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CIVIL LISTS (continued)


Lord Bishop of Jamaica, the Bahama Islands, and the Settlement of Honduras, and their respective Dependencies, The Honourable and Right Reverend Christopher Lipscomb, D. D., £4000

Archdeacon and Commissary, The Venerable Edward Pope, D. D. £2,000


Rev. Miles Cooper Bolton, A.M.

Rev. Wm. Thomas Paterson

Rev. Walter Howell Lindsay

Rev. Thomas Stewart, S.C.L.

Rev. George Delgarno Hill, A. M.


Rev. Alex. Campbell, for the parishes of St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew, Port Royal, St. Thomas in the East, and St. David

Rev. M. C. Bolton, for the parishes of Portland, St. George, St. Mary, and St. Thomas in the Vale

Rev. Thomas P. Williams, for the parishes of St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Vere, St. John, Clarendon, and St. Dorothy.

Rev. J. McIntyre, for the parishes of Hanover, St. James, St. Ann, Trelawny, Westmoreland and the Grand Caymanas

Rev. J. C. Stone, for the parish of Trelawny

Rev. T. B. Branfort, B. A., for the parish of Port-Royal

Registrar and Secretary, Rev. T. R. Branfoot, B.A.

Apparitor, Mr. E. A. Deacon




[Rectors marked "$", Curates supported by the Colony [marked "*"], curates supported by Government and Charitable Societies [marked "%" or with a letter indicating their supporters. Letters are identified after the chart]


St. Catherine.... Lewis Bowerbank, A.M. $, W. Hylton *, W. S. Coward %.

St. John.... James Dawson $, C. H. Hall *.

St. Dorothy....C. F. Hall $, William Broadley *.

St. Thomas in the Vale ....William G. Burton $, Robert Steer *, J. Campbell B.A. (a)

Clarendon....George C. R. Fearon $, Joseph Stoney *.

Vere .... John Smith $, Hugh Reed *.

Manchester.... Robert W. Dallas $, D. K. Litteljohn *, S. H. Stewart, L.L.D. (f)

St. Mary....William Girod $, James W. Archer *, George F. Waters (a)

St. Ann....G. W. Bridges $, Thomas C. Rose *, T. K. Lipscomb %, J. H. Gegg, A. M. %


Kingston....Archdeacon Pope, D.D. $, Thomas B. Turner *, Rev. T. R. Branfoot, B.A (a)

J. McGrath, D.C. L. (f)

Port-Royal....W. Reed, B. A. (f) acting for Rev. T. Alves $, Charles Fyfe *.

St. Andrew....Alexander Campbell $, J. R. Pitter *, W. K. Betts (c)

St. Thomas' in the East....Stephen H. Cooke $, Thomas Wharton, A.M. *, M. Mitchell, A.M. (d), William Stearns (a), W. Woodcock (c)

St. David....William T. Paterson $, S. J. Jackson *.

Portland....Griffith Griffiths $, T. T. Orgill, B. A. *.

St. George....Miles C. Bolton $, CharlesT. May (a), R. Forbes (b), Joseph Williams (f), J. F. Sessing (c).


St. Elizabeth ....Thomas P. Williams $, Charles J. P. Douet *, James Waters %, James Dixon (c), H. S. Yates (c), J. Kerr (a).

Westmorland [sic].... Thomas Stewart $, T. C. Sharpe *, Daniel Fidler (a), Edward Galbraith (a)

Hanover....J. Stainsby $, H. W. Gegg *, C. W. Winckler (c), W. J. Bucknor %.

St. James....John McIntyre $, John Smith *, T. Davies %.

Trelawny....J. C. Stone (a) acting for Rev. Wm. Fraser $, G. W. Rowe *, H. G. Lawson (e), H. Browne (a).

GRAND CAYMANAS....David Wilson (a)

HONDURAS (Belize).... Matthew Newport $, A. A. Gibson, Garrison Chaplain BAHAMAS (Nassau, N. P.)

Christchurch....William Hepworth $, C. Neele (a)

St. Matthew's....William Strachan $.

Turk's Island.... Walter H. Lindsay $.

Harbour Island.... W. R. Duncomb *.

REFERENCES: Those marked (a) are supported by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; (b) by the same Society and Mitchel's Fund; (c) by the Church Missionary Society, (d) by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and ----Archdeckne, esq., (e) by the same Society and William Tharpe, esq., (f) by Government.



For the benefit of the Widows and Orphans of the Rectors of the Established Church. A deduction of £?42 per annum is made from the Stipend of each Rector in aid of this Fund.

Clerk, William Garrigues, Esq.

Statement of the Fund to Sept. 30, 1838

Dec. 1837: To paid the following annuitants, viz:

Mrs. Jones and 3 daughters, 6 months £95

Misses Jenkins, 6 months £50

Mrs.Ann Rose & 3 daughters, 6 months £65

Mrs. Marshall and daughter, 6 months £65

Mrs. Middleton and daughter, 6 months £65

Mrs. Pownall, 6 months £50

Mrs. West 6 months £50

U. R. & B. A. Rose, 6 months £50

Mrs. Mann, 6 months £50

Mary A. Lynch, 6 mos. £25

Mrs. Burton and three daughters 9[?] months £95

Mrs. D. Little 6 mos. £50

Miss Mary D. Underwood, 6 mos. £25

Mrs. Jones, and 3 daughters, 6 months £95

March 1838:

Mrs. Stewart and 2 daughters, 7 months £80

Miss A. E. Stewart, 6 months, £15

Miss Tonton 18 mos. £45

U. and A.B. Rose, 6 months £70

Mrs. Marshall and daughter, 6 months £95

C. and M. A. Jenkins, 6 months £70

Mrs. and Misses Middleton, 6 months, £95

Mrs. Pownall, 6 mos. £70

Mrs. West, 6 months, £70

Mrs. Heath, 6 months, $15

Mrs. Rose, 6 months £70

Mrs. Baxter & daughter, 6 months £145

Miss Lawrence £70

Mrs. Stewart & 2 daughters, 6 months £120

Miss Underwood, 6 months £35

Mrs. Mann, 6 months £70

Mrs. Jones and 3 daughters £140

William Garrigues, clerk, 6 months £20

Miss Lynch, 6 months £35

September 1838:

Mrs. Little, 6 mos. £70

Misses Hughes, 2 yrs. £200

Mrs. Daun, 1 year £120

Wm. Heath, 6 mos., £20. 10/-

R. M. & F. B. Hughes, 6 months £70

William Garrigues, clerk, 6 months £2?



(Established on the 20th of May, 1836)

Patron, His Excellency the Governor

President, The Right Rev. Lord Bishop

Vice-President, Sir J. Rowe, knt. hon., William Rowe


Right Rev. the Lord Bishop

The Venerable Archdeacon Pope, D.D.

Rev. Alexander Campbell

William Arnold, esq. M. D.

Rev. G. D. Hill, M. A.

Rev. T. R. Branfoot, B. A.

Rev. J. Magrath, L. L. D.

Treasurer, Bartholomew I. Williams, esq.

Secretary, Rev. J. Magrath, L. L. D.

Librarian, Mr. C. Arbouin



Minister, Rev. James Wordie

Elders, * Hinton Spalding, M. D. William Cathcart, Francis Eliott, Richard Lake Woolfrys, esqrs. John Ferguson, M. D., James Paul, M. D., John White Cater, Thomas Thomson, John Edwards, esqs., James McFadyen. M. D.

Treasurer and Secretary, John Brydon, esq.

Organist, Mr. Samuel R. Barrett

Beadles, Messrs. Francis Cross and Robert Mendes.


Minister, Rev. A. Thorburn

Elders, William Cadien, Patrick Anderson, Robert Cron, Alexander Simpson, Duncan Campbell, esqrs.

Treasurers, Thos. P. Kidd, Charles Heighington, esqrs.

Secretary, A. Scott, esq.

** Attached to the Kirk in Kingston is a Sabbath School, of much public utility, under the superintendence of the Rev. James Wordie, which is supported by voluntary subscriptions and an annual grant of the honorable house of assembly.




Moderator, Rev. James Watson

Clerk, Rev. H. M. Waddell


Rev. George Blyth, Hampden, Trelawny

___James Watson, Lucea, Hanover

___H. M. Waddell, Cornwall, St. James's

___John Cowan, Carron Hall, St. Mary's

___John Simpson, Port Maria, St. Mary's

___James Paterson, Cocoa-Walk, Manchester

___William Niven, Morgan's Bridge, Westmoreland

___Peter Anderson, Bellvue, Trelawny

___William Jameson, Lucky-Hill, St. Ann's

___James Niven, Cross Paths and Flower-Hill, Westmoreland

___William Scott, Hillside, Manchester


Mr. John Aird, Alligator Pond, Manchester

Mr. James Elmslie, Green-Island, Hanover

Mr. Davidson Black, Golden-Grove, Trelawny

Mr. William Kay, Mount-Zion St. James

Mr. James Drummond, Hampden, Trelawny

Mr. David Muir, Goshen, St. Mary's

** Schools are established at all the stations.




Rev. W. K. Betts. Missionary Grove, St. Andrew's

___H. S. Yates, Pedro Plains, St. Elizabeth's

___H. L. Dixon, Siloah, St. Elizabeth's

___C. W. Winckler, Knockalva, Hanover

___W. J. Woodstock, Rural-Hill, St.Thomas in the East

___D. Seddon, Elstree, Manchester

___J. F. Sessing, Birnam-Wood, St. George's


Mr. Edward Newman, Pratville, Manchester

___James Pollitt, Moore-Town, Portland

___Henry Taylor, Orchard, Port-Royal Mountains

___Josias Cork, Woodford, St. Andrew's

___Edmund Reynolds, Missonary Grove, St. Andrew's

___William Smith, Kingston pro tem.

___Francis Byrne, Somerset-Hall, St. Dorothy's

___William N. Ashby, Salt-Savanna, Vere

___Nathan Ashby, Elstice, Manchester

___William Forbes, Mount-Hermon, St. Slizabeth's

___James Gillies, Accompong, St. Elizabeth's

___James Paul, Barbary-Hall, St. Elizabeth's

___Henry Harris, Paul-Island, Westmoreland

___Samuel Holt, Church-Hill, Hanover


___William Findlay, Charles-Town, St. George's

___A. Findlay, Amity-Hall, St. Thomas' in the East

___Eugene Kesler, Port-Morant, St. Thomas' in the East

___Thomas Tollemache, Port-Antonio, Portland

___--- Creichton, Alexandria, Hanover

___Robert Foreman, Gibraltar, Hanover

Miss Amelia Spies, Argyle, Westmorland

Mr. Thomas Nichols, Nain, St. Elizabeth's



Rev. John Wooldridge and Mr. Bushnell, North-Street chapel and school-house, Kingston

___D. J. Ingraham Liguenea chapel and school-house, St. Andrew's

...Supplied from Kingston, Guava-Ridge, Port-Royal Mountains, and Hill-Side, St. David's

___Benjamin Franklin and Mr. Howell, Morant-Bay chapel and school-house, St. Thomas' in the East

...Supplied from Morant-Bay, Blue Mountain Valley, St. Thomas' in the East

___W. Alloway and Mr. Henry Russell, Dry-Harbour chapel and school-house, and Williamsfield, St. Ann's

...Supplied from Dry-Harbour, Runaway-Bay chapel and school-house, St. Ann's

___John Vine and Mr. Okell, First-Hill chapel and school-house, Trelawny

...Supplied from First Hill, Ulster-Spring, Trelawny

___W. Slatyer and Mr. Gibson, Mandeville chapel and school-house, Manchester

___W. G. Barrett & two native assistants, Four Paths chapel and school-house, Clarendon

...Supplied from Four Paths, Brixton-Hill chapel* and school-house, Clarendon

___---Jones, Chapelton chapel* and school-house, Clarendon

Mr. Hillier, assisted from Mandeville and Four Paths, Porus chapel and schoolhouse, Clarendon

Those chapels marked thus * are not completed



Rev. --- Coleman, Irwin-Hill, St. James's

___G. H. Pfeiffer, New Beauforts, Westmoreland

___ --- Elliot, New Carmel, Westmoreland

___D. Davis, New Fulnee, St. Elizabeth's

___T. Kochte, New Eden, St. Elizabeth's

___T. Rinkewitz, New Bethlehem, St. Elizabeth's

___T. Zorn, Fairfield, Manchester

___ --- Prince, Nazareth, Manchester

___I. Scholefield, Bethany, Manchester

___ --- Robbins, Fresh Hope, Westmorland

** Chapels and schools are attached to the several stations.


Chairman, Rev. Jonathan Edmonson, jun.


Rev. Jon. Edmondson, Kingston

___Edward Fraser, Kingston

___Henry Bleby, Kingston

___Robert Inglis, Kingston

___John Randerson, Spanish-Town

___John Gregory, Spanish-Town

___Richard Sargent, Spanish Town

___James Atkins, Morant-Bay, St. Thomas' in the East

___Francis Whitehead, Morant-Bay, St. Thomas' in the East

___Philip Chapman, Grateful-Hill, St. Thomas' in theVale

___David Kerr, Montego-Bay, St. James's

___James Edney, Montego-Bay, St. James's

___William Ritchie, Falmouth,Trelawny

___Richard Harding, Falmouth,Trelawny

___Isaac Whitehouse, St. Ann's

___Henry B. Foster, St. Ann's

___William Redfern, St. Ann's

___ --- Weddall, St. Ann's

___James Rowden, Bath, St. Thomas' in the East

___Lewis Lewis, Bath, St. Thomas' in the East

___John Williams, Stoney-Hill, St. Andrew's

___John Hornby, Port-Antonio, Portland

___William Seccombe, Lucea, Hanover

___William Hodgson, Oracabessa, St. Mary's

___Thomas Burrowes, Black-River, St. Elizabeth's

___Peter Samuel, Clarendon

___Richard Davies, Clarendon

___Timothy Curtis, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmorland

___Wilson Lofthouse, Mount Ward

___Samuel Simmons, Stewart's Town, Trelawny

___Mark B. Bird, Grand Caymanas

___ John Greenwood, Belize and Carib Town, Honduras Bay

___ Samuel Stanton, Belize and Carib Town, Honduras Bay

** There are in operation 13 day and 24 sabbath schools


General Superintendent, Rev. Thomas Pennock, whose business it is to visit several societies.


Rev. Joseph Blythman, Kingston and Port-Royal Mountains

___John Parkyn, Kingston and Port-Royal Mountains

___Kelsham Fullagar, Finger-Post, Pedro-Farm, Refuge, and St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann's

___Samuel Rogers, senior, Grateful-Hill, Mount-Regale, Belmont, and Essex-Hall, St. Thomas in the Vale

___Robert C. Gabay, Grateful-Hill, Mount-Regale, Belmont, and Essex-Hall, St. Thomas in the Vale

___Christopher Francis, Stoney-Hill, St. Andrew's

___John Fox, Mount Chressy, St. Andrew's

___Charles Lee, Red Hills, St. Andrew's, and the adjacent places

___Robert Glover, Port-Maria, St. Mary's, and its vicinity

**Another Missionary is expected from England, and several native young men are in a train of preparation for missionary labour.



Rev. Thomas F. Abbott, St. Ann's Bay, Ocho-Rios, Coultart's Grove, and Landovery, St. Anns, and Stacey-Ville, Clarendon

___John Clark, Brown's Town, Bethany, and Somerset, St. Ann's and Mount Zion, Clarendon

___David Day, Port-Maria, Oracabesssa, and Bagnal's Vale, St. Mary's

___Henry C. Taylor, Old-Harbour, St. Dorothy's

___James Reid, Ebony Chapel, Vere, and Four Paths, Clarendon

___John Clarke, Jericho, Mount-Hermon, Lucky-Valley, and Guy's Hill, St. Thomas' in the Vale; Moneague, St. Ann's, and Springfield, St. John's.

___J. M. Phillippo, Spanish-Town, St.Catherines

___ Henry C.Taylor, Spanish-Town, St.Catherines

___J. M. Phillippo, Passage-Fort, Taylor's Caymanas, Sligo Ville, and Sturge's Mount, St. Catherine's; Kitson Dale, St. John's and Rock-River, St. Thomas' in theVale


____W. Whithorne, Mount-Charles and Brandon-Hill, St. Andrew's, and Scott's-Hall, St. Mary's

___Vacent, East Queen Street, Kingston, and town of Port-Royal

___Joshua Tinson, Hanover street, Kingston, Yallahs, St. David's, and Mount-Atlas, St. Andrew's

___John Kingdon, Belle-Castle and Long-Bay, St. Thomas' in the East


___John Hutchins, Savanna-la-Mar, Fullersfield, Mountainside, and Friendship, Westmorland

___Thomas Burchell, Montego-Bay, Shortwood, Mount-Carey, Montpelier, Tottenham, & Walford Hill, St. James's, and Bethel-Hill, Westmorland.

___William Knibb, Falmouth, Refuge, Waldensia, Camberwell, Manns, and Tharps, Trelawny

___Benjamin B. Dexter, Rio-Bueno, Stewart Town, and New Birmingham, Trelawny

___Samuel Oughton, Gurney's Mount, Lucea, and Green-Island, Hanover, and Fletcher's Grove, Trelawny

___W. Dendy, Salter's Hill, Bethtephil, and Ma1don, St. James's, and Prospect, St. Elizabeth's


Originally under the superintendence of the Rev. George Leile


Rev. William Killick, Windward Road, Kingston

___John Duff, West-street, Kingston, and Zion-Hill, St. Thomas' in the Vale

___ John Davis, Tex Lane, Kingston

___William Duggan, Spanish-Town, St. Catherine's, and Confidence, Clarendon

___George Lyon, Old-Harbour Bay, St. Dorothy's; Hayes's Savanna, Vere; Rest, Clarendon, and Marly Hill, St. John's

___ --- Brown, Port-Antonio, Portland.

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