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As given in to the Parochial Vestries on the 28th March, 1837



Proprietors, Properties, Apprentices


Anderson, Alexander, Cherry Garden 123

.............................Ferry 194

Albert, P., Swallowfield Pen 27

Aikman, Alexander, senior, Prospect 37

Bond, William, deceased, Mona 140

Cargill, J. F., Constant Spring 245

Cockburn, James, Twickenham 21

Cockburn, Charles, deceased, Charlemont 38

Clarke, Jane F., deceased, Hamstead Park 30

Campbell, Colin, Waterhouse 130

Clarke, Misses, Spring and Pen 111

Davis, Anthony, Molynes 108

Duncan, David, Hunts Bay Pen 27

Gordon, John, Barbican 127

Kaylett, Thomas, deceased, Maverly 172

Kettleholdt, Baron, Chancery Hall 52

Kerr, Joseph, Pembroke Hall 71

Long, Jane, Norbrook 72

Mais, Hon. John, Hall's Delight 89

McKay, Mary, Friendship Park 50

Mattocks, William, deceased, Retreat 112

Perkins, Benjamin N. deceased, Shortwood 140

Smith, J. M., Camperdown 26

Starks, Dorothy, Dudley Castle 22

Wildman, James B., Papine 115


Allan, James A., deceased, Mount Ayrey 40

Allan, Charlotte, Montpelier 43

Anderson, Thomas, Mount Dorothy 25

Austin, Thomas, Strawberry Hill 31

Buckingham, Duke of, Middleton 165

Baker, Lydia, Bardowie 76

Chisholm, Robert, Newton 96

Clarke, James, Campbell's Mountain etc. 54

Cockburn, James, receiver, Rose Hill 78

East, Sir Edward H., Maryland 173

Falconer, Dr., Mount Friendship etc. 57

Feurtado, Horatio, Mount George 26

Gordon, John, Prospect 53

Haaze, David, deceased, Content 110

Hamilton, Archibald R., Clifton 85

...........................Cold Spring 78

...........................Enfield 20

King, William B., Charlottenburg 43

...........................Union Hill 42

Lundie, Thomas, Morsham and Muff Castle 76

Mais, Hon. John, Tweedside 72

Marshall, Elizabeth, Mount Moses 184

Mothershill, Robert, Pleasant Hill 44

Pownall, James C., deceased, Silver Hill 110

Perkins, Benjamin M. deceased, Airy Castle 103

...........................Struan Castle 23

Smith, James, deceased, Prospect Hill 103

Simpson, Andrew, receiver, Dublin Castle 148

Schroeter, George H., Mount Industry 64

Wiles, James, Monmouth Mount 72

Wells, Richard, deceased, Constitution Hill 060

Yates, Hon. Thomas L., deceased, Prospect Hill 45


Bryan, Robert W., Healthy Valley 71

Bean, John, deceased, Stirling Castle 59

Burrow and Park, Mount Prospect 99

Brett, Walter, deceased, Mount Salus 24

Brown, Charles, Happy Grove 60

Chrystie, William, Temple Hall 224

Cockburn, James, Belle Vue 76

Cowan, Thomas, Cedar Valley 154

Cooper, Dederick, Mount Olive 44

Desgoutes, Louis, Florence Hill 23

............................Mount Dakens 94

Duncker, A. C., Dicks Last Shift 28

Fox, John, Mount Cressey 57

Forbes, Alexander, Knowsley 99

Graham, Brice, Claremount 43

Hughes, William, deceased, Rose Mount 98

Hall, Dorothy, Belmont 27

Hunt, James, Williton Hill 28

Jopp, C. M., Joppa and Keith Hall 270

............................Bellair 155

Kerr, Joseph, Mount Atlas 84

Mackglashan, Charles, deceased, Mount Prospect 133

Mais, Hon. John, receiver, Hall Green 121

Mais, Hon. John, Mount James 53

McCaulsky, Malcolm, Mount Cheerful 39

Perkins, Elizabeth, Good Hope 25

Renoux, M. C., Pleasant Spring 44

Rose, William, Mount Content 22

Schaw, Mary, Peter's Retreat 24

Smith, Robert, Fair Hill 55

Satchell, Charles, Swainspring 61

Smith, John, deceased, Salisbury Plain 125

Sutherland, Donald, Golden Spring 130

Spalding, Dr. Hinton, Cottage 21

Tait, Charles, Woodlands 33

Woolfrys, Richard, Mount Woolfrys 54

Small settlements not having more than 20 apprentices 3,032

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