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CIVIL LISTS (continued)



Comprises the Parishes of St. Catherine, St. John, and St. Dorothy

Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Peter Wilkie

Magistrates, Malcolm McLeod, William Collman, Edward T. Guy,. Duncan Hamilton, William Ramsay, Samuel Rennalls, J. Derbyshire, esqrs. Hon. Richard Barrett, Sir Molyneaux Hyde Nepean, baronet, Hon. William D. Turner, William George Nunes, William Rodon, esqrs., Hon. Alexandre Bravo, Edward D. Baines, Alexander Finlay, Richard Hill, Adam G. Gordon, James Gilzean, Moses Ergas, Charles M. Morales, James Perry, Thomas Ludford, Robert Darling, Edward Leeson, William Irvine, Robert Hume, Peter Harrison, Alexander N. McLeod, Richard Daly, Henry Moresby, William A. Bell, Thomas W. Jackson, esquires.

Clerk of the Peace for the Precinct, Robert Wilkie, esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the Precinct, James Hilton, esq.

Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Asher Asher, esq.


Rector, Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, M. A.

Island Curate, Rev. William Hylton.

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. W. S. Coward

Churchwardens, Hon. Wm. D. Turner, John Brown, esq.

Vestrymen, A. Delapenha, William T. March, Benjamin Whittaker, E. B. Anderson, William Johnson, Samuel Clarke, jun., Moses Lyon, H. M. Douglas, John T. Bell, Benjamin Dalhouse, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, James Taws, esq.

Coroner, Philip Redwood, esq.

Town Clerk, Joseph Henderson Moore, esq.

Collecting Constable, Asher Asher, esq.

Deputy Collecting Constable and Tythingman, Mr. L. Williams

Physician to the Gaol, Drs. Turner and Bowerbank

Solicitor, Alexander W. Aikman, esq.

Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. Rose Reid

Beadle, Mr. Lumley Williams

Organist, Mr. Robert Swan

Clerk and Beadle at Kraal pen, Mr. W. Reid.

Clerk of the Beef Market and Keeper of the Vegetable and Fish Market, Mr. L. Williams

Firewardens, James Derbyshire, C. M. Morales, esqrs. (magistrates), John Clarke, Elias Sanguinetti, William Johnston, Andrew Lewis, Augustus Feurtado, esqrs. (inhabitants)

Keeper of the Town Clock, Mr. James McPherson.

Crier of the Court of Quarter Sessions, Mr. David Fonseca

Poundkeeper, R. Nicol, esq.

Police and Warning Constable and Town Surveyor, Mr. T. Finlayson.

Constables, Messrs. T. Finlayson (chief), Alexander Deleon, Isaac Soares, James S. Richards, W. B. Valentine, E. Harvey, J.K. Walters.



Surgeon, Drs. Turner & Bowerbank

Superintendent, Mr. J. B. Burrows

Matron, Miss H. Leach

Boatswain, W. Sandys


Established in 1744, by a bequest from Peter Beckford, esq. the capital of which is vested in the Island Funds

Treasurer, Hon. P. Wilkie

Master, Mr.Thomas Slyth


President, Hon. W. D. Turner

Directors, Asher Asher, Daniel San, A. G. Dignum, Robert Nicol, William Lee, S. B. Hylton, esqrs. Hon.T. J. Bernard, I. R. Bernal, John Clarke, E. C. Smith, esqrs.

Treasurer, James Derbysbire, esq.

Secretary, Philip Redwood, esq.


Between Kingston and Spanish-Town

Treasurer, Edward T. Guy, esq.

Clerk, Mr. Thomas Greensword

Toll-keeper, William Robertson, esq.

Between Spanish-Town and Old-Harbour

Treasurer, J. G. Vidal, esq.

Clerk, Mr. A. Sinclair

Toll-keeper, Mr. James Stewart


Rector, Rev. James Dawson

Island Curate, Rev. C. H. Hall

Churchwardens, William Collman, Benjamin Whittaker, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Duncan Hamilton, John P. Nash, John Quier Douglas, James Johnston, Alexander Gordon, Edmund Duncan, Daniel Smith, Adam W. Thorburn, Alexander Armstrong, Mark John Hogg, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry and Coroner, Bennett W. Harvey, esq.

Solicitor, A.W. Aikman, esq.

Collecting Constable, James Falconer, esq.

Parochial Schoolmaster and Clerk, Mr. David McPherson

Poundkeeper, Mr. J. S. Gentle

Tythingmen and Constables, Messrs. H. W. Malcolm, Robert Hardy, John S. Gentle, James Morrison, Stephen Breary, John Gabay



Surgeon, Dr. William Inches

Superintendent, Mr. Pat B. Thomas

Matron, Mrs. Johanna Lawrence



Rector, Rev. C. F. Hall.

Island Curate, Rev. William Broadley

Church Wardens, William Jackson, Andrew Dunn, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Robert Jackson, Francis McCook, Peter Harrison, William Collman, Francis Ferrara, R. G. Hume, Robert B. Bonner, Roger Walker, William Irvine, James McLarty, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, Richard Magee, esq.

Coroner, Francis McCook, esq.

Collecting Constable, George F. Willett, esq.

Solicitor, E. C. Smith, esq.

Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk, Mr. Charles Farquharson

Sexton, Mr. Thomas Harrison

Organist, Mr. F. W. Nicholas

Clerk of St. Michael's Chapel, Mr. Peter Harrison

Health-Officer at Salt-River and Old Harbour, Dr. A. Dunn

Harbourmaster at Salt-River and Old Harbour, Robert G. Hume, esq.

Poundkeeper, Mr. C. Farquharson

Pilots for ditto, Messrs. Thomas James Goldson, David Gibbs, Norris Jennings, William H. Dillon, William Summers, George Bogle, Samuel Barton, John Joseph McCartney.

Tythingman and Constable, Mr. Thomas Lambert

Superintendent of the House Of Correction, Mr. William Lanyon


President, Rev. C. F. Hall

Treasurer, A. Dunn, esq.

Secretaries, Rev. W. Broadley, Rev. H. Taylor


Patron, His Excellency the Governor

Vice-patron, William Jackson, esq.

President, Hon. Alexandre Bravo.

Vice-President, Hon. Peter Wilkie, James Turner, George Atkinson, Evan McPherson, Stephen Hannaford, esqrs.

Treasurer, F. Melville, esq.

Secretaries, G. F. Willett, T. F. Ludford, C. N. Palmer, esqrs.



Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Henry Lowndes, Peter F. Garrigues, John Ewart, Richard R. Parker, Charles Henry McDermott, Alexander Gilzean, John McGrath, Hugh Donald McKay, Peter Blackburn, Richard M. White, William A. Bell, Henry Walsh, Thomas W. Jackson, esqrs.

Magistrate, John Reynolds esq.

Rector, Rev. W. G. Burton

Island Curate, Rev. R. Steer

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. J. Campbell, B.A.

Churchwardens, William Ross, Richard Kinkead, esqrs.

Vestrymen, William Morgan, Lewis S. Roach, Robert Roach, John Aris, William Lovesey, Henry Mignot, Thomas Edbury, James McIntosh, John Munro, Samuel Rogers, jun. esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, William Henry Parker, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, William Lord, esq.

Collecting Constable, Robert Page, esq.

Coroner, P. F. Garrigues, esq.

Solicitor, J. G. Vidal, esq.

Clerk of the Church, Mr. White

Sexton, Mr. Robert Cox

Poundkeepers, Messrs. John Lobban (Above-Rocks), John B.Woods (Rodney-Hall),--- Hamman (Guy's Hill)

Constables, Messrs. Benjamin Martin (chief), Wm. Cox, R. P. Rainford


Treasurer, Robert Page, esq.

Surgeon, Dr. Charles McDermott

Superintendent, Mr. J. B. Woods

Overseer, Mr. Charles Walter

Matron, Mrs. Woods.



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Alexandre Bravo

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Rowland Israel, James Miller, A. McRae, Charles Ayrey, William Collman, Hibbert Oates, James Wright Turner, J. McNaught, William Rose, Samuel Carson, Jno. Scott, Edw. Thompson, Richard Magee, Joseph Bryant, Wm. Trench, John Tait, Gilbert Shaw, Robert Mathie, Theophilus Bloomfield, George McKenzie, Paul McKenzie, Alexander N. McLeod, Hall Pringle, Philip O'Reilly, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. G. C. R. Fearon

Island Curate, Rev. J. Stoney

Churchwardens, James W. Turner, Rowland Israel, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Robert Jackson, Kenneth McDonald, Don. Dingwall, Robert Smith, John Prickett, David Livingston, John A. Kennedy, Andrew Drummond, George Russell, Wm. Rose, esqrs.

Clerk of the Court and Peace, G. H. Townshend, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Edward Ewbank, esq.

Magistrates' ditto, G. Shaw, esq.

Coroner, Charles Ayrey, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector, etc of Rum Duties, Evan McPherson, esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Williams and Land

Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster, Mr. C. J. Dunkerly

Sextonness, Miss E. Holdsworth

Sexton at Lime-Savanna, Mr. Alex. Bell

Organist, Mr. Samuel Grant

Constables, Messrs. Sam. Grant (chief), George Bartlett, and eight others

Poundkeeper, Mr. Thomas Montgomery.



Surgeon, Dr. J. McNaught

Superintendent, Mr. Wm. Burrage

Matron, Mrs. Burrage



Custos Rotulorum, etc. Hon Alexander Murchison

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, George H. Townshend, Thomas Anderson, Charles Sconce, William D. Burke, Malcolm McLeod, William Dowell, Crawford McClymont, Henry Lord Garrigues, esqrs., Hon Alexandre Bravo, Louis F. McKinnon, John Stirke, Thomas McMahon, David Callaghan, Charles Trutch, Robert Mathie, Bernard Mahon, Philip O'Reilly, Edward Simpson, Edward W. Bratt, Hall Pringle, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. John Smith

Island Curate, Rev. Hugh Reed

Churchwardens, Thomas Anderson, John Stirk, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Henry L. Garrigues, William Dowell, James Allen, Samuel B. Messum, James M. Gibb, William murray, Fred. Watson, George B. Husband, James Madden, esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, and Distributor of Stamps, Canute Wilson, esq.

Coroner, William Dowell, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, G. P. Burrell, esq.

Harbourmaster at Salt-River, Robert G. Hume, esq.

Deputy Harbourmaster at Salt-River, Mr. James M. Gibb

Pilots at Salt-River, Messrs. Joseph Jennings, J. J. McCartney

Parish Clerk and Teacher, Mr. H. Cantor

Beadle and Sexton, Mr. Francis Foster

Constables, Messrs. Jno. Scott, James P. Lewin, Louis Philip Aleide, Joseph L. Booth

Poundkeeper, Mr. James Allan


Jonathan Ludford, esq. having found the waters of this bath of great utility in various disorders, he conveyed the land containing the bath to the use of trustees as undermentioned, for the use of the public (33 Geo. III. cap. 19).

Trustees, the members of the council, assembly, custos and J.P.s of the Parish.

Physician, Dr. Alexander Murchison

Clerk, Mr. W. D. Burke

Matron, Mrs. Booth


Treasurer, Hon. Alex. Bravo

Teacher and Clerk, Rev. T. J. Gegg

Medical Attendant, Dr. R. G. Bruce


(Established for the education of all the poorer classes of children)

Teacher, Mr. H. Canton


Superintendent, Mr. Wm. D. Burke

Medical Attendant, Dr. David D. Ritchie



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. James Lewis Davy

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Hon. Duncan Robertson, T. Powell, Samuel Glanville, David Hollingsworth, Jno. Coley, Jno. R. Tomlinson, Jno. Davy, Thomas Anderson, Michael Muirhead, James Webb, C. P. McNally, George B. Medley, Thomas Bygrave, John R. Hollingsworth, John W. Grant, John Allan, Alexander C. Logan, Francis Hall, Christopher Good, Rudolph Lewis, William B. Wright, John Clarke, Richard Jackson, esqrs. Hon. John Salmon, Evan McPherson, John Gurley, J. Daughtrey esqrs.

Rector, Rev. R. W. Dallas

Island Curate, Rev. D. K. Littlejohn

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. S. H. Stewart, L.L.D.

Churchwardens, John COley, Thomas Wheatle, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Francis Hall, Christopher Good, C. F. Crawford, Henry Depass, Banjamin Angell, Thomas Webb, William Davy, Richard Learmond, Patrick Lalor, William Newman, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, Charles M. Ingram, esq.

Coroner, M. Muirhead, esq.

Collecting Constable, John S. Griffith, esq.

Health Officer at Alligator-Pond, Dr. William B. Wright

Poundkeeper, Mrs. Hollingsworth

Head Constable, Mr. James Paton


Surgeon, Dr. T. Bygrave

Superintendent, Mr. George Deverell

Matron, Miss Rochester



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. Robert Fairweather

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Thomas P. Rogers, esq. Hon. David McDowell Grant, Hugh D. McKay, William Peterswald, Lawrence Fyfe, William Hyslop, Henry Cox, junior, James Macdowall Grant, John Gale VIdal, Samuel Rennalls, Alexander Geddes, John Oldham, R. C. Plunkett, Patrick C. Crichton, John Hoseason, Charles Stewart, Richard Harrison, Alexander Davidson Cooke, James Geddes, John Douglas, William L. Edmiston, Henry Rigg, John McGrath, William Francis Marlton, Henry Walsh, Thomas Davies, Richard S. Lambert, Walter Pollack, Robert Emery, Alexander G. Fyfe, Henry Laidlaw, esqrs.

Rector, Rev. William Girod

Island Curate, Rev. James W. Archer

Stipendiary Curate, Rev. G. F. Waters

Churchwardens, Hon. Robert Fairweather, W. Heslop, esq.

Vestrymen, Lauchlan Gordon, Leach Stennett, John Davison, James G. Foreman, William V. Amiel, Alexander Thomas, John Mogg, James C. Smart, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, John Ray, esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, John Harris, esq.

Coroner, R. C. Plunkett, esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, William Heslop, esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Williams and Land

Distributor of Stamps at Port Maria and Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. W. Hendricks

Parish Clerk and Parochial Schoolmaster, Mr. William C. Griffiths

Sexton and Beadle, Mr. J. Craggie

Clerks of Chapels, Mr. B. I. Hind (Retreat)

Harbourmaster for Port-Maria, Oracabessa, and Rio Nuevo, Robert Clemetson, esq.

Health-Officer at Port-Maria and Oracabessa, and Surgeon to the Gaol and Poor, Dr. William Dudley

Lumber-Measurers, Messrs. W. Hendricks, J. W. Gray, T. R. Bagnold

Clerk of the Market, Mr. W. Hendricks

Pilots, Messrs. Robert Clemetson, Bartholomew Parodie, Richard Clemetson, James Murdoch

Poundkeepers, Messrs. Robert Glover (at Manning's Town), William Archer (at Highgate), Richard Buckland (at Oracabessa), Henry Rigg (at Retreat)

Constables, Messrs. William Hendricks (chief), F. Wilmot, W. Archer (Highgate), J. Smith (Oracabessa), I. Evans (Retreat)


Established under 1 Geo. IV, cap. 16, for the reception of sick seamen or other persons sent in by any justice or vestryman. It is supported by a duty on the shipping.

Receiver of Tonnage Duty, J. F. Rigaud, esq.

Surgeon, Dr. William Dudley

Matron, Mrs. M. Rodgers


President, William Heslop, esq.

Treasurer, Richard Harrison, esq.

Superintendent, Mr. W. S. Hendricks



Custos Rotulorum, Hon. William Parke

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Thomas Ashmeade, Charles Smith, Richard Henry Z. Heming, Utten Thomas Todd, Abraham Isaacs, William Leith McCook, James Lowe, John Strachan, Peter Burbridge, William Sellar, Alexander Geddes, George R. Stennett, Raymond Shelly, John Wallace, Robert G. Drew, Henry Campbell Smallwood, Henry Laidlaw, Theobald A. Dillon, John Woolfrys, Samuel W. Rose, Edward Tucker, John Reynolds, Henry Walsh, esqrs.

Magistrate, Robert Emery, esq.

Rector, Rev. George Wilson Bridges

Island Curate, Rev. T. C. Rose

Stipendiary Curates, Revs. T. K. Lipscomb, J. H. Gegg, A.M.

Churchwardens, Thomas Raffington, Henry R. Grey, esqrs.

Vestrymen, Benjamin S. Moncrieffe, Hamilton Brown, Charles Brown, Thomas Dobson, William Foreman, George R. Tingle, Edward Walker, Judah Moses, John G. Scarlett, Isaac Henriques, esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, R. Parkinson, esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, James Dawson, esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace and Court, Henry Smith, esq.

Parish Solicitor and Town Clerk, Thomas Geohegan, esq.

Coroner, Samuel W. Rose, esq.

Distributor of Stamps at St. Ann's Bay, Richard Carter, esq.

Collectors of the Transient Tax, Andrew Carter (St. Ann's Bay), William Wilmot (Ocho-Rios), John Ellis (Dry-Harbour).

Collecting Constable and Inspector etc. of Rum Duties, Robert Robinson, esq.

Harbourmasters, Seba Shelly (at St. Ann's Bay), Dominick Plunkett (at Ocho Rios), J. Knox (Dry Harbour), esqrs.

Health Officers, Drs. Thomas L. Bayley (at St. Ann's Bay), James H. Archer (at Ocho-Rios), Samuel Boyd Barnett (at Dry Harbour)

Lumber Measurers, Messrs. Wm. H. Holland, T. Lugg

Parish Clerk, Mr. Benjamin Martin

Organist, Mrs. Fanny Seaton

Beadle, Mr. William Voce

Clerks of Chapels, Messrs. J. McGill (Brown's Town), Jno. Smith (Aboukir), William Hodgson (Mosely Hall)

Beadles of Chapels, Messrs. William Hind (Brown's Town), John McLeod (Aboukir)

Keeper of the Church Clock, Mr. James Parke

Crier of the Courts and Keeper of the Engines, Mr. Alexander Levy

Clerk of the Market, Mr. Thomas Winder

Pilots, Messrs. John Sterling, Morgan Roche

Keeper of the Public Buildings, Mrs. Mary Spicer

Firewardens, Messrs. Charles Smith, George Robinson, William Christie, Andrew Carter

Constables, Messrs. Thomas Winder (St. Ann;s Bay), William WIlmot (Ocho Rios), Henry Lawrence (Moneague), Thomas Bradshaw (Dry Harbour), Peter Allen (Brown's Town), James Menzies (Guy's Hill)

Poundkeepers, Messrs. Benjamin Martin (St. Ann's Bay), W. Wilmot (Ocho-Rios), John H. Parnell (Moneague), John Ellis (Dry Harbour), Thomas Hamilton (Brown's Town).



President, R. H. Z. Heming, Esq.

Treasurer, George Robinson, esq.

Surgeon, Dr. Thomas L. Bailey

Superintendent, Mr. Alexander Levy


Charles Drax, esq. having bequeathed his property, Shelton, to endow a free-school, the justices and vestry purchased Walton pen and the whole was used for a free grammar school.

Head-Master and Clerk, Rev. T. H. Gegg, A.M.


Surgeon, Dr. Thomas L. Bailey

Matron, Miss Anna Hamilton

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