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Colonel, Matthew Farquharson

Lieut. Colonels, Hugh Hutchison, Theodore Stone

Major, Michael Muirhead


Robert Watson

W. A. O'Halloran

John Finlason

E. F. Coke

Robert McDaniel

C. W. Seacole

Thomas Mason

Henry Phillips

W. A. Rose

Thomas Higgins

Robert Duff


James Campbell

Alexander Thomson

Church Calderwood

James Hall

C. F. Cooper

J. B. Wells

Thomas Wheatle

William Robertson

O. B. Rowe

George Daly

R. J. Robertson

William Walker

Robert Brown

J. R. Macdonald

John Blake

William Annand

D. McTaggart

James Mullings

H. C. Dixon

Robert Smith

James McDonald

John James

W. R. Massie

Frederick Harman


Edward Jones

Thomas H. Heath

John Allen

Henry Forbes

C. M. Farquharson

John Ross

Francis Maxwell

R. W. Smith

Frederick Hendricks


Adjutant, John Cuff

Chaplain, Rev. T. P. Williams

Quartermaster, Samuel Sherman

Surgeon, Alexander Dewar

Assistant Surgeons, W. M. Anderson, A. W. Maitland

Dep. Judge Advocate, D. Cooper

Secretary, W. S. Norton

Total strength 696 men



Colonel, Alexander Shaw

Lieut. Colonels, William Henderson, Thomas Harvey

Majors, William Williams, Robert Locke


Captain, Henry Osmond

Lieutenants, J. Hogg, Abraham H. Quallo


Charles Braine

William Anglin

Thomas Tate

T. P. Clement

John McCreath

Hon. T. McNeel, s

William King

James W. Fraser

John Dobson

John R. Brown


William M. Walcott

George Easson

Edward J. Young

Joseph Capon

Walter Comrie

Anthony Rerrie

George Cunningham

Charles Lediard

Ralph Tomlinson

James Stewart


Alexander Kemp

Benjamin Vickers

Edward Collier

Aaron Deleon

Peter Drummond

John Macdonald

John Deleon

William Murdoch

John Hewitt

John Dick


Adjutant, W. Murdoch, ensign

Chaplains, Rev. T. Stewart, rev. D. Fiddler

Quartermaster, J. Wedderburn

Surgeon, R. H. Harvey

Assistant Surgeons, Simon McDonald, J. E. Tullis

Dep. Judge Advocate, James Jackson

Places of Exercise, the regiment musters quarterly t Savanna-la-Mar Barracks, and 8 Companies at Monthly Musters. At Masemure Estate, No. 1. at Monthly Musters, this being the Leeward beat. At Robin's River Pen, No. 6, Windward beat. At Rosehill, No. 7, Interior beat.

Total strength 599 men



Colonel, John Campbell

Lieut. Colonel, William Augustus Dickson

Majors, Richard Chambers, James Deans


Alexander Grant

James S. Hine

Henry E. Walcot

W. E. Mowat

John Allwood

George Johnson

Thomas B. Allwood

William Hutton


Isaac Jackson

Frederick B. Thompson

James Spence

Hon. J. V. Purrier

Thomas Irving

Jacob Lyon

William H. Cooke

Andrew Wauchope

William Bean

James Scott

Edward H. Clarke

William Boyd

John Chisholm

Alexander Malcolm

Edward R. Hine


S. L. H. Binns

H. Brockett, adj.

W. C. Chambers

Peter Campbell

John Arquimbeau

Donald Grant

Robert Webster


Adjutant, H. Brockett

Surgeon, J. Davidson

Assistant Surgeons, W. Brebner, Jno. Grant

Dep. Judge Advocate, J. K. Binns

Total strength 461 men



Colonel, George McFarquhar Lawson, senior

Lieut. Colonels, William Charles Morris, Joseph Bowen

Majors, John Cleghorn, John Simpson Waite


George Gordon

Samuel Sharpe

Oliver Gordon

William Tinling

W. S. Tonge

George C. Ricketts

G. McF. Lawson, junior

Samuel Anderson

James Gray (Art.)

Henry A. Plummer


Thomas Watson

W. Plummer

James Gordon

George Cragg

R. W. Gordon

Charles W. Ogle

William Clarke

Joseph Fry

Joseph G. Jump

Robert Cron

William Dewar (Art.)

Henry Hunter

Alexander Holmes

William C. Gordon

Barnet Isaacs

John H. Williams

William Taylor


William Boyd

John Graham

John E. Chambers

John Wiggan

Alexander McKenzie

W. B. Mowatt

John Balfour

Robert Y. Scott

E. McF. Lawson ens.


Chaplain, Rev. J. McIntyre, A.M.

Quartermasters, H. G. Groves, G. Delisser

Surgeon, J. Carey, M.D.

Assistant Surgeons, Edward Spence, M.D., W. Carter

Dep. Judge Advocate, J. A. L. Mouchett

Secretary, V. R. Leeks

Marshal, E. Bandage

Total strength 586 men




Colonel, William Cadien, 12/30/1837

Lieut.-Colonels, George Marrett, Robert Neilson

Majors, Robert Chrystie, Joseph Hodgson


William Rob

Paul Doig

William Dexter

William Sievwright

William Miller

Thomas Tenison

Thomas P. Kidd

John R. Kitchen

George Harman

Robert Pitcher

Thomas Morrish


John Russell (Art.)

William Bodden

George Macartney

James McLachlan

William Dalrymple

Archibald Scott

B. Scharschmidt

John McCririe

D. M. Hogarth

Thomas Whiteside

Joseph Bridge

Thomas R. Vermont

Charles E. Fry

Daniel Sinclair


Richard Hewan

S. T. Scharschmidt

Thomas Kelman

James Murray

John Rees

James Innes

W. A. Hamilton

James S. Lawson

Samuel Magnus

William Sewell

F. L. Gore


Chaplain, Rev. William Fraser

Quartermaster, George L. Castle

Adjutant, F. L. Castle

Surgeon, Thomas Willis

Assistant Surgeons, H. Jacobs, P. Maclaren

Dep. Judge Advocate, W. Dyer

Total strength 563 men

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