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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Allen, G. Berwick, 42

Allen, J. Prior Park and Vinery, 901

Allen and James, True Blue, 300

Anderson, J. Content, 12

Anderson, R. Mount Egypt, 32

Anderson, Eliza S. Buff Bay, etc. 45

Anderson, P. New Green, 19

Aikman, J. Industry, 10

Anderson, Margaret, Charlestown, 13

Anderson, James, 18

Anderson, Elizabeth, Charlestown, 10

Anderson, P. C. Chesterfield, 10

Anderson, Sarah, estate of, Hopeton, 60

Anderson, J. Welcome Hall, 10

Baugh, Elizabeth, Mount Friendship, 68

Bell, A. Cunning Park, 35

Bond, G. Industry, 63

Bowyer, J. estate of, Ashcot and New Providence, 560

Bry, G. R. George's Hill, 34

Brown, A. P. Charity Garden, 10

Brown, Eliza P. Springfield, 14

Brown, C. Brown's Castle, 16

Brown, Christian J. Low Garden, 12

Brown, D. Mount James, 44

Brown, T. Hope Bay, 69

Burke, R. C. Windsor Castle, 928

Brown, Charlotte, Sherborne, 17

Burgess, E. C. Pleasing Prospect, 36

Burger, H. B. Orange Hill, 96

Baugh, R. Frankfort, 224

Baugh, E. D. Shady Grove, 69

Brown, P. estate of, Providence, 22

Brown, Ann J. Bon Accord, 20

Brown, Mary J. Charity Mount, 19

Beaton, A. estate of, Happy Grove, 18

Cairnes, J. Johnston Hall, 14

Carby, W. J. Lovely Vale, 100

Catherwood, T. Fair Prospect, 38

_Same, Mount Providence, 18

Cockburn, J. Industry Mountain, 93

_Same, Cascade, 540

Codrington, G. Eden, 1074

Cooper, S. Union Hill, 300

Crook, H. Moore Park, 12

Crossley, L. T. Paradise, 790

_Same, Lenox, 2263

_Same, White River, 794

Crump, H. Content, 10

Campbell, A. Glengyle, 192

Codd, J. Fairy Hill, 12

Crawford, J. R. Charlestown, 11

Crown, W. patented 25th May, 1827, 300

Cargill, R. estate of, part of Endeavour, 12

Chamberlaine, R. Rosehill, 13

Cargill, H. Skibo estate, 927

Candler, ___, Albany, 300

Cunningham, J. et al. Chancery Hall, 52

Cargill, W. Charlestown, 13

Dowswell, A.H. Brampton, 120

Dudman, Ann, Mammee Hill, 100

Davis, T. M. Pleasing Prospect, 36

Dunbar, R. Green Vale, and Citron Hill, 312

Duncan, J. Mount Farris, 10

Daniell, S. Buff Bay, 300

Duff, J. et al assignees, Dry River Retreat, 518

Davis, A. patented 6th June, 1826, 300

Dallas, Hon. S. J. patented 13th December, 1826, 300

Edwards, J. Tranquillity, 240

Fowles, J. Spring Hill, 904

_Same, Bybrook, 300

_Same, Martinique, 300

_Same, Scarborough, 165

_Same, Woodland, 300

Francis, J. Hope Bay and Pilgrimage, 36

_Same, as executor, Pilgrimage 21

French, J. Tryall, 10

Fitzgerald, J. Charlestown, 11

Ferguson, J. patented 11th May, 1828, 300

Gordon, Hon. J. Smithfield, 300

_Same, Ellerslie, 120

_Same, Birnam Wood, 993

_Same, Wallenford, 565

Gazely, H. Ipswich, 51

Gibson, C. T. R. Hope, 335

_Same, Graham Hall, 188

Gordon, G. K. Dunbar, 290

Gowie, A. Little Endeavour, 10

Grant, A. Lowlayton, 2045

_Same, Orange Vale, 1217

_Same, Fairfield, 300

Gray, R. P. Mulberry Hill, 253

_Same, as executor, Recess, 105

Gray, W. Happy Castle, 10

Gray, W. Strawberry Hill, 25

Guscott, H. Buff-Bay, 72

_Same, Kew, 22

Gibson, D. Wakefield, 220

Grossett, Hon. J. R. Spring Garden, 2660

_Same, Chepstow, 1240

Gully, J. et al. Middleton, 750

Graham, Jane D. Pleasing Prospect, 36

Gray, R. Belle Castle, 11

Gray, Nancy, Gray's Valley, 20

Giscome, H. Cottage, 13

Giscome, Dorothy, Cottage, 13

Gillespie, S. Hopeton, 12

Gibson, W. Dunbar, 10

Gisame, J. Cottage, 13

Gillespie, R. Breezy Hill, 12

Hadden, Judith, administrator part of Caen Wood, 25

_Same, Mount Edward, 50

Hall, W. Green Vale, 10

Haughten, G. New Content, 36

Haywood, R. Chesterfield, 10

Henderson, J. Mamtorn and Hope Bay, 250

Helps, G. senior, Corsham, 345

Hosack, W. Buff Bay River, 820

_Same, Montpelier, 265

_Same, Woodstock, 1425

Hosack, W. Morven and Buff-Bay, 50

Hosack, J. Lady Hill, 96

Hannaford, S. Elysium, 575

Humphries, C. Happy Hut, 41

Hall, G. heirs of, Guatemala, 693

Haase, F. Greenhills, 20

Haase, J. Clear Spring, 100

Hill, Davis, Land, and Airy, Belvidere, etc. 1792

Hogg, J. Greenhills, etc. 560

Hall, W. H. patented 9th May, 1828, 300

Jackson, C.F. Melrose, 53

_Same, Ann's Delight, 91

_Same, Spring Valley, ___[hole in page]

Jackson, J. Hall's Delight, __0

Johnson, Jennet, Rose Hill, 36

Kuckahn, S. Mount Horeb, 40

Kuckahn, J. R. Mount Horeb, 150

Kildare, E. Mount Olive, 36

Laidley, J. Matrimony, 15

Laidlay, Jane, Chelsea, 142

Lafitte, P. Phillip's Retreat, 17

_Same, Ramble, 30

Laselve, A. Fairfield, 321

Lecky, A. Pleasant Hill and Hope Bay, 149

Lecky, J. A. Richmond, 31

Lecky, Sarah, Green Ridge, ___[hole in page]

Lecky, Mildred, Content, 34

Lecky, T. H. Rural Bank, 25

_Same, Christianfield, 49

Lazarus, H. Mount Horeb, 100

Lister, H. Tulloch Castle, 100

Lowe, W. G. Greenhills, 287

Lindoe, A. Greenhills, 13

Laidlaw, J. Laidley's Content, 13

Lemasney, W. F. E. Mount Vernon, 90

Lowe, Isabella, Mount Hill, 42

Mann, Mary V. Mason Hope, 20

Mann, P. V. Newport, 34

Manahan, Mary Ann, Longville, 32

Manahan, D. Longville, 107

Mapother, E. D. Mayfield, 200

Malesby, J. H. Endeavour, 244

McDonald, J. W. Retirement, 13

McFarlane, R. Pimento Valley, 10

Moore, Martha, Kensington, 25

Murdock, J. A. Mount Irvine, 37

Moore, S.W. Contrivance, 34

Murdock, Amelia, Rural Retreat, 37

Myers, T. Banff, 71

Myers, J. Pleasant Mount, 500

_Same, Galloway, 300

Mason, H. Leighfield, 1200

_Same, Silver Hill, 1057

Mais, Hon. J. Mount Pleasant, 300

Manhertz, H. and H. Bremen Valley, 291

Murray, R. Cherry Hill, 76

Murray, T. Mount St. Bernard, 300

Malabre, P. Industry Castle, 36

Merchant, G. I. Clearspring, 162

McClaverty, C. Claverty Cottage, 77

McGlashan, C. Ann Grove, 400

Murdoch, W. Nightengale Grove, 16

McIntosh, D. Monmouth, 60

Neil, W. Glasgow, 50

Nicols, J. Stewart's Delight, 600

Osborn, Margaret, Content Greenhills, 20

Osborn, Rev. D. Altamont, 33

Passley, V. Happy Castle, 13

Paterson, J. Kew, 13

Pearce, R. (Hon. H. Mitchell - attorney) Woodland, 600

Porteous, Carson, & Co. Sheldon, 300

_Same, Cedar Valley, 1358

Price, Jane, Mount Horeb, 150

Phillips, R. Free Castle, 12

Passley, H. et al, Rodney, 1039

Panting, R. W. part of Harmony Hill, 111

Paul, ____, estate of, Freefield, 107

Robertson, R.J. Balcarres, 1300

Ross, Jane, Whitehall, 150

Robertson, Mary-Ann, Craigmilne, 510

Rankay, ____, Lovely Grove, 541

Ra_, [hole in page] W. Speculation, 80

Scott, A. R. attorney of Mrs. McConnel, 300

Shirley and Murdoch, Fairy Hill, 282

Shirley, E. T. Guardian, Violet Bank, 23

Shirley, B. I. Dunstable, 29

Shirley, E. Mann Mount, 34

Shirley, E. L. Peppingford, 188

Silvera, J. senior, Retirement, 300

_Same, Union, 10

Sympson, A. Trafalgar, 1924

Sollas, M. M. trustee, Rectory, 251

Sollas, Sarah, M. Coolshade, 10

Sutherland, Margaret, senior, Rosehall, 36

Sutherland, Margaret, junior, Rosehall, 36

Sutherland, D. Content, 13

Sutherland, D. Harmony Valley, 16

Sutherland, W. Rosehill, 14

Sutherland, F. Reform, 30

Sutherland, R. Rosehill, 18

Sutherland, S. Shade Over, 10

Sutherland, G. Scotland, 58

Sutherland, J. Mount Granby, 54

Stamp, J. Dowan's Castle, 40

Swire, Frances L. Belle View 196

Skyers, W. Winchester, 10

Silvera, I. junior, Mary Jane, 25

Symes, J. Charleston, 10

Stewart, R. Newhaven, 900

Stanley, H. heirs of, patented 6th June, 1826, 300

Stevenson, A. patented 21st July, 1827, 300

Titley, W. assignee, Southfield, 100

Thompson, Hon. E. Resource, 300

_Same, Harthill, 1540

Thompson, J. Lancaster Plantation, 473

Tate, T. Mount Endeavour, 13

Wheir, Helen, patented 10th December 1838, 300

Wallen, E. Bachelor's Hall, 10

Watson, Jennet, Hillside, 32

Wordsworth, Elizabeth, Carlton, 12

Wordsworth, J. Carlton, 12

Wordsworth, Mary, 12

Williamson, W. Mount Holstein, 1134

Wallen, R. Charlestown, 12

Westmoreland, H. Kildare, 1650

Williams, B. I. Kingston, 300

Number of Small Settlements under 10 Acres, 420

Number of Acres, 65,049

Number of Horsekind, 953

Number of Stock, 1756

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