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CIVIL LISTS (continued)



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Hector Mitchel

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, John Fowles, esq. Hon. John Mais, Nicholas Francis Norton, esq. Hon John Wilson, Harry Irvine Hall, Bartholomew Ibbott Williams, George Atkinson, John B. Morris, George Burrell Smith, Richard Chamberlaine, senior, James Bryden, J. Cockburn, James Smith, senior, J. Nethersole, John Mulholland, James Jackson Sewell, John Samuel Brown, Alexander Reid Scott, Louis Perrotin, Moses Morales, Moses Gomes Silva, Moses Delgado, Charles Mackglashan, John Ferguson, William Titley, Henry Lord Garrigues, James Forbes Colthirst, George Taylor, Philip Lawrence, Daniel Hart, John Bradfield, Bartholomew Seymour, H. Moresby, esqrs.

Magistrates, Richard Daly, Cheney Hamilton, Henry Kent, S. Bourne, esqrs.

Rector, The Venerable Archdeacon Pope, D. D.

Island Curate, Rev. T. B. Turner

Stipendiary Curates, Revs. J. Magrath, D.C.L. Rev. Thomas R. Branfoot, B.A.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Samuel Murphy, esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace and Court, J. W. Harris, esq.

Physician to the Gaol, Charles Mackglashan, esq. M.D.

Health-Officer, Richard Chamberlaine, esq. M.D.

Harbourmaster, James Campbell Stewart, esq.

Acting Harbourmaster, Mr. Gilbert Robertson

Lumber-Measurers, Messrs. G. Record, Julius Marchand, Alexander Scholar, John T. Hunt, Christopher J. Walker, Henry W. Craddock, R. Urquhart, Charles G. Budgen, John Grant, James Dalhouse, Joel Andrews, John Delvaille, John Baynes, Benjamin Burue, David R. Scott, John Stiff, James B. Smith, Robert Byndloss.


Mayor, Hon. Hector Mitchel


T. B. Witshire, William Titley, B. L. Williams, Charles Lake, Robert Osborn, John Fowles, Edward Jordon, Daniel Hart, John S. Brown, Benjamin Alberga, Nicholas F. Norton, Samuel J. Dallas, esqrs.


Alexander Forbes, William T. Pike, James M. DaSilva, Edward Todd, Edward Vickars, Moses M. Bonitto, John Nunes, James C. Hithins, Andrew Milne, Robert Keisselback, Benjamin B. Bethune, John Brydon, esqrs.


Recorder, James Minot, esq. £200

Solicitor, Henry Franklyn, esq.

Treasurer and Churchwarden, James Fowles, esq.

City Clerk, J. W. Harris, esq. £50

Clerk of the Common Council, Henry Broughton, esq. £500

Police Officer, Anthony Gutzmer, esq. £700

Inspector of Police and of Weights and Measures, Mr. George E. Aldred, £240

Collecting Constables and Inspectors etc. of Rum Duties, James Ward, esq. (west of King street), Hyman Levy, esq. (east of King-street)

Parish Clerk, Mr. C. Arbouin, £75

Beadle, Mr. S. J. Curry £85

Sexton, Mr. C. Maddix £75

Organist, Mrs. Ann A. Galbraith, £100

Organ-Regulator, F. Egan, esq. £30

Clerk of the Markets, James Taylor, esq. £300

Collector of Petty Debts, Mr. Donald Campbell

Surgeon to the Outpensioners and City Guard, Richard Chamberlaine, esq. M.D. £300

Keeper of the Court-House and Distributor of the Outpensioners' Allowances, Mr. James Brown £130

Keeper of the City Clock, Mr. George Miller £40

Inspector of Streets and Lanes, Mr. C. J. Maddix £300


Edward Todd (President), Moses M. Bonitto (Vice-Pres), Robert Salmon, Philip Smith, senior, Anthony Julian, George Delgado, Alexander Roper, James D. Maxwell, Charles Lambert, Phineas Goldsmith, esqrs.


Clerk, Mr. Alexander Roberts £85

Beadles, Messrs. William C. Bonner, senior £40; William B. Pine, Richard Barrett, Joseph J. Rugless £20 each.

Organist and Teacher of Psalmody, Miss Helen Barnes £100


Established under the will of John Wolmer, a goldsmith of Kingston, a corporation was formed in 1736.

Treasurer, Hon. H. Mitchel

Head Master, Mr. Ebenezer Reid £420

Usher, Mr. E. Reid, junior, £300

Teacher of French and Spanish Languages, Mr. T. T. Sherlock £150

Tutoress to Infant School, Miss Margaret Reid £100


Established in 1776. To aid in supporting it, a tax on the shipping was laid in 1777, in consequence of the admittance therein of a great number of sailors. An additional building has been erected eastward of it, appropriated entirely to the reception of maniacs, which disease has of late years much increased.

Physician, E. N. Bancroft, esq. M.D. £200

Surgeon, Charles Mackglashan, esq. M.D. £200

Dispenser of Medicines, Dr. Jno. Easton, £300

Matron, Mrs. Sarah Ross £140

Purveyor, Mr. John McKinney, £200


From its proximity to the harbour, being situated at the south-east end of the city, its inmates are kept in a very clean state.

President, Hon. H. Mitchel

Surgeon, J. Ferguson, esq. M.D. £300

Superintendent, Mr. George Aitcheson £350


Situated corner of Harbour street and Temple lane, are supported by an annual subscription of the mercantile gentlemen of the city. The management is confided to a committee, chosen annually the first week in September. For the purpose of facilitating information respecting the shipping, whenever a vessel appears in the offing, signals are hoisted at the flagstaffs in Port-Royal and Harbour streets, announcing what they are, viz., --a blue flag denotes a ship; red, a brig; blue and red, a barque; yellow, a schooner; red and yellow, a brigantine. If not English, the colours of the nation are hoisted over the other. A pennant over any flag denotes a man-of-war, and a ball shows a steamer; two Island flags, a Packet. On the vessels entering Port-Royal, a signal station there affords, by telegraph, any intelligence required, which is immediately copied and laid on the tables of the rooms, where newspapers from various places are regularly supplied for the perusal of the subscribers, and such friends as they introduce.

President, Hon. H. Mitchel

Treasurer, J. Leake, esq.

Secretary, Samuel Greensword, esq.

Committee, John B. Morris, L. Gibson, Henry Levison, N. R. Darrell, W. W. Prescott, S. Schloss, R. C. Thompson, R. C. Carr, esqrs.

Clerks, Messrs. A. Chevannes, L. Cunha (Kingston), William H. Dillon, R. J. Yeo (Port Royal)


Founded 5548 (1790), rebuilt 5597 (1839).

This synagogue, situated at the corner of Orange and Bourdon streets, is a building of much grandeur and taste, and reflects great credit on the architect, Robert Hancock, esq. the projection and completion of which having been left under his entire control.

Reader, Rev. M. Nathan

President, P. Lawrence, esq.

Vice-President, Daniel Jacobs, esq.

Treasurer, Louis Lewis, esq.

Vestrymen, Hym. Levy, (P.W) Samuel Jacobs, Sigd. Schloss, Benjamin A. Franklyn, and Phineas Goldsmith, esqrs.

Past Wardens, Henry Levison, David Alexander, E. Lucas, esqrs.

Secretary, Sol. Myers, esq.

Treasurer for the Burial of the Dead, Louis Davidson, esq.


Reader, Rev. Isaac Lopez

Assistant-Reader, Rev. Isaac Abisdid

President, Sol. Lazarus, esq.

Vice-President, Jacob N. Vaz, esq.

Treasurer, R. C. Belinfante, esq.

Vestrymen, Abraham R. Dacosta, senior, Moses M. Bonitto, J. R. Decordova (chairman), P. Bravo, Moses G. Silva, R. C. Belinfante, Jaob N. Vaz, M. Sarfaty, Isaac S. Declava, R. J. Salmon, Isaac M. Belisario, David Lopez, esqrs.

Secretary, Andrew Judah, esq.


President, E. N. Bancroft, esq. M.D.

Vice-Presidents, George Atkinson, esq., Charles Mackglashan, esq. M.D.

Treasurer, William Arnold, esq. M.D.

Secretary, R. Smith, esq.


President, Henry Levison, esq.

Vice-Presidents, David DeLeon, S. Schloss, esqrs.

Treasurer, A. H. Isaacs, esq.

Librarian, M. Q. Henriques, esq.

Secretary, George Emerson, esq.

Committee, J. Q. Henriques, Mich. Melhado, John Samuel, Philip Abrahams, A. A. DaCosta, William Girod, B. A. Franklyn, esqrs.



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas

Assistant Judges and Magistrates,James Hunter, Edward B. Warren, Wellwood Hyslop, John Wiles, Richard Chamberlain, junior, James Williams, John White, Jacob Depass, J. Bradfield, Frances Eliott, Abraham Jacobs, James Taylor, Christopher J. Maddix, Daniel Hart, William H. Dillon, William George Lowe, Henry Kent, Cheney Hamilton, esqrs.

Magistrates, John Huxtable, James Brooks, Alexander Bixxett, Patrick Dunne, Robert Fitzgerald, Stephen Bourne, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Thomas Alves (rev. W. B. Reed, B.A. acting)

Island Curate, Rev. C. Fyfe

Churchwardens, John Bradfield, William Dillon, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Wellwood Hyslop, Jacob Alvarenga, Hugh Fraser Leslie, Solomon L. Barned, James McGowan, John Casper Weise, William George Lowe, Richard Savage, Abraham Depass, James Hunt, esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, J. Duff, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, James Williams, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, Jacob Depass, esq.

Coroners, James Williams, esq. (for the town), Alexander Jack, esq. (for the country).

Solicitor, Charles Dewdney, esq.

Surveyor, E. McGeachy, esq.

Firewardens, Messrs. Jacob Depass (President), William Henry Dillon (Vice President), Samuel Barton, Robert McWhan, Samuel F. Gibbs

Clerk of the Market, Mr. William A. Sutherland

Parish Clerk, Mr. Henry Prawl

Beadle, Mr. George Phippard

Sextonness, Mrs. Sercomb

Schoolmaster, Mr. Audinet

Clerk of St. Michael's Chapel, Mr. Richard Broadbank

Beadle, Mr. Charles Deuhany

Constables, Messrs. A. Alvarenga, Joseph Hely (town,) Richard Broadbank, William Dixon, --- Richardson, and James Allen (country)

Pilots, Messrs. Abraham Depass, James McKewan, Nathaniel Johns, Daniel Clarke, John Macpherson, Moses Serano, David Gibb, James Baker, William Henry Dillon, Samuel Barton, Robert J. Yeo [illegible], --- Hunt.

Boarder of the Vessels under the Alien Act, --- Lee, R.A.


Surgeon, Dr. Jacob Alvarenga

Superintendent, Mr. William M.Riley

Matron, Miss Mary L. Bruce



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Joseph Gordon

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Richard Kinkead, Charles Mackglashan, Robert Smith, William B. King, James Smith, senior, Charles Satchell, Robert Chisholm, Stephen Bourne, John Fowles, Hinton Spaiding, William Robertson, William Chrystie, Bartholomew I. Williams, John Gordon, Diederick Cooper, Jasper F. Cargill, Alexander Forbes, Charles M. Jopp, esqrs. Hon. Samuel J. Dallas, Robert Osborn, J. McFadyen, Colin Campbell, Richard Daly, Cheney Hamilton, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. A. Campbell

Island Curate, Rev. J. R. Pitter

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. W. K. Betts

Churchwardens, John Fowles, Robert Smith, esqrs.

Vestrymen, John G. Wilson, James Taylor, Richard L. Woolfrys, Edward Jordon, John R. Brice, Robert Osborn, Edward Charles Mowatt, John M. Smith, John Falconer, John Ashburne, esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, John W. Harris esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, David B. Hall, esq.

Coroner, Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, Caleb Mumford Littlejohn, esq.

Parish Clerk and Master of the Public School, Mr. Thomas N. Jones

Organist, Organ Keeper, and Teacher of Psalmody, Mr. A. G. Casseres

Sexton, Mr. Joseph Cliff

Beadle, Mr. Edward Richards

Clerks to the Chapels, Messrs. N. McDougal (Mount James), Philip Hall (Hope), George Davies (Clifton Mount)

Beadles, Messrs. J. E. Hall (Hope Chapel), T. Ryan (Mount James Chapel)

Crier, Mr. William Priestly

Poundkeepers, Mrs. E. Blades (Halfway Tree), George M. Downer, esq. (Sans Souci, Western District)

Constables, Henry Finlayson, Jacob Jascowitz (Stoney-Hill), James East, William Cochran (Botanic Garden Fording), William Thomas Anderson (chief), Robert Watson, William Wallace, John West (Halfway Tree), Fred. W. Dallas (Montgomery's Corner)


Trustees, Hon. John Mais, Hon. J. Gordon, W. Chrystie, C. M. Jopp, Robert Osborn, Edward Jordon, William Robertson, Alexander Forbes, James Cockburn, Jasper F. Cargill, esqrs. and the members for St. George's for the time being.

Road Overseer, Mr. C. J. Maddix

Solicitors, Messrs. Barnett, Girod, and Walker

Secretary, Mr. James Scott

Toll-Keeper, Mr. J. R. Brice


Trustees, The members of the assembly for the parishes of St. Andrew, St. George, and Port-Royal, with the Hon. John Mais, Hinton East, James Wiles, William George Lowe, John Gordon, John Huxtable, Charles Hicks, Francis Eliott, Andrew Simpson, Robert Chisholn, Edward Jordon, C. J. Maddix, W. Hyslop, esqrs.

Solicitors, Messrs, Dallas and Duff

Road Overseer, Mr. William Hogg

Clerk, Mr. Robert Aird Sherlock


President, Alexander Forbes, esq.

Treasurer, Robert Smith, esq.

Surgeon, Dr. James McFadyen

Superintendent, Mr. Theodore Augustus Geohegan



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Thomas McCornock

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Thomas Thomson, Kenneth McPherson, Charles Scott, James Bell, James Brydon, Robert Cargill, Alexander Barclay, Andrew Cooke, George Wright, John Barclay, George Taylor, James McWilliam, Charles Anderson, Gilbert Halyburton, Charles Orlando Hodgson, Robert Paterson, William Stevenson, esqrs. Hon. John Rock Grossett, George J. McQueen, John Renwick, William Forsyth, John Gordon Devaney, William Bell, George Allott Turner, David McLean, Thomas Josephus Baines, David Ewart, George Willis, Andrew Murray, John McLean, John Crockett, David Mignot, Michael McTernan, Robert Quelch, William Turner, Richard Chamberlaine, junior, William Henry Moore, John Gully, Thomas Panton Speed, Daniel Hart, Charles Henry Darling, William Humphreys, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Stephen H. Cooke

Island Curate, Rev. Thomas Wharton, A.M.

Stipendiary Curates, Revs. M. Mitchell, A.M., William Stearns, W. Woodcock

Churchwardens, Thomas Thomson, William Forsyth, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Charles Scott, William Buchan, George A. Turner, Philip Browne, George J. McQueen, John McLean, George Wright, Charles O, Hodgson, Robert Quelch, Thomas Thomas, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry and Peace, George Harris esq.

Collecting Constable, Collector of the Transient Tax, and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, George Codrington, esq.

Coroner, John Dysdale, esq.

Advocate in Criminal Cases, E. B. Thomas, esq.

Health Officers, Drs. W. Bell (at Port Morant), Andrew Cooke (at Morant Bay)

Harbourmaster, Philip Browne, esq. R.N. (for the ports of Morant-Bay, Port-Morant, and Manchioneal)

Surgeon to the Gaol, Dr. A. Cooke

Lumber Measurers, Messrs. J. Key, J. McPherson, D. Leith

Parish Clerk, Mr. W. F. Smith

Organist, Mr. Joseph Williams

Sexton and Beadle, Mrs. Elizabeth Buchanan

District Schoolmaster at Morant Bay, Mr. Mark Kelly

Master of the School at Bath, Mr. John Wardell

Master of the School at Manchioneal, --- Lloyd.

Master of the School at Rocky-Point, Mr. B. Jeffries

Master of the School at Blue-Mountain Valley, Mr. William Gabay

Keeper of the Court House, Miss Ellen Lindsay

Keeper of the Clock, Mr. Richard Blakely

Crier of the Courts, Mr. R. Harris

Pilots, Messrs. Thomas James Goldson, David Gibbs, W. H. Dillon, and Samuel Dillon (for Port Morant), A. Ford, Robert Quelch, and George Taylor (for Port-Morant and Morant-Bay), John C. George (for ditto, Manchioneal and Holland Bay), Thomas Bunting, William Parry and Ambrose Codrington (Manchioneal)

Constables, Messrs. B. M. Perkins and George Bennett (chief)

Petty Constables, Messrs. George Gordon, Robert Bondswell, Archibald Freeburn, William Geohegan (Morant-Bay), Thomas Brown, John Robertson, Thomas Boggie (Blue-Mountain Valley), James Mullins, George Taylor (Port-Morant) William Osey (Rocky Point), James O'Hara, William Jones, Michael Douglas, James Nodding (Bath), William Bell, W. Foulds, John Guster, Charles Gilchrist (Manchioneal)

Poundkeepers, Messrs. T. Ross (Morant-Bay), John Blakely (Manchioneal)


Chaplain, Rev. S. H. Cooke

Surgeon, Dr. A. Cooke

Physician, John Gordon Devaney, M.D.

Clerk, H. H. Cooke, esq.


President, Hon. T. McCornock

Treasurer, R. G. Marshall, esq.

Superintendent, Mr. T. Ross

Clerk, George Harris, esq.



Rector, Rev. W. T. Paterson

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. S. J. Jackson

Churchwardens, James Brydon, Hugh F. Leslie, esqrs.

Vestrymen, David Lamont, Robert Paterson, John Wiles, Henry Wiles, John W. Benson, James Williamson, John Low, William Turner, David McLean, John Barclay, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, George Parker, esq.

Coroner, David McLean, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, George Tarbutt, esq.

Solicitors, Messrs, Hill, Davies, & Macneil

Parish Clerk, Mr. J. C. Bonner

Parochial Schoolmaster, Mr. Charles Bravo

Sexton and Beadle, Mr. Thomas Cross

Tything Constable, Mr. J. Sayle

Poundkeeper and Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. Myer Benjamin

Constables, Messrs. Colin Pertineau (Mountain District), George Perkins, James Smith (Easington), Henry Forster, John Burton (Yallahs), John Sayle, Charles Burton (Four Mile-Tavern)


Surgeon, Dr. Michael McTernan

Superintendent, Mr. M. Benjamin



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. William Williams

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Maurice Jones, John Deans, Philip Hearn, Arthur R. Jones, David Gordon, John Hinshelwood, Samuel T. Orgill, Thomas Wright, Andrew G. Johnston, John Gough, John P. Jones, John Shea Clachar, James Johnson, Alexander J. Brymer, Roger Swire, William F. Henderson, William James Coy, Thomas McMorine, Richard S. Lambert, Peter Brown, William B. King, John Panton Passley, James Forbes Colthirst, William Arnold, Robert G. Kirkland, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Griffiths Griffiths

Island Curate, Rev. T. T. Orgill, B.A.

Churchwardens, John S. Clachar, John Dean, esqrs.

Vestrymen, William Williams, Robert C. Thompson, Alexander Stewart Thomas McMorine, John G. Deans, William Holmes, William B. Lawrence, Henry B. Buckley, David Gordon, William Bryan, esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, John P. Jones, esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Robert C. Thomson, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Richard W. Sherwood, esq.

Collector of Transient Tax, Mr. J. R. Bennett

Coroner, David Gordon, esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Hill, Davies, & Macneil

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, Alexander J. Brymer, esq.

Distributor of Stamps, Thomas McMorine, esq.

Health-Officer, J. J. Henderson, esq. M.D.

Harbourmaster and Water-Bailiff at Port Antonio, Ambrose Codrington, esq.

Pilots, Messrs. Samuel Shepherd, Robert Shepherd, Thomas Bunting, John C. George, John Bunting, Arthur Robert Jones, Ambrose Codrington.

Parish Clerk, Mr. Thomas Tollemache

Sexton and Beadle, Mr. W. T. Bryan

Clerk of the Market, Inspector of Weights, and Tything Constable, Mr. Bartholomew Beard

Keeper of the Gaol, Mr. F. B. Hale

Lumber Measurers, Messrs. R. W. Sherwood, John Sherwood, John R. Naylor, Augustus F. Sherwood, Henry Burge

Poundkeeper, Mr. B. Beard


Endowed by the Duke of Portland.

Trustees, the governor, [other officials,] rector, vestry, and the following inhabitants : William Moodie, William B. Mem, Henry J. A. Lawrence, James Johnson, Fred. R. Coy, esqrs. and Rev. T. T. Orgill.


Surgeon, J. S. Clachar, esq. M.D.

Superintendent and Clerk, Mr. F. B. Hale



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. John Rock Grosett

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Adam Gray, Peter Gibson, Thomas P. Rogers, William Robertson, William Espeut, Alexander Campbell, John Oldham, William Hosack, J. Maxwell, Michael F. G. Lemasney, Schaw A. B. Grosett, Edward E. Fishbourne, William Hewitt, esqrs.

Magistrates, Thomas Onn, Philip O'Reilly, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Miles C. Bolton

Island Curate, Rev. C. T. May

Stipendiary Curates, Revs. R. Forbes, J. F. Sessing, Joseph Williams

Churchwardens, Hon. John R. Grosett, Adam Gray, esqrs.

Vestrymen, William Hosack, Horatio Guscott, Henry Mason, Charles T. Rapkey, Robert Baugh, George A. Shaw, F. H. Pickersgill, Moses M. Solas, Charles F. Jackson, John Allen, esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Robert Dunbar, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Thomas P. Rogers, esq.

Solicitor, Charles Dewdney, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, Roger Swire, esq.

Collectors of Transient Tax, Francis Guscott, esq. (Buff-Bay), Henry S. Skyers, esq. (Annotto-Bay)

Coroner, Robert Dunbar, esq.

Parish Clerk, Mr. A. H. Brown

Sexton and Beadle, and Keeper of the Church, Mr. George Haughton

Sextons and Beadles of Chapels, Mr. Thomas Brown (Hope-Bay), Mr. Thomas Tucker (Annotto-Bay)

Clerk of the Church at Hope-Bay, Mr. N. Baillie

Clerks of Chapels, Mr. Edward Barnett (at Annotto-Bay), Mr. David Walker (at Hope-Bay)

Schoolmasters, Messrs. George Hodges (Annotto-Bay), James Smith (Buff-Bay)

Keeper of the Court House, Mrs. Elizabeth Skyers

Harbourmaster at Annotto-Bay, Mr. Frederick Charles Stanford

Sworn Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. Frederick C. Stanford, George R. McBean

Pilots, Messrs. William Murdoch, John Dewsbury, Edward Bond, Frederick C. Stanford

Health Officer at Annotto-Bay, Dr. James Maxwell

Acting Health Officer at Annotto-Bay, Dr. C. T. Rapkey

Tything Constable, Mr. Edward Skyers

Constables, Messrs. Edward Skyers, Thomas Davis (Buff-Bay district), John Montague, Abel H. Dowswll (Hope-Bay), Henry S. Skyers, Daniel R. Ball (Annotto-Bay)

Poundkeeper, Mr. T. R. Jones


This institution was first proposed by Robert Dunbar, and established in 1824.

President, Dr. James Maxwell

Treasurer, Roger Swire, esq.

Secretary, Robert Dunbar, esq.

Librarian, Mr. T. R. Jones

Standing Committee, Henry Mason, Hugh Crook, Moses M. Sollas, esqrs.


Collector of the Transient Dues, Thomas R. Bagnold, esq.

Surgeons and Medical Attendants, Drs. Maxwell and Rapkey

Dispenser of Medicines, Mr. James McDonald


President, Robert Baugh, esq.

Treasurer, Adam Gray, esq.

Surgeon, Dr. W. Robertson

Superintendent, Mr. T. R. Jones

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