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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Cornwall

ST. ELIZABETH (continued)

Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Kean, J. Little Hope, 10

Kean, T. Kean's Valley, 198

Kean, W. New Purchase, 12

Kennedy, A. Dalintober and Old Works, 764

Kelly, W. Kelly's Hall, 11

King, R. A. Cottage, 257

Kingston, J. Cooper's Run, 53

Kilburn, W. Burton, 91

Kirlew, J. Phoenix, 12

Knight, J. Chesterfield, 11

Knott, W. H. Elderslie, 1200

Laird, J. Mountain Spring, 252

Laird, H. Woodland and Prospect, 2300

Largie, Jane B. Cats Kin, 120

Lawrence, A. Industry Park, 73

Levy, I. Topsfield, 76

Levy, B.S. Heir's Hall, 24

Levy, Deborah, Winchester, 205

Levy, I .Heart's Ease, 12

Levy, W. B. 20

Leslie, P. Belleswales & Tweedside, 51

Liffer, Mariann, Robertsfield, 15

Lewis, R. Endeavour, 26

Lewis, J. Halliday Pen, 35

Lewis, J. L. Little Ease, 14

Lewis, C. Occasion Call, 10

Lewis, J. and H. Ford, Morefield, 35

Lewis, J. Rockfield, 10

Linton, T.L. Cambridge, 95

Linton, Margaret, Cambridge, 95

Longmore, G. Donegal & Ginger Hill, 2170

Longlands, D. Hermitage, 392

Latman, J. Content, 10

Laton, C. Retirement, 125

Lynch, W. J. Harmony Hall, 13

Lynch, J. Fairfield, 20

Legg, H. part of Mulgrave, 22

Lord, J. Tophill, 70

Leach, J. Essex Valley Land, 12

McClymont, J. estate of, Unity and Doig's Run, 855

McDaniel, R. Mount Pleasant, 473

McDaniel, N. Lilliput, 11

McDonald, J. Liberty Hall, 27

McDonald, Amelia S. Pisgah, 586

McDonald, J. Thatchfield, 30

McEwen, J. Greenfield, 10

McFarlane, Margaret, Providence, 11

McFarlane, D. Constitution Hill, 30

McGregor, F. Endeavour, 46

McGoulder, F. New Settle, 10

McGubbin, A. Greenfield, 316

Mcintosh, J. heirs of, Santa Cruz Park, 1500

McCallum, H. Golden Grove, 100

McLean, J. Return Hall, 10

McLeish, W. Rose Valley, 150

McLeish, A. Rose's Valley, 20

McLean, J. Shelter Place, 10

McTaggart, T. Smile Dale and Dettingen, 195

Mack, Jane, Rocky Hill, 10

Mack, James, Happy Retreat, 16

Maitland, J. Kensington, 300

Maitland, J. Giddy Hall, 1150

Maitland, J. Rosehill, 130

Malcolm, W. Paradise, 19

Malcolm, Jane, Content, 32

Mavis, E. The Folly, 40

Marcey, G. Kepp, 380

Marchant, R. Maiden Brodley, 176

Martin, J. Ayr, 15

Martin, C. Little Comfort, 12

Martin, Susan, Waterloo, 36

Mason, T. Dennis, Look Behind, etc. 4059

_Same, Aschot and Success, 1000

Maxwell, A. Liberty Hall, 23

Mead, D. Hazard Held, 60

Messam, G. Happy Retreat, 10

Messam, S. Unity, 50

Meickle, J. B. New Brunswick, 50

Miller, J. Lodge, 50

Miller, __, Malvern, Dunbland, and Elderslie, 2750

Miller, J. Canterbury, 25

Miller, H. Castle, 16

Miller, J. H. Contented Hall, 20

Miller, B. Vineyard, 47

Miller. A. Pleasant Valley, 10

Millard, J. Rockspring, 140

Mills, M. Pennoment Hall, 10

Mills, Mary, Mount Olivet, 17

Mills, J. H. Paradise, 12

Mitchell, P. Comfort Hall, 17

Mitchell, Mary, Prospect, 30

Mitchell, R. Folly, 88

Monteath, J. Rosehall, ??8

Montague, M. Edgehill, 12

Montague, W. Grace Hope, 26

Montague, F. Quickland, 19

Moore, A. George's Valley, 414

Moore, J. Shrewsbury, 147

Morgan, H.R. heirs of, Phantillands, 1790

Morgan, M. Gase Land, 10

Moies, J. Hermitage, 300

Morce, J. heirs of, Ipswich, 2006

_Same, Y. S. 6004

Muir, S. Harmony Hall, 17

Muir, J. Pimento Hill, 10

Mullings, J. Folly and Mount Eagle, 210

Mullings, Jane, and G. A. Berwick and Mulling's Garden, 40

Mullings, H.R. Hopewell and Malvern, 34

Mullings, J. Retreat, etc. 32

Mullings, Susan, Newhope, 74

Mullings, Diana M. Dean Valley, 30

Mullings, Deborah, estate of, Smoothland, 30

Mullings, T. B. Rockland and Zion, 92

Mullings, M. J. Warwick, 70

Mullings, Elizabeth E. Dean's Valley, 26

Mullings, W. J. Bethany, 30

Mullings, Ann, Hanbury, 30

Mullings, T. Mount Pleasant, Lodge, and Hopewell, 130

Mullings, Ann, Chatham and Happy Retreat, 76

Mullings, W. Content, 21

Mullings, A. Pleasant Hill, 15

Mullings, H.R. lot of land, 46

Mullings, J. Retreat, 96

Muschett, J. Carmel and Barton, 320

Muschett, R. Bybrook, 622

Myers, M. Doncaster, 180

_Same, Portsea and Newcastle, 107

_Same, Fort Rose, 18

Myers, M. junior, Epsom, 20

Myers, Louisa, Farm, 208

Myrie, S.F. Paradise, 11

Myrie, R. and Susan, Fresh Hope, 18

McDonald, Jane, Ballard's Valley, 29

Maxwell, F. Springhill, 68

Miller, A. Cue Valley, 15

Mullings, F. Smoothland, 10

Mullings, J. Spring Garden, 30

Mullings, T. Geneva, 14

Myers, M. Myersfield, 88

Muirhead, A. Glasgow, 10

McWhinney, C.D. Struan, 33

Myers, M. executor of J. L. Powell, 144

Matthew, G. Essex Valley land, 14

Myers, J. Essex Valley land, 52

Mitchell, D. Essex Valley land, 15

Nembhard, E. Kensington 202

Nisbitt, R. Providence, 90

Newman, C. Corsham & Wilksham 650

Newcome, S. Bray's Run, 187

Nicholson, J. Hopewell Hill, 18

Neal, J. Bachelor Hall, 10

Needham, R. Providence, 12

Neafe, Elizabeth, Coveless Brownberry, 15

Nixon, J. Hopewell Hall, 30

Ogilvie, J. New Castle, 10

Owen, W.R. Cantarberry and Waterloo, 11

Osborn, P. Content, 13

Owen, R. Essex Valley land, 11

Parlane, Margaret, Stirling Castle, 100

Parlane, A. Stirling Castle, 100

Parchment, R. B. Pedro, 1671

Parchment, R. Berry Hill, 21

Parchment, N. Kensington, 15

Parchment, W. Mount Unity, 41

Parchment, R. C. Lisbon, 24

Palachie, A. Industry, 50

Palmer, T. Coffee Valley, 13

Palmer, Arabella, Lexington, 27

Paris, E. F. Chateau, 21

Parke, Mary J. Farm, 12

Parnell, J. Ah! Boy, 11

Patterson, J. Avon Dale, 50

Peart, J. Peart Hill, 20

Peddie, W. Endeavour, 22

Pennant, R. Tryfield, 30

Pennycock, C. Industry Park, 10

Pennycock, Elizabeth, Ackendown, 30

Phillips, W. Durham, 37

Picard, Ann, New River, 50

Pight, J. T. Mahogany Castle, 185

Plummer, F. Happy Hut, 22

Porter, J. Hopewell, 10

Potter, J. Crawford's Pen, 400

Powell, C. Providence, 24

Powell, J. Prospect, 70

Powell, E. Canaan Lodge, 12

Powell, J. Meribah and Happy Retreat, 88

Powell, T. Providence, 16

Powell, J. A. Gaza Retreat, 10

Powell, J. S. Pond Side, 10

Powell, W. Rosehill, 12

Powell, Margaret, Mount Pleasant, 14

Powell, R. Mayfield, 62

Powell, McK, Easingwood, 10

Powell, R. Poor Man's Castle, 11

Powell, B. Vanity Hall, 10

Palmer, H. W. Taylor's land, 10

Ramsay, J. Ginger Hill, 11

Redware, R. Rocky Hall, 10

Reid, F. Gaza, 10

Reid, R. Bethlehem, 10

Reid, D. Mount Pleasant, 10

Reid, J. Content, 10

Renton, W. Retrieve, 59

Renton, G. Springhill, 14

Reynolds, J. Retrieve, 10

Reynolds, J. Fair View, 395

Reynolds, J. Retreat, 43

Rawlins, Elizabeth, Industry hall, 25

Rhoden, Elvina, Mulberry Grove, 10

Rhoden, E. Pleasant Grove, 10

Ridgard, W. estate of Gainsbro', 242

Richards, Luna, Tryall, 13

Ricketts, J. F. Good Hope, 20

Ricketts, T. R. Mount Pleasant, 340

Roach, J. E. Pleasant Prospect, 16

Roberts, Eliza A. New York, 52

Robertson, Hon. D. New Buildings, 600

_Same, Gilnock Hall, 1037

_Same, Belmont, 832

_Same, Friendship, 1683

Robertson, J. Dear Land, 26

Robertson, R. Hopewell, 10

Robertson, J. Little Ease, 24

Robertson, H. Heart's Ease, 13

Robertson, J. Light Hill, 10

Robertson, Christiana, Battersea, 40

Robertson, L. Good Hope, 13

Robertson, A. Hertford, 12

Robertson, R.J. Fincastle, 98

Robertson, J. Greenfield, 10

Robertson, R. Hopewell, 10

Robertson, H.F. Forest Hill, 10

Robertson, A. Red Hill, 10

Robinson, E. Spring Garden, 17

Rochester, T. Green Olive, 30

Roe, R. Dollington Castle, 10

Rose, Julia, Craigie, 300

Rose, G. W. Silent Hill, 12

Rose, Mary, Middlesex, 16

Rowe, W. heirs of, Fullerswood Park, 850

Reid, W. Slipe, 14

_Same, Bellevue, 817

_Same, Torringon Castle, 1040

Rowe, W. Gibraltar, 490

Rowe, Mrs. Finlayson's Run, 673

Rowe, C. W. Kinsland, 16

Ray, J. S. Rockland, 84

Roy, W. J. Pleasant Hall, 12

Roy, J. Mint Hill, 24

Roy, T. Frances, Lee's Valley, 23

Roy, J. J. Comfort Hall, 30

Royal, J. heirs of, Lowerworks, 936

Royal, H. Aberdeen, 10

Russell, E. Russell Grove, 192

Russel, J. Roseberry & Rivulet, 28

Russell, R. Shaddock Grove & Down Hall, 42

Russell, J. F. Roseberry, 16

Russell, W. Mount Olivet and Industry Park, 45

Russell, D.S. Rivulet, 17

Russell, B. Rivulet, 17

Rochester, Henrietta, Wilderness, 48

Rickard, J. Watt's Middlesex, 530

Robinson, G. Smith's land, 30

Rowe, P. Smith's land, 10

Raffell, J. uncultivated land, 300

Salmon, J. Magotty and Middlesex, 1440

_Same, Vauxhall, 1700

_Same, uncultivated runs of land, 300

Salmon, W. Gallant Hall, 33

Salmon, W. John's Hall, 11

Salmon, R. Sealwood, 10

Salmon, Mary-Ann, Tryall, 37

Salmon, Elizabeth, Fairmount, 37

Salmon, H. senior, Mount Nebo, 13

Samuels, C. Grant's Green, 11

Samuels, Rebecca, Friendship, 28

Samuels, E. Right Fair Hill, 15

Samuels, T. Pleasant Hill, 18

Salkeld, W. Parkhead, 150

Samms, W. Happy Land, 14

Salmon, J. M. South Sea, 90

Saunders, E. Industry, 10

Saunderson, P. Orange Grove, 189

Saunderson, E. Lancewood, 10

Seaton, Abigail, Bethany, 29

Sellar, J. Olive Park, 13

Senior, B. M. Compton Lodge Beach Pen, 258

Senior, J. Good Hope, 10

Senior, T. Springhill, 13

Senior, J.P. Pond Side, 10

Scott, H. M. Plains, 70

_Same, Mayfield, 168

Shakes, T. Derrydown, 25

Shakespear, J. Hodge's Pen, 2000

Shakespear, J. Mount Blessed, 12

Sherman, S. Mitcham, 843

Shield, S. Labor Hill, 15

Simms, C. Ratcliff, 71

Simms, Mary W. Ratcliff, 50

Simms, Elizabeth, Ratcliff, 50

Simms, J. Newhope, 50

Simms, A. Hoghole, 50

Simms, W. Golden Grove, 32

Simpson, J. W. Endeavour, 42

Simpson, J. Roseberry, 10

Simpson, W. senior, Chocolate Hole, 40

Simpson, V. Deep Bottom, 25

Simpson, P. Greenfield, 10

Simpson, J. Springfield, 10

Simpson, J. N. Endeavour, 46

Simpson, T. McLeod's, 100

Simpson, M. M. Gazeland, 10

Simpson, H. senior, Guinea Hall, 16

Simpson, S. Bull Savanna, 16

Simpson, C. Chocolate Hole, 26

Simpson, J. R. Cohcolate Hole, 10

Simpson, W. Old Bunker's Hill, 25

Simpson, T. B. Shaddock hill, 10

Simpson, Margaret, New Green, 18

Simpson, R. Redbank, 16

Simpson, P. Pleasantfield, 10

Sinclair, Sarah, Content Cottage, 95

Slater, T. Woodstock, 32

Slofs, S. Poor Land, 116

Smith, R. W. Haughton, 881

_Same, Breadnut Valley, 1068

Smith, R. Industry Park, 326

Smith, Amelia S. Ebony Hall, 75

Smith, A. Comfort Hall, 17

Smith, E. Happy District, 16

Smith, J. Comfort Hill, 13

Smith, R. Barquadier, 27

Smith, Mary, Rangle, 45

Smith, R. Cedar Valley, 60

Smith, G. G. Labor Hill, 10

Smith, T. Florence Hall, 25

Smith, Marion, Mount Zion, 24

Smith, R. Smithfield, 30

Smith, F. G. Comfort Hill, 32

Smith, H. Poor Rise, 26

Smith, F. G. Estate of, Goshen and Long Hill, 5247

Smith, S. Font Hill, 2857

_Same, Hampstead, 2000

Smith, W. Smithfield, 22

Smith, M. Newfield, 10

Smith J. Roseberry, 39

Smith, H. Prospect, 32

Smith, T. Mount Eagle, 11

Smith, T. Springfield, 10

Solomon, Eve, Mount Lebanon, 750

South, W. A. Betsham, 25

Spence, Joan L. Bloomsberry, 226

Stephenson, Eliza S. Brighton 63

Stephenson, W. New Castle, 13

Steel, S. New Galloway, 24

Stevens, J. Prospect, 20

Stewart, H. Stepward, 10

Stewart, Sarah, Woodside and Ginger Grove, 132

Stewart, Margaret, Endeavour, 22

Stone, T. Whitehill, 700

Stone, T. New Savanna & Cottage, 764

Sullivan, D. Union, 1652

_Same, Castle Town, 40

Sullivan, N. Industry hill, 22

Sullivan, W. Newlands, 10

Sullivan, W. Industry hall, 22

Summers, Bonella, Prospect, 70

Swaby, Ann, Brownshill, 100

_Same, Mount Unity, 25

_Same, Spice Grove, 26

Swaby, J. J. Montpelier, 3000

South, J. Finfield, 100

Segre, J. Mount Unity, 25

Sherman, J. Mahogany Hive, 10

Simpson, T. N. New Settle, 10

Sloss, D. Berrydear, 26

Sloss, W. Mango Valley, 26

Sparks, Jane, Farm, 10

Smith, F. part of Lemon Hall, 15

Spencer, Eliza, Essex Valley, 24

Tatam, Basheba, Greenhill, 11

Taylor, N.B. Pleasant Hill, 186

Taylor, J. J. Orange Grove, 220

Taylor, J.P. Pullet Hall, 400

Taylor, A. Old Harbour, 11

Tharpe, J. P. Cramond, 10

Thelwell, T. Beverley, 16

Thomas, T. Beverley, 80

Thomas, N. guardian to Sarah Thomas, 80

Thompson, A. Lower Prosper, 260

Thompson, Ann H. Sterling, 14

Thompson, Jane, Harman Hall, 11

Thompson, W. junior, Heart's Ease, 60

Thompson, Mary, Cress Grove, 40

Thompson, G. Peterhead, 104

Thompson, J. Halifax, 20

Tibbey, S. Spring Garden, 81

Titus, J. Try See, 11

Tomlinson, Catherine, Pleasant Hill, 47

Tomlinson, E. Flower Hill, 30

Tomlinson, L. Flower Hill, 12

Tomlinson, T. Hazlington, 35

Tomlinson, H. Pleasant Hill, 44

Tough, J. Cheviot Hill, 502

Townshend, Eliza, Burnt Ground, 310

Tran, R. Retirement, 24

Turner, E. and Mary, Woodside, 200

Thompson, R. Respect Hall, 12

Tomlinson, T. St. Thomas, 16

Urquhart, J. Green Valley, 12

Vassall, J. Paradise, 13

Vassall, T. College Green, 16

Vassall, G. Meylersfield, 10

Vassall, T. Industry Park, 25

Vassall, G. Smart Hill, 16

Vanwhervin, J. New Holland, 136

Vanhorne, T. Baston hill and Locust Hill, 18

Varmell, W. Rectory, 10

Waite, G. Newfield, 10

Walker, Elizabeth, Green Vale and Garden Hill, 10

Wallace, H. and Co., Saltspring and Roundhill, 1632

Waite, J. S. Crawford's 1?5

Wallace, Jane, Mount Unity, 180

Wallace, J. senior, Bushy Park, 146

Wallace, J. Content, 122

Wallace, J. Comfort Hill, 13

Wallace, W. Denbigh, 30

Wallen, W. Carmel, 18

Warren, J. Comfort Hall, 15

Watson, R. Harmony Hall, 1159

Watson, R.J. Hope Hill, 17

Watson, D. Rosehall, 10

Watson, H. G. Pleasant Hall, 30

Watt, R. estate of, Friendship, 1450

Webster, M. Kilmarnock, 85

Wells, J. B. Cottages and runs of land, 63

Weller, W. guardian, Shaye Cottage and Roundhill, 122

Wheatle, T. Friendship, 120

White J. deceased, Whitehall..00

White, A. deceased, Oxford, 2000

White, T. Lovely Point and Grinden, 30

White, W. Tryall, 10

Wight, R. Mount Temple, 100

Whiteley, W. S. Happy District, 10

Williamson, W. Shireold, 11

Williams, W. Queen's Bit, 10

Williams, J. Seems Glad, 10

Wallace, ___, heirs of, Biscany Estate, 2200

Williams, T. R. Carmel, 18

Williams, J. Happy Hut, 13

Williams, A. Delve, 101

Williams, Sarah, Croydon, 61

Williams, T. J. Providence, 221

Williams, T. Lower Expectation, 51

Williams, G. Airy Hill, 24

Williams, D. Mesquitto Grove, 37

Williams, R. Ludford Hall, 10

Williams, Ann, Rectory, 10

Williams, J. Hopewell, 30

Williams, Mary, Orange Lane, 29

Williams, R. Newberry, 12

Wilson, J. Cherry Garden, 10

Wilson, J. Pear Tree Valley, 10

Wilson, A. Petersfield, 46

Witter, J. and others, Fairfield, 267

Witter, W. S. Retrieve, 66;

Witter, Sarah, Freshfield, 25

Witter, Dorothy, Carlisle, 150

Witter, W. S. Rosehall, 365

Wood, T., St. James Park, 16

Wood, R. Comfort Hall, 21

Wood, Elizabeth, Woodside, 100

Woolery, Mary P. Brighton, 23

Woolery, Cecelia, Heart's Ease, 60

Woolery, W. Labour Mount, 25

Worship, E. Bedington, 10

Worship, E. Heart's Ease, 12

Wright, C. Happy Retreat, 10

Wright, W. B. Grenock, 23

Wright, Mary, Friendship, 52

Wright, Ann, Lower Paradise, 30

Wright, Ann, Hope, 75

Wright, W. Tryall, 10

Wright, R. B. Harmony Hall, 12

Wright, T. B. Retirement, 13

Wright, E. guardian, Moore Cottage, 93

Wallen, W. junior, Rocky Hill, 13

White, R. Hammer Hall, 12

White, J. Hopewell, 30

Wright, G. Tryall, 72

White, J. Essex Valley run, 12

Watt, J. Essex Valley run, 11

Yewell, T. Pimento Hill, 208

Number of Small Settlements under 10 Acres, 1,418

Number of Acres, 228,359

Number of Horsekind, 6,849

Number of Stock, 14,716

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