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Commander in chief of the Forces in this Island and its Dependencies, His Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir Lionel Smith, Baronet, K.C.B., G.C.H. (Governor).

Assistant Military Secretary, Major S. R. Warren, 65th Foot.

Aide-de-Camp, Capt. C. H. Darling, unattached

Commanding Officer of Artillery, Lieut.-Colonel W. D. Nicolls

Commanding Officer at the Bahama Islands, Colonel Francis Cockburn, 2d West-India Regiment (Lieutenant-Governor)

Her Majesty's Superintendent at Honduras, Colonel # Alexander Macdonald, Royal Artillery

Deputy-Adjutant-General, Lieut.-Colonel # William Turner, unattached

Deputy-Quartermaster-General, Lieut.-Colonel William Elliot, K.H., unattached

Deputy Commissary-General, Daniel Kearney, esq.

Assistant Commissary-General, William Thompson, Esq.

Deputy-Assistant Commissaries General, Solomon E. Hansord, Edward Thomas Grindley, John Trimmer, esqrs.

Treasury Clerks, Thomas McCann, W. Elliot Mockler, esqrs.

Assistant Commissary-General at Honduras, John Tench, esq.

Assistant Commissary-General at Bermuda, Henry Bowers, esq.

Assistant Commissary-General at the Bahama Islands, George Elliott, esq.

Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals, Thomas Kidd, esq. M.D., Jan. 27, 1837

Surgeon to the Forces, Wm. Dawson, esq. M.D., Dec. 29, 1837.

Apothecary to the Forces, George Allman, esq. 2/28/1828

Assistant Surgeons to the Forces, Thomas Rhys, at Honduras, Edward William Burton, Thomas Ross Jameson M.D., Thomas Alexander, Francis Robert Waring, Thomas F. Fishbourne, M.D., William Denny, Alexander D. Taylor, Robert Atthill, M.D.

Deputy-Purveyor, Charles Warner, esq. 9/7/1835

Dispenser of Medicines, Mr. Michael McBride

Officiating Chaplains to the Forces, The Rev. William Fraser, A.M. Falmouth; the Rev. John R. Pitter, Stoney-Hill; the Rev. Alexander Campbell, A.M. Up-Park Camp; the Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, A.M. Spanish-Town; the Rev. John McIntyre, Maroon Town, St. James's; the Rev. G. Griffiths, Port-Antonio; the Rev. W. S. Coward, Fort-Augusta; the Rev. T. Alves, Port-Royal; the Rev. William Strachan, Bahama Islands; the Rev. A. Gibson, Honduras; the Rev. C. F. Duquesnay, Roman Catholic Clergyman, Kingston.

Contractor for supplying the Troops on the Island Establishment with Provision, Messrs. Atkinson, Hozier, & Co.


EXPLANATIONS: The Army Rank of Captains and Subalterns is annexed to their names, and their Seniority in the Battalion or Regiment is pointed out by the order in which they are placed. The letter s distinguishes Officers on the staff; c. colonels, l.c. lieutenant-colonels, and m. majors in the Army. Those marked thus * are on service in this island. The words subscribed under the titles of Regiments, as "Peninsula," "Waterloo," etc. denote the Honorary Distinctions permitted to be borne on their Colours and Appointments, in commemoration of their services. Officers marked thus # were at Waterloo. [Dates are M/D/Y and refer to the year in which the rank was achieved]

8th (The King's) Regiment

The White Horse within the Garter, and Crown over it; in the three Corners of the 2d Colour, the King's Cypher and Crown.

The "Sphynx," "Egypt" "Martinique" "Niagara."

Colonel, Lieut.-General Sir Henry Bayly, G.C.H. 9/13/1835

Lieut.-Colonel, *Thomas G. Ball

Majors, *Simcoe Baynes, C. St. Lo Malet.


H. W. Hartley, m

*Thomas Kenyon

James Byron

J. Longfield

W. Chearnley

*H. W. Roper

*D. Gardiner

*Walter Ogilvy

E. H. Greathead

J. T. Liston


C. P. Trapaud

*F. S. Holmes, adj.

Stephenson Browne

*A. T. S. S. Plunkett

*J. E. West

*H. Capadose

*Alfred A. Malet

*John Hinde

*Mark P. Seward

F. D. Lumley

Coulthurst Holder

*Hugh Hill

*Ernest Lavie


J. L. Marsden

R. F. Turner

W. M. G. McMurdo

Thomas Clowes

W. Seymour

C. F. B. G. Dickenson

P. A. Iremonger

Arthur Leslie

Paymaster, *W. R. Lucas

Adi. *F. S. Holmes

Quartermaster, *Job Aldridge

Surgeon, *Peter Fraser

Assistant Surgeon, *J. C. G. Tice

Assistant Surgeon, Isidore A. Blake

Agents, Cox & Co.


56th (West Essex) Regiment

"Moro" "Gibraltar" with the Castle and Key, and the Motto, "Montis Insignia Calpe."

Colonel, Lieut-Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B. G.C.M.G.

Lieutenant-Colonel, George M. Eden

Majors, F. O. Leighton, *P. S. Norman.


*W. H. Arthure

*Nicholas Palmer

*R. S. Vicars

C. O'C. Higgins

C. J. Henry

Warb. Grey

John Wegg

*Edmund W. W. Pawsey

Ralph P. Ince

*Benjamin Walmsley


*A. D. Cuddy

William Telford

*E. E. Nicolls

J. Charlewood

H. B. Barclay

T. G. B. McNeill

W. A. Conran

*E. Fosbrooke

*John Turner

*T. J. Smith

*R. W. Lacy, adj

H. Hollingsworth

*James Waddell


*R. W. Hunter

Sould. Oakeley

E. Norton

* L. C. Conran

Arthur W. Byles

F. G. T. Deshon

Alexander Macpherson

R. H. Macdonnell

Paymaster, *G. B. Sutherland

Adjutant, *R. W. Lacy

Quartermaster, *Thomas Debenham

Surgeon, Matthew Neill

Assistant Surgeons, E. Bradford, N. S. Campbell, M.D.

Agents, Cox & Co.

Irish Agents, Borough, Armit, & Co.


64th (Second Staffordshire) Regiment

"St. Lucia" "Surinam"

Colonel, Lieut. Gen. Sir R. Bourke, K.C.B. l.g. 11/29/1837

Lieutenant-Colonel, *J. E. Freeth 12/1/1837

Majors, *Severus W. L. Stretton, Hon. G. A. Browne


*James Draper

*D. H. Lawrell

*George Duberley

*M. J. Western

E. C. Fownes

*Edward Mandeville

J. A. Kingdom

W. J. James

Bartholomew Burnet

*Francis Sealy


*Charles Norris

G. C. B. Stirling

D. W. Battley

J. Cavanan

*F. A. Errington

S. H. Smith

* T. I. W. Bowen

*E. J. Coxe

*A. B. Parker

H. A. Cumberlege

*James D. Smyth

*Ramsay H. Smith

H. R. Collinson


W. H. Lys

W. W. Lyttleton

Michael E. Smith

Hon. G. F. W. Yelverton

W. B. Jopp

F. H. Kilvington

N. T. Williams

C. Handfield

Paymaster, *J. Ralston

Adjutant, *Charles Norris

Quartermaster, *James Carr

Surgeon, *M. Fogarty

Assistant Surgeon, A. McLean, M.D., *R. K. Kynoch

Agents, Cox & Co.

Irish Agents, Cane & Co.


68th (Durham) Light Infantry Regiment

"Salamanca" "Vittoria" "Pyrenees" "Nivelle" "Orthes" "Peninsula"

Colonel, Sir. W. Johnson, K.C.B.

Lieut-Colonel, *J. Cross #, K.H.

Majors, *Lord W. Paulet, R. W. Huey


H. Smyth

*D. H. A. Mackinnon

*R. L. Phipps

*G. Witham

W. H. Gillman

*G. McBeath

*J. B. Parkinson

A. E. Hill, s

R. H. Barlow

A. Mainwaring


J. Duff

E. McPherson

J. M. Napier, s

*M. D. Taylor

*H. Smyth

H. Blount

H. A. Ouvry

W. Cross

*J. Johnston, adj.

*P. Hill

H. G. Wynne


*L. C. Elwes

W. W. Horner

C. Powell

P. C. S. Grant

William B. Brown

William Rhodes

S. Browne

Alfred Tipping

W. J. Beale

R. G. Jephson

Paymaster, # H. Hilliard

Adjutant, * J. Johnston

Quartermaster, *J. Baxter

Surgeon, J. C. Carter, M.D.

Assistant-Surgeons, *Alexander Leslie, *C. Irving

Agent, Cox & Co.


Ordnance Department

Royal Artillery

Officer Commanding, Lieut.-Col. W. D. Nicolls

Captains, E. Sabine, # A. Wright, A. W. Hope

Second Captains, *A. R. Harrison, *H. Morgan, *J. H. St. John.


*J. W. Patten (at Honduras)

*P. S. Campbell, act. adjt.

S. B. Hornby (at New Providence)

*W. H. Elliot

C. J. B. Riddell

Assistant Surgeon, William Kelly

Acting Adjutant and Quartermaster, * P. S. Campbell

Royal Engineers

Officer Commanding, *Major William M. Gosset

Captain, *F. W. Pettingall

Lieutenants, *Sampson Freeth, *William G. Hamley

Clerks of Works, Mr. J. Cahil, Mr. William Clark

Clerks, Mr. Henry Tatum, Mr. George Sidney, Mr. W. J. Eyre

Ordnance Storekeeper and Paymaster, Alexander Fullarton, esq.

Deputy Ordnance Storekeeper, Charles Middleton

Ordnance Clerks, Mr. John T. Lowry, Mr. Thomas C. Martelli, Mr. Samuel R. Barrett, Mr. Andrew S. Lawson

Temporary Clerks, Mr. William R. Padmore, Mr. George Campbell

Surgeon, Charles Mackglashan, esq. M.D.


Captain, A. Chambre, Up-Park Camp and Kingston

Lieutenant, J. N. Fraser (37th Reg.) Lucea (acting).

Captain, N. Mackinnon, Stoney Hill and Port-Royal

Major, P. Wilkie, Spanish-Town and Fort-Augusta

Captain, D. Gordon, Port-Antonio

Captain, P. Browne, Maroon Town and Falmouth

Ordnance Storekeeper and Paymaster at New Providence, John Walker, esq.

Clerk at New Providence, Mr. Henry Maxwell

Barrackmaster at New Providence, R. Phillips

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