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The Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and the Attorney General, are Justices in every Parish.  Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take Probates of Deeds.


*This mark prefixed to names denotes absence from Island; when otherwise, a vacancy.
† Prefixed to Barristers, denotes that they do not practice.
‡ Prefixed to Assistant Judges of the Courts of Common Peas, Magistrates, etc., denotes that they reside in a different parish from that under the head of which they appear.



Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable George Kinghorn

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
*David Duncomb
William Savage
‡ William Holgate, Esquires
‡Honourable James Stewart
*Honourable James Laing
*William Taylor
*Robert Taylor
*Robert Markland
Robert Henry
*Andrew Bogle
*Joseph Barnes
William Parke
George Mills
John Crosman
John Campbell
Richard Kinkead
*Ewing Ritchie
Nicholas Lechmere
William Cowgill
*Alexander Grant
William Caldwell
‡ John Fowles
Robert McClelland
Alexander McBean
John Pennock
James Dick
James Simpson, Esquires

Rector, Reverend Isaac Mann, A. M.
Clerk of the Peace, Honourable Ballard Beckford Nembhard
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Stewart George Dallas, Esq.
Clerk of the Court, Thomas Dennis, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, James Claypool, William Savage, William Cowgill, Henry John Ross, Isaac Munt, Thomas Denniss, Andrew He____, Esquires
Collector of the Transient Tax, and Inspector and Collector of the Rum Duties, Andrew Heron, Esq.
Coroner, James Claypool, Esq.
Physicians to the Gaol, Drs. Charles Mackglashan, John Roe, and William Crosbie
Health Officer, Dr. William Tinker
Harbour Master, Mr. Peter Cochran


(Elected the second Wednesday in January.  The first class continue in office one year, a second two, and the third three; what may be re-elected.  On a Member's having left the island, etc., and election takes place to supply the vacancy, and the Gentleman appointed continues in office the remainder of the period of his class.)

Mayor, Honourable George Kinghorn

1 John Campbell
1 William Caldwell
2 Joseph Donnell
2 Samuel Walker
2 John Crosman
3 William Parke
3 John Fowles
3 Richard Kinkead
3 Richard Chamberlaine
[Note: the names of three others were crossed out by the owner of the Almanac in 1817 and are unreadable]

Common Councilmen

1 Nicholas F. Norton
1 Robert Murray
1 John Biggar
2 Robert Smith
2 David Aird
2 Robert Graham
3 Hector Mitchel
3 John Mais
3 John Steel
3 William Harris, Esquires

[Note: the names of 2 others were crossed out by the owner of the Almanac in 1817 and are unreadable]


Recorder, William E. Scarlett, Esq., £700
Solicitors, John Cargill, James Minot, Esquires
Treasurer, *James Dick, Esq.
Churchwarden, James Grant, Esq.
City Clerk, Stewart George Dallas, Esq., £700
Clerk of the Common Council, William Denniss Hall, Esq., £700
Collecting Constable West of King Street, Thomas Douglas, Esq., £125
Collecting Constable East of King Street, Robert Wood, Esq., £125
Collector of the Parochial Rents, William D. Hall, Esq.
Parish Clerk, Mr. Bartholomew Owen Williams, £70
Organist, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, 130?
Sexton, Mr. Joseph Dewdney, £70
Beadle, Mr. John Robbins, £85
Organ Keepers, Edward Moore & Son, £16
Keeper of the Court House, Miss E. Ross,£40
Clerk of the Markets, Mr. Peter Rieussett, £300
Keeper of the City Clock , Mr. David Malloch
Printer to the Corporation, George Worrall Strupar, Esq.
Surveyor, Mr. Patrick Hewlett Keeffe


Harry Irvine Hall, Esq. (President)
John Mais, Esq. (Vice President)
James Stewart
Francis Ilsley
George Robertson
Robert Wilkinson
David Nicoll
William Cowie
Alexander Miller
Alexander Menzies, Esquires

Messenger, Mr. Thomas Draper, £40


Established May 21, 1729

Trustees, Common Council
Treasurer, Honourable George Kinghorn
Master, Mr. Ebenezer Read, £120
Ushers, Messrs. John Paul and John Joseph Itter, £300
Psalmodist, Mr. Philip Young, £100
Tutoress, Miss Martha Martin
Boys under tuition, 78
Girls under tuition, 52


Treasurer, The Churchwarden
Surgeon, Dr. William Tinker, £300
Matron, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee, £140
Tutoress, Miss Martha Martin, £30
Steward, Mr. John Robbins, £120


Commissioners, Common Council
Physician, Alexander MacLarty, M. D., £300
Surgeons, Doctors Mackglashan, Rue, and Crosbie, £300
Dispenser of Medicines, Mr. Henry R. Townshend, £800
Purveyor, Mr. James Young, £100
Matron, Mrs. Janet Young, £100


President, Honourable George Kinghorn
Treasurer, The Churchwarden
Surgeons, Drs. Edward Car_ell and*Lewis Johnston
Supervisor, Clerk, and Purveyor, Mr. William Hall, £220
Overseer, Mr. William Fryer, £200


Director, Alexander MacLarty, M. D.
Operators, Doctors Mackglashan, Roe, and Crosbie
Clerk, Mr. Henry R. Townshend

Vaccination is performed at this Institution, free of expense to all persons who apply, every Tuesday and Friday at 11 o'clock.  Medical Practitioners throughout the island may be supplied with Vaccine Lymph or Crusts, on application, either personally or by letter, to the Director.


Instituted July 28, 1783

Lieutenants, William Randall, J. Dennis, £160 each
Sergeants, two. £125 each
Corporals, two, £110 each
Privates, 36, £100 each
Guard House, in Harbour Street


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable Robert Jackson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
‡ Thomas Denniss
*William Mitchell
*Alexander Grant
Robert William Tait, Esquires
‡ Honourable James Stewart
‡ Ambrose Nicholas Yates
‡ Digby Denniss
‡ James Claypoole
‡ Henry Broughton
‡ Francis Clark
John Rawleigh Jackson
‡ George Brooks
*Richard Lake
‡ John Thomas Gustavus Harris
*John Thompson
*James Lumsden
*William Richard Wade
‡ William Robert Waugh, Esquires
*Reverend Thomas Simcockes
‡ Joseph Jackson
‡ Patrick Taylor
‡ James Hunt
Peter Duffus
‡ Isaac Munt
‡ Charles Grant
‡ Thomas Legal Yates, Esquires

*Ralph Gilroy
‡ John Askwith
John Macnamara
‡ James Grant
Charles Austin
Henry Samuel Beer
George Hay
Thomas Jackson
Edward Burdett Warren, Esquires

Rector,*Reverend Thomas Simcockes
Churchwardens, Thomas Jackson, Edward Burdett Warren, Esquires

Charles Austin
James Hunt
Robert McKowan
Edward Tyrrell
John Owen Wood
William Swift
John R. Jackson
Thomas P. Kellerman
Thomas McWhinney
William Tarrant, Esquires

Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Digby Denniss, Esq.
Collecting Constable, Mr. Benjamin Stribling
Coroner for the Town, Thomas Jackson, Esq.
Coroner for the Country, Charles Austin, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Andrew Heron, Esq.

Messrs. Robert McKowan
James McKowan
John Fishley
John Taylor
Nathaniel Johns
Thomas Jackson
Daniel Clark
John Macpherson
Moses Sereno
Samuel Ogborn
Robert Edward Goldson

Boarders of Vessels, Mr. James Duff
Clerk of the Market, Mr. Jacob Depass, jun.
Clerk of the Parish, Mr. Henry Prawl
Solicitors, Messrs. Jackson and Skaife
Organist, Mr. Felix Byrne
Beadle, Mr. Jonathan Potter
Sexton, Mrs. Sercomb


President, William Robert Waugh, Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. Isaac Benjamin


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable James Stuart

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
James Dickson Esq.
Reverend Edward Marshall
*Reverend Thomas Simcockes
‡ Hugh Fraser
‡ John Mais, Esquires
Honourable George Cuthbert
Richard Hall
John Townshend Harris
*Thomas Hynes
‡ John Campbell
‡ Richard Kinkead
‡ John Crosman
James Corne Pownall
*John Mack__a
Maurice West
Charles Mackglashan
*Robert Hamilton
*Samson Gideon Kem__le
Alexander Aikman, Senior
John Dick
Henry Palmer
__as. Smith, Esqrs.
Reverend Alexander Campbell
*Ewing ______, Esq.

 [This page torn]

Rectors, Reverend Alexander Campbell_____ John Mais, William_______

Vestrymen, ____ Dougald Campbell, _________, Charles Satchell,  William Pitt, Andrew Lunan, Henry Drysdale, Robert Smith, Charles Seymour Cockburn, Francis Clark, Robert McClelland, Esquires

Collecting Constable, Philip Pinnock, jun., Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Andrew Heron, Esq.
Parish Clerk, Sexton, and Poundkeeper, Mr. Caleb Blades
Organist, Mrs. Eliza Jones
Constable, Mr. James Salter


______ John Mais, Esq.
______ Mr. Caleb Blades
Surgeons, Doctors Mackglashan, Roe, and Crosbie


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable Peter Robertson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
_____rt Logan
William Vick _____
*William Bryan
William Hol___e
Thomas McKenzie
James Ouchterlony
Thomas Thom____
Samuel Thompson
Jacob Neufville
George Panton
Stewart West
*Charles White Williams
*Peter Smith
Samuel Francis
Ebenezer Taylor
Robert Edmiston
George Gir__on Saunders
Duncan David Patterson
Lewis Cruickshank
Hugh Speed
Isaac Panton
*Alexander Grant
‡ Joseph Green, Esquires

William Sutherland
*John Dick
Richard Dick
John Cherrington
Thomas Farrar Lancaster
Edward Croasdaile
John Tyrie, Esquires
Honourable John Shand
‡ Richard ___ead
‡ William Shand
*Robert Lind____
*Keaneth McPherson
Maurice Jones
*James Foulds
Robert William Tait
John Shaw
‡ John Campbell
‡ Archibald Dick
‡ George Cosens Richards
*John Cargill.
John McKenzie
George Brown
Peter Reddie
Charles Scott
James Anderson
James Matthew Whyte
William Lam____, Esquires

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Isaac Panton, Esq.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Mr. Hugh Spence
Inspector and Collector of the Rum Duties, Frederick Ferdinand Hill, Esq.


Rector, Reverend John West
Churchwardens, George G. Saunders, Patrick McGregor, Esquires

James Read
John Woodhall
Robert Munro
James Porteous
John Drysdale
Samuel Foulds
Thomas Blakely
John Junor
John Renwick, Esquires

Clerk of the Vestry, Frederick Ferdinand Hill, Esq.
Coroner, William Vick, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Hugh speed, Frederick Ferdinand Hill, John Blake, Esquires
Collecting Constable, Ebenezer Taylor, Esq.
Distributor of Stamps, Collector of Transient Tax, and Inspector of Weights and Measurements, Newal Berwick, Esq.
Hills Officer at Port Morant and Morant Bay, Dr. George Jackson
Parish Clerk and Master of the Public School, Mr. Josias Williamson
Tything Constable, Keeper of the Gaol, and Poundkeeper at Morant Bay, Mr. Hugh Spence
Sworn Measurer, ___ H. Flee___
Poundkeeper at Manchioneal, Mr. Patrick Burke


Directors, Governor or Commander in Chief, Members of the Council and Assembly, Chief Justice, and Justices of the Quorum for the time being.
Physician, Dr. Stewart West
Overseer, Mr. Alexander M______
Clerk, Mr. Hugh Spence


President, Honourable Peter Robertson
Treasurer, Dr. Stewart West
Clerk, Frederick Ferdinand Hill, Esq.
Physicians and Surgeons, Doctors Dick, Wilson, and Po_____
Supervisor, Mr. Hugh Spence


Rector, Reverend Augustus William Pownall
Churchwardens, James Ouchterlony, William Sutherland, Esquires

John Bull
Edward Delpratt
David Lamont
Patrick Lane
Peter McFarlane
Daniel Gully
James Brydon
Walter Scott
James M_____amuel Alcock, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, James ___derson, Esq.
Coroner, Edward Delpratt, Esq.
Collecting Constable, Thomas Ni___ Millward, Esquire
Tything Constable, Mr. William Hickstall
Poundkeeper, Mr. John Satch____
Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. William Graham


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable Thomas Oakley

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
George Fuller
William Galloway
John Sutton Minot
James Colthirst Colthirst
*William Bryan
Robert Mein
Thomas King
‡ Hugh Speed
Anthony Lindsay
James Clayton White
George Minot
George Harrison Cosens
*William Betts
*Thomas Oakley (Jun.)
Alexander Kinloch
Peter Anderson
*James Bryan King
*William Minot
‡ Maurice Jones
John Deans
‡ William Brooks King
Henry James Passley
Andrew Watson
Richard C. King, Esqrs.

‡ Robert Henry
‡ Maurice West
Charles Bernard
Bryan West Orr, Esqrs.

Rector, Reverend Philip Humphries
Churchwardens, Henry James Passley, Anthony Lindsay, Esqrs.

Henry John Hazell
Andrew Watson
Robert C. Thomson
Richard Cargill King
John Deans
Alexander McKenzie
Bryan West Orr
Thomas Nicholas Sherwood
William Thomas Downer
Philip Hearn, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, Court, and Vestry, William Sherwood (Senior), Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Honourable Thomas Oakley, ‡ Honourable William Anderson Orgill, James Clayton White, Anthony Lindsay,*Thomas Oakley, (Jun.), Alexander Kinloch, Esqrs.
Coroner, Anthony Bunting, Esq.
Connecting Constable, and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Steel, Esq.
Distributor of Stamps, Robert Mein, Esq.
Health Officer, Dr. Anthony Lindsay
Harbour Master at Port Antonio, Mr. Goldie Kelso
Pilots, Messrs. Samuel Sheppard, John Brackenridge, Goldie Kelso, John Chambers,*Bartholomew Redmon
Poundkeeper, Tything Constable, Keeper of the Court House, and Collector of the Transient Tax, Mr. John George Brown
Clerk of the Parish, Sexton, Inspector of Weights and Measures, and Keeper of the Gaol, Mr. Nicholas Brown
Sworn Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. Richard W. Sherwood, John G. Brown.


Trustees, The Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Commander in Chief for the time being, four Senior Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Chief Justice, Custos, Representatives in Assembly, four Senior Magistrates, Rector, Churchwardens and Vestry,  with Alexander Kinloch,*James B. King, Peter Anderson, Charles McMorine, Matthew McDonagh, John Steel, Esqrs.
Master and Clerk, Anthony Bunting, Esq.
Treasurer, Alexander Kinloch, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Lindsay


President and Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Lindsay
Supervisor and Clerk, Mr. Nicholas Brown


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable William Anderson Orgill

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
‡George Buchanan
Hector Ross
Robert Gray
‡ John Meek
Thomas Pickersgill
James McDonald
‡ Alexander Aikman (Senior)
Benjamin Crossley
George Richards Orgill
Henry Bond
*John Elmslie
George Jackson
‡ James Colthirst Colthirst
Henry Forbes
Robert William Sutherland
Wentworth Bayly
*George Oliver
Henry Passley
‡ Henry James Passley
Robert Gray Kirkland
*Richard Bruce Kirkland
‡ William Norman
John Anderson Orgill
‡ Edward Pinnock Wallen
George Hall
William Foote Lagourgue
John Polson McDonald
Charles Merrick, Esqrs.

Rector, Reverend Edward Marshall
Churchwardens, Benjamin Crossley, James McDonald, Esqrs.

Henry Forbes
George Hall
Francis King
David Aitkin
Charles Merrick
Richard Clarke
William Henderson
John A. Smith
Robert Gray Kirkland
Robert Catanach, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Richards Orgill, Esq.
Clerk Vestry, Henry Bond, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, ‡ George Buchanan, James McDonald, Hector Ross, Benjamin Crossley, George Jackson, David Alexander Hill, Esqrs.
Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Robert William Sutherland, Esq.
Coroner, John Polson McDonald, Esq.
Collector of the Transient Tax, Charles Merrick, Esq.
Clerk of the Markets and Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. Robert Baugh (formerly Mr. John Watson)
Clerk of the Markets at Annotto Bay, Mr. John Watson
Clerk of the Markets at Cedar Valley Plantation, Mr. William Gardner
Harbour Master at Annotto Bay, Mr. Angus McDonald
Admeasurer of Lumber at Annotto Bay, James Ellison, Esq.
Pilots at Annotto Bay, Messrs. Angus McDonald, Thomas Phillips, and --- Christie
Health Officer, Dr. James T. B. Watt
Tything Constables, Messrs. John Watson, John Dallas
Gaol Keeper, Mr. Henry Burgess


President, Henry Fords, Esq.
Treasurer, Benjamin Crossley, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. William Robertson
Supervisor, Mr. Henry Burgess

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