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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Anderson, J. Keep Us All, 12

Armstrong, Lydia, Bay, 14

Bailey, J. senior, Stoney Hill, 28

Bailey, A. (heirs of), Woodhall, 1396

Bailey, James, 10

Barton, J. Blue Mountain, 50

Bernal, R. Cherry Garden, 1246

Bish, C. Richmond Hill, 100

Bondswell, J. Bay, 20

Bonner, A. M. Market, 36

Bonner, R. B. Labour Pen, etc. 58

Bourke, R. W. New Forest, 10

Brown, J. Red Ground, 150

Brown, Elizabeth, 40

Brown, J. H. 22

Brown, W. Christian Call, 15

Bravo, Hon. A., Kelly's, 620

_Same, Cocoa Walk, 2031

_Same, Church Pen, 40

_Same, Marlie, 259

_Same, Saccaba, 410

_Same, Clermont, 100

_Same, Folly, 40

_Same, Bourkesfield, 80

Brennan, Sarah, Mill Park, 19

Cameron, Sarah, Stanford hill, 110

Clippet, P. Retirement, 20

Clarke, D. Grove, 20

Cold, H. D. Content, 10

Collman, M. junior, Experience, 27

Conner, W. 12

Cook, Mary, Tharpe's, 100

Davis, Jane, Content, 10

Davis, E. Pleasant Valley, 18

Deffell, J. H. Hay's Pen, 277

Derbyshire, J. estate of ,Young, 40

Douglas, J. Bellfield, etc. 97

Drake, W. Sea View, 20

Edwards, T. Hopewell, 13

Fearon, W. Shady Grove, 25

Fitzherbert, Sir W. St. Helen's, 1850

Forrester, W. Pleasant View, 40

Foulks, A. Lodge, 2264

Flanagan, H. and W. Moore's Pen, etc. 31

Fuller, W. J. Ginger Ridge, 70

Gale, S.S. Hillside, 200

Getting, J. Springfield, 12

Gethary, D. Industry, 16

Gordon, J. Church Pen, 540

Hall, Rev. C.F. Barton's, 40

Halstead, W. Family Hall, 13

Halstead, Sarah, Halstead's Run, 233

Hannaford, S. Whim, 702

_Same, Bannister's, 1625

_Same, Retreat, 549

_Same, Grove, 534

_Same, Colbeck's, 5586

_Same, Masters‘, 1066

_Same, Bluehole, 602

_Same, Bushy Park, 257?

_Same, Wharf, 46

_Same, Trevese, 80

_Same, agent of Mrs. Holcombe, 80

Hansill, T. Roseberry, 30

Hansill, T. S. Pleasant Farm, 13

Harvey, W. Rest Pen, 11

Henry, R. Gravelhill, etc. 15

Hume, R. G. Bay, etc. 64

Irvine, W. Ythanside, 390

_Same, Church Pen, 34

Jackson, H. S. Gifted Hill, 10

Jackson, E. N. 20

Jennings, W. Orange Hall, 10

Johnston, A. R. Cottage Hall, 15

Jones, J. F. P. Ginger Ridge, 57

Jones, W. Moore's Pen, 10

King, G. Mountain River Pen, 50

King, Martha, estate of, 98

Kidston, T. Pleasant Hill, 10

Leith, J. Epping, 10

Ludford, S. The Kremlin, 21

_Same, Palmyra, 255

Lumsden, Elizabeth, Chance Hall, 15

Magee, J. executor, Content, 23

Martin, W. Sentsfield, 16

Mark, R. Friendship, 10

McCook, F. Bridge Pen, 35

McCullock, Catherine, Brown's Pen. 12

McLarty, J. Gold Mine, 98

McNicol, M. (J. Perry, agent), Tophill, etc. 340

Mountain, J. Barton's, 16

Miller, G. Lucky Hill, 12

Mills, T. Labour Hall, 12

Mills, Louisa, Pimento Grove, 60

Morant, Ann, Market, 49

Moxsey, F. H. Long's Wharf, &c. 2166

Newell, H.R. Peartree Valley, 20

Newell, J. H. Orange Valley, 27

Newell, G. 25

Newman, E. Hazard's Content, 10

Oliver, C. Mount Experience, 17

Pallmer, E. N. Pretty Bottom, 186

Pearce, Charlotte, Coolshade, 68

_Same, Hope, 39

_Same, Forest, 202

Pennock, R. Barton's 12

Porteous and Co. Roden's Pen, 259

Price, E. A. and S. Young, Garden, 2053

Pyther, W. Exeter. etc. 50

Richards, J. Orangefield, 27

Robertson, J. Friendship, 45

Rogers, S. H. Darlington, [hole in page]

Roswire, A.M. [hole in page]

Skelton, Julia A. 318

Smith, R. Bay, etc. 115

Smith, S.S. Cottage, 47

Solan, F. Castle Hill, 16

Stevens, J. Stevenson, 13

Sutherland, J. W. Retreat, 21

Thomas, A. J. Heart's Ease, 16

Thomas, A. Prosper Hall, 18

Thompson, Hon. E., Bodle's, 862

_Same, Thetford, 2059

_Same, Pothouse, 124

Timperon, J. Amity hall, 2113

Townshend, J. estate of, 300

Tulloh, W. Good Hope, etc. 39

Weir, J. Industry, 20

Williams, Mary, Labour Hall, 18

Wilson, J. 10

Woodhouse, Margaret, 60

Wright, W. I. Lloyd's Pen 250

Small Settlements under 10 Acres: 380

Total Acres: 41,221

Total Feet: 4062

Total Horsekind: 845

Total Stock: 2990

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