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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Adlam, W. heirs of, Upper and Lower Warminster, 2760

Accord, James, 12

Allen, John, 28

Allen, T. Green Valley, 12

Allen, M. Burnt Bottom, 16

Allen, B. Little Fase, 17

Allen, J. and S. Fothergill, Greenfield, 12

Allison, Cecelia, Airtran, 33

Allison, J.D. Mount Grace, 30

Alexander, Tilly, Content, 48

Anderson, Agnes, Brighton, 57

Anderson, D. Mahogany Hall, 15

Anderson, J. Devonhill, 12

Angell, R. Up and Down, 1

Ashman, G. H. Gaza, 34

Anderson, J. Small Hope, 10

Ashman, G. Arlington and Whitehouse, 10

Baker, R. Providence, 14

Banton, G. Breeze Hill, 10

Banton, W. Little Ease, 10

Banton, J.P. Spicy Grove, 14

Banton, J. F. Comfort and Content, 28

Banton, T. S. Happy Hut, 10

Banton, J. Lemon Hill, 40

Barrett, F. The Delph, 25

Barrett, R. Unexpected, 15

Barrett, B. Little Wood, 12

Barrett, J. Comfort Hill, 22

Barrett, J. S. Bigwood, 90

Barrett, W. S. Content, part of Bigwood, 39

Barrett, J. Fustic Grove, 39

Barrett, E. Cherry Hill, 39

Barrett, T. Heart's Ease 20

Banax, S. Industry, 17

Bernard, T. Portsmouth, 27

Barnes, E.G. Mountfield, 10

Barnes, N. A. Middlesex, 15

Bent, R. Glanbury, 27

Bent, Helen, Ballard's Valley, 37

Bent, Mary, S. Eaton Valley, 120

Bent, A. Liberty Hall, 10

Bent, J. Middlesex, 117

Bent, Judith P. Airy hill, 20

Bent, W. H. Kelso, 27

Bent, Priscilla, Newfield, 20

Bent, Elizabeth, Lemon Vale, 74

Bent, J. F. Spilefield Savanna, 140

Bent, B. Sea Air and That's All, 100

Bent, Grace, Comfort, 250

Bent, J. B. Cotton Tree Hill, 529

Bent, G. Rumford, 16

Bent, H. Mint Hill and Rocky Hill, 27

Bent, L.A. Buckingham, 38

Beacher, W. Cotton Tree Corner, 25

Beckford, P. Rocky Hill, 10

Beckford, J. Legion Hill, 11

Beckford, S. Mount Olivet, 14

Bell, Rachel, Content, 35

Bell, T. Save Rent, 10

Bennett, Dorothy, Mount Plymouth, 198

Bennett, J. B. Edmond's Valley, 67

Bennett, Mary-Ann, Little Comfort, 36

Bennett, B. Ridge Savanna, 50

Bennett, Elizabeth, Content, 106

Bennett, R. Spring Garden, 90

Bennett, ____, Spring Garden, & Little Ease, 154

Bennett, G. A. Breadnut Valley, 16

Bennett, L. Content, 10

Bennett, Margaret Ann, Greenfield, 51

Bennett, J. I. Montrose, 14

Bennett, G. Glasgow, 16

Barrett, J. T. Labor Hill, 66

Baylis, H. How Dye Like It, 10

Bonton, Mary-Ann, Wimbleton Hall, 100

Barrett, J. B. Centaginan Valley, 68

Bartlett, W. Church Pen, 10

Banton, A. Frenchman's, 82

Barnes, Ann, Waterfield, 30

Berry, Sarah, Brunette, 70

Berlin, J. Galilee, 14

Bent, J.C. Comfort and Watfield, 28

Bent, A. B. Mulberry Grove, 10

Bennett, Elizabeth, Malvern Chase, 100

Barnaby, J. S. Barnaby Hall, 12

Barnaby, F. Spring Vale, 12

Belinfante, J. A. C. Still Hope, 64

Barham, J. G. heirs of, Windsor and Island, 5610

Biggs, T. W. Elderade, 33

Blackwood, R. Springfield, 60

Blackwood, Sarah, Loge, 21

Blackwood, J. Save Rent, 10

Blackwood, R. New Hope, 10

Belinfante, H. N. New Carle, Rocky Hill, and Providence, 12

Blake, B. New Hope, 15

Blake, Mary, Holt, _5

Blake, B. Mole Hill, Norway, and Hopewell, 342

Blake, J. Newton, 50

Blake, B. Paradise, 50

Blake, J. New Purchase, 16

Blake, J. R. Content, 17

Blake, J. Ridge, 10

Blake, R. Chesterfield, 20

Blackas, J. George's Valley, 25

Black, J. Retirement, 38

Black, J. Try See, 47

Black, J. The Lodge, 50

Black, J. Greenfield, 52

Black, R. Providence, 10

Black, W. as guardian, Hill Side, 66

Blair, J. Homeland, 10

Blair, Margaret, Land Park, 20

Blake, J. Biddeford, 148

Binns, R.R. Paradise, 17

Brown, T. Occasion Call, 12

Brown, W. Little Pepper, 18

Brown, H. Happy Valley, 17

Brown, J. L. New Buildings, 20

Brown, T. Roseberry, 15

Brown, W. Somerset, 14

Brown, R. Brownbury, 25

Brown, Cecelia Jane, Retirement, 31

Brown, E. Main Savanna, 16

Brown, H. Happy Valley, 17

Brissett, G. J. Content and Industry, 195

Boyd, J. Spring Pasture, 34

Briscoe, J. Sweetland, 10

Brooks, S. Little Park, 20

Brooks, J. L. near Santa Cruz Park, 30

Brooks, R. Success, 22

Brooks, Louisa, Merryland, 10

Brooks, J. Enfield, 139

Brook, G. T. St. Thomas, 18

Broomfield, W. Little Hall, 31

Broomfield, J. F. Hampstead, Brown Hill, and Pedro, 250

Brown, A. P. Berry Cottage, 72

Broomfield, J. M. 110

Brotherton, T. Fyffe's Pen, 515

Bruce, J. Brucefield, 504

Boucher, J. Wilton, 297

Boura, Mary, Longwood, 118

Bowlin, J. Belleplain, 10

Burlton, J. E. estate of, Ashton and Mount Charles, 1281

_Same, Black-River, etc,. 250

Buchanan, R. B. Water Clamp, 50

Burton, Hannah, Mount Pleasant, 12

Burton, Bonello, Country Go So, 28

Burton, J.C. Unity, 25

Burton, F. Spanish Quarter, 103

Buchanan, J. B. Fairfield, 28

Bannister, C. Content, 10

Bennet, J. J. Paratee, 40

Blackwood, R. Mount Zion, 20

Brooks, R. Isle of Wight, 12

Burton, J.P. Content, 72

Byrne, A. Paisley, 376

Burton, J.P. Lorn Hill and Content, 366

Brackenridge and Honeywell, Bagdale, 2004

_Same, Fullerswood, 1847

Burton, Mary-Ann, Wambleton Hill, 10

Boucher, A. Miller's Land, 10

Blair, J. estate of, Hopeton, 400

Cameron, J. estate of, Carisbrook, 1414

Campbell, J. Round Hill, 100

Campbell, A.C. Glanbig, 55

Campbell, A. Unity, 40

Campbell, J.D. Edinburgh and Burnt Ground, 60

Campbell, R. E. Content, 14

Campbell, D. Portmahon, 122

Campbell, W. Retreat, 15

Campbell, Ann, Content, 62

Campbell, N. Fustic Grove, 200

Campbell, A. Little Spring Hill, 12

Campbell, A. W. Harman's Hall, 21

Campbell, J. Glanbig, 100

Campbell, T. D. Harman's Hall, 20

Cameron, Ann, near Kilmoney, 10

Cartwright, W. Premises, 150

Case, S. Paratee, 110

Cawley, R. Occasion Call, etc. 19

Cawley, Jane, Lower Reading and Hope River, 125

Cawley, J. Hope River, 60

Calder, J. Whitehill, 940

Calash, J. Unity-Hall, 25

Cerf, R. Profit, 12

Chambers, J. Stepney, 35

Chambers, J. heirs of, Northampton and Cabbage Valley, 3757

Chamer, G. T. Envy Cottage & Rangle Park, 18

Christian, J. M. Battersea, 39

Chisholm, Amelia, Southfield & Yardly Chase, 320

Clark, G. estate of, Brownbury, 578

Clark, B. Retirement, 17

Clark, Elizabeth, Comfort, 13

Clark, W. Mount Blessed, 10

Cohen, Mary-Ann, Spring Garden, 10

Cohen, H. Berlin & Heathfield, 2043

Cohen, Judah, deceased, Corby Castle, 328

_Same, Potsdam, 1710

_Same, Berkshire & Twickenham, 640

Coke, E. T. Paynestown, 506

_Same, Mexico & Sally Hall, 2000

Coke, R. Sweetland, 23

Coke, T. Happy Hall, 28

Coke, R. Red House, 100

Coke, Elizabeth P. Aikendown, 30

Colostream, Sophia, Mango Grove, 38

Cole, T. Milford, etc. 24

Cole, J. Wellpond, 211

Cole, J. A. Whitehorn, 12

Cole, Ja. and Margaret, Stoney Hill, 111

Cole, Margaret, Colridge, 62

Cole, E. deceased, Westberry, 250

Collins, R. Freely Mountain, 22

Colquhoun, J. R. Happy Content, 16

Colquhoun, D. Hillside, 13

Colquhoun, H. Sidely and My Own, 153

Cooper, J. Sportsman Hall, 10

Cooper, B. and Co. Newport & Black-River, 13

Cooper, C.F. Pleasant hill, 50

Cowan, A. Cheltenham, 244

Clarke, M.A. Cottage, 63

Creed, G. Savoy Place, 10

Crow, F. A. Silent Grove, 20

Crow, S. Pleasant hill, 16

Crawford, Susan, Paradise, 10

Crawford, Margaret, Ginger hill, 20

Cuff, J. Emmaus, 890

Cunningham, B. and Ruffle, Sarah, Black-River and Sea-Side Pen, 40

Coke, R. Tryall, 13

Campbell, Eleanor and Grace B. Mayfield, 15

Cranston, T. senior, Cinnamon Hill, 10

Copland, W. Essex Valley Land, 10

Daly, G. Phoenix Park, 59

Daly, G. estate of, Brampton, Thornton, and Dunsandale, 2884

Dalby, Eliza, Industry Park, 18

Davis, A. Norfolk, 731

_Same, a run of land, 93

Davis, J. Tryall, 17

Dawkins, Eliza, Fruitland, 10

Dawkins, Susan, Pleasant Hill, 12

Dear, J. Luckey Valley, 20

Delap, Ann, Friendship (woodland), 21

Delap, Lilly, Content, 48

Delaroch, C. Richmond Hill, 25

Delaroch, G. George's Moreland, 10

Deverill, G. Wallingford, 620

Dennis, S. Penrith, 17

Denniss, T. Glasgow, 1`4

Dennis, W. Cottage, 16

Dennis, J. Maryland, 14

Dewar, A. Aberdeen, 850

Dickenson and Harman, Pepper and Bonavista, 4100

_Same, Appleton, 2000

_Same, Barton Isle, 2000

Dickenson, C. heirs of, Grosmonde, 823

Dickenson, F. Try See and Orange Hill, 11

Dixon, H. Edgehill, 40

Drummond, Elizabeth, Hilton, 130

Duff, Isabella, Endeavour, 11

Dunkley, A. Industry, 13

Dunkley, G. Knockdandee, 17

Dunkley, W. Oldstone & Good Hope, 180

Dunn, Mary, Cedar Spring, 140

Dunn, G. R. Cedar Spring, 155

Dyer, Mary, R. Mayfield, 28

Dyer, T. Arlington, 334

Daly, P. P. Palmyra, 540

Dobbie, J. heirs of, Lower Glenhead, 150

Dyer, T. South Valley, 80

Davy, J. Long Acre, 270

Dickenson, J. part of Essex Valley, 11

Earle, J. heirs of, Mount Olive, 97

_Same, Wiltshire, 600

Earle and Muirhead, Roseberry, 835

Eaton, W. Barton, 91

Ebank, Eleanor, Mount Sinai, 36

Ebank, N. Breadnut Valley, 57

Ebank, Elizabeth, T. Fort Hope, 48

Ebank, J.D. Newhope, 54

Ebank, Elizabeth, Content, 280

Ebank, J.D. Happy Retreat, 210

Ebank, D. eenior, Prospect, 142

Ebank, S.D. Stonefield, 144

Ebank, A. B. Coveland, 50

Ebank, W. C. Bosworthfield, 240

Ebank, Mary, Castle Cary, 48

Ebank, Martha, New Buildings, 49

Ebank, W. C. Belfast, 52

Ebank, S. D. Stonefield, 81

Ebank, D. T. Industrious Hill, 11

Ebank, J. Rockfield, 49

Ebank, R. S. Blantas Savanna, 272

Ebank, Ann M. Cherry Garden, 170

Ebank, J. B. Content, 80

Ebank, Elizabeth, Blantas, 27

Edwards, R. Roxburgh, 30

Edwards, J. Labor Content, 20

Elgin, Catherine, Pleasant hill, 25

Elliott, Jane, Twickenham, 80

Elliott, H. Endeavour, 138

Elliott, D. Hillside, 120

Elliott, Sarah S. Twickenham, 60

Evans, Ann, Ballard's Valley, 27

Evans, W. Success & Williamsfield, 61

Evans, E. Longwood, 89

Esson, G. Good Hope, 199

Falconer, T. K. Ramsberry, 12

Falconer, Dorothy, Queensberry, 111

Falconer, A. Base Character, 10

Farquharson, W. Zion Hill, 12

Farquharson, E. Fontabelle, 13

Farquharson, W. Hazel Grove, 516

Farquharson, C. M. Spring Vale, 1412

Farquharson, Eliza F. Spring Mount, 77

Farquharson, T. Garden Hill, 19

Farquharson, R. Poor Man's Cottage, 10

Farquharson, W. Happy Hall, 13

Farquharson, W. Williamsfield, 25

Farquharson, F. Somerset, 11

Finlay, J. Content, 31

Finlay, J. Spring Garden, 12

Finlay, J. Green Vale, 29

Finlay, Ann, Wharton, 74

Finlay, R. Culloden Cottage, 16

Finlay, W. Good Intent, 14

Finlay, J.D. Industry Hall, 14

Finlay, Sarah, Redlands, 14

Finlay, G. Nightingale Grove, 27

Finlay, W. S. Hayfield, 15

Finlay, J. Redlands, 11

Finlay, J. S. Silent Hill, 57

Finlay, W. Mount Unity and Good Intent, 38

Finlason, W. and P. Hounslow, 500

Finlason, W. heirs of, Mount Zion, 618

Ferguson, C. Mount Harling, 39

Fisher, J. Luanna, 2245

Fleming, W. Little Ease, 20

Forbes, C. estate of, Stanmore Hill and Fort-Charles, 3430

Forbes, Mary, heirs of, Prosper, 190

Forbes, Mary, Mount Industry, 160

Ford, J. And W. A. Brinkley, 26

Forrest, A. Vineyard, 859

Foster, H. Breadnut Wood, 20

Foster, P. Industry Park, 75

Foster, J. heirs of, Bogue, 3040

Foster, G. Lancaster, 1500

_Same, Elin, 4650

_Same, Two-Mile Wood, 2230

Foster, J. Disley's Newark, 13

Foster, T. W. Retrieve, 10

Foster, C. Comfort, 14

Foster, H. All Sides, 14

Foster, T. Comfort, 20

Foster, C. Dry Savanna, 12

Foster, L. B. Spicy Grove, 44

Franklin, B. Retirement, 40

Fraser, Rosina, Castle Downey, 15

Fruth, H. Paradise, 36

Froyze, J. Paradise Country Go So, 89

Fowler, R. Church Pen, 10

Franklin, W. Content, 16

Finlay, J. Spring Garden, 15

Forbes, J. from Prosper land, 13

Foster, G. J. Mount Heldan, 300

Farquharson, W. two uncultivated runs of land, 600

Gale, W. C. Look On, 50

Gale, Susan, Heart's Ease, 14

Gale, F. Hopington, 19

Gale, Mary, Mountain Pledge, 50

Gale, H. Pusey Hall, 50

Gale, J. Greenmount, 14

Gale, H. Greenglave, 12

Gale, S. Little Hamilton, 10

Galway, P. Gutter's Pen, 300

Gibbs, B. Content, 10

Geners, W. Providence, 27

Gittoes, B. Mount Sinai, 28

Gladstone, A. Holland, Maybole, and Stonehenge, 5185

_Same, Lacovia, 2150

Gordon, J. Hope River and Reading, 132

Gordon, O. Mount Faith, 12

Gordon, A. Happy Content, 20

Gordon, W. C. Port-Royal, 180

Gordon, L. Happy Retreat, 204

Gordon, A. Happy Content, 15

Gordon, J. J. Cambridge, 10

Goalburn, H. Ebony Hill, 16

Gowdie, Susan, Lacovia Ridge, 92

Graham, J. Calabash Bay, 24

Graham, R. Pleasant Hill, 10

Graham, G. Labor Hill, 10

Graham, J. M. Content, 29

Grant, A. Content Hill, 44

Grant, J. Salisbury Grove, 11

Greaves, W. V. New Castle, 127

Green, Margaret, Content, 10

Green, J. Green Park, 30

Green, R. Calabash Grove, 17

Graig, J. Newark, 13

Grindley, Martha, Retirement, 15

Griffith, J. Brampton, 16

Griffith, Susan, guardian to W. Ricketts, Pleasant hill, 12

Guthrie, A. Cedar Valley, 10

Green, E. assignees of Mulgrove, 5200

Glanville, S. Barton, 2005

Goodwin, H. D. Bareman, 16

Griffith, R. Cottage, 20

Grove, J. part of Mulgrave, 16

Guy, E. T. Camberwall, 262

Griffith, F. Essex Valley land, 10

Gunter, J. W. Smith's land 30

Gale, H. Smith's land, 17

Green, R. Smith's land, 10

Glanville, S. a run of land, 300

Hanson, F. Breezy Hill, 18

Hanson, G. Newfield, 25

Hanson, J. Paradise, 15

Hanson, T. Breezy Hill, 16

Hanson, Susan M. New Bunker's Hill, 29

Hanson, R. Roseberry, 10

Hart, S. Industry Park, 139

Hart, A. Hart's Hall, 300

Harris, H. Springfield, 12

Harris, J. Canaan, 10

Harvey, J. Rocky Hill, 19

Hastings, T. Bleachfield, 50

Heath, W. heirs of, Peru, 878

Hendrick, F. Exeter, 218

Henegan, Jane, Locust hill, 12

Henegan, C. J. Bloomsbury, 30

Henry, W. Green Valley and Happy Grove, 295

Heron, W. Look Out, 20

Hewitt, A. Contented Hall, 10

Hewitt, H. Happy Return, 34

Hewitt, J. Mount Zion, 27

Hewitt, W. K. Fellowship, 700

Higgin, T. heirs of, White Hill,___

Hill, G. Heather Muir, 27

Holness, T. Amity Hall & Montreal, 23

Holness, W. Happy Hall, 36

Holness, T. Sealwood & Vauxhall Run, 485

Honess, W. Comfort, 38

Honess, E. Brambleton Hall, 35

Honess, R. Spring Lemon, 46

Honess, B. Prospect, 42

Honess, F. Brumalia, 12

Honess, R. Stonehope, 10

Honess, M. Pleasant Hill, 10

Honess, G. Bethany, 50

Honess, T. Newill, 52

Honess, B. Stonehope, 80

Honess, J. S. Newhall, 40

Honess, E. Roseberry, 16

Hollingshead, W. Sherwood, 16

Hollingshead, E. Ramble, 14

Hollingshead, J. Look Out, 12

Homes, Jane, estate of, Kildare, John's Lodge and Retirement, 219

Hook, S. Unity Hall, 16

Hunt, E. Bear All, 18

Hutton, W. Mount Prospect, 28

Hutchinson, H. estate of, Cornwall, 696

Hutchison, J. Prospect, 28

Harley, T. Mocho and Strathdon, 600

Harvey, J. Rocky Hill, 15

Heath, T. H. Longuedoc, 14

Hendricks, Ann, Dartmouth, 18

Honis, F. Brumalia, 12

Hutchison, Mary-Jane, Lower Reading, 40

Harriott, H. S. Brunswick, 100

Hanson, E. R. Smith's Run, 10

Issacs, I. Chelsea, 180

_Same, Thatchfield, 600

Isaacs, Caroline, Tryal Grove, 22

Isaacs, A. Woodland's Pen, 118

Isaacs, I. Malvern Well, etc. 590

Isaacs, D. Spring lands, 27

Jeffroy, A. Prospect, 42

James, Rachael, Cromleck, 500

James, D. Ridgeland and Rocky Hill, 37

James, J. executor, Lignumvitae Pond, 519

James, Eleanor, Claremount Park, 1704

James, W.R. Hill Top, 1273

James, T. R. Rocky Hill, 47

James, J. B. Little Park, 140

James, W. Williamsfield, 696

James, R. B. Corby Castle, 28

James, Eleanor, Newell, 2282

James, E. Prospect, 35

James, J. Ridge, 1013

James, J. M. Bethany, 305

James, J. Watchwell, 456

James, G. T. Fairfield, 103

James, Elizabeth, Paradise, 145

James, J. W. New Coming, 30

James, C. S. Guava Hill, 59

James, W. G. Maidstone, 22

James, J. W. Chelsea, 63

James, L. Resident Hill, 59

James, Jane, Lenlane, 19

James, L. Orange Land, 10

James, J. W. Wedderburn Hall, 28

James, W. S. Tamarind Hill, 56

James, M. B. Superior view, 28

John, J. Belmore Castle, 900

Johnson, J. Roseberry Hill, 10

Johnson, T. Betsham, 12

Johnson, W. Mount Edgecombe, 12

Johnson, H. guardian to Samuel Johnson, Mountain Land, 10

Johnson, A. Pleasant Hill, 19

Johnson, Rosalinda, Industry Park, 51

Johnson, Mary, Retirement, 333

Johnson, J. Return Castle, 20

Jones, W. T. Bellemont, 27

Jones, J. B. Salesberry Lodge, 24

Jones, J. Little Ease, 22

Jones, R. John's Pen, 14

Jones, Corinda, Sea Valley and Humble Cottage, 20

Jones, Mary, Retirement, 16

Jones, J. T. Happy Hall, 11

James, E. Pimento Hill, 11

James, R. Comfort Hall, 95

Johnson, G. Nicholasfield, 14

James, W. Gaze Land, 15

James, W. Mount Providence, 12

James, R. Content Hall, 19

James, W. S. Happy Canaan, 11

James, Eleanor R. Smith's Land, 30

James, W.R. Smith's Land, 106

Jones, J. Smith's Land, 40

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