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(These returns describe only such Properties as consist of 10 Acres and upwards, the smaller Settlements below 10 Acres being too numerous for insertion, but the total number in each parish will be found at the end of every Return.)

County of Surrey



Proprietors and Properties. Acres.

Alberga, B. jun. Mount Mansfield, 16

Atkins, J.P. Dublin Castle, 550

Ashburn, J. Happy Grove, 35

Allan, Charlotte, Montpelier, 80

Bethune, H. B. Bull's Retreat, 50

_Same, Botanic Gardens, 192

Boswell, H. Abbey Green, 19

Bo__[hole in page], B, Little Hope, 13

B__[hole in page], Bromielaw, 10

____[hole in page], J.H. Heirs of, Hope-__[hole in page], 156

Chisholm, C. Mount Lebanon & Hampton Court, 396

Chevannes, G. H. Mount Industry, 400

_Same, Greenwich Hill, 218

Chisholm, R. Newton, 334

Clarke, A. Milton Hill, 259

Carr, R. C. Attorney, Clifton Mount, 1589

Duval, J. Grecian Regale, 73

Dallas, Hon. S. J. Ellerslie, 28

Desporte, J. Three Sisters' Pen, 25

Edie, Ann, Tower Hill, 43

Edie, A. Ripley's Hermitage, 102

East, H. Maryland, 1700

Forbes, A. Peter's Rock, 505

_Same, trustee, Mount Airey, 743

_Same, Bardowie, 348

_Same, Knowsley and Westminster Cottage, 815

Fitzgerald, W. Prospect Hall, 10

Falconer, Dr. J. Mount Belmore and Mount Friendship, 662

Fyfe, Rev. C. Silver Hill, 1215

Gordon, Hon. J. Content, 400

_Same, Middleton, 1311

_Same, Hermitage, 759

Harris, F. New Island Valley, 12

Hannah, W., Segro Delight, 14

Haase, R. Belle Vue, 18

Jackson, E. Iron River, 29

King, W. B. Union Hill, 154

_Same, Charlottenburg, 230

Leigh, M. Pleasant Hill, 10

Lundie, T. Moresham, 760

Moodie, S. S. Spring, 14

McDougal, Hon. W. C. Government Property, 52

Marshall, C. Mount Moses, 1110

_Same, part of Mount Airey, 10

McGlashan, C. Hall's Prospect; 918

McDonald, Jane, Mount Olive, 22

Mason, B. Mount Pleasant, 108

Pearce, J. Spring Vale, 10

Parkes, H. Green Valley, 10

Rose, R. Springfield, 19

Reynolds, S. J. Rock Castle, 70

Rookwood, R. Wesley Grove, 17

Ryan, S. Mount Olive, 17

Sims, P. Petersfield, 13

Savage, R. Clifton Hill, 85

Stackpole, D. Peter's Gale, 25

Thompson, Hon. W. St. Mary's Pen, 86

Taylor, Robert, 14

Williamson, P. Blarney Hill, 18

Wilson, Hon. J. Mountain Spring, 93

Williams, B. I. Wiltshire Mount, 50

Waterhouse, E. Progress, 100.


Adams, Mary, Content, 16

Anderson, W. Cooper Hill, 30

Alvarenga, H. W. Part of Glasgow, 10

Ashburne, J. Mount Olive, 314

Black, W. Garland Grove, 35

Bryan, W. Healthy Valley, 500

Barton, H. Cedar Valley, 300

_Same, Carhampton, 432

Bryan, W. Cocoanut Walk, 10

Burke, D. Pleasant Hill, 51

Burnside, E. Burnside's Delight, 10

Bribet, J. Pleasant Hill, 10

Byndloss, R. Benevolence, 10

Banbury, T. Providence, 10

Baker, Frances, Golden Valley, 10

Burke, Catherine, B. Hopewell, 20

Britton, J. Industry, 30

Barnett, G. Spring Garden, 11

Barnes, H. Pilgrim Cottage, 20

Brett, W. estate of, Mount Salus, 482

Betty, Mary, Woodlands, 200

Barton, R. Delight, Red Hills, 47

Britton, T. A. Happy Retreat, 35

Barton, R. Delight, part of Burnside, 47

Brackenridge, Elizabeth, Industry, 62

Blackford, R. Retirement, part of Rosehall, 14

Bradly, W. First Hill, 10

Brackenridge, D. Belone, part of Belmont, 10

Charles, J. Bromley Hill, 10

Corylon, Henrietta, Belvidere, 162

Campbell, W. Mount Zion, 160

Clarke, Mary T. Peter's Retreat, 182

Chavannes, G. Mount Atlas, 640

Couts, J. Unity Vale, 20

Campbell, C. Hammer Cottage, 100

Cross, J., part of New Garden, 20

Correll, F. Mount Ossa, 183

Campbell, P. Unity, 17

Davis, Jane, part of Pigeon Valley, 10

Dixon, T. Airy Hill, 17

Desgouttes, L. Florence Hill, 186

Ducket, R. Honesty Hill, 13

Downer, G. P. M. Sans Soucie, 51

Davidson, Ellen, Mount Pleasant, 16

Donaldson, J. Mango Ridge, 12

Decker, G. George's Retreat, 10

Edwards, J. Content, 11

Edwards, Elizabeth, Happy View, 12

Francis, Jane, Good Intent, 20

Flean, R. Harmony Hall, 18

Fraser, R. Saulton, Vale, 53

Gray, R. The Green, 15

Gray, A. Corunna, 100

Gabay, Elizabeth, Leith Hall, 20

Gregory, F. Mount Desire, 10

Goulburn, T. L. Goulburn, 102

Gilchrist, J.C. Florence Hill, 61

Graham, B. Clearmount, 652

Glover, J. Content, 11

Hunter, T. Pimento View, 12

Hermit, W. Pleasant Valley, 18

Harrison, F. Pleasant Farm, 40

Hermit, Francis, 26

Hall, J. H. Retrieve, 270

Hector, W. Content, 10

Hill, R. Part of Mount James, 10

Harrotin, J. Burnfoot, 30

Hall, W. Grief Hill, 11

Henry, J. Prospect Hall, 70

Hyslop, Ann, Belmont, 70

Husan, W. Tranywill, 12

Jopp, C. M. Joppa, Keith-Hall, and Belle Air, 2200

Johnson, J. Happy Content, 10

Johnson, R. Lucky Valley, ?0

Ingleton, Rebecca, B__[hole in page], Content, __[hole in page]5

Johnston, R. Healthy Hut, 12

King, J. Stoney Hill Pen, 360

Killikelly, P. Mount Pelier, 13

Lamb, Bessy, Mango Ridge, 10

Logie, A. Rock-Hall, 400

Livingston, C. Rosehill, 23

Lindo, J. New River, 10

Lamb, W. Mount Prospect, 20

Lodge, E. Ice Hall, 40

Lafitte, T. E. Bromley Hill, 40

Landells, Margaret, Content, 20

Lodge, A. Rookery, 100

Lindsay, C. Mount Pelier, 20

Lindo, J. J. Wagwater Vale, 20

Latibeaudierre [Latibeaudiere], A. Claremount, 16

Lawrence, J. Industry, 10

Lewis, C. Green Valley, 16

Matthew, S. B. Endeavour, 20

Marcessor, L. Five Rivers, 20

Mais, E. Hall Green, 346

McGlashan, ____, estate of, Mullet Hall and Killekranke, 1267

McCaulsky, M. Mount Cheerful, 109

Minot, R. Spring Valley, 11

McLauchlan, A. Down Castle, 38

McDonald, Margaret, Delight, 10

Munro, P. New River Line, 16

Marshall, J. Neighton Hill, 12

McGaw, E. Spring Vale, 13

McIntosh, A. Happy Retreat, 39

Matthie, J. Charity Hall, 11

Matthie, Js. Charity Hall, 23

Matthie, C. Come See, 35

McCabe, Louisa, Arthur's Retreat, 10

Nelson, H. Springfield, 10

Nugent, Eleanor, Providence, 20

Nelson, H. Cavalier's, 11

Nicholson, Jane, Content, 11

Ours, M.S. Mount Ellin, 11

Pine, W. Mount Dawkins, 800

Pitt, Catherine, Stoney View, 50

Pinto, R. Golden Hill, 48

Parker, W. Everton, 160

Patton?, Diana, Home Castle, 20

R__[hole in page], Happy Retreat, 10

R__[hole in page], Salisbury Plain, 458

Re__[hole in page], part of Temple Hall, 10

Ramsay, R. S. Lancaster, 21

Rainsford, J.P. Endeavour, 26

Ripley, J. Freehold, 10

Ryan, W.W. Mount Olive, 17

Rieussett, P. Rieussett's Prospect, 26

Renshaw, C. L. Rosemount, 450

Saddler, J. Mount Fleminston, 36

Shaw, J. Fairhill, 475

Shreyer, W. Newry, Cuba Mount, and Content, 77

Saddler, H. Scotland, 18

Saddler, S. Providence, 73

Symes, J.P. Happy Mount, 10

Smith, W. T. Forbes's Delight, 10

Skimmings, Sarah, Water Valley, 10

Skimmings, Mary, 10

Saddler, J. Grateful Valley, 40

Saddler, Isabella, Harper's Hall, 24

Saddler, W. Happy Hut, 23

Silburn, C. White Pond, 29

Silvera, M. Mount Alexander, 12

Simpson, J. Prospect Hall, 13

Thame, G. Mount Zion, 33

Thame, S. Happy Grove, 26

Townshend, J. Pleasant Spring, 10

Thompson, J. Retreat, 32

Tood, ann E. Happy Green and Hut, 50

Thomas, W. and J. Cavalier's, 13

Terrolonge [Terrelonge], P. Mango Line, 10

Taafe, Margaret, Mount Friendship, 52

Terrolonge [Terrelonge], W. H. Lucky Valley, 17

_Same, Williamsfield, 21

Terrolonge [Terrelonge], J. B. Belmont, 36

Terrolonge [Terrelonge], P.M. King Weston, 411

Victor, J. Prospect Hall, 10

Williams, E. Cedar Valley, 13

Wilson, J. Little Belle View, 19

Walker, J. Bell Clare, 55

Williams, A. Good Hope, 52

Williams, A. Good Hope, 50

Willocks, E. Mount Tirzo, 132

Wilson, W. Cavalier's 11

Woolfrys, Mary-Ann, Tower-Hill, 160

Weissart, H. Comfort Valley, 11

Weissart, I. Industry, 10

Walker, A. Pleasant Hill, 10

Williams, P. Little Come See, 10

Walker, J. Barn Hill, 28

Wilson, G. senior, Green Valley, 31

_Same, Mount Elizabeth, 85

Williams, Charlotte, Prospect, 16.



Bond, W. heirs of, Mona, 1372

Clarke, the Misses, Little Spring, 828

Cohen, D. Struan Castle, 180

Christie, W. Temple Hall, 1636

Campbell, C. Waterhouse, 2000

Davis, A. Molynes, 853

Gordon, John, Cherry Garden, 1071

_Same, Barbican, etc. 1548

Gordon, Hon. J. (lessee,) Hope, 2400

_Same, lessee, Norbrook,. 921

_Same, Shortwood, 790

Ketrelholdt, Baron Von, Chancery Hall, 1279

Kerr, J. Pembroke Hall and Maverly, 1447

Mais, J. Hall's Delight, 686

Porteous, Carson, and Co., Constant Spring, 1800

Pine, Dr. W. Golden Spring, 1071

Robertson, W. Airy Castle, 800

Wildman, J. B. Papine, 1500.


Proprietors & Properties. Acres.

Anderson, J. Kyntre, 30

Aikman, A.W. Villa, 22

Albert, P. 14

_Same, Providence, 40

Brice, J. R. Sandy Park, 55

Bonner, R. Happy Grove, 11

Bish, Frances, Dunad, 20

Beans, Ann, Bean's Delight, 80

Chandler, R. Dolce Domum, 20

Clark, T. Content, 11

Clarke, Eliza M. Winchester Park, 33

Chavannes, G. H. Stepny Lodge, 27

Carr, Paulina, Good Intent, 10

Chamberlaine, R. Overy Park Villa, 100

Cooper, D. Rest, 25

Campbell, D. Glebe, 246

Chavannes, C. Swallowfield, 280

Cator, J. A. Gordon's Pastures, 30

Calyard, W. Happy Hut, 11

Dehany, J. Cassia Grove, 29

Darlot, F. G. Ascott Farm, 99

Dunn, W. M. Upper Content, 42

_Same, Hermitage, 16

Dasilva, T. Clifton, 121

Daly, R., land rented, 11

Edie, E. Freedom Castle, 13

Espeut, P.A. Sabina Park, 35

Fowles, J. senior, Mackfield Park, 50

Feurtado, H. Mount George, 126

Fisher, J. Gynep Grove, 10

Fisher, J. Thalcot Farm, 70

Forbes, A. Maringa Park, 19

Fair, Mary, Ferry, 1361

Franklin, J. Nightingale Grove, 60

Figuero, L. Clifton, 85

Gourgues, H. Arangues, 212

Gyles, F. J. Lignumvitae Grove, 17

gordon, W. G. Liberty Hall, 33

Harris, F. Morton Park, 46

Heatley, Susannah, Chesterfield, 16

Hicks, C. Flamstead Park, 124

hancock, R. Somerset Lodge, 13

Hogg, W. Retreat, 140

Jordon, E. Good Air, 12

Jolly, ___, on the Spanish-Town Road, 40

Johns, T. Devon Lodge, 25

Jones, T. N. Cashew Grove, 22

Jones, M.A. Bogmiln, 53

Knaggs, W. Dallas Castle, 20

Lungren, T. C. Eden, 60

Lundie, P. B. Lundie's Retreat, 40

_Same, Petworth, 60

_Same, rented land, 25

Littlejohn, C. M. Pleasant Prospect, 16

Ledwich, Rose, Kensington, 16

Lindo, J. A. Colling's Green, 34

Lambert, S.R. Charlton; 20

Lamb, J. Waterhouse, 24

Laing, J. S. Greenwich, 25

Lindsay, C. Andrew's, 30

McPherson, R.J. Kew, 25

Mayne, F. G. Friendship Park, 50

Mendes, S. Bravo's Pleasure, 16

Morais, M.A. Villa, 10

Milne, W. Kensington, 12

Marshall, J. Trafalgar, 72

Mias, S.W. Richmond Park, 24

McFadyen, Dr. J. Radnor, 37

McGlashan, C. adjoining Friendship, 25

Mowatt, E. C. Boucher Park, 130

Moir, A.G. Retreat, 30

Newland, W. Newland's 75

Newland, H. Good Intent, 10

Pinnock, H. Unity Park, 30

Pearson, W. H. Little Hermitage, 31

Paterson, G. Up-Park Villa, 3?

Parry, R. B. Greenwich, 112

Panting, R. W. Whitehall, 352

Purrier, J. V. Maryfield, 30

_Same, Gordon's and Lindo's Pastures, 71

Rose, Elizabeth, Home Castle, 56

Robertson, W. Glebe Chateau, 12

Roberts, Elizabeth, Family, 58

Roberts, W. M. 20

Smith, R. Walworth, 12

Smith, B. T. Greenwich Park, 206

Schroeder, P. Delacree, 160

Sayle, Q. Sayle's Castle, 14

Smith, J. M. Retreat, 36

_Same, Camperdown, 77

_Same, Delacree, 20

S__[hole in page], T. Swain Spring, 460

S__[hole in page], S. Farm, 75

S__[hole in page], J. W. Newington, 80

Samuel's J. Wade's, 15

Smith, W. J. Vineyard, 258

Swaby, H. Hannah's, 50

Townson, J. Bramble Hall, 20

Thomson, R. C. Ardenne Forest, 27

Taylor, R. Argyle, 22

Turnbull, D. Spring Garden, 16

Titley, W. Hayley Park, 52

Trowers, P. Mount Cressy, 10

Tennison, T. Bumper Hall, 200

Williamson, J. Rose Cottage, 40

Williams, J. Whitfield and Heart's Ease, 172

Willock, A. Rowlington, 80

Walters, A. Happy Content, 20

Wilson, J. G. Wilson's, 10

Young, F., on Swallowfield, 20

Number of small Settlements in the Eastern District, 154

Number of small Settlements in the Western District, 520

Number of small Settlements in the Lowlands, 120

Total, 794

Number of Acres: 18,678

Number of Horsekind: 780

Number of Stock: 1,914

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