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Colonel in Chief, John Fowles

Colonels, Anthony Gutzmer, George Burrell Smith

Lieutenant Colonels, Isaac Jones, James Ward, Charles Brown, John Nethersole

Majors, John Ivers, Robert D. Brown, Thomas McWhinney, Richard James Cade Hitchins



David Lopez

Edmund Simon


Saul Moss

J. Q. Henriques

S. Belinfante

S. Schloss

A. Jacobs


Charles Ross

Edwin Sainsbury

Richard S. Newman

John Stuart

John Leake

John White Cater

William A. Nethersole

John West

G. W. Linton

Charles Dewdney

William Douglas

Edward C. Mowatt

John E. McCrea

George Orrett

James Wallace

John Watt

James McFeat

Richard Whitworth

William Postlethwaite


James Lunan

John Fowles, junior

James Carson

John Duff

William Smellie

William Parke

James Porteous

Andrew Milne

William J. Harvey

H. S. Samuels

John S. Brown

David Smith

Alexander Rattray

Wm. J. Rutherford

Robert Spalding

James Minot

W. Fraser

Henry Hutchings

Edward Jordon

J. Hoyes

Bartholomew Seymour

H. J. Kemble

E. C. Lewis

A. Scott

George Delgado

John Weppler

W. Wright

John Brydon

John McDonald

Thomas Ellis

A. G. DaCosta

A. C. Branday

J. A. Fowles, s

J. K. Fingzies

Edward Todd

F. G. Mayne

Emanuel Lyons

John W. Seymour

Robert C. Thompson

Robert Fotheringham

John Harvey

George Freer

George E. Aldred


George B. Smith, junior

A. S. Inglis

Thomas B. Wiltshire

K. E. Fotheringham

John Ashburne

H. White

Thomas Gunter

George Ruthven

John McP. McNeil

L. Treadway

William Girod

Charles Gruber

William W. Prescott

William B. Morris

David R. Mitchelson

William R. Myers


Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Morales

Dr. Easton

Dr. Adolphus

Dr. Dumaresque

Dr. William Tarrant


Adjutants, William Smellie, William Myers

Chaplain to the Regiment, The Venerable Archdeacon Edward Pope, A.M.

Deputy-Judge-Advocate to the Regiment, Robert Davies

Secretary to the Regiment, John F. Badley, esq.

Marshals, Robert Aitkin, Isaac Henriques


Captain, Hector Mitchel

Lieut., George Atkinson, James E. Colthirst, James Davidson

Total Strength, 688 men



Colonel, Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas

Lieut. Colonel, John Wiles

Major, James Marshall


John Bradfield

A. C. Dallas

J. T. Brooks

J. Williams

John R. Jackson


Alexander Bissett

James Gilbert

Alexander Jack

William G. Lowe

Daniel Jacobs

George F. Nethersole

M. Q. Henriques


Edward Lucas

P. J. Ferron

Richard Savage


Adjutant, Michael Ffrench

Chaplain, Rev. T. Alves

Quartermaster, John Huxtable

Surgeon, A. L. Palmer

Assistant Surgeon, William Thompson

Deputy Judge Advocate, Henry Franklin

Marshals, Messrs. Haley and Riley

Total strength 223 men

The mountain division musters at Green Valley



Colonel, William Robertson

Lieut. Colonel, James Cockburn

Majors, Colin Chisholm, Thomas Lundie, Samuel Murphy


C. M. Jopp

John McNair

Donald Sutherland

David B. Hall

John W. Harris

Robert Gray

Peter B. Lundie

Joseph F. Cargill


R. L. Woolfrys

Joseph Kerr

Charles Hicks

Francis Harris

James Lawrence

G. W. Park

John Shaw

John M. Copland

William Berry


John B. Brice

John H. Hall

Richard Harris

Thomas N. Jones

Daniel McNeilage

George H. Chevanne

Maurice Cole

Alexander Jopp


Acting Adjutant, Francis Harris

Chaplain, Rev. Alexander Campbell

Surgeon, Charles Mackglashan M.D.

Assistant Surgeons, C. Campbell, A. Gray, E. D. Marshall.

Deputy Judge Advocate, A. W. Aikman

Marshal, M. Silvera

Total strength 492 men


Colonel, Hon. Thomas McCornock

Lieut. Colonels, George Codrington, George A. Turner

Majors, George Wright, James McWilliam


John Barclay

William Forsyth

George Harris

John Crockett

Michael McTernan

John Gully

William Nangle

George Gibson

Charles Nockells

B. M. Perkins

Adam O. Gordon


Thomas Scott

George James McQueen

John Wilson

Alexander McKay

Andrew Murray

William Hewett

Duncan McPherson

James Blount

John Henry

James Paterson

William Paterson

Henry Nedham

Robert Tasker

Edward S. Fraser

George Silvera

Edward B. Thomas

Thomas Lea

Duncan Blair


Peter Neilson

Joseph Duncan

William McKay

William R. Gordon

James McKen

John McPherson

Andrew G. Bryant

Thomas Lowe

Andrew Jeffrey

James Duffus


Adjutant, William Paterson

Chaplains, Rev. Stephen H. Cook and W. T. Paterson

Quartermaster, G. Reeves

Surgeon, J. G. Devaney

Assistant Surgeons, William H. Moore, W. Bell

Dep. Judge Advocate, Richard G. Marshall

Secretary, H. H. Cooke

Marshal, R. Harris

Places of Rendezvous, Manchioneal, Bath and Morant-Bay, in St. Thomas' in the East, and Easington in St. David's

Places of Exercise, Bachelor's Hall, Hector's River, and Belvidere in St. Thomas in the East, and Mount Sinai in Dt. David's

Total strength 516 men



Colonel, Samuel Thomas Orgill

Lieut.-Colonel, Robert C. Thompson

Major, John P. Jones


A. G. Johnston

William Croft

William Bryan

John G. Deans


W. Humphrys

J. J. Gladwich

Thomas McMorine, act. adj.

W. J. Coy


Francis B. Hale

W. B. Mein

John Levay

Samuel K. Jackson

William B. Lawrence


Acting adjutant, Thomas McMorine

Chaplain, Rev. G. Griffiths

Quartermaster, J. Johnson

Surgeon, John J. Henderson, M.D.

Assistant Surgeon, James C. Orgill

Dep. Judge Advocate, Alexander J. Brymer

Secretary, James Meacock

Marshal, P. H. James

Total strength 213 men



Colonel, Thomas Moody

Lieut. Colonel, Adam Gray

Major, William F. Espeut


Roger Swire

John King

George Helps

James Maxwell

George Scotland

Henry William Haddon


William Hosack

Henry Mason

John Gray

John McLean

Edward Saunders

David Eaton

John L. James


John R. Moody

John T. Balmer

Michael F. Lemasney

Horatio Guscott

Daniel Fogarty, adj.

Joseph Teape


Adjutant, Daniel Fogarty

Chaplain, Rev. M. C. Bolton A.M.

Surgeon, W. Robertson

Assistant Surgeon, C. F. Rapkey

Dep. Judge Advocate, Robert Dunbar

Marshal, Henry Burgess

Secretary, --- Dunkerley

Commanding Officer's Address, Southfield, St. George

Place of Exercise, Woodstock Pastures

Total strength 262 men

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