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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Middlesex



Proprietors & Properties. Acres

A__[hole in page], Jan__ F. Winder's Hill, ?0

Au__[hole in page], C. W. H., Shrewsbury, 206

Barnett, E. Thatch Walk, 13

Beard, W. J. Release, 16

Bernal, R. Richmond estate, 1416

Betton, S. Windsor estate, 14101

_Same, Winefield pen, 413

Brown, Ann, St. Ann's Bay, etc. 60

Bury, H. Little Retreat, 32

Bridges, G. W. Cloisters, 47

Carter, A. Mount Olivet, 13

Clarke, Mary Ann, Upper Green, 27

Coles, H. H., Forest, 70

Cooke, A. D. Chesterfield, 604

Colar_?, W. Little Kent, 16

Dawson, J. estate of, Rockfield, 106

Dobson, T. Corton pen 1076

Drake, H. W. Spring Mount, 30

Ewing, J. Southfield estate, 1174

Ewing, J. Sillyfield pen, ??58

Fraser, Mary, Pimento Grove, 247

Fuller, Rebecca, Edgehill, 14

Fulton, J. N. Mango-Grove, 100

Galton, J. Friendship, 75

Garrick, J. Mulberry Garden, 28

_Same, executor of S. Lugg, 30

Givan, J. Harkerston, 140

Graham, J. Spicy Grove, 25

_Same, for estate of J. Miller, Unity Hall, 10

Harding, Mary N. Hazlewood, 56

Harker, W. S. St. Ann's Bay, 89

Harker, J. Arthur's Mount, etc. 1035

Hay, Jane, St. Ann's Bay, 80

Higgin, J. Estate of Golden Spring, 456

_Same, New Ground estate, 950

Holland, W. Belle Vue, 70

Horlock, S. Green Park, 400

Horlock, S.W. estate of, Cedar Mount, 248

Hull, Mary, Chester, 350

James, J.H. receiver, Roaring River estate 1886

Jamaica Silk Company, Metcalfeville, 358

Jenkins, A. heirs of W. Lovemore, Constitution, 43

Jobson, T. Aversham Park, etc. 1258

Jones, E. Friendship, 10

Lambrick, J. Mammee-Ridge, 800

Lousada, E. Banks estate, 759

Lugg, B. Prospect, 24

Lugg, S. Ramble, etc. 28

McCullock & McNab, Mammee Bay, 476

McEwen, Margaret, Grove House, 11

McCook, W. L. estate of, Harmony-Hall, 77

McNishie, J. Arabia Felix, 756

Mair, R. Johnston, 95

Martin, B. guardian, Great Well, 20

Moffatt, J. heirs of, Blenheim, etc. 2285

Moncrieffe, B.S. Coolshade, 1050

Morris, Hyman, Nutsford, 210

Packharnis, J. Heirs of, Carlton, 692

Packharnis, Jane, St. Ann's Bay, 26

Parke, W. Thickets, Hermitage, etc. 1622

Parker, T. Pleasant Valley, 12

Parkinson, R. Sussex Lodge, 30

Parkinson, Sarah A. Grundon, 50

Pine, A. Powlett, 32

Pink, J. estate of, Draxhall, 2273

Raffington, T. Sea View, 200

Richards, Elizabeth L. Rosehall, 12

Ridley, J. H. Durham [?], 128

_Same, Priory, 31

Robinson, G. executor, Cartmel, 130

Robinson, R. Trafalgar, 674

Robinson, R. Richmond Hill, 150

Rose, S.W. Farm, 230

Russell, Catherine, Endeavour, 364

Scarlett, Mary, Nelson Wood & Oxhell, 17

Shelly, R. Sans Souci, etc. 113

Simpson, J. Breezy Park, 48

Sicard, Mary, Locherside, 527

Smith, C. Devonside, 200

Smith, M. Limehall, 242

Steer, J. T. Godstow, 75

Stennett, G. R. Liberty Hill, 354

_Same, Mammee-Ridge, 200

Thompson, E. et al., Seville estate, 2314

Tucker, E. Wakefield estate, 700

Villamel, Jane D. Goat Pen, 40

Watkis, Ann Maria, St. Ann's Bay, 25

Watkis, J. B. estate of, Greenwich Park, 424

White and Edwards, trustee, Landovery, etc. 2530

Whittle, C. Whittle Hill, 14

Woolaston, J. et al., Sandy Grove, etc. 118.


Archer, J. H. Spring Mount, 150

Beacher, I. Resource, 41

Brown, R. Snowhill, 101

Brown, T. Healthy-Hill, 150

Bennett, Mary, Ackie, 20

Coombs, R. H. Mount Pleasant, 282

Coombs, Robert Pilgrim's Lodge, 26

Coombs, Richard Orange Hill, 88

Corbett, J. estate of, Sixty Acres, 136

Cunningham, J. R. New Hope, 59

Darlington, Elizabeth S. Mount Pleasant, 535

Davidson, J. A.M. Russell-Hall, 40

Davis, J. W. Belmont, etc. 1728

_Same, Belle Vue, 579

_Same, Harmony-Hill, 755

Davis, H. Cedar Valley, 356

_Same, Clifton, 282

_Same, Bangaloe, 60

Davis, J. Rampton, 44

Davis, T. Good Intent, 13

Dunn, Mary Ann, Breezy-Hill, 12

Dunn, W. La Belle Alliance, 180

_Same, Belle Wood, 200

Geddes, A. Murphy's, etc, 2289

Gilmore, F. et al. Content, 27

Geddes, A. Eden Bower, 11

Hansbrow, Catherine, Try It, 38

Harrison, R. Great Pond, 870

Hay, J. estate of, Hayfield, 50

Hemmings, Ann, Good Intent, 15

Hiatt, J. estate of, Hiattsfield, 880

Hind, B. Cottage, 30

Hind, C.C. and R. V. Compensation, ?28

Jackson, Elizabeth, et al. S__[hole in page], Hill, __00[hole in page]

Jefferson, T. Aberdeen, 63

Johnston, J. Evandale, 15

Kidson, A. Bogg, etc. 1560

Moncrieffe, B.S. Eltham's etc. 1519

_Same, Union Pen, etc. 2555

_Same, White-River estate, 975

Morris, Jane, Richmond Hill, 18

Nairn, R. J. Mile-End, 12

Parry, R. B. Twickenham Park, 463

_Same, Villa, 139

Pasmore, J. Stanmore, 25

Phillips, T. H. Smithfield, 12

Plunkett, D. Cocoanut-Grove, ?0

Ricketts, Maria, Brother's Retreat, 60

Saint, Frances, James Park, 35

Scott, P. Williamsfield, 25

Scott, S.D. Thatch-Hut, 72

Scott, T. B. Relief, 510

Shand, W. Hopewell Pen, 951

Sharp, J. H. Breadnut-Hill, 38

Sheriff, Ann, Sheriff-Field, 10

Smallhorn, J. Ballyeristal, 60

Smart, J.C. The Bogg, 53

Smith, M. Prosper Hall, 261

Stewart, C. Farm Hill, 16

Taylor, T. Cottage, 12

_Same, The Grove, 93

Walker, J. L. estate of, Mount Pleasant, 318

Walker, J. Shaw Park, 566

White, R. Happy Content, 10

Williams, Mary B. Newport, 100

Wilson, W.W. estate of, Endeavour, 20;


Addison, Rev. G. A. Clifford Cottage, 59

Allen, J. Gravel-Hill, 11

Allwood, T. B. Belmont pen, etc. 558

Amos, Mary M. Touch [?], 180

Anderson, J. Fairfield, 270

A__[hole in page], A. Union Grove, 15

Angus, T. McQ. heirs of, St. Faith's pen, 1534

Arthur, Ann, New Providence, 404

Ashmeade, Isabella, Industry, 27

Beacher, Elizabeth, Golden Grove, 25

Beacher, G. Pleasant-Grove, 42

Beacher, Jane, Golden Grove, 40

Beacher, Penelope, Mango Grove, 53

Beacher, Princess A. Golden Grove, 30

Beacher, T. Spicy Grove, 43

Bennett, C. Benwood, 58

Boyd, T.W. Williamshane, 31

Bristol, E. Rose-Hill, 45

B__land, [Borland? hole in page], Elizabeth, Orange-Hill, 40

Broadbelt, Rebecca, Bellefield, 30

Brown, W. Stoney hill, 10

Brown, W. Happy Retreat, 16

Brydon, D. Brydon's, 58

Burns, Mary G. Williamshane, 10

Carter, D.S. And T. S. Retreat, 320

Carter, R. Brighton, 173

Cocking, J. M. Hopefield, 20

Cocking, O. Montgomery, 341

Cole, J. Prospect, etc. 10

Davidson, Barclay, and Co., Goshen estate, 1520

Dilton, J. Drury, etc. 60

Dixon, J. Blackstone Edge, 480

Dougal, J. Belmont, 300

Dub_ ison [hole in page, Dubuison?], J. Bellewood, 194

Easy, S. Rosefield, 11

Fergus, Rebecca, Primrose-Hill, 485

Finlay, A. Ardoch Pen, 1850

Fryer, J. B. Rural Valley, 21

Gamble, J. Industry, ?00

Garvey, I.D. and Rebecca, Orange-Hall, 168

Gordon, S. Queenhithe, 14

Grant, J. Independence, 16

Grant, J. Brammer Hall, 50

Grant, J. Friendship, 10

Gray, Eliza S. Hermitage, 93

Gray, H. Discreet, 49

Gray, Jane, Pleasant Hill, 10

Gray, Lavinia, Claremount, ?2

Gray, W. Gloster hall, etc. 970

Grier, Jas. Joh's Hill, 28

Grier, J. Happy Return, 28

Grier, Sarah, Bunker's Hill, 75

Gegg, J. H. estate of, near Walton, 10

Gyles, N. Mary's Vale, 140

Hayden, W. Belvidere, 28

Haynes, T. estate of, Haddon Pen, 1620

Haynes, w. Salisbury, 21

Henriques, I. Endeavour Pen, 902

Henriques, B. B. Estate of, Attempt, 300

Hiatt, J. estate of, Mount Plenty, 638

Hodgson, Janet, Paradise, 72

Hunt, Sarah-Ann, Castle Kelly, 146

Hutchinson, Diana, Abingdon, 69

Hutchinson, J. Dalrymple Park, 90

Hutchinson, T. Spring-Hill, 78

Ingram, R. Williamsfield, 20

Jones, W. Friendly, 40

Irvine, J. Endeavour, 23

Kelly, J. Crescent Park, 1387

Kelly, P. Retirement, 12

Lindo, A. J. Rio-Ho Pen, 2132

Lindo, S. D. Moneague, 74

Lewellyn, C. Fair Lawn, 19

Lewellyn, Milborough, et al. Cinnamon Hill, 164

Lloyd, G. Bachelor's Hall, 808

Menzies, W. Brunswick, etc. 497

Mercer, D. Mammee Ridge, 13

Mayhew, Elizabeth, Content, 136

Michael, J. Friendly Hall, 11

Mignot, W. New Providence, 13

Mitchel, J. Phoenix Park, 1468

Moncrieffe, J. estate of, Soho, 1489

Moncrieffe, W.W. Retirement, 90

Morgan, W. Pleasant Farm, 12

Neil, J. H. Content, 16

Nicholson, Sarah R. Camperdown, 20

Osborn, Jane J. Pimento Hill, 45

O'Brien, Ellen, Wixford, 17

Phillpotts, T. Crawle Pen, 839

Purscell, J. F. H. Lake 20

_Same, Amity Hall, 60

Ratigan, C. Pleasant Hill, 46

Ratigan, L. Pinnacle, 69

Ratigan, Rebecca, Amity-Hall, 63

Rose, Col. Deliverance Castle, 12

Rose, E. Father's Gift, 18

Sharp, Ann, Woodbury, 79

Smallwood, H., Bromley and Greenfield, 160

Smith, A. Risk Plantation 10

Smith, E.C. Islington, 1089

_Same, Schewellenberg, 2300

Smith, J. Resource, 953

Smith, R. H. Kensington, 60

Smith, T. Pleasant Valley, 88

Stapleton, R. Pleasant View, 25

Steer, Ann, Bradfield, 358

Steer, J. S. Bradfield, 352

Sterling J. Union Hill, 1400

Taaffe, T. M. Rockfield, 20

Taylor, G. Lucky Valley, 50

Taylor, R. Mount Ogle, 180

_Same, Gibralter, 600

Taylor, S. Taylor's Rest 14

Thomas, D. Father's Gift, 17

Vidal, J. G. Grierfield, 1508

_Same, Retirement, 700

_Same, Unity Valley, 2270

_Same, Woodfield, 1104

Williams, Judith J. Whitehall, 32

Williams, J. Orange Hall, 15

Willocks, A. River Head, etc. 1128

Young, Frances, Folly Pen, 10

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