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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors and Properties. Acres.

Atkinson, S. Colonel's Ridge, 11

Ayrey, C. The Pastures, 235

Alison, J. Providence, 13

Allison, A. McLean's Mocho, 10

Allison, E. Stewarton, 1672

Allison, G. Mount Ayrey, 12

Allison, T. Near Belle Plain, 13

Allison, J. & Sarah (agent), Humble Cottage and Netherfield, 33

Allison, A. (agent to J. Grierson), Netherfield, 15

Ashley, G. Halse Hall, 2774

Ashley, Sarah, Industry Hall, 12

Ashley, J. V. Industry Hall, 12

Alexander, Rosannah, The View Land, 14

Archer, H. L. Smoky Hole, 29

Adams, J. Colonel's Ridge, 13

Alves, J. Pleasant Hill, 68

Adams, J. part of Retreat, 10

Adams, J. near Dunkerley's Pen, 13

Acton, W. C. (agent for Sarah E. Miles) near Four Path, 14

Albert, T. near Cabbage Hall, 10

Armstrong, B. part of Arthur's Seat, 13

Battick, G. Desire, 25

Barlow, Ann E. near Four Paths, 33

Barrett, Rev. W. G. Four Paths Market, 13

Bennett, W. Mountain Spring, 20

Burrell, J. Colonel's Ridge, 10

Beacher, E. Brae Head, 16

Bonner, R. B. Lowe's Pen, 766

Brennan, W. N. Retirement, 38

Binger, R. Try See, 49

Brown, W. Mount Happiness, 45

Brown, J. Green Park and White Chapel, 387

Bravo, Hon. A. Mount Moses, 600

_Same, Thatch pen, 60

_Same, Tryall, 130

_Same, Gloucester, 2478

Bonnick, J. Waterfall, 12

Bonnick, N. Cascade, 465

Bonnick, W. part of Spring Plain River, 12

Burke, F. 40

Bartley, G. Santa Cruz, 30

Bailey, P. W. Breadnut Bottom, 28

Blackstock, W. near the Folly, 80

Bygrave, M. Hopewell, 90

Cotterell, Sarah, near Crawle River, 13

Cotterell, H. R. Black River, 57

Cotterell, S. Fairfield Plantation, 11

Cotterell, Amelia, P. Content, ?2

Cotterell, Sarah, Black River, 75

Cotterell, C. Black River, 12

Collman, J. B. Smoky Hole, 10

Collman, W. B. Smoky Hole, near Callneck's, 73

Collman, Sarah B. Smoky Hole, near Callneck's, 60

Coleman, W. Smoky Hole, 24

Collman, W. Inverness, 2298

Collman, W. Breadnut Bottom and Clifford's Rest, 237

Collman, W. Deamond and Unity, 530

Campbell, Olive, near Prevost's River, 280

Collman, Mary A. John's Hall, 13

Crook, W. Corsham, 16?

Calneck, J. G. Breadnut Valley, 971

Carter, F. R. Iredell's Pen, 10

Carty, R. Mountain Spring, 17

Carty, E. Belleplain, 20

Carson, Porteous, and Co. Morgan's 2165

Croasdaile, T. Cave River, 1029

Dawkins, E. Oysterfield Main Ridge, 11

Dawkins, H. J. Parnassus estate, 4647

Drummond, W. Blackness, 115

Donaldson, A. Smithfield Lowlands, 27

Donaldson, A. Makeshift, 20

D'Silva, C. H. Park-Hall land 11

D'Lattibeadere, S. Means, 17

Dunn, J. near Logie Green, 24

Dallas, Olive C. Red Hills, 19

Durrant, D. 22

Durrant, D. Newport, 10

Drummond, A. Mocho and Bellemount, 2050

Davy, E. Ebony Grove, 127

Edwards, The Kyhind, 10

Edwards, T. Comfort, 23

Ewband, E. Mountain Spring, 200

Eastwood, T. Croydon, 19

Eastwood, J. Pilgrim's Cottage, 19

Elliott, J. Warringtonfield, 10

Eccleston, E. Lancashire, 10

Flyter, C.C. Pink's Mocho, 450

Ferguson, D. Nairn Castle, 32

Ford, W. Coldstream Pen., 22

Fearon, Mary C. Smoky Hole, 39

Farrell, T.A. Ashley's Canoe Valley, 333

Foxen, Ann M. 90

Francis, Ellen, Crooked River, 17

Francis, S. Cross Pen, 10

Francis, Eliza, Little Hope Lime Savanna, 10

Faulkner, J. near Coolspring, 10

George, Elizabeth, Pleasant Hill, 60

George, Mary, A. B. 40

Grant, E. Content and Springfield, 398

Grant, A.D. Wisbeach, 104

Grant, J. Content, 31

Gale, J. Lady Hume's, 10

Gardiner, J. Prospect Hall Cross, 10

Gardiner, H. Carraboza, 17

Gilbourne, R. Smoky Hole Hazard, 80

Gallimore, H. Bunker Hill, 10

Gottshalk, J. near Saxony, 11

Gottshalk, J. Saxony Pen, 398

Gilfillan, W. Pleasant Hall, 41

Grose, N. & Co. Lime Savanna, 10

Grose, N. Chapelton, 19

Glave, S. Cave River, 157

Givin, Catherine, Lady Hume's, 15

Givin, J. Lady Hume's, 12

Grivan, J. Lannachy, 54

Gray, Mary, Green Pond, 137

Gale, S.S. Clarendon Park, 10

Hamilton, R. part of Charing Cross, 10

Howell, T. J. Content and Swansea, 1440

Howell, H. Darlow Crawle, 14

Haynes, H.J. Bank, 221

Haynes, J. R. Ebony Grove, 127

Hawkin, Christian, Lauritta, 120

Harrison, J. Berrydale, 400

Harrison, W. Henley's Plantation, 18

Hodge, R. Cornhill, 262

Hyde, W. Sandy River, 431

Jackson, A. Waterfall, 43

Jackson, R. Pindar's Valley, 300

James, Mary A. Chancery Cross, 17

James, L. G. Smoky Hole, 80

Johnson, J. W. Welcome Rocks, 41

Johnson, S.W. Cross, 32

Johnson, S. P. Four Paths, 27

Jameson, A. Pleasant Hill 15

Jarman, F. Trout Hall, 2427

Lewis, T. Coffee Grove, 10

Lawrence, J. Stanhope, 380

Lawrence, J. Oake's Estate, 1?97

Ludford, Ann E. Content Pen, 52

Lloyd, W. Retreat, 52

Lewars, J. Dry River Tavern, 14

Lewars, E. Bunker's Hill, 748

Livingston, D. The Rynd, 526

Levison, R. Lady Hume's, 13

Lowe, Eleanor, St. Jago Savanna, 10

Lowe, Sarah, Rate's Pen, 30

McLean, A. Arcadia, 44

McLean, Ann S. Mocho, 848

Miller, W. Sawyers, River, 26

Miller, Margaret E., Content, 26

Miller, J. Sawyers River, 26

Miller, H. Experience, 24

Miller, J. Lanark, 940

Miller, J. Lancewood Valley, 510

Mitchell, J. H. St. Jago estate and pen, 7236

McDonald, R. North hall, 560

Morant, J. Chateau, 800

Moxsy, F. H. Mammee Gully, 100

McGlashend, T. Blackwood, 10

McCaulay, D. Nairn Castle, 50

McCaulay, Donald, Nairn Castle, 400

McNicol, J. Relieve Grove, 18

McDermont, J. The Rhynd Plantation, 21

Morgan, E. Lime Savanna, 12

Morgan, Ann, Smokey hole, 27

Morgan, J. part of Georges George, 31

McKenzie, F. Cottage, 15

McKenzie, J. Patience Hall, 19

McKenzie, G. Crawle River, 2051

McKenzie, O. Frankfield and Gordon Savanna, 2894

McKinnon, L. Halse Hall Estate, 2774

May, W. Crooked River, 17

Malcolm, Jane, Oak's 12

Mayne, W. Williamsfield, 402

McMahon, Sarah, Ballymanty, 28

Marly, J. H. Drummond's Mocho, 14

Muir, E. S. Lime Savanna, 11

McCalla, S. Retreat, 22

McCalla, E.M. Queenshill, 27

McCalla, S. Look Out, 21

McCalla, S. Charing Cross, 26

McCalla, J. Ayrey Mount, 71

McClymont, J. Content, 86

McClymont, C. Seven Plantations, 3240

Monteath, J. Belle Vue, 90

Nelson, T. H. Rule's Pen, 18

Peck, Elizabeth, Park Hall Run, 20

Pennant, E. G. Pennant's Estate, 12793

Potts, H. Content and Long Look, 150

Potts, H. Bushy Park pen, 149

Pommels, Sarah, Unity, 15

Pommels, J. W. Cottage, 20

Palmer, J. Wiltshire Park, 440

Pengilly, R. Rock River, 28

Plunkett, W. Ludlow, 11

Pusey, G. Main Ridge, 14

Reid, W. Iron Green, 24

Roch, F. M. Littleville, 18

Roberts, W. Colonel's Ridge, 12

Russell, G. senior, Westfield, 27

Russell, G. S. Orange Hill, 118

Russel, J. Ashley's Crawle, 414

Russel, J. heirs of, Ashley's Harrietsfield, 250

Rose, W. Mears, 1400

_Same, Orange River, 470

_Same, Leicesterfield, 4848

_Same, Savoy, 1130

_Same, Longville, 2719

_Same, Peckham, 2538

_Same, Logie Green, 500

_Same, Mount Regale & Alexdria, 730

_Same, New Ground, 1867

_Same. St. Jago Pen, 1002

_Same, Mount Hindmost, 2774

_Same, Rymesbury, 4889

_Same, Whitney, 3263

_Same, Sutton's, 2161

Robottom, G. Colonel's Ridge, 23

Robertson, Hon. D. Cabbage Hall, 970

Ronaldson, J. J. junior, Rowington Park, 516

Roach, M. Arthur's Seat, 18

Richardson, G. Bullhead, 20

Reeve, J. Belleplain, 1200

Rudor, C. Smoky Hole, 21

Sanguinetti, J. J. six Properties, 8901

Spalding, H. St. Toolie's Estate, 3064

Shand, W. Burn, 146

_Same, Mammee Gully, 840

_Same, Kellitt's, 2760

Sells, E. Uniton Park, 12

Shorter, Susan, Reed's Mocho, 315

Shorter, J. T. Smithfield, 180

Stoney, Sarah, Cross Pen, 849

Stephenson, R. Breadland Pen, 122

Sinclair, R. Juno Valley, ??0

Sinclair, Elizabeth, Hazard, ??06

Shrimpton, W. G. Cobbin Hall, 44

_Same, Green Vale, 10

Scott, J. York Pen, Harwood and Cumberland, 544

Sharp, S. Nairn Castle, 20

Simpson, C. Cross, 23

Simpson, E. Try See, 10

Sympson, J. Desire Cross, 34

Scott, G. Little Hazard, 18

Scott, K. L. Trout Hall, 84

Shaw, G. Rose Hill, 1433

_Same, Clarendon Park, 1827

Shaw, H. B. Blackwoods, 1?0

Shaw, W. Pleasant Retreat, 13

Shaw, Sarah, Baggatelle, 130

Smith, R. B. Richmond Park, 1500

Smith, R. B. Montpelier, 372

Smith, R. Stewarton, 382

Smith, Mary O. Margarets, Moor's Stewarton, 33

Smith, R. W. Bryan's Hill, 405

Sewell, A.D. Arthur's Seat, 18

Thompson, Hon. E. Danks and Mullett Hall, 1317

_Same, Rock-River, 650

_Same, Retreat, 967

_Same, Lucky Valley, 1915

_Same, Coal Spring, 550

_Same, Beckford's Gully, 400

_Same, Ludlow Estate, 2308

Thompson, W. P. part of Ashley's, 45

Tait, J. Chapelton, 12

Thom, J. Salt Market, 15

Thom, J. Middleton Cottage, 20

Thomas, T. Mocho, 10

Thomas, J. McLean's Mocho, 16

Thomas, T. Path Side Mocho, 10

Thomas, W. part of Retreat, 15

Vaughan, E. Vaughansfield, 50

_Same, Honest Hall, 23

Vaughan, J. Prospect, 13

Walsh, W.W. Cockpits, 1000

Williamson, G. Four Paths, 22

Wilson, Mary A. part of Brandon hill, 10

Waters, W. part of Georges _orge, 11

Williams, W.W. Mount Nebo, 36

Williams, W.W. Gallimore, 86

Williams, R. Mocho District, 40

Williams, B. I. Sunbury, 1035

Wright, T. Longville, 109

Wright, Sally, Brae Head, 11

Wood, C. (for A. Barlow), Rockville, Four Paths, 22

Wellington, A. Four Paths, 16

Wild, G. J. part of Kilsyth, 10

went, Elsey, Balgadee, 20

Wint, A.M. Mocho, 14

Wildman, J. B. Low Ground, 1372

White, C. S. Shickle's Pen, 35

Woolfe, I. Cumberland, 20

Wilmot, J. Mani Ridge, 52

Young, R. Part of Elgin, 10

Small Settlements under 10 Acres: 1597

Number of Acres: 165,679

Number of Horsekind: 2338

Number of Stock: 6619

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