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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex

ST. ANN (continued)


Proprietors & Properties. Acres

Adam, M. Rural Retreat, 433

Anderson, J. Pedro River, 720

Ashmeade, J. H. Look Out, 39

Auld, Jane P. Concord, 650

Bailey, H. Present Hill, 11

Barrett, G. G., The Ramble, Dixon, etc. 8863

Bernal, R. Edinbro' Castle, 1317

Betty, J. estate of, New York, 300

Borland, J. estate of, Bally Borland, 48

Brown, C. Ballemoney, etc. 840

Brown, E. Thatchfield, 10

Brown, H. estate of, Hamilton's Town, __7[hole in page]

_Same, Clifton, ??

_Same, Patience Hall, __4 [hole in page]

Brown, W. Pleasant Hill, 872

Clayton, J. Middlesex, 10

Conolly, P. Green Vale, 30

Coombs, J. R. Pilgrim's Hill, etc. 122

Coombs, J. Green Castle, 20

Cotterell, T. P. Waterloo, etc. 386

Darby, Ann, Lebanon, 260

Edmondson, Rev. J. Beecham Ville, 14

Ferguson, Mary-Ann, Gladsmuir, 244

Foreman, W. Villa, __[hole in page]

Foulks, A. heirs of, Rodon Hall pen, 724

Foulks, James, Springfield, 10

Foulks, McK. Pleasant Valley, 10

Fullarton, G. A. Penny Pen, 1319

Gayner, Emily, Sydenham, 160

Gray, Jane, Roseyard, 10

Harvey, R. Cottage, 10

Humber and Cates, York, 263

Jackson, J. Happy My Own, 17

Jackson, Jb. Prosper Hall, 510

Irons, J. Content Hill, 23

Kerr, M. Enniskillen, 170

Laws, W. Mount Industry, 70

Leevers, L. Burdett Lodge, 400

Leslie, J. M. Rose Vale, 36

Luke, J. Content, 12

McDowell, Watt, and Cramsie, Little River, 1600

Mais, A. Rose Hall, 10

Mais, J. York Castle, 1888

Mais, J. Comfort Hall, 14

Meller, T. Lincoln, 150

Morrison, W. Content, 10

Neilson, Letitia, New York, 1177

O'Brien, M. estate of, Dromoland, 124

O'Hara, P. Glad Hill, 40

Onffroy, W. Neighbourfield, 32

Phillips, Charlotte, Look Out, 10

Phillips, J. I. Rocky Hill, 31

Phillips, W. Lonely Glade, 15

Potinger, Misses, Bonneville, 465

P__[hole in page], J. Mount Pleasant, 17

Potinger, H. L. Glengarriff ___ge, 36

Sicard, B. Mount Olive, 11

Sicard, F. Rest Pen, 14

Sicard, L. Spring Vale, 30

Simpson, S. Mount Lebanon, 26

Smith, Rev. J. Spring Hill, 152

Stewart, W. G. Grier Park, etc. 3385

Summers, J. Cedar Grove, 50

Todd, W. The Farm, 385

Traull, W. estate of, New Prospect, 120

Turrick, Jane, heirs of, Ogle, 270

Weir [?], J. Bryan Castle, 20

Williams, G. Unity Valley, 10

White, J. heirs of, Woodstock, 1800.


Anderson, J. Wilton, 60

_Same, Huntley, 861

Barrett, H. Belmont, 14

Barrett, S. G. Thatchfield Pen, 1742

Blagrove, J. estate of, Belle Air, 1670

_Same, Cardiff Hall, 999

_Same, Orange Valley estate 2204

_Same, Orange Valley pen, 1000

_Same, Unity pen, 611

Bravo, J. et al., Beverly, etc. 661

Burbridge, P. estate of, Monastery and Industry, 130

Burrowes, W. Runaway Bay, 275

Clarke, J. Mount Boon, 40

Clarke, W. Weymouth, 259

Cordner, J. F. New Hope, etc. 732

Coore, F. Mount Olive, 30

Courrie, Elizabeth, H. Hermon Hill, 75

Campbell, J. John's Hall, 17

Dunstan, J. Flamstead, etc. 903

Ellis, J. Albion, 76

Ewing, Js. and Co., Antrim estate, 540

_Same, Minard, 1042

Ferguson, J. estate of, Maxfield, 12

French, G. Queenhithe, 1497

_Same, Rockby Park, 130

Fullarton, G. A. Hopewell, etc. 2329

Gabandon, W. H. G. Hampstead, 110

Gayner, J. W. Drury, 371

Gordon, Sir O., Home Castle, 1159

_Same, Dornoch, 2774

Higgan, J. Heathfield, 100

Higgin, J. estate of, Dover, 210

Hilton, Mrs. Ann, Seven Oaks, 20

Hopkins, Julian J. Dublin Castle, 30

Johnston, T. Williamsfield, 59

Knox, Rachael, Retirement, 100

Lawrence, J. Vauxhall, 22

Lawrence, W.W. Hilton Hill, 472

Same, Lawrence-Park, 430

Law, J. Brighton, 22

_Same, Tripoli,446

McAlister, P. estate of, Concord, 70

McBean, W. Mansfield, 12

McKnight, Elizabeth, Hampton, 440

Marrett, G. Mount Edgecombe, 303

McKenzie, C. Allen Hall and Orange Grove, 250

Norman, T. estate of, Meadows, 196

Peat, W. Harmony Vale, 85

Raffington, T. Green Castle 171

Redwar, H. heirs of, Dunbarton, 1133

Reid, H. Providence, 53

Rowe, W. B. Mount Pleasant, 321

Scarlett, Eliza, Scarlett Hall, 156

Scarlett, J. Woodstock, 104

Scarlett, W. Bellefield, 40

Senior, Sarah, J. K. Penhurst, 150

Senior, G. W. estate of, The Crawle, 350

Sheddon and Sons, The Thicketts, 678

Simpson, J. and T. Mount Carmel, 620

Simpson, T. T. Coffee Grove pen, 150

Sivwright, W. Hogsties, 150

Smith, J. Richardson's Hill, 350

Stanley, F. R. Content, 40

Stevens, H. Valley Minor, 208

Stewart, A. Knapdale, 1310

Scharschmidt, ____, Bengal Estate, 1582

Tharp, J. heirs of Chippenham Park, 1854

Todd, U. T. The Ridge pen, 424

Tulloch, A.G. Defiance, 115

Vernon, Elizabeth, Helicon, 92

Wallace, Mary, Wellington Park, 872

Ward, Jane J. et al., Bertram's Bowel, 41

Watt, W. L. Bridgewater, 301

Weir, Alice, Happy Retreat, 32

Wilson, J. Dry Harbour Wharf, 34

_Same, Darlington, 146

_Same, executor of E. H. Innis, Little Kent, 16

Weightman, Jane E. Sherwood, 300.


Alexander, J. Prosper Hall, 14

Alexander, A. Take In, 13

Allen, E. Endeavour, 10

Allen, J. Industry, 10

Anderson, J. Alexandria estate, 2034

_Same, Greenock estate, 1169

_Same, Lime-Tree Garden, 670

Arbuthnot, R. Content, 34

Archer, David, 52

Bainbridge, G. estate of, Lindale, 976

Balfour, W. heirs of, Retirement, 1819

Barrett, E. B. M. Retreat pen, 2240

Bayley, E. Orange Grove, 15

Bean, J. Woodfield, 34

Burrows, W. Lindsey hall, 10

Bowlin, H. Edelphie, 20

Bramwell, L. S.T. Endeavour, 158

Bramwell, W. Pilliny, 10

Broderick, J. Barbary Hill, 496

Brown, Isabella and J., Mount Inveresk, 20

Brown, J. Happy Retreat, 10

Burford, J. Assignees of, Somerset, 500

Burford, T. G. Martlock, 20

Burford, Rebecca M. Brown's Town, 16

Burford, W. B. Pharsalia, 90

Burke, R. Richardsfield, 10

Camack, D. Garry Hill, 132

Camack, R. W. Cyprus, 13

Campbell, J. Aberdeen, 27

Campbell, R. Industry, 10

Carter, W. Prospect, 10

Case, H. Elizabethfield, 12

Christie, J. Highbury, 20

Clark, Rev. J. Buxton, 100

Clarke. W. Industry, 20

Coleman, D. Coleman Castle, 13

Collins, J. Standfast, 14

Coore, E. Waterloo, 16

Courrie, Elizabeth H. Madras, 255

Coner, J. Milford, 47

Cunningham, J. Hopewell and Biddeford, 558

Douglas, D. Sterling, 29

Duncan, W. Red Valley, 28

Dusard, B. Cottage, 27

Dutton, Rev. H. J. Castleton, 195

Delisser, Matilda, 300

Edwards, J. Defiance, 63

Falder, J. Standfast, 31

Finlayson, J. Standfast, 36

Fisher, C. Buxton, 12

Flook, Ann R. Matta, 48

Flook, T. Pembroke, 300

Foster, H. Farm, 823

Frater, W. estate of, Maida, 708

French, G. Tobolski pen, 3793

Fullarton, J.A. Ballentoy estate, 1800

Fullerton, J. Fullerton Park, 43

Fullerton, Mary, Fullerton Park, 16

Fullerton, Elizabeth, Fullerton Park, 48

Fitzgerald, Eliza, Pleasant Hill, 10

Gayner, J. W. estate of, Cullodon, 1829

Gibbs, R. Mahogany Hill, 300

Gordon, F. Glasgow |Lodge, 11

G__[hole in page]n, J. Shed Me, 10

G__[hole in page], M. Middlesex, 91

G__[hole in page], ?. Brampton Bryan, 532

G___more, M. Fort-George, 170

Graves, J. Cottage, 10

Gray, H.R. Brown's Town, 126

_Same, Woodland, 400

Gunn, W. Green Hill, 31

Hallanderhide, G. Hessen Castle, 20

Hall, J. Soho, 13

Halliday, J. Halliday's Hill, 10

Halsall, G. Aberly, 810

_Same, Lambert Hall, 200

Hamilton, J. Hamilton Hall, 27

Hurst, J. A. New Castle, 40

Hamilton, W. Cockpit, 12

Harris, J. Mount Happy Castle, 309

Harris, J. W. Canaan, 50

Harris, Martha, Lanark, 15

Higgin, J. estate of, Cave Valley estate, 1356

_Same, Hyde Park, 1696

Hilton, J.P. and A. heirs of, Enfield pen, 661

Hilton, J. Liberia, 300

Hope, J. Hopeton, 47

Hopkins, Julian J. Summer Hill, 121

Howell, W. Industry, 20

Hewlett, J. estate of, Aboukir, 2201

Jackson, P. D. Hermon Hill, 10

James, A. Try See, 10

Ingram, T. Doncaster, 334

Ingram, T. executor of R. McMurray, Birch Hill, 114

Ingram, D. estate of, Carnie, 812

Innerarity, J. St. Andrew, 50

Johnston, F. Bethephil, 16

Johnston, Sarah, Reserve, 229

Kerby, C. J. Meadows, 44

Leslie, Jane, Comfort Retreat, 20

Lewis, R. Borobridge, 684

Linton, R. W. Linton Park, 147

_Same, executor of S. L. Clarke, Chew magna, 200

Lindsay, Ann, Lindsay Hall, 10

Lipscomb, Rev. J. K. Rosetta pen, 192

Lothian, Clara, Dunblane, 47

Lothian, J. Content, 31

Lothian, Rebecca, S. Spring hill, 45

Lothian, W. S. Prospect, 36

Lynch, B. Little Friendship, 10

Lyle, B. estate of, Coleraine, 120

McDonald, W. Success, 36

McDonald, J. H. Colliston, 2109

McFarlane, J. Caledonia, 500

McGhie, J. Benin, 32

McTaggart, D. Calderwood Glen, 620

Mason, Emma, York Valley, 200

Matheson, J. Inverness, 1226

Matheson, W. Scarborough, 475

Meats, S. Winchester, 13

Milne, Elizabeth, Delphic, 22

Morris, H. Knutsford, 210

Moses, J. Egypt, 150

Moses, S. Brown's Town, 10

Munro, Ann, Inverness Castle, 147

Murray, J. Rosetta, 816

Napier, G. Industry, 1170

Nash, J. E. and Co., Middleton, 27

Nash, J. E. Wellington, 63

Nash, Maria, Dumfries, 34

Nash, S. J. Mary's Valley, 74

Neihoff, C. Ebony Hall, 12

Nesbitt, T. Castlecary, 57

Nevin, H. Endeavour, 475

_Same, Muir-House, 900

_Same, executor of J. Wishart, Skipton, 100

Newell, J. S. Pear-Tree Bottom, 10

Notice, A. Bachelor's Hall, 13

Patterson, W. Mount Industry, 20

Peart,W. estate of, Woolsington, 71

Rattray R. J. Hillborough, 10

Reid, Elizabeth, R. John's Hall, 320

Reid, G. H. York Valley, 410

Reid, John and Mary, New Castle, 200

Reid, S. Spring Mount, 600

Reid, S. Golden Grove, 10

Reid, W. Williamsfield, 14

Ricketts, E. Hopeton, 10

Ricketts, J. R. John Show, 21

Rob, Elizabeth, G. Water Valley, 446

_Same, Donne Lodge, 426

_Same, Oxford, 17

Rob, J. Newton, 226

Robson, R. New Castle, 26

Rose, Rev. T. C. Lower Tooting, 150

Rose, W. Bog Hole, 360

Rosewess, W. Mary's Valley, 25

Samuels, E. Carlton, 11

Samuels, W. Prospect, 100

Sawyer, Isabella, Cottage, 12

Shaw, E. Poverty Hall, 11

Shelly, R. Wakering, 290

Smyth, G. George's Grove, 442

Smyth, J. Jack's Lodge, 100

Strachan, J., Outon and Mearns, 1087

Stewart, S. Summerton, 392

Tingle, G. W. Essling, 675

Todd, T. U. Owens, 788

_Same, Cyprus, 486

_Same, Gomersal, 300

_Same, Belle Vue, 164

Tracey, T. Alexandria, 13

Tulloh, R. Mount Foreign, 300

Virgo, R. Content, 17

Walker, A. Coatham, 186

Walker, B. D. Burton Pak, 329

Walker, B. M. estate of, Content, 61

Walker, E. Thatchfield, 38-

Walker, G. Hamstown, 500

Walker, J. Happy Retreat, 13

Watson, T. Comfort Hall, 12

Watt, Ann R. H. Orange Hill, 112

Watt, W. L. Woolwich, 559

_Same, Perseverance, 160

Waugh, P. Arbuthnot, 1053

Webb, W. Orange Vale, 16

White, H. Prospect, 13

Williams, C. Richmond pen, 3700

Willis, A. Hopeton, 240

Willis, G. estate of, Annandale, 1065

Willis, G. Kensington, 700

Watson, J. My Lott, 14

Wilson, R. estate of, Clydesdale, 280

Wilson, S. Oatfield, 62

Wilson, T. Woodfield, 21

Wisdom, J. Greenwich, 161

Wisdom, T.G. Staffordshire, __0[hole in page]

Wolf, J. Content, __3

Yoell, J. A. Melvin Hall, __21.

Small Settlements under 10 Acres.

St. Ann's Bay District, 390

Ocho-Rios District, 260

Moneague and Guy's Hill District, 340

Pedro District, 348

Dry-Harbour and Runaway Bay District, 480

Dry-Harbour Mountain District, 904

Total, 1822

Land, Horsekind, and Stock.

St. Ann's Bay District, 37, 544 Acres and 21,434 Feet: 804 Horsekind, and 2135 Stock.

Ocho-Rios District, 21,475 Acres, and 2390 Feet; 720 Horsekind, and 2135 Stock.

Moneague and Guy's Hill District, 44,754 Acres, and 700 Feet; 1182 Horsekind, and 4546 Stock.

Pedro District, 33,308 Acres and 200 Feet; 656 Horsekind, and 2611 Stock.

Dry-Harbour & Runaway-Bay District, 37,995 Acres, and 1860 Feet; 912 Horsekind, and 4507 Stock.

Dry-Harbour Mountain District, 66,211 Acres, and 3000 Feet; 1703 Horsekind, and 3079 Stock.

Total - 241,277 Acres; 29,684 Feet; 5892 Horsekind; 20,226 Stock.

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