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The Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and the Attorney General, are Justices in every Parish.  Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take Probates of Deeds.


*This mark prefixed to names denotes absence from Island; when otherwise, a vacancy.
† Prefixed to Barristers, denotes that they do not practice.
‡ Prefixed to Assistant Judges of the Courts of Common Peas, Magistrates, etc., denotes that they reside in a different parish from that under the head of which they appear.



Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable William Rowe

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
*David Shakespear
John Griffith
Duncan Robertson (Senior), Esqrs.
Honourable Richard Boucher
Isaac Allen
George Graham Stone
Alexander Rose
John Robertson
Alexander Girdwood
John Racker Webb
Charles Rowe
Edward Owen
James Miller
Duncan Robertson (Jun.)
James Rowe, Esqrs.
Reverend William Vaughan Hamilton
*Joseph James Swaby
‡ James Potter
Andrew White
James Daly
Henry Hutchings
‡ Thomas Phillpotts
Lewis Williams
John Salmon
Charles Farquharson
Archibald Thomson, Esqrs.
Reverend Thomas Stewart
Edward Francis Coke
George Forbes
Samuel Fothergill, Esqrs.

Charles Forbes
James Davy
Robert Allwood
Thomas Anderson Esqrs.

Rector, Reverend Thomas Stewart
Churchwardens, Alexander Rose, Lewis Williams, Esqrs.

William Adlam
Samuel Greaves
David Morrice
John Holliday
William Delaroche
Adam Copland
James Lawrence Smith
Charles Farquharson, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Philip Davies, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, William Pitter, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Philip Davies, George Graham Stone,*Richard Ashman, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable, John Griffith, Esq.
Coroner, Edward Denniss, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. Alexander Mackenzie
Collector of the Transient Tax and Poundkeeper, George Tomlinson, Esq.
Collector of the Transient Tax at Black River, Mr. Christopher Luce Ramson
Collector of the Transient Tax at Lacovia, Mr. Hugh Hutchison
Vender of Gunpowder and Distributor of Stamps at Black River, Andrew Miller, Esq.
Health Officer at Black River, Dr. Alexander Rose
Harbour Master at Black River, Mr. Matthew Farquharson
Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. James Innes
Pilots at Black River, Messrs. John Bennett and Joseph Bennett
Constables, Messrs. John Taylor, William Lawrence, John Russell, Abraham Morais


President, Samuel Greaves, Esq. (in the room of James Potter, Esq.)
Treasurer, Bernard Daly, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rose
Supervisor, Mr. Christopher Luce Ramson


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable John Lewis

Assistant Judges
† William Hylton, (senior)
James Robert Tomlinson
Theodore Stone
*Philip Pinnock, Esqrs.
‡ Reverend Thomas Stewart
James Brown
‡ David Finlayson
*Oliver Hering
‡ Walter Murray
Joseph Stone Williams
William Forbes
John Marshall
John Falconer
James Colquhoun Grant
‡ Robert Allwood
Thomas Hill
John Blyth
*Francis Grant
*Horace Beckford
George Kirlew
John Dobson
*James Potter
Henry Distin, Esqrs.
Reverend Edmund Pope, LL. D.

Robert Tomlinson
‡ William Hylton (senior)
Theodore Stone
*Philip Pinnock, Esqrs.
‡ Reverend Thomas Stewart
James Brown
*Oliver Hering
‡ Walter Murray
Edward Jervis Ricketts
‡ David Finlayson
John Marshall
John Falconer
Joseph Stone Williams
Hutchinson Scott
‡ William Hylton (jun.)
James Colquhoun Grant
‡ Richard Quarrell
‡ Robert Allwood
‡ William James Stephenson
*John Graham Campbell
William Forbes
Anthony Gilbert Storer, Esqrs.
‡ Honourable Robert Scarlett
John Blyth
*Martin Williams
Patrick Spence
George Kirlew
*George Marcy
*Francis Grant
George Robert Johnson
John Dobson
John Foster
Charles O'Connor
Edward Smith
*James Potter
*Robert Oliver Vassall
Henry Distin
*Thomas Ricketts Hylton
‡ Honourable Samuel Vaughan
Paul Stevens Samuels
Purchas Lumley
Charles Vanriell
*Charles McNish
John Jones, Esqrs.
Reverend Edmund Pope, LL. D.
John Hogg
Hugh James
John Moore
David Mason
Angus Kennedy, Esqrs

Rector, Reverend Edmund Pope, LL. D.
Churchwardens, Joseph Stone Williams, Edward Smith, Esqre.

John Hogg
Thomas William Hardin
William Lawson
Thomas Bird
Murdoch McKenzie
Benjamin Morrison
John Moore
James Ferguson
Hugh James
William Robb, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, James Murray, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Inspector of Weights and Measures, and Town Clerk, John Tomlinson, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court,*Robert Oliver Vassall, George Kirlew, John Marshall, James Brown,*Charles McNish, James Murray, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable, Thomas Tomlinson, Esq.
Coroner, Benjamin Capon, Esq.
Collector of the Transient Tax and Distributor of Stamps, John Pritchard , Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. Alexander McKenzie
Vender of Gunpowder, Charles McNish , Esq.
Surgeon to the Poor House, Dr. David Wilson
Health Officers, Doctors Henry Distin and David Wilson
Harbour Master, John Dobson, Esq.
Pilots, Messrs. Leonard Willis, John Manuel, Thomas William Tavares, Thomas Appleby
Poundkeeper, Thomas William Hardin, Esq.
Organist, Mrs. Catherine Taylor
Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. Daniel McGibbon
Beadle, Mr. James Merritt
Constables, Messrs. Joseph Merritt, James Merritt, Daniel Campbell
Constable at Morgan's Bridge Market, Mr. George Robert Campbell


Trustees, the Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three of the Senior Magistrates, Rector, and five Freeholders chosen on the first of August -- for the year 1816-17, John Ricketts, John Dobson, John Marshall, Joseph Stone Williams, William Forbes, Esqrs.
Treasurer, John Dobson, Esq.
Master, Reverend Edmund Pope, LL. D.


President, John Dobson, Esq.
Treasurer, Thomas Tomlinson, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. David Wilson
Supervisor, Mr. James Pessoa


Custos Rotulorum, etc., ‡ Honourable William James Stephenson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
‡ Patrick Spence
‡ Robert Gilpin
Robert Kerr
Richard Dickson
‡ James Colquhoun Grant
Patrick Bremner
‡ Philip Anglin Scarlett, Esqrs.
*Honourable Robert Scarlett
‡ Thomas Reid
Alexander Campbell (Lucea)
*Alexander Campbell (Copse)
‡ Samuel Jackson
John Maxwell
‡ William Allen
‡ Walter Murray
John Hill
‡ Paul Stevens Samuels, Esqrs.
*Sir Simon Haughton Clarke, Baronet
*Robert Oliver Vassall
‡ Samuel Kerr
John Mowat Bucknor
Richard Quarrell
Dugald Campbell
Robert Chisholm
Alexander Campbell
Joseph Robert Bowen
*John Haughton James
‡ Alexander Peterkin
John Malcolm
‡ George Robert Johnson
*William Miller
James Keys
William Grant
William Carr Walker
‡ James Galloway
Edmund Gairdner
‡ John Tharp Lawrence
Robert Allwood
James Buchanan, Esqrs.

Magistrate, David Edwards, Esq.
Rector, Rev. Daniel Warner Rose
Churchwardens, William Augustus Dickson, William Thomas Chambers, Esqrs.

William Leslie
Archibald Campbell
William Charles Morris
Donald Cameron
James Martin
David Grant
James Thomson
Lewis Grant
Nathaniel Forrester, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Collector of the Transient Tax, and Distributor of Stamps at Lucea, James Keys, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry and Coroner, Robert Kerr, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Richard Dickson, ‡ Patrick Spence, Alexander McCallum, John Randall Ellard, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable, Andrew Reddie, Esq.
Distributer of Stamps at Green Island, Mr. Francis Henry
Surgeon to the Poor House and Transient Poor, Dr. Alexander Campbell
Health Officer at Lucea, Dr. George Towton
Harper Master at Lucea and at Green Island, John Randall Ellard, Esq.
Pilot at Lucea, Mr. Alexander Chambers
Pilot at Green Island, Mr. James F. Graham
Sworn Measurers, Messrs. James Spence, David Grant, William A. Dickson, Jacob Isaacs, Thomas Leslie, Richard Chambers, George Dally, George Heming
Clerk of the Market, Parish Clerk, and Sexton, Mr. George Heming
Organist, Mrs. Heming
Poundkeeper at Lucea, Mrs. Mary Hill
Poundkeeper at Green Island, Mr. Alexander Morrison
Constables at Lucea, Messrs. Jacob Isaacs  and ----- Robins
Constable at Sandy Bay, Mr. George Harvey
Constable at Green Island, Mr. Alexander Morrison


Trustees, The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three Senior Magistrates, Rector, Churchwardens, and six Freeholders, chosen annually on the third Tuesday in February.  Those for the present year are William Leslie, Robert Chisholm, James Martin, David Grant, Donald Cameron, William Grant, Esqrs.
Treasurer, Robert Kerr, Esq.
Master, Reverend Daniel Warner Rose
Surgeon, Dr. Alexander Campbell


President, Robert Kerr, Esq.
Treasurer, Andrew Reddie, Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. Robert Rusea
Surgeon, Dr. Alexander Campbell


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable Samuel Vaughan

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
*Sir Simon Haughton Clarke, Baronet
Raynes Barrett Waite
*David Kerr
Richard Heath
George McLenan
Philip Anglin Scarlett
Thomas Joseph Gray, Esqrs.
*Honourable Robert Scarlett
*George Lawrence
‡ Robert Moulton
Samuel Jackson
‡ George E. Coward
*Charles Rose Ellis (M. P.)
George McFarquhar Lawson, Esqrs.
Honourable James Cunningham
Alexander Peterkin
James Galloway
Walter Murray, Esqrs.
*Sir John Gordon, Baronet
Henry Parry
William Perry
Roderick Tulloch
John Coates
Henry Waite Plummer
‡ Samuel Cunningham
George Longmore
William Stirling
George Cunningham
James Stothart
Charles Gordon Gray
George Gordon
Alexander Davidson
*John Baillie
‡ Joseph Robert Bowen
‡ Urquhart Gillespie
Robert Scarlett
*William Miller
*James Irving
Richard Barrett
John Ritchie
Samuel Kerr
John Parnther
William M. Kerr
Alexander Campbell
John Tharp Lawrence
William S. Grignon
Robert Thomas Downer
Joseph Bowen
Edward Mountague
Robert Watt
Thomas Phillpotts, Esqrs.

Rector, Reverend Henry Jenkins
Churchwardens, James Guthrie, Robert Dewar, Esqrs.

Henry Parry
Alexander Campbell
John Ritchie
Henry Shergold
James Hedley
Alexander Mudie
Patrick Green
John Parnther
Raynes Waite
Edmund Mountague, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Crawford Ricketts, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry and Distributor of Stamps, William Stanford Grignon, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Alexander Davidson, Patrick Green, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, William Allen, Esq.
Solicitors, Messrs. W. S. Grignon and Rowland Williams
Coroner, Alexander Davidson, Esq.
Collector of the Transient Tax, William Ewart, Esq.
Clerk of the Market, Mr. John Gardner
Firewardens, William Perry, Roderick Tulloch, Robert Watt, Raynes Waite, Samuel Sharpe, Esqrs.
Town Surveyor, Philip Anglin Morris, Esq.
Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. V. J. Morgridge, William Bellinger, John Gardner, John Shaw, George Glennie
Health Officers at Montego Bay, Doctors Alexander Watt and George Longmore
Physician to the Gaol, Dr. William Gordon
Harbour Master at Montego Bay, Alexander Davidson, Esq.
Pilot, Mr. Henry Franklin
Poundkeeper, Mr. Alexander Milne
Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. John Shaw
Organist, Mrs. Sharpe
Clock Keeper, Mr. John Fraser
Matron of Hospital, Elizabeth McCatty
Former Deputy Collecting Constable, Head Constable, and Beadle, Mr. Asa W. Wilder, deceased.


Directors, Samuel Vaughan (President), Thomas Joseph Gray, Raynes Barrett Waite Henry Parry, Patrick Green, Henry Shergold, William Ewart, Esqrs., Honourable James Cunningham, Robert Watt, William Perry, William Allen, George Cunningham, Esqrs.
Treasurer, James Guthrie, Esq.
Secretary, Mr. W. H. Brain, (in the room of Alexander Davidson Esq.)
Water Bailiff and Pilot, Mr. Henry Franklin, (in the room of Mr. Walter Lapsley)


Trustees, The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three Senior Magistrates, the Churchwardens, with George McFarquhar Lawson, Henry W. Plummer, William S. Grignon, Esqrs.
Master, Mr. Edward F. Hughes
Governess, Mrs. M. Moodie


President, John Coates, Esq.
Treasurer, William Allen, Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. William Ball
Surgeon, Dr. Alexander Watt


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable James Stewart

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
*Charles Gordon (Senior)
*John Blagrove
‡ James Galloway, Esqrs.
‡ Honourable William James Stevenson
*Alexander Hawthorn
Urquhart Gillespie
Patrick Smith
**Edward Knowles (formerly.  Now deceased)
William Baker Utten
James Phillips Utten
*William Mitchell
‡Charles O'Connor
*Hugh Barnett
*Alexander Edgar, Esqrs.
Honourable Samuel Vaughan
*James Lawson
William Fairclough
Charles Campbell
*John Baillie
David Richards
*George Lawrence
Walter Minto, Esqrs.
‡ Honourable James Cunningham
*Charles Gordon, jun.
*George Reid, jun.
*John Black
‡ Alexander Stevenson
George Miller
John Campbell, jun.
Henry Wright
‡ Joseph Green
*Alexander Grant
‡ John Meek, Esqrs.
*Sir John Gordon, Baronet
*Jonathan Brown
*John Stockdale Brown
*Henry Gordon
Edward James
*James Irving
*William Miller
William Littlejohn
Robert Haldane Scott
Edward Earl
Samuel Cunningham
‡ George Cunningham
James Thompson
John Cowper
George Ogilvy
William Ellis
John Robert Mitchell, Esqrs.

Magistrates, ‡ Thomas Reid, Robert Moulton, ‡ John Reid Gallimore, Thomas Kerr Vernon, Esqrs.
Rector, Reverend William Fraser, A. M.
Churchwardens, Charles Campbell, John Robert Mitchell, Esqrs.

William Fairclough
David Richards
Edward Earl
James Dalmahoy
George Ogilvy
Robert Haldane Scott
William Vredenburg
James McDonald
Samuel Earnshaw
William Ellis, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, Court, and Police, and Collecting Constable, John Campbell, jun., Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Court, and Peace, Collector of Transient Tax, and Distributor of Stamps at Falmouth, Edward Hoole, Esq.
Distributor of Stamps at Rio Bueno, Mr. Edward Higgins
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Patrick Smith, Frederick Lamont, John Stockdale Brown, Thomas Kerr Vernon, Thomas Higginson, Edward Hoole, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable of Arrears, William Dobie, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. Samuel Atterbury
Coroner, Mr. John Campbell, senior
Firewardens, Messrs. James Dalmahoy (President), William Vredenburg, John Houstoun, William Bell , Daniel Brown
Inspector of Fire Engines, Mr. John Robey
Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. Richard Lewis
Sworn Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. Walter Henry Birmingham, Richard Lewis, Mark Paterson, John Robey, George Thorburn,*David McConnell, John Harrison Clarke,*Reuben Cox, Samuel Thompson
Surgeon to the Parish School and Transient Poor, Drs. Gillespie and Craig
Physicians to the Gaol, Drs. Cowan and Crosbie
Venders of Gunpowder, Messrs. Campbell and Ellis, and Messrs. Cotter and Conning
Poundkeeper at Duncans, Mrs. Jane Watt
Poundkeeper at Martha Brae, Mr. George Lowrie
Parish Clerk, Mr. William Fosbrooke
Sexton, Mr. Richard Lewis (formerly Mrs. Ann Lewis)
Clock Keeper, Mr. Robert Carnaby
Teachers of the Parish Children, Mrs. Henrietta Perkins and Miss Ann Patten
Tythingman, Mr. Thomas Kennedy
Head Constable, Mr. John Harris.


Commissioners, the Magistrates and Vestrymen off the Parish of Trelawny, or any five of them.
Collector of the Tax, Edward Hoole, Esq.
Surgeon, Drs. Cowan and Crosbie
Matron, Mrs. Mary M. Brown


President, Honourable James Stewart
Treasurer, Charles Campbell, Esq.
Surgeon, Drs. Gillespie and Craig
Supervisor, Mr. James Hunter


Elected annually on the third Monday in January

Directors, Honourable James Stewart (President), ‡ James Galloway, Charles Campbell, William Fairclough, Adam Steele, Edward Earl, John Robert Mitchell, William Manby, Robert Haldane Scott, Joseph Wood , Robert Gilpin, senior, Daniel Brown, William Vredenburgh, Esqrs.
Treasurer, Charles Campbell, Esq.
Secretary and Collector, Mr. James Grace


Commissioners, the Custos Rotulorum, Members of Assembly, and Churchwardens, off the Parish of Trelawny, or any three of them.
Health Officers, Drs. John Cowan and William Crosbie
Clerk and Collector of Tax, Edward Hoole, Esq.
Harbour Master, Mr. Joseph White
Pilots, Messrs. Archibald Main, Edward Burwood, Joseph White, Frederick Miller, ‡ Frederick Seymour, William Edwards.


Health Officer, Dr. Henry Wright
Harbour Master, Mr. John Montague James
Pilots, Messrs. John Montague James, Leonard Proctor, ‡ Frederick Seymour

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