe, J. Grantham, 25

Still, Ann, heirs of, Providence, 1308

Simpson, F. Vaughansfield, 15

Small, W. Content, 20

Smith, W. Maxwell Valley, 16

Smith, W. Clifton, 98

Smith, J. Save Rent, 97

Smith, F. G. heirs of, Sunderland, 937

Solomon, A. insolvent estate of, Pleasant Valley, 334

Stennett, Eleanor, Endeavour, 10

Stevens, J. Prospect, 20

Stewart, H. Devonshire Place, 19

Stewart, W. Poor Man's Corner, 10

Sterling, A. Hampden, 1919

Sterling, W. Content, 2035

Stothart, W. Dundee Mountain, 740

Stuart, P. Trafalgar, 14

Strachan, D. Springfield, 20

Symons, T. Easthams, 337

Scott, G. Orange Land, 11

Smith, B. J. Rock Spring, 10

Spalding, A. Montrose, 49

Solomon, G. Wakefield, 15

Stevens, J. heirs of, Stevenage, 700

Taylor, M.D. Lymme Lodge, 101

Tharp, W. heirs of, Windsor-Castle, 750

Tharp, W. Green Pond, 486

Thomas, E. Sweetland, 25

Thomson, Mary, Lucky-Hill, 29

Thomson, F. H. Carthagena, 84

Tinling, W. Richmond Hill, 640

_Same, Raby Park, 50

Tonge, Mary, Hacton, 41

Topping, C. Top Hill, 15

Torey, Catherine, Mount Olive, 36

Torey, Frances, Cedar Grove, 36

Tray, J. Cedar Grove, 10

Tough, C. Summer Hill, 64

Trought, Ann, Banff, 13

Trowbridge, S. P. Comfort Hall, 21

Tucker, Elizabeth, Greenwich Hill, 27

Tullock, Mary G. Tulloch Castle, 25

Turnbull, J. Broughton, 12

Teasdale, Mary J. Rosehill, 34

Thomson, E. Ill Used, 49

Vaughan, T. heirs of, Hamstead, 1367

Vaughan, S. J. Runneymede, 10

Vernon, J. Orange Valley, 12

Waite, R. B. heirs of, Blue Hole, 972

Waite, J. S. Anchovy, 1252

_Same, Summer Hill, 1145

Waite, J. senior, Jock's Lodge, 106

Waite, T. Rosehill, 16

Waite, H. Pleasant Park, 16

Waite, Frances, Mount Pleasant, 82

Waite, E. Hyde Park, 80

Waite, ___, Roberts' Castle, 10

Waite, T. senior, Green Park, 21

Waite, T. Rose Garden, 11

Waite, Eliza, Valley, 60

Waite, C. Good Will, 100

Walcott, H. E. Canaan, 80

Walker, Frances, Sweet Home, 10

Wainwright, R. Coldspring, 11

Wallace, G. St.Andrew's Hill, 10

_Same, guardian, St.Andrew's Hill, 30

Watson, J. Bellfield, 1257

Watt, F. Potosi, 1652

Watt, J. Senior's Land, 14

Watt, T. Cooper's Hill, 18

Whavan, J. E. Good Hope, 10

White, C. Industry Settlement, 39

Williams, Ann, Catadupa, 662

Williamson, W. Friendship, 12

Wilson, J. Fountain, 24

Wilson, A. Friendship, 11

Wood, R. Richmond Lodge, 14

Wright, C. Blackheath, 15

Walker, J. Retreat, 10

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 1089

Number of Acres, 130,804

Number of Horsekind, 2867

Number of Stock, 10,493

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