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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Allerdyce, W. Tweedside, 58

Anderson, L. J. Ground River, 16

Anderson, Catherine, New Flamstead, 36

Allen, A. Good Hope, 16

Allen, R. et al., Tryall, 2184

_Same, Recovery, 326

Allen, W. H. Orange Cove, 806

Anglin, J. Hopewell, 10

Affleck [Afflick], Eleanor, Friendship, 10

Anderson, R. part of Great Valley Estate land, 27

Abraham, Diana, Friendship Estate, 500

Anderson, R. Lethe Estate or Lilliput, 694

Archer, Ann, Mount Lebanon, 10

Arches, J. Lane Valley, 130

Buchanan, J. Tillieherden, 41

Buchanan, James and Sarah, Great River, 14

Buchanan, Sarah, Boggy hill, 32

Brebner, W. Pedro, 20

Brebner, A. Pedro, 20

Brown, Susan E. Friendship, 11

Brown, Ann (J. Campbell's), 51

Brown, R. Lane Valley, 24

Brown, C. Mount Charles, 14

Brown, J. R. Declivity, 21

Brown, T. E. Mountain Spring, 11

Baird, Margaret, Prospect Hill, 48

Bucknor, J. B. Friendship Grove, 258

Binham, E. A. Industry Settlement, 26

Bailey, T. part of Lebanon, 14

Bigby, R. Good Hope, 20

Barham, Elizabeth, Roseneath, 11

Bower, Elizabeth C. Rose Hall, 89

Brown, T. R. Declivity, 21

Black, Mary, Providence, 20

Bean, W. Pontrefact, 306

Brissett, Sarah, Mountain Spring, 10

Brockett, H. Axe and Adze, 28

_Same, Cave Valley, 70

_Same, Welcome, 1200

_Same, Farm Pen, 60

Binns, S. L. H. Barbary Hill, 14

Bigby, M. York Seat, 10

Brutch, M.A. and R., Spring Mount, 25

Brown, Elizabeth, Mount Charles, 40

Bisby, Ann R. Content, 40

Beddington and Davis, Success, 809

Brown, E. B. River Head, 100

Buchanan, J. et al. Dolphin, 40

Brown, Ann, Retreat, 51

Brown, R. part of Magotty, 22

Blaygrove, J. M. Orange Bay, 2090

Barrett, S. G. Harding Hall, 456

Buchanan, Sarah, Dry Hill, 32

Buchanan, J. Boggy Hill, 66

Bowen, J. R. Orchard, 757

Chrystie, W. Georgia, 2163

Clarke, Sir H. Cacoon Castle, 3326

Clarke, E. H. Industry, 1091

Chrystie, W. Great Valley, 3856

Cross, Margaret, Morvan Settlement, 270

Cochrane, Anna, Shooter's Hill and Richmond Hill, 190

Campbell, A. estate of, Dunalve and Water Valley, 239

Campbell, P. Lance's Bay, 150

Chrystie, W. Kew, 1399

Chamberlaine, D. part of Bachelor's Hall, 11

Casely, R. Industry, 34

Campbell, A. Copse, 1735

Campbell, W. H. Chester Castle, 1000

Campbell, W. heirs of, New Milus, 1197

Chambers, R. Rejoin, 44

Campbell, Lilly, Lilly's Hill, 14

_Same, Content, 11

Campbell, J. Kendall, 84

Chisholm, Sarah Martha, Bachelor's Hall, 20

Croll, Eliza, 14

Croll, Rebecca, Comfort Hall, 12

Clarke, Ann, Skiddan, 50

Campbell, D. (L.A. Bing), 24

Campbell, Ann, et al. Askinish Pen, 366

Campbell, J. Content, 10

Chambers, R. Mount Pleasant, 133

Campbell, W. Springfield, 11

Crooks, Elizabeth, Ginger Hill, 15

Clarke, Ann, Kildare, 100

Caseley, J. H. Belivdere, 20

Chambers, W. Cadien's Corner, 15

Chambers, E. E. Mount Pleasant and Betsey's Mount, 45

Chisholm, A. Strathglass, 22

Chisholm, Martha, Mount Airey, 17

Clarke, Sir S. H. Woodchurch, 750

_Same, Fort Hog Quarter, 599

Campbell, ____, heirs of, Salt Spring, 600

Capon, B. heirs of, Caldwell, 584

Crooks, W. J. Riverside, 10

Connell, D. Content, 11

Croll, J. Content, 42

Campbell, Isabella, Lorn, 22

Croll, R.J. Bellefield, 28

Croll, J. Endeavour, 47

Caseley, R. Industry, 25

Caseley, G. W. Ginger Hill, 13

Dias, D. Ginger Hill, 15

Dinham, Sarah, Roadridge, 11

Davis, A. Saxham, 589

_Same, Caldwell, 584

Dickson, Ann R. Chelsea, 40

Dias, S. Cranbury Cottage, 40

Dickson, W. A. Davis's Cove Wharf, 64

Donaldson, Frances, Mount Pleasant, 60

Donald, S. B. Pleasant Hall, 14

Doe, M. Raddle, 12

Dolley, Jr. Lane's Bay, 12

Dawson, Ann, Bower Hall, 50

Dehany, W. K. Barbican, 1852

Deans, J. Fish River, 2336

Duff, J. et al. Grange, 711

Elliott, G. Ravensworth, 18

England, ___, et al. Shepherd's Hall, 84

Fairburn, R. Patrick Settlement, 30

Francis, E. March Town, 10

Field, R. A. heirs of, Bloomfield, 34

Farcus, T. Cottage, 10

Grant, J. Comfort Hall, 10

_Same, Dispensary, 22

Grant, A. Greenland, 149

_Same, Ware Park, 32

Greig, J. Esher, 715

Goldsworthy, W. Rock Pleasant, 84

Gardiner, E. Flint River, 1037

Grant, A. Riley's Estate, 530

Graham, D. Newfound River, 889

Grant, A. Williamsfield, 717

Graham, J. F. Cocoa Walk and Green Island, 75

Gilmore, Amelia C. Bellburn, 10

Gilpin, H. Cascade pen, 300

Goldsmith, W. estate of J. W. Pankin, Mount Lebanon, 10

Goodwin, T. Pleasant Hill, 12

Gilzean, Margaret, Pedro, 140

Gordon, C. Content Hall, 10

Grant, A. part of Bachelor's Hall, 55

Hutton, W. Magotty, 2950

Hine, D. D. Montpelier, 291

Heaven, W. H. Bears, 569

_Same, Golden Grove, 1093

_Same, Silver Grove, 639

_Same, Ramble Pen, 1804

Hall, J. W. Rosehill, 10

Harrison, J. Green Island, 12

Hayward, J., Tobolski and Middlesex, 309

Hine, J. estate of, Retirement, 76

Hilton, T. R. Campbeltown, 575

Hudson, R. Friendship, 20

Holt, S. Phoenix, 1230

Hall, T. D. Round Hill, 1268

Howden, F. M. Hermitage, 22

James, R. Spring Valley, 19

Johnson, J. Cave Valley, 136

Jones, Sarah, Colony Plantation, 13

Johnson, G. for heirs of G. Blyth, Gibraltar, 24

Johnson, P. Happy Retreat, 10

Johnson, Margaret D. Mount Grace, 50

Johnson, W. R. Mountain Spring, 20

James, J. H. heirs of, Burnt Ground, 1750

James, S. heirs of, Sod Hall, 741

Johnson, W. R. Williams Hope, 26

Jackson, ___, heirs of, Mount Pleasant, 1009

James, W.R., Tower [Haughton Tower?], 1040

James, P., Haughton Hall, 903

Knubley, S. estate of, Rockingham, 210

Kenny, W. Inch Valley, 17

Knight, J. Content, 10

Leslie, T. Top Hill, 36

Leslie, R. Richmond Lodge, 22

Lyon, J. Graham Hall, 23

_Same, part of Bower's Hall, 10

Leigh, Ann, Clifton, 13

Lumley, J. Greenwich Pen, 838

Levy, Ellis, 52

Lewis, Ann, Malton, 50

Lyon, W. Wesleyan Hill, 10

Malcolm, N. Old Retrieve, 1029

_Same, New Retrieve, 1085

_Same, Pell River, 995

_Same, Paradise, 2387

_Same, Blenheim, 961

_Same, Alexandria, 857

_Same, Argyle, 633

_Same, Knockalva, 1801

Miles, P. J. Richmond, 713

_Same, Bachelor's Hall, 521

McKenzie, A. Knapdale, 50

McDermott, Eleanor, Languedoc, 20

Matthew, T. Forest, 12

McMahon, Eleanor, Barnside, 20

McMahon, Eliza, Rosedale Cottage, 24

McMahon, R. Cacoon, 36

Murray, Margaret, Ginger Valley, 20

Miller, J. Warwick, 16

Munro, D. Kendal, 60

McLellan, J. Languedoc, 11

Murray, Margaret, Ginger Hill, 29

Malcolm, G. Dry Hill, 13

Mentz, Catherine, Friendship, 28

McKay, J. Dunrobin, 10

Morris, Rachael, Industry, 48

Marshall, J. part of Forrest, 10

McIntosh, Mary, Scotia, 14

Munro, J. Kendal, 314

Mentz, Catherine, Little Ease, 14

Miles, P.J. Prosper, 325

_Same, Prosper pen, 780

Miles and Kington, Content, 1225

_Same, Hopewell, 709

_Same, Eardley, 546

McCallum, Rebecca, Lassuade, 12

Morris, Nancy, Blair Castle, 32

Morris, W. C. Rome, 167

Miller, W.R. Bellevue, 41

Miller, Rebecca, A. Springfield, 40

McIntosh, Ann, part of Scotia, 14

McIntosh, Elizabeth, Montrose, 13

Nelley, J. T. Mase Mure, 1057

Newman, A.H. Blue Hole, 790

Nasmyth, T. heirs of, Rhodes Hall, 495

O'Neil, J. Bachelor's Hall and Balk, 50

Ouchterlony, Eliza, Liberty Hall, 13

Pullar, D. heirs of, Middlesex, 20

Potts, J.D. Springfield, 55

Payne, E. Tealing and New Hope, 24

Pennycock, Rozetta, Betsey Mount, 40

Purrier, J. V. Haddington, 780

Robinson, A. Christian Hill, 10

Reddie, Isabella, Red Bank, 32

Randall, R. Little Ease, 11

Reid, T. Middlesex, 15

Reid, G. George's Plain, 14

Reid, T. heirs of, Belvidere, 35

Rivers, Lord, Eaton Estate, 1508

Randal, Sarah, Colnbrook, 16

Samuels, R. part of Dunalva, 10

Stephenson, Rebecca, Wookot, 45

Stewart, Ellen, Dunrobin, 10

Stewart, J. Cave Valley, 10

Stewart, A. Content, 13

Scott, Rachael, Hope's Grove, 10

Scott, J. Hadington, 12

Sinclair, D. Thornhill, 40

Smith, R. Cambleton, 11

Spence, N. R. Betsey Mount, 40

Spence, S. Betsey Mount Settlement, 37

Shaw, Kitty M. Spittal, 50

Seaford, Lord, Shettlewood Pen, 1980

Sawyers, J. A. Whittingham, 45

Steel, R. Abingdon, 600

Stephenson and White, Lower Hopewell, 750

Scott, H. Mosquitto Cove, 720

Spring Annuitants, Spring, 800

Stewart, A. Stewart Settlement, 13

Thompson, Eleanor, Amsterdam, 18

Thompson, J. And G. Spittal, 25

Tingwell, C. B. et al. Cottage, 12

Taylor, W. William's Hope and Amity, 28

Tame, J. Haughton Grove, 950

Telwell, J. Merryland, 202

Toppi, A. Wemyss, 62

Taylor, G. W. Haughton Court, 1121

Vassall, W. Green River, 963

Vassall, G. B. Rockspring, 680

Watt, J. estate of, Cullen, 17

Wauchope, A. Middry, 46

Wedderburne [Wedderburn], J. Prospect, 1283

Walcott, H. E. Brae, 155

Wallace, R. Cessneck, 860

Wilson, G. F. Content, 20

Weatherston, Rebecca, Richmond Hill, 43

Walker, F. G. Commodore Castle, 308

Wright, A. Craigie Pen, 170

Word, Margaret, Whitby Settlement, 15

Williams, R. Hillside, 30

Whitson, W. Riverside, 258

Willey, J. et al. Coldspring, 163

Will, J. Will's View, 40

White, Catherine, Dee Side, 71

Wingate, S. Bower Bank, 10

Wolley, E. Gurney's Mount and Sandy Bay, 17

Webster, T. Cousin's Cove, 1642

Number of small Settlements under 10 Acres, 929

Number of Acres, 101,432

Number of Horsekind, 3,350

Number of Stock, 13,103

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