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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Allcock, Mary A. residing at Mount Aeolus, 10

Atkinson G. Lloyd's Coldstream and Lloyd's Pen, 2426

_Same, Mount Sinai, 1222

Austin, T. Estate of Relief, 914

Arrowsmith, W. Smithfield and Mount Clare, 481

Barclay, J. Woburn Lawn and Windsor, 470

Beckford, W. Easy Mind, 31

Benson, J. W. Whitehall, 310

Boscowan, W. Williamsfield, a80

Brydon, J. Snowden, a20

Burke, E. Paradise, 16

Burnett, W. attorney, Windsor Forest, 1100

Cormochan, J. Newton, 20

Clarke, Sarah and Eliza, Old England, 1100

Cole, R. Coleridge Valley, 48

Colquhoun, J. Hillside, 24

Coppard, H. Abbey Green, 905

Cross, T. Friendship Hall, 10

Copland, J. M. Sheffield, 244

Cooper, S. Penlyne Castle, 300

Charles, W. Springvale, 16

Dick, H. and J. McLean, Bransbury Pen, 62

Dick, J. W. estate of W. Dick, Dick's Delight, 300

Dickson, Sarah S. Islington, 17

Delpratt, E. estate of, Edinburgh Castle, 100

Dick, H. and J. McLean, Windsor Castle (sugar), 937

_Same Windsor Castle (coffee), 1248

_Same, Easington, 200

F___y [hole in paper], A. Richmond Vale, 606

_Same, Collier's River pen, 60

Fowles, J. Lathemer's Run, 600

Friend, Elizabeth, Kendall Castle, 10

Garrigues, H. L. Creighton Hall, 1580

Gilroy, J. Carrick Hill, 150

Gordon, Hon. J. Cocoa Walk, 623

_Same, Ultimatum, 350

Grant, T. J. May Hill, 44

Grosset, J. R. Botany Bay, 582

Gilbert, J. and J. Brooks, Mount Tivott, 300

Gotares, C. Cottage, 50

Hall, R.J. Wearfield, 120

Hall, W. Shingle House, 30

Harris, R. Woodland, 40

Hickstall, Juliet, Rock-Hall, 71

Hill, J. Retreat, 13

Hunter, B. Pleasant Pen, 11

Huxtable, J. Arntully, 619

_Same, Sherwood Forest, 812

_Same, Brook Lodge, 373

_Same, Eccleston, 500

_Same, River Head, 620

_Same, receiver, Hibernia, 325

_Same, & J. McFayden, Shooting River, a252

_Same & J. McFayden, Pimento Grove, 76

_Same & J. McFayden, Dulce Domum, a468

Jones, Charlotte, Melville, 59

Jordon, E. Bull Park, 600

Kerr, ?. Little Hope, 40

Lamont, D. Burness and Bothwell, 102

_Same, Somerset and Mount Cottage, 97

Law, R. Mount Olive, 12

_Same, Clydeside, 47

Leslie, H.F. Belle Clare, 228

_Same, Cambridge Hill, 1060

_Same, lessee, Grove, 215

_Same, Landewey, 974

_Same, Minto, 100

_Same, Fair Prospect, 316

_Same, Glenfinlas, 535

Lamont, D. Old Rectory, 29

Maitland, C. Claugh na Cate, 10

Murnock, W. Bowlham Castle, 10

McDougall, J. J. Tartorton, 36

Marah, W. H. Clifton, 10

McDowall, G. Hermitage, 306

_Same,Woodburn, 177

McFadyen, Dr. J. Mount Pleasant and Wellington, 150

_Same, Radnor, 1287

McGeachy, E. Brighton, 109

McGregor, C. Norris, 1460

_Same, Swamp Pen, 606

_Same, Orange Park, 505

McLean, J. Phillipsfield, 300

_Same, Mount George & Pomfret, 691

_Same, London Hill, 300

McLean, D. Middleton, 150

Managhan, Mary A. Bloomfield, 140

Mignot, D. Friendship Retreat, 180

Moon, Olive, Cottage, 50

Moore, Susannah, Content Pen, 138

Murray, A. estate of, Middlesex pen, 300

Mitchell, Hon. H. Farm Hill, 523

Mattock, J. Mattock Pen, 10

McCulloch, W. Look Out Pen, 10

Nicholson, Margaret, Sugar Loaf Hill, 87

Noel, H. G. Harmony Hall, 50

Parker, G. Upper Wearfield, 110

_Same, lessee, New Battle, 233

_Same, Chesterfield, 400

_Same, and W. Williamson, Moy Hall and Ness Castle, 850

_Same, & G. Douglas, Spring Wood Park, 22

Patersonk, R. Seamore's Garden, 175

_Same, Cedar Valley, 879

Perkins, E. Ravensbury, 11

Phillips, Mary-Ann, Friendship, 10

Prendergrast, J. Friendship Vale, 20

Porteus, Carson, and Co. Albion, 3398

_Same, Sheldon, 509

Paterson, Rev. W. T. Aeolus Valley and Montpelier, 3056

Rennie, D. Comfort Castle, 10

Ramsay, T. C. Birse, 64

Rae, H.R. Happy Retreat, 10

Sand, G. Mount Aeolus 144

Sayle, J. Winchester Park, 10

Same, part of Whitehall, 10

Scott, A. R. receiver, Whitfield Hall, 380

Same, and G. Parker, Epping Farm 333

Shepperd, E. residing at Ness Castle, 14

Stewart, Elizabeth, Highgate, 34

Smith, J. part of Whitehall, 10

Tarbutt, G. Prospect Pen, 850

Tingling, Mary, Healthy Valley, 163

Turner, W. Worcestor Park, 619

Urquhart, R. And ____ Kellerman, Dry Sugar Work & Union, 88

Warren, J. Somerset, 70

White, Elizabeth, Happy Grove, 90

Wiles, H. Burleigh Hall, 99

Williams, B.I. and D. Gibson, Ayton, 300

Williams, B.I. and D. Gibson, part of Windsor Lodge, 114

Williams, Ann, Drudging Hill, 16

Williams, J. Clifton Hill, 252

Wilson, C. Pleasant Hill, 25

Wilson, J. Pleasant Vale, 21

Wilson, J. attorney, Hillside, 408

Wright, G. Greenwall and Palmyra, 1029

_Same, Heart's Ease, 20

_Same, attorney, part of Mount Charles, 100

Willis, G. Mavis Bank, 73

Wiles, H. Moresheim, 155

Small Settlements under 10 Acres: 505

Number of Acres: 50,940

Number of Horsekind: 653

Number of Stock: 2214

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