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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Allwood, J. Mount-Pleasant, 751

Ayrey, C. Ensom pen, 200

Asher, A. Port-Henderson, Bushy Park, &c., 1350

Arthur, G. F. as guardian. Belle-View pen, 50

Aitcheson, Amelia, Mount-Dawson, Oatlands, &c., 801

Atkinson, G. March's pen, 1250

Archer, W. Content, 70

Anderson W.W., Orchard Cottage, 30

Aris, J. Airy-Park, 10

Brodbelt, T. L. Great Salt-Pond pen, 3750

Bygrave, Ann, Tait's pen, 50

Burrowes, J. B. Inverness pen, 32

Bernall, J. R. Lord's pen and Dry-Range, 236

Byles, J. W. Cottage pen, 14

Brodbelt, J. Trial Mountain, 15

Bowerbank, L. Q. Mulberry Garden, 10

Bernard, Hon. T. J. 18, Monk-Street, 16

Bridgman, W. H. Salt-Island Road, 12

Breary, J. A. Folly pen, 321

Bloomfield, W. Healthshire and Wreck-Bay, 2000

Brown, E part of Collin's land, 10

Bicknell, J. J. Union pen, 180

Cumming, A. Hayfield pen 94

Cargill, R. Mount-Moreland, 180

Clare, W. L. Beggar's Bush pen, 25

Chavannes, G. H. Pumpkin-Ground pen, 180

Correvont, A. S. Orange-Grove and Cocoa-Walk, 1100

Cooke, W. B. Williamson's Run, 200

Dubisson, J. L. Cottage Pastures, 45

__Same, Berrydale Park, 175

Derbyshire, J. Halfway-Tree pen, 686

__Same, Cumberland pen, 1348

__Same, lower part of Salt-Pond Hut pen, 474

Dubuisson, J. R. Union pen, 427

__Same, Croydon Lodge, 14

Darling, R. Lorn pen, 179

__Same, Port-Royal lands, 120

Darling, M. L. Ferry Inn, 25

__Same, Turnbull's pen, 228

Dawkins, C. Hartland, 10

Davis, S. Charles's Park, 60

Dorman, J. Pleasant Hill, Salt-Pond, 50

Dalhouse, B.F. Orange-Grove, 96

Duncan, Mary H. Lower Plain, 39

Darling, R. Cottage and Gregory-Park, 300

Dempster, Elizabeth, Salt-Island Road, 600

Davis, A. Pinnacle, 121

__Same, Palmetto Cottage, 200

__Same, Spencer's pen, 200

Davis, W. Dick's pen, 10

Edwards, ____, Eltham pen, 149

Ergas, M. Grange pen, 433

Elliott, J. Mount Lisna, 90

Ellis, G. Guineppe pen, 40

Ewart, Hon. J. Retirement pen, 67

Ergas, M. Heart's Ease pen, 112

Finlay, A. attorney, Twickenham Park, 1190

Finlay, A. Kent pen, 80

__Same, executor of J. Munro, Rest pen, 117

Fraser, Mary, Content pen, 130

Fair, Mary, Cedar Grove, 180

__Same, Ide Cottage, 62

Fletcher, Mrs. G. H. Garland's pen, 36

Fonseca, E. Industry-Park, 100

Grant, C. E. Graham's pen, 100

Gordon, W. Vale pen, 30

Gordon, Hon. J. Crawle pen, 484

Gordon, C. Tamarind Grove, 100

Guy, E. T. Guy's pen, 630

Grant, A. Clifton, 109

__Same, Cooper's pen, 96

__Same, Craig-Ellachie, 75

Gordon, J. as joint owner, Lawrencefield, 110

Gordon, Hon. J. Woodhall, 245

__Same, attorney, Farm & Cow-Park, 1394

__Same, Ellis's Cayamanas estate, 2392

Grant, A. Executor, Envy Valley, 625

Geddes, A. Blair's pen, 200

Geoghegan, Mrs., Louisiana pen, 11

Grant, R. Ebony Park, 255

Groom, A. & T. Beacon-Hill pen, 14

Gaunlett, G. R. Wellington Park, 63

Heighington, J. Lime-Tree Garden, 159

Halliday, W. Grave-Hill, 14

Hanson, W. Phoenix Park, 500

Hollar, _____, Harvey Hill, 47

Hathaway, J. Good Intent, 11

Hill, R. Part of Kensington, 25

Herrera, J., pen, 33

Hart, D. Hartland, 2784

Hamilton, F. Hopeful Valley, 12

Hemming, R. Elrick, 394

__Same, Drysdale, 322

Husband, H. Content, 50

Hale, R. A. estate of, Hale's Savanna, 50

________, Hillsborough and Spicy Grove, 33

Ingram, S.F. Waterloo pen, 485

Jackson, E. V. Mount Pelier, 444

Innis, E. Part of Guy's pen; 15

King, M. L. Bushy pen, 400

Kirkpatrick, A., land near Port Henderson, 50

Lowndes, H. Angel's pen, 2000

__Same, Harker's Hall pen, 60

Lewis, J. Neesberry Grove, 12

Langley, T. lower part of Salt-Pond Hut pen, 938

Leach, J. V. attorney of J. O. Sullivan, Hampstead, 369

__Same, attorney of J. O. Sullivan, Mount Pelier, 290

__Same, Highgate, 50

Lindop, W. Retirement, 170

__Same, Southley's, 260

__Same, Sandilands, 170

__Same, Collliard's, 30

__Same, guardian of A. E. Lindop, Woodland, 195

Land, T. Ravensworth Lodge, 25

Lyon, R. Mount Gotham, 200

Laing, D. Orange Grove, 620

McCook, F. Bridge pen and Jones's, 200

Minot, S. in right of wife, Worcester Lodge, 300

__Same, residuary legatee, Prospect pen, 800

Minot, S. J. (uncultivated land), 300

__Same, Fellowship Hall, 1450

McLeod, C. McLeod's Retreat, 1800

__Same, Goshen pen, 350

__Same, McLeod's Farm, 581

__Same, Walton pen, 335

McCook, F. Two-Mile Wood pen, 1023

March, W. T. Government pen, 210

__Same, Sligo-Park, 100

__Same, Dalhouse pen, 64

McPherson, J. Ebony pen, 106

__Same, Inverness pen, 23

Marshall, J. F. Booth's pen, 17

McDermott, F. Thankful Hill, 10

Mackglashan, C. Dowdal's pen, 909

Myers, W.R. Villa pen, 35

Millward, J. Butler's Pond, Salt Island road, 20

Marshall, G. J. Newton pen, 87

McKay, .D. Congreve Park, 800

Morgan, J. B. Morgan's pen, 51

McLeod, C. Clair-Park, 180

McWhinney, T., Felstead's pen 16

Millward, J. Hog Hole, 50

Marshall, W. Rural Retreat, 10

McNab, M. estate of, Content, 150

Munro, C. Passage-Fort Road, 10

McLeod, G. A. Prospect pen, 24

Nibbs, R. Nibb's pen, 20

O'Reilly, Hon. D. Cedar-Valley, 230

__Same, Sandberry Grove, 300

Oliver, W. estate of, Ansfield, 25

Parry, R. P. Mount Gotham, 310

Page, R. Bernard Lodge, 500

Pink, J. Content pen, 20

Pinnock, E. J. Thrivewell and Orange Grove, 162

Rose, W. and J. Tuckett, attorney of J.C. Dawkins, Dawkins' Salt-Pond pen, 1250

Richards, R. Richard's Mountain, 10

Richards, J. Richard's Hall, 11

Rennals, S. 6, Kent-Street, 12

Rodon, W. & A. R. Executors of W. Rodon, deceased, Arcedeckne, 166

Roberts, S. Part of Palton Park, 12

Summer, J. Mount Pelier, 12

Scott, F. S., as guardian, Orange Villa, 10

Stevenson, Hon. W., Keith Hall, 400

Smith, S. as guardian, Ann's Vale, 30

Stanbury, S. Cool Shade, 97

Sinclair, A. Adelaide-Street, 12

__Same, Elrick-Park pen, 50

Schaw, E. Tarentum, 215

Saa, E. J. Brett;s pen, 250

Sinclair, Henrietta, Clair-Park, 15

Small, S. Part of Cocoa-Walk, 13

Sanderson, E. Alexandria pen, 23

Small, J. Cedar-Valley, 15

Sanguinetti, J. J. and M. Logwood Tavern, 50

Sinclair, Henrietta, Epping pen, 95

Smith, E.C. St. Jago Tavern and Bennet's pen, 198

Shelton, Julia, Queenshill, 40

Taws, J. Content, 21

__Same, Cottage, 27

__Same, as guardian of W. J. Harrison, Villa pen, 11

Thomson, G. A. Tredagar Hall, 580

Taylor, J. Caymanas estate, 2825

Taylor, J. Taylor's Caymanas, 10

Townshend, W. Trial pen, 148

Trench, W. P. Belle View, 367

Tuckett, J. Dawkins's Caymanas, 798

Turner, Hon. W. D. Slipe pen 130

Vidal, J. G. St. Jago Park, 114

Valentine, Sarah, Golgotha pen, 64

Williams, Jane E., 32

Williams, L. Folly pen, 12

Wilkie, G. Cottage, 13

Warren, A. Warren Park 15

Wilkie, R. Cottage pen, 12

Wilson, J. and A.M., Smallwood pen, 956

Wilson, A. Windsor Park, 2266

Willocks, Ann, Hillside pen, 31

Williams, E. R. Mount-Castle, 11

Williams, S. J. trustee, Expectation pen, 10

Wilson, A. part of Hartland, 20

Williamson, R. Green Bay, 1200

Wood, R., Clay Gully, 40

Williams, S. Chance-Hall, 10


Number of small settlements under 10 Acres: 450

Total Acres: 65,304

Total Feet: 121, 481

Total Horsekind: 1,532

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