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The Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and the Attorney General, are Justices in every Parish.  Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take Probates of Deeds.


*This mark prefixed to names denotes absence from Island; when otherwise, a vacancy.
† Prefixed to Barristers, denotes that they do not practice.
‡ Prefixed to Assistant Judges of the Courts of Common Peas, Magistrates, etc., denotes that they reside in a different parish from that under the head of which they appear.



Containing the Parishes of
St. Catherine, St. John, St. Dorothy, St. Thomas in the Vale

Custos Rotulorum,*Hon. John Shand


John Quier
John Clinton McAnuff, Esquires
*Hon. Charles Grant
William Ramsey
John Sibbit
William Bullock
*George Howel
Francis Smith
*Charles Nicholas Pallmer M.. P.
David Finlayson
Edward Bullock
Adam Dolmage, Esquires
†Hon. George Cuthbert
*William Cruickshank
John James Vidal
William Jackson
Hector Mackay
John Mackay
John Lunan
‡Charles Macneal
John March
‡Robert William Harris
George Marshall
Malcolm McLeod
Francis Graham
James Bicknell
Thomas Rossiter
Robert Brown
*James Lumsden
Jonathan Forbes
Hugh Edwards, Esquires
Hon. James Lewis
*James Hodge Byles
‡ Caleb Tonge
John Hanson
John Anderson (of Clifford)
John Anderson (of Pusey)
James Seton Lane?
Alexander Bayley
John G. Millward
Charles Oswin
Hugh McLean
*Richard Pusey
‡ Frederick Burt Zincke
William Smith, Esquires
† Reverend L. Bowerbank
Henry Palmer
William Hewitt
*William Falconer
Thomas B. Smith
‡ William Caldwell
George Harrison Townshend
Alexander McInnes
Alexander Lumsden, Esquires.

Clerk of the Peace for the Precinct, Richard Ragg Parker, Esq.
Deputy, John Skelton, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. John L. Edwardes (in the room of James Burnett, Esq.)


Rector, Reverend William Vaughan Hamilton
Churchwardens, John Lunan, Francis Smith, Esquires

John James Vidal
John G. Millward
David Finlayson
Foster March
Edward James Reid
George Marshall
William McRobbie
James Burnett
Hugh Fraser
Charles Oswin, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry and Coroner, Richard Ragg Parker, Esq.
Town Clerk, John Skelton, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, William Hewitt, William Hill,*Charles Stewart, Thomas B. Smith, esquires
Physicians to the Gaol, Doctors Lee and Clare
Collecting Constable, Mr. John L. Edwardes
Clerk of the Market, Mr. John Stewart
Firewardens, Francis Smith, Hugh McLean, Esqrs., Magistrates; Messrs. Charles Packer, Robert Stevens, Inhabitants.
Parish Clerk, Mr. Patrick Taylor
Organist, Mr. Francis Auxily
Beadle, Mr. James Booth
Poundkeeper, Mr. Donald Fraser
Police Constable and Town Sur__eyor, Mr. John B. Burrowe [Burrowes?]
Constables, Messrs. Walter Austin (Chief), John B. Burrowes, John Allen, William Parish, Adam Briggs, Jean Baptiste Garel, William Greig
Constable at Port Henderson, Mr. John Nutt
Constable at Passage Fort, Mr. William Brabbins


President, Senior Magistrate
Treasurer, The Acting Churchwarden
Surgeons, Doctors Lee and Clare
Supervisor, Mr. James Booth
Overseer, Mr. John McCarthy
Clerk, Richard Ragg Parker, Esq.


Treasurer, The Acting Churchwarden
Surgeons, Doctors Lee and Clare
Proveditor, Richard R. Parker, Esq.
Matron, Mrs. Bailey


Governors, The Governor or Lieutenant Governor, Council, Assembly, Chief Justice, Assistant Judges off the Supreme Court, Rector of the parish -- for the time being.
Master, Mr. Patrick Taylor
Treasurer, Reverend W. V. Hamilton


For the support of Poor Widows
Trustees, The Churchwardens for the time being.  There are three at present on the Establishment, at £50. 13s. 4d. Each.


For Portioning poor Maidens, and Relieving distressed Strangers.
Trustees, the Chief Justice, and the Custos and Rector of the parish, for the time being


Treasurer, Adam Dolmage, Esq.
Clerk, William Andrews, Esq.
Toll Keeper, Mrs. Gardner


Treasurer, John Lunan, Esq.
Clerk, Mr. James Taws
Toll Keeper, Mr. John Harding


Treasurer, Francis Graham, Esq.
Clerk , John Skelton, Esq.
Toll Keeper, Mr. John Wilson


Treasurer, Adam Dolmage, Esq.
Toll Keeper, Mr. Gilbert Fairfax Wallis


Rector, Reverend William Jepson Haswell
Churchwardens, William Jackson, John Quier, Esq.

Alexander Bayley
John Anderson (of Clifford)
Thomas Smith
Thomas Brailsford
George Taylor
Thomas Scott
Marcus Walpole Loade??
John Campbell
Nicholas Garvey
George H. Townshend, Esquires

Clerk Vestry, John Skelton, Esq.
Collecting Constable, John Anderson (of Pusey), Esq.
Coroner, Thomas Brailsford, Esq.
Tythingman and Constable, Mr. Edward Dawes


Churchwardens, William Jackson, Alexander Bayley, Esquires

Robert Shaw
Joseph Newell
Thomas Moore
Alexander Lumsden
Patrick McDonnell
John Forester
William Caldwell
James Morgan
Samuel Smith, Esquires

Clerk of Vestry and Commissioner of Supreme Court, Basil Pourie, Esq.
Health Officer at Old Harbour, Dr. William Smith
Harbour Master at Old Harbour, Mr. Philip Summers
Collecting Constable, Coroner, Parish Clerk, and Poundkeeper, Mr. Gilbert Fairfax Wallis
Tythingman and Constable, Mr. John Edward Ahlborn


Rector, Reverend William G. Burton
Churchwardens, John Mackay, George Marshall, Esquires

George Barriffe
Alexander McInnes
Richard Welch
Samuel Hyde
William H. Parker
Peter Burnett
Hugh Edwards
Robert Page
James Roberts
Alexander Gilzean, Esquires.

Clerk Vestry, James Seton Lane, Esq.
Commissioners of Supreme Court, J. S. Lane, ‡ R. William Harris, Esq.
Collecting Constable, Mr. Edward Trueman Guy
Coroner, R. R. Parker, Esq.
Parish Clerk, Beadle, Sexton, Tythingman, and Constable, Mr. Jeremiah Hewer


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Hon. Rowland Williams Fearon

Assistant Judges and Magistrates

Samuel Smith
‡ William Bullock
*William Ellis Nembhard
*Christopher William Hutchinson
William Pusey Hayle
‡ William Hewitt
Daniel Tabois
John Williams
William Shand
‡ Francis Smith
James Brown
William Anderson
William Power Trench
Joseph Peters Fearon
*Arthur McKenzie
‡ Frederick Burt Zincke
William Bryan
Peter McKenzie
James Miller, Esquires
*Hon. John Shand
Rowland Israel, Esq.
‡ Reverend Lewis Bowerbank
‡ Donald McLean
John McLeod
William Sells
*John Mackeson
Joseph Russell, Esquires
Reverend Thomas P. Williams
William Wheeler Fearon
William Cooper McKenzie
Alexander McRae, Esquires

Rector, Reverend Thomas Pierce Williams
Churchwardens, Rowland Israell, William Shand, Esquires

Thomas Parkes Howell
William Rose
Andrew John
James Campbell
William Nicoll
Joseph Peters Fearon
William Stewart
Peter Pattie
John McClymont
John Palmer, Esquires

Clerk of the Court, Peace, and Vestry, John Scott, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, ‡ William Hewitt, John Scott, ‡ William Harris, Esquires
Collecting Constable, Dan Tabois, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. William Ayton
Coroner, Thomas P. Howell, Esq.
Harbour Master for Clarendon Bay, Mr. Philip Summers
Poundkeeper, Mr. William Hay
Parish Clerk, Mr. John Whittington



Treasurer, Honourable R. W. Fearon
Supervisor, Mr. Thomas Rodon
Clerk, Mr. William Ayton


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable William Stimpson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates

‡ James Smith
Donald McLean
Robert Porter
George Cosens Richards
*Thomas Samson
*John Fullarton
Robert C. Gibb
John Holmes
Robert Crawford
Alexander Murchison
‡ John Griffith
‡ Thomas Phillpotts, Esquires
‡? Reverend Edward Poe, LL.D.
*John Pusey Wint
‡ Thomas Addison
Thomas Walker Sill
Robert Benstead Wright
John Hewitt Smith
*John Rodon
Robert White
John Thompson
William Body Seaman, Esquires


‡ William Pusey Hayle
‡ William Bullock, Esquires
*Honourable John Shand
‡ Reverend Isaac Mann
*John Ashley
‡ William Shand
Alexander Heron, Esquires

Rector, Reverend George C. R. Fearon
Churchwardens, John Holmes, Donald McLean, Esquires

Wotton Scott
John Gall Booth
Samuel Booth
William Fraser
James Samson
Richard Jackson
George Wilson
James Morgan
George Davies
Robert White, Esquires

Clerk of the Vestry and Distributor of Stamps, John Francis Padmore, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court,*Thomas Samson, James Brown, Esquires
Collecting Constable, John Hewitt Smith, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Clerk of the Peace, and Coroner, Mr. William Goodall
Harbour Master for Salt River, Mr. Philip Summers
Parish Clerk, Mr. William Baldwin
Poundkeeper, Mr. Wotton Scott


Trustees, The Representatives in Assembly, three of the Senior Magistrates, the Rector and Churchwardens, and James Samson, Wotton Scott, Robert Charles Gibb, John Holmes, Esquires.
Teacher, John F. Padmore, Esq.
Clerk, Mr. James Fullarton


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Honourable Richard Boucher

Assistant Judges and Magistrates
Charles Rowe
Robert Crawford, Esquires

James Davy
Andrew White, senior
Robert Porter
George Graham Stone, Esquires
Honourable William Stimpson
James Brown
Edward Owen
Duncan Robertson
Thomas Parkes Howell
Thomas Phillpotts
Joseph Russell
Thomas Walker Sill
Robert Benstead Wright
Alexander Heron
James Daly
John Thomson
John Salmon, Esquires

Rector, Reverend John McCammon Trew
Churchwardens, James Davy, Joseph Russell, Esquires
Henry Morgan
Thomas Powell
Edward Peart
Samuel Glanville
William Robert Wilkinson
Daniel Virtue
John Walker
Ralph Thompson
Abe Evans
Dennis Dwyer, Esquires

Clerk of the Court, Peace, and Vestry, and Poundkeeper, William Pitter, Esq.
Commissioner of the Supreme Court, Robert Benstead Wright, Esq.
Coroner, Thomas Walker Sill, Esq.
Collecting Constable, John Griffith, Esq.
Distributor of Stamps, Mr. Charles Patrick McNally
Solicitors, Messrs. Taylor, Dunlevie, and Singer
Constable and Tythingman, Mr. Levi Patmore


Custos Rotulorum, etc.,*Honourable Charles Grant

Assistant Judges and Magistrates

*Honourable John Hiatt
*Robert Hibbert
*Thomas Bourke
Abraham Hodgson
‡ John James Vidal
‡ Caleb Tonge
‡ John Mackay
Joseph Green
Robert William Harris
*William Ellis Nembhard
‡ William James Murphy
Henry Cox
Patrick Lynch
‡ Jasper Hall Livingston
‡ James Armstrong, Esquires
‡ Honourable James Lewis
*Christopher William Hutchinson
‡ R. R. Parker
Thomas Addison
‡ Hector Mackay
*Alexander Grant
‡ John Meek
Richard Martin, Esquires
*Honourable James Laing
‡ Wentworth Bayly
Lawrence Reid Stephens
James Gibb
John Pink
‡ George Stennett
*Alexander Cray Grant, M. P.
William Bennett
Alexander Farquharson
Alexander Stevenson
Walter Pollock
James T. B. Watt
Thomas P. Rogers
Richard Perry Ogilvie
John Ramsay, Esquires

Magistrate, William Oldaker, Esq.
Rector, Reverend Colin Donaldson
Churchwardens, Abraham Hodgson, Henry Cox, Esquires

Patrick Lynch
Roberts Alexander
Alexander Dakers
Alexander Farquharson
Richard Perry Ogilvie
John Davies
John Crosman
Alan Cameron
Larchin Gordon
William Peterswald, Esquires

Clerk of the Vestry, James Gibb, Esq.
Coroner and Collecting Constable, Walter Pollock, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace and Court, Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Harbour Master, Poundkeeper, Collector of the Transient Tax, and Supervisor of the Warehouse, Godfrey Wharam, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, G. Wharam, Patrick Lynch, John Ramsay, Esquires
Pilots, Messrs. John Mahon, Henry Sergeant , James Williams, Richard Clemetson
Health Officers at Port Maria and Oracabessa, Drs. William Kennedy and James T. B. Watt
Surgeon to the Workhouse, Dr. William Kennedy
Clerk of the Market and Head Constable, Mr. Robert Shand
Parish Clerk, Mr. Alexander Rose


Custos Rotulorum, etc.,*Honourable John Hiatt

Assistant Judges and Magistrates

‡ Henry Marshall
*James Newby
George Cruickshank
‡ Abraham Hodgson
Thomas Bainbridge
George Stennett
*Henry Ashmeade
Thomas Raffington
‡ Henry Cox
John Gayner
John Moseley McCaw, Esquires
*Honourable James Laing
William Hind
John Shaw
Henry James Tucker
John Pink
‡ Robert Alexander
Oswald Brodie
*Isaac Higgin
William Whitehorne Lawrence
Hamilton Brown
Robert Grier Hamilton
Thomas Bull Williams
Thomas Geoghegan
John Hawthorne
John Watkin Williams
John William Gayner, Esquires

‡ Alexander Campbell
John Gordon
*John Baillie
*John Chrystie
Benjamin Henderson
Urquhart Gillespie
Thomas Reid
Charles McDermott
John Reid Gallimore, Esquires

Rector, Reverend Lewis Bowerbank
Churchwardens, Alexander Kidston, George Fletcher Coward, Esquires

Thomas Ashmeade
James Lawrence Hilton
George F. Coward
William Parke
John Hawthorn
Samuel Whitehorne Rose
Alexander Kidston
Adam Anderson
Thomas Geoghegan
James Aitken, Esquires

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Stennett, Esq.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace and Court, Bennett William Smith, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry and Solicitor, Thomas Raffington, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Robert Jones, John Gayner, John Reid Gallimore, Robert Burford, John W. Williams, Esquires.
Coroner, Henry James Tucker, Esq.
Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Reid Gallimore, Esq.
Distributor of Stamps at St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Israel Lemon
Distributor of Stamps at Alexandria, in the interior, John Alexander, Esq.
Town Surveyor, Clerk of the Markets, and Head Constable, Mr. William Bigam
Parish Clerk, Mr. William Leevers
Harbour Master, Mr. Seba Shelly
Pilots, Messrs. William Savery, William C. White, Seba Shelly
Health Officer at St. Ann's Bay, Dr. Gilbert Sinclair
Health Officer at Dry Harbour, Dr. Nicholas Courrie
Health Officer at Ocho Rios Bay, Dr. George Grimbo Neale
Poundkeeper at St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Isaac Hyman
Poundkeeper in St. Ann Mountains, Mr. James Rattray
Poundkeeper at Dry Harbour, Mr. William Codner
Poundkeeper at Ocho Rios Bay, Mr. Joseph M. Dunn



President, Henry James Tucker, Esq.
Treasurer, John Watkin Williams, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. John Sadler
Supervisor, Mr. William Bigam



At Walton Pen, in this Parish

Trustees and Governors:
The Governor and Commander in Chief for the time being, the President and Members of the Council, the Speaker and Members of the Assembly, the Chief Justice, Attorney General, with the*Honourable John Hiatt, Abraham Hodgson, Henry Cox, Benjamin Scott, George Cruickshank,*James Newby,*Henry Ashmeade, Caleb Tonge, John Shaw, Esquires.
Treasurer, George F. Coward, Esq.
Head Master, Mr. ---- Rose
Clerk to the Trustees, Mr. William Butler

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