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CIVIL LISTS (continued)


Deputy Postmaster-General, Hon. John Wilson.

Inspector, John Scotland, esq.

Assistants, William B. Hall, Robt. B. Lord, Geo. G. Baines, esqrs.

Solicitors, Messrs. Lynch, Barnett, and Girod, 82, Duke-street

General Post-Office, Corner or Harbour and Lower Church Streets.



Port-Royal, Mr. J. Mitchel

St. David's, Mr. Robert Law

Morant-Bay, Mr. Joseph Williams

Port-Morant, Mr. A. S. Lightburn

Bath, Mr J. H. Rogers

Manchioneal, Mr. R. Quelch.


Annotto-Bay, Messrs. Scotland and Bagnold

Buff-Bay, Mr. John Allen

Hope-Bay, Mr. J. A. Francis

Port-Antonio, Mr. J. S. Roberts.


Spanish-Town, A. Melhado, esq.

Old-Harbour, Mr.Charles Farquharson

Vere, Mr. James Madden

Mandeville, Mr. Thomas Wills

Clarendon, Donald Dingwall, esq.

Chapelton, Nicholas Grose, esq.

May-Hill, Miss Mary D. Fowler

Goshen, John Griffiths, esq.

Lacovia, Mr. Benjamin Tavares

Black-River, Mr. Asher Isaacs

Robin's River, Mr. J. Sterne

Savanna-la-Mar, Mr. James Grant

Grange-Hill, Miss M. H. Falconer


Rodney-Hall, Mr. John McPhaill

Pear-Tree-Grove, Miss Jane Coleman,

Highgate, Mr. John Mogg

Port-Maria, Mr. Peter M. White

Moneague, Mrs. R. Fergus

Ocho-Rios, Mr. David Collie

Salt-Gut, Mr. Henry Rigg

St. Ann's-Bay, Mr. Richard Carter

Alexandria, Mr. Henry R. Grey

Dry-Harbour, Mr. James Wilson

Rio-Bueno, Mr. F. W. Mortlock

Falmouth, Mr. William Atterbury

Little-River, Mr. W. G. Fowler

Montego-Bay, J. Roby, esq.

Flint-River, Mr. WIlliam Day

Lucea, Mr. D. Grant

Green-Island, Mr. Murdock Munro



(Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1836, and established in this island on the 15th of May, 1837)

Banking Establishment Nos. 43 and 44, Port-Royal Street.

Manager, John W. Cater, esq.

Accountant, Thos. A. Cargill, esq.

Cashier, John B. Sorapure, esq.

Bookkeeper, Mr. Thomas Ellis

Bill Collector, Mr. Thos. Wilson

General Clerk, Mr. Wm. Pirtell

Solicitors, Messrs. Hill, Davies, and Macneal, 83, Duke street.

Branch Banks


Manager, Hon. John V. Purrier

Accountant and Cashier, John Shaw


Agent, Conway Heighington, esq.


Agent, James Grant, esq.


Established 1st September, 1836--Capital £200,000

Banking Estblishment-Nos. 15, 16 and 17, East Port-Royal street

President, Hon. John Mais

Vice-President, John Fowles,esq.

Directors, Chas. Mackglashan, Bartholomew I. Williams, WIlliam Titley, James Brydon, esqrs.

Manager, James Marshall esq.

Cashier, Francis G. Mayne, esq.

Accountant, Mr. Edward W. Purcell

Bookkeepers, Messrs. Jules Desnoues, Charles M. James

Bill Collector, Mr. John Anderson

Solicitors, Messrs. Murphy, Campbell, and Minot, 3, Duke-street


London Bankers, Masterman & Co.

New-York Bankers, Maitland, Kennedy, & Co.

Branch Banks

MONTEGO-BAY Agent, Richard Roe, esq.
FALMOUTH Agent, Phineas Abraham, esq.
SAVANNA-LA-MAR Agent, William Williams, esq.
LUCEA Agent, Richard Chambers, esq.
PORT-ANTONIO Agent, Messrs. Brymer and Tucker
MANCHESTER Agent, John Allan esq.
SPANISH TOWN Agent, James Derbyshire, esq.



Established in 1838 by the Rev. Thomas Bryett Turner

Trustees, The Venerable Archdeacon Pope, William Titley, esq., Rev. T. B. Turner, John. J. Mais, Bartholomew Seymour, esq.

Managers, The Ven. Archdeacon Pope, Wm. Titley, John Fowles, Charles Mackglashan, Edward Jordon, Bartholomew I. Williams, John W. Cater, esqrs., Hon. J. Mais, N. F. Norton, Robert Osborn, John S. Brown, Daniel Hart, Edward Cowell, John C. Hitchins, Curtis P. Berry, esqrs. Hon. Joseph Gordon, James Brydon, Henry L. Garrigues, Bartholomew Seymour, James Townson, esqrs. and Rev. Thomas B. Turner.

Treasurer, Hon. J. Mais


This Bank is established for the purpose of affording a safe and convenient place of deposit, and a secure and profitable means of investment to the lower classes of Kingston and other parishes, for such sums of money as they may be enabled to save.

The Bank is opened at the New Court-House, Harbour Street, Kingston for the receipt of deposits. Deposits of any sums not less than One Shilling and Eight Pence or execeeding Twenty Shillings will be received every day (Sunday excepted), by the Actuary, between the hours of ten and three o'clock. Deposits of any sums not less than £3 nor exceeding £200 in the whole, in any one year, will be received every Saturday by one or more of the managers, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock.


Vice-President, Rev. J. McIntyre

Trustees, George Gordon, Robert Watt, esqrs. Hon. J. V. Purrier, John Roby, John B. Irving, William Boyd, esqrs.

Managers, William Bernard, George Cragg, Samah G. Corinaldi, William Dewar, William O. Dunbar, esqs. Rev. Thomas Davies, Plummer Dewar, Joseph Fray, James Gray, Samuel C. Gray, James Gordon, William S. Grignon, Alexander Homes, William Heath, Barnett Isaacs, Joseph G. Jump, esqrs., Rev. David Kerr, Charles O'Conner, William Plummer, Thomas Reaburn, Richard Roe, Patrick Spence, James Smith, esqrs., Rev. J. Smith, D. Soares, S. H. Solomon esqrs.

Treasurer, Thomas Watson, esq.

Secretary, Mr. Sidney Levein.


President, Hon. Wm. D. Turner

Vice-Presidents, Hon. Peter Wilkie, Curtis Philip Berry, esq.

Trustees, Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, or the Clergyman officiating as Rector for the time being, Rev. G. W. Rowe, Rev. J. Phillippo, Rev. J. Randerson, Fitz. Batty, William Thomas March, esqrs.

Managers, James Allwood, Asher Asher, John Archer, Jno. Brown, John T. Bell, Robert Cargill, J. P. Clarke, James Derbyshire, R. Darling, A. G. Dignum, esqrs. Rev. William Duggan, Alexander Finlay, C. Gordon, James Gayleard, junior, R. Hill, William Johnston, Thomas Land, William Lee, Charles M. Morales, J. Minot, Jno. Macglashan, P. Redwood, William Ramsay, W. Rodon, W. G. Stewart, Robert Vidal, esqrs.

Treasurer, Rev. Walter S. Coward

Secretary, Joseph H. Moore, esq.

Superintending Committee, The rector officiating, rev. W. S. Coward, rev. W. G. Rowe, rev. J. Phillippo, rev. J. Randerson, Asher Asher, J. P. Clarke, R. Hill, C. M. Morales, James Derbyshire, James Gayleard, junior, T. Land, Robert Vidal esquires.


Vice-Patron, Hon.Wm. Rowe

President, Curtis P. Berry, esq.

Trustees, C. Good, John Davy, Thomas Bygrave, esqrs. Hon John L. Davy, David Hollingsworth, Samuel Glanville, A. C. Logan, Rudolph Lewis, esqrs.

Directors, Rev. R. W. Dallas, John Coley, esq.

Managers, Rev. Samuel H. Stewart, L. L. D., Michael Muirhead, G. B. Medley, Benjamin Angell, esqrs. rev. C. P. Douet, Fred. Peart, T. Sweetland, esqrs. rev. J. Zorn, J. R. Hollingsworth, T. Webb, William Davy, esqrs. rev. J. Patterson, William Ferguson, esq., rev.W. Slatyer, James McCatty, John Allan, esqrs.

Treasurer, C. Good, esq.

Secretary, J. R. Williamson, esq.

Actuary and Deputy Treasurer, C. M. Ingram, esq.




E. A. Deacon, General Superintendent

Mrs. Matthews, A. Stevenson, Usher E. Fry, Central School, Church-Street, Kingston

H. Solomons, Susan Pike, Sophia Pike, East Branch School, Kingston

Miss Woods, Miss Bowie, West Branch School, Kingston

George Davies, Clifton Mount, St. Andrews

N. McDougal, Stoney Hill, St. Andrews

Marry Cowell, Halfway-Tree, St. Andrews

W. Manning, Papine, St. Andrews

Charles Bravo, Lowland District, St. David

R. Shutler, Mountain District, St. David

Mr. & Mrs. Gabay, Blue-Mountain Valley, St. Thomas in the East

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, Morant Bay, St. Thomas in the East

James Smith, Buff Bay, St. George's

Henry Gazely, Fort-Stewart, St. George's

E. A. Bell, St. Jago, Clarendon

Thomas Harty, Orange River, Clarendon

George Buchanan, Bushy Park, St. Dorothy's

John Foxton, Old Harbour, St. Dorothy's

H. Canton, The Alley Vere

George Hodges, Rodney-Hall, St. Thomas in the Vale

John Poulton, Guy's Hill, St. Thomas in the Vale

John Tobin, Above Rocks, St. Thomas in the Vale

J. A. M. Davidson, Esher, St. Mary's

E. M. West, Ballard's Valley, St, Mary's

M. Hall, Lluidas Vale, St. John's

Thomas Hanna, Mandeville, Manchester

Thomas Stevens, Keynsham, Manchester

W. R. Bailey, Petersfield, Manchester

Mrs. M. Rance, Black River, St. Elizabeth's

Margaret Blair, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth's

J. Campbell, Morgan's Bridge, Westmorland

---Smith, Mesopatamia, Westmoreland

---Shepherd, Petersfield, Westmoreland

John L. Pew, St. John's, Westmorland

King's district, Spring Garden, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmorland

W. V. Clarke, Point Estate, Hanover

Samuel M. Gibson, Falmouth, Trelawny

John Sharpe, Hopewell, Trelawny

Mr. and Miss Cullen, Swanswick, Trelawny

O. Lawson, Good Hope, Trelawny

Robert White, Linton Park, Trelawny

Charles Lancaster, Rio Bueno, Trelawny


Established in Kingston on the 8th of January, its obect is the relief of the members, widows, and orphans of those connected with the Central School.

President, Rev. G. D. Hill, A. M.

Treasurer, B. I. Williams, esq.

Secretary, Mr. Edgar A. Deacon

General Superintendent, Rev. George Delgarno Hill, A. M.


Samuel Whitehorne, East-Queen-Street, Kingston

W. Woolley, Hanover-street, Kingston

R. H. Rae, Yallahs, St. David's

J. and Mrs. Kingdon, Belle-Castle, St. Thomas in the East

---St. Ann's, Bay, St. Ann's

S. McKoy, Ocho Rios, St. Ann's

J. Higgin, Coultart's Grove, St. Ann's

H. Beckford, Stacey Ville, Clarendon

J. Ellis, Landovery, St. Ann's

---Brown's Town, St. Ann's

F. Johnston, Bethany, St. Ann's

R. Brown and A. Valentine, Somerset, St. Ann's

Jane Williams, Port-Maria, St. Mary's

J. Mosely, Old-Harbour, St. Dorothy's

G. Moody, Ebony Chapel, Vere

---Four Paths, Clarendon

S. and D. Merrick, Jericho, St.Thomas in the Vale

C. McTavisher, Mount Hermon, St.Thomas in the Vale

Miss O'Meally, Lucky Valley, St.Thomas in the Vale

---Springfield, St. John's

---Moneague, St. Ann's

G. Kirby, E. Newell, E. Carr, & M. McVicar, Spanish Town, St. Catherine's

Wm. and Mrs. Norman, Passage Fort, St. Catherine's

J. Ogborne, J. O'Meally, and Mrs. Ogborne, Sligo Ville, St. Catherine's

S. Bernard, Sturge's Mount, St. Catherine's

A. Bernard, Rock River, St. Thomas' in the Vale

J. O'Meally, Taylor's Caymanas, St. Catherine's

---Annotto Bay, St. George's

R. L. Constantine and Jane Lake, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmorland

James Valentine, Fuller's Field, Westmorland

Isaac Vaz, Friendship, Westmorland

J. R. Andrews and Miss Cummins, Montego-Bay, St. James's

Miss Jane Reid, Shortwood, St. James's

J. C. Hayles and Jane Frazer, Mount Carey, St. James's

Miss A. Reid, Bethel Hill, Westmorland

J. Chambers, Montpelier, St.James's

S. J. Vaughan, Tottenham, St. James's

T. E. Ward, Misses Stroop and Bennett, Falmouth, Trelawny

J. M. McLacklan and Miss Clarke, Refuge, Trelawny

Mr. and Mrs Levermore, Waldensia, Trelawny

Mr. & Mrs. Eberall, Camberwell, Trelawny

A. Silverthorn and Miss McKenzie, Mann's, Trelawny

L. WIlliams and D. Ward, Tharp's, Trelawny

Mr. and Mrs. Innes, Rio Bueno, Trelawny

F. H. Dillon and Miss Thomas, Stewart's Town

J.Gibson, New Birmingham, Trelawny

S. Stennnett and Eliza Chambers, Gurney's Mount, Hanover

F. Daley, Green Island, Hanover

Eliza England, Fletcher's Grove, Hanover

Thomas B. Picton, Salter's Hill, St. James's

W. P. Russell, Bethephil, St. James's

James Lovemore, Waldon, St. James's



C. B. Venning, Kingston

Robert Henderson, Kingston

James McMurray, Comfort

George Henderson, Comfort

James Kench, Somerton

Samuel Edgerly, Montego Bay, St. James's

Miss Coryton, Montego Bay, St. James's

W. Campbell, Brown's Town, Trelawny

Edward Wilson, Lucea, Hanover

Jacob Vaz, Bilby

Robert Reid, Scot's Hall, St. George's

John Lawson, Hill Side

William Eaton, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth's

W. R. Vines, Chantilly

D. Pullar, St. Ann's Bay

James Mussenden, Bath, St. Thomas' in the East

William Ross, Fernhill, St. Andrew's

Andrew Malcolm, Grand Caymanas




Hon. Peter Wilkie, Spanish-Town, St. Catherine's

___George William Hamilton, Rodney-Hall, St. Thomas' in the Vale

___Alexandre Bravo, Old-Harbour, St. Dorothy's

___Alexander Murchison, Alley, Vere

___John L. Davy, Mile-Gully, Manchester

___Robert Fairweather, Highgate, St. Mary's

___William Parke St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann's


___Hector Mitchel, Kingston

___Samuel J. Dallas, Port-Royal, (Kingston Post-Office)

___Joseph Gordon, St. Andrew's (Kingston Post-Office)

___William Williams, Port-Antonio, Portland

___John R. Grosett, Buff-Bay, St. George's


___Duncan Robertson, Goshen, St. Elizabeth's

___Thomas McNeil, Lucea, Hanover

___John V. Purrier, Savanna-la-mar, Westmorland

___Richard Barrett, Montego-Bay. St. James's

___William Frater, Rio-Bueno, Trelawny





Royal Lodge No. 250

Worshipful Isaac Iffla, Master

Worshipful W. J. Rutherford, P.M., Senior Warden

John Nunes, Junior Warden

George Corser, Treasurer

Robert Green, Secretary

Solomon Mordecai, Senior Deacon

Robert Kiesselback, Junior Deacon

Thomas N. Archambeau, Inner Guard

Friendly Lodge, No. 291

Master, Louis Lewis, esq.

Senior Warden, Abraham Jacobs, esq.

Junior Warden, Rev. M. N. Nathan

Treasurer, Saul Moss, esq.

Secretary, Robert Labatt, esq.

Senior Deacon, John Brydon, esq.

Junior Deacon, John Harvey, esq.

Inner Guard, George Orrett, esq.

Worshipful Past-Masters, L. Lewis, Samuel Jacobs, Henry Levison,Philip Lawrence, I. N. Vaz, Joseph Alexander, and Robert Salmon, esqs.

Sussex Lodge, No. 447

Master, Henry Hutchings, esq.

Senior Warden, James K. Fingzies, esq.

Junior Warden, William Tarrant, esq. M.D.

Treasurer, John McDonald, esq.

Secretary, William Ware, esq.

Senior Deacon, James F. Gyles, esq.

Junior Deacon, David B. Hall, esq.

Inner Guard, Thomas Rodgers, esq.


Friendly Lodge, No. 539

Master, Barnett Isaacs, esq.

Senior Warden, George Delisser, esq.

Junior Warden, Samah G. Corinaldi, esq.

Treasurer, Daniel Isaacs, esq.

Secretary, Solomon J. Leon, esq.

Senior Deacon, William O. Dunbar, esq.

Junior Deacon, William Laws, esq.

Inner Guard, Joseph Levy, esq.

Tyler, David Gains, esq.

Worshipful Past Masters, Barnett Isaacs, Cecil L. Isaacs, Daniel Levy, Abraham J. H. Bernal, Asher Solomon, George L. Castle, George McFarquhar Lawson, William S. Grignon, George L. Phillips, and Jacob N. Vaz, esqrs.

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