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Colleges and Schools.

The MICO COLLEGE, once situated in Hanover Street, but since 1896 on the Quebec Lodge lands in St. Andrew had its rise in a romantic circumstance. In the 17th Century, Lady Mico, widow of Sir Samuel Mico, Knt. of London, designed £2000 for a niece who was to be married to a kinsman of her husband's. The young lady however, eloped with an Ensign instead. The lady thereupon left the money to ransom Christians at that time held in bondage. by the Dey of. Algiers. The lapse of years brought the end of Algerian piracy, and there being no more Christian slaves to ransom, the question arose what was to be done with the legacy, which had by that time increased to £120,000. It was owing to Buxton, the most famous British Abolitionist after Wilberforce, that in 1834 the idea was adopted of applying it to educating the children of the West Indian, blacks. The present building cost £12,000, and from 60 to 80 students at a. time are trained for the teaching profession. The Mico receives a Government subsidy of £1,650. It is managed by a Local Board, at the head of which is the Archbishop of the West Indies.

SHORTWOOD. This is a College for training women as teachers. It is pleasantly situated a mile or so from the Constant Spring Car Line. The course is for two and three years, and the College receives yearly a grant of £1,200 from the Government. The Training College was established in 1885. It was located at Shortwood in 1887, is well managed and most useful.

BETHLEHEM is the Training College of the Moravian Church. It dates from 1861, and is situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains in St. Elizabeth. It has accommodation for 30 Students. The Government grants a certain number of maintenance scholarships each year.

CALABAR COLLEGE, situated at Chetolah Park, Slipe Pen Road, Kingston, trains Baptist Ministers. It dates from 1843 and was commenced at Calabar, near Rio Bueno in St. Ann. It was removed to Kingston in 1869.

CHURCH OF ENGLAND COLLEGE, trains Clergymen. The new building near Bishop's Lodge at the head of Marescaux Road was opened in 1893 and cost £5,000. The South Camp Road Car passes the door.

JAMAICA COLLEGE. On the Papine Car Line and on very pretty grounds stands Jamaica College, which receives yearly £1,200 of Government Grant and nearly £1,000 from endowment. In this establishment is incorporated (since 1879) a fund originally provided in the early part of the 18th Century by Charles Drax, a planter of St. Ann's who left money to be used for the education of poor children. The famous William Beckford, author of "Vathek," annexed the Drax properties and in 1790 it was reckoned that the arrears due were more than £155,000 (currency.) The matter was compromised for about £11,000 and a school was started in St. Ann early in the 19th Century. At Jamaica College 60 or 70 boys are taught. The Headmaster is paid £600, plus a capitation fee.

WOLMER'S SCHOOL in Kingston, giving a High School Education to more than 200 boys and girls, dates back (so far as intention goes) to 1729, when a Kingston Goldsmith, John Wolmer, left money to start the school. New buildings have been erected at Quebec Lodge Lands, north of the Race Course, at a cost of £3,700. The Headmaster is paid £400 plus fees.

CONVENT SCHOOLS are Catholic Institutions under Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. They are situated in Duke Street and elsewhere, and provide High and Elementary School Training.

The DEACONESS HOME SCHOOLS are established in Hanover Street, Kingston, Port Maria, Port Antonio, Highgate, Richmond, St. Luke's in St. Andrew, Spanish Town, Montego Bay, St. Ann's Bay, Brown's Town, and Falmouth. The Home is an Anglican establishment in touch with the famous Mildway Centre, England, and provides elementary and secondary education. Miss F. C. Burke, 231/2 Charles Street, Kingston, is Secretary of the Council of Management. The earthquake of 1907 having rendered the Hanover Street premises uninhabitable. The Deaconesses are at present accommodated at 23 1/2 Charles Street, the house where pupils are received as boarders.

HAPPY GROVE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL in Portland was recognized by the Government in 1904. It trains 12 East Indian female children annually, and is under the management of the Society of Friends.

BELMONT ORPHANAGE was established in November 1892 as a home and Industrial School for orphans and destitute children, and is registered to accommodate 18 girls. Built and partly supported by voluntary contributions, it now receives a Government Grant-inaid. Mrs. Nuttall, wife of the Archbishop is general Superintendent. Miss Nuttall is Secretary, Stony Hill P.O.

ST. GEORGE'S COLLEGE, Winchester Park, Kingston is under the direct control of the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. It was founded in 1850, and prepares Students for a professional and commercial career. Mr. Ralph Isaacs, 24 Church Street, Kingston, is Secretary.

WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL (for Girls,) was founded in 1884 near Stewart Town Trelawny but was in 1895 removed to its present location, where a building was erected for the purpose at a cost of £2,000. The selection of the Lady Principal and her salary are guaranteed by the Ladies of a Committee in England who have become interested in the Institution. Hon. and Rev. W. M. Webb, the Founder, is the Business Manager. His address is Stewart Town P.O.

NEW COLLEGE is situated at Camperdown in St. Andrew, Halfway Tree P.O. There a sound English and commercial education is given. Mr. A. Noel Crosswell is Principal. A Day School has recently been started at "The Willows" Victoria Avenue, Kingston.

LINSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL, under the Rev. J. W. Graham, M.A., admits boys between the ages of 9 to 16 and girls between 8 and 16.


Endowed Schools.

Besides the Jamaica College and Wolmer's other ENDOWED SCHOOLS are:

TITCHFIELD in Port Antonio, which has been placed under the control of the Schools Commission since 1884. There is a Secondary Department, and also a Department for Manual Training, as well as Elementary branches. Since 1904, some seven schools of adjoining districts have been affiliated with Titchfield. The School which is under the Headmastership of Mr. W. H. Plant is conducted at the Old Military Barracks at Fort George. The attendance is over 500.

MUNRO AND DICKENSON'S FREE SCHOOL in St. Elizabeth were founded out of funds bequeathed by the Will of Robert H. Munro of that parish. At Potsdam near Malvern there is a school for boys and at Hampton also in the Santa Cruz Mountains there is one for girls, Miss Barrows, B.A. is the Headmistress. Mr. A. E. Harrison, M.A. gets £300 plus capitation fees as Headmaster of Potsdam.

MARTIN RUSEA, French refugee, "in grateful recollection of the hospitality manifested towards him on his arrival and settlement in the colony" left by his will dated 1764 his estate to establish a free school in Hanover. Rusea's School in the Long Barracks in Lucea is the result which provides instruction for boys and girls of the parish. Mr. C. A. Cover, B.A., £200 plus capitation fees, is Headmaster. Miss Elie Webster £84, with quarters and accommodation for boarders, is Assistant Mistress.

BECKFORD AND SMITH'S MIDDLE GRADE in Spanish Town was the outcome of the bequest of Peter Beckford of that Town and Francis Smith, once a Custos of St. Catherine. Principal, Rev. C. H. Buckley, M.A., L.Th. Secondary Education is given.

VERE TRUST SCHOOL: As a result of charitable donations from several persons of the old parish of Vere (which included a part of Manchester) an annual income of £549. 13s. 10d. has become available for the support of six Elementary Schools. A Secondary School will be started shortly.

MANCHESTER FREE SCHOOLS. The income from the Manchester Trust is about £270 per annum. Mr. M. F. Johns, £50, plus £30 for house and capitation grant, is Headmaster of the Boys Middle Grade School at Mandeville. There is now no Middle Grade School for girls; but there are Elementary Departments at Mandeville and Ridgemount.

MANNING'S FREE SCHOOL: Thomas Manning,in 1710, left "thirteen slaves with land and produce of a pen called Burnt Savannah and cattle to endow a free school in the parish of Westmoreland." Since 1738 it has flourished in the town of SavannalaMar, proving of great advantage to the inhabitants of Westmoreland and the sister parishes. There are 44 boys and 38 girls in attendance. Headmaster: Mr. A. W. Levy, B.A., £200 plus house and capitation fees. First Mistress, Miss E. B. Tomlinson.

LUDFORD'S BEQUEST: The Elementary Schools at Old Harbour and Old Harbour Bay are in part supported from this Trust.

ORGAN'S BEQUEST: By this "two poor girls from the parish of St. Elizabeth" are provided for at the Shortwood training College.

DUTHRIE AND DAVIDSON'S BEQUEST. This is used to maintain six boys and six girls at the Montego Bay Secondary School.

MONTEGO BAY SECONDARY SCHOOL was opened in 1896 at the Barracks, Montego Bay and furnishes a high school education, special attention being devoted to science teaching including the principles of Agriculture. At Fairfield estate a course of practical instruction is carried out. There is also a laboratory. Mr. G. H. Leader, B. Sc., F. C. S. is Headmaster.

Sanitorium Caribbee.


A private institution with accomodation for about 12 patients an operating theatre, and modern improvements -it faces the sea and is in close touch with the famous Doctor's Cave, sea bathing place.



The Island is provided with public general hospitals under the management of the Medical Department, and maintained by General Revenue. Admissions to these are restricted to (1) cases of serious accident, (2) acute disease requiring hospital treatment, (3) cases likely to be benefited by operation, and, of course constables and coolies who have to be admitted under the Law. Cases other than serious accidents are admitted and treated free. Others pay a varying fee for their maintenance.

The Public Hospital is situated at North St., Kingston. There are public general hospitals at the following places with the following accommodation as far as beds are concerned: Morant Bay, 30 beds; Hordley, 25 ; Port Antonio, 125; Buff. Bay, 30; Annotto Bay, 140; Port Maria, 80; St. Ann's Bay, 20; Falmouth, 20; Montego Bay, 20; Lucea, 15 ; Sav-la-Mar, 30; Black River, 25; Mandeville, 20; Chapelton, 30; Lionel Town, 120; Spanish Town, 70; Cave Valley, 6; a total of 806 beds. Annotto Bay hospital has extra tent accommodations for coolies.

There are also private hospitals, "Olivier Sanitorium" in charge of Dr. J. J. Edwards, Spanish Town and another managed by Dr. McCatty of Montego Bay are among them.

The Victoria Jubilee LyingIn Hospital in North St., Kingston was founded in 1891, attends to cases requiring the needs of a midwife as well as trains pupils as midwives.

Institute Of Jamaica.

It is temporarily situated at No. 133 Orange St., has a Library of nearly 12,000 volumes, and is open every week day from 11 to 5. Most of the volumes deal with Jamaica. A Museum is attached containing relics of the aboriginal Indian inhabitants, specimens of the Birds, Fishes, Reptiles and Insects of the Island. The Art Gallery contains portraits of many famous personages once connected with Jamaica. It is here you have the famous "Shark Papers," which, being recovered from the belly of a shark which had swallowed them, led to the condemnation of the Privateer Nancy. The silver-gilt Maces formerly used by the House of Assembly are exhibited here. It has been claimed for one of these that it is the identical Mace which Cromwell ordered to be taken out of the House of Commons. There is a Spanish bell which once hung in the Church at Port Royal. The Church sank in the great earthquake of 1692 and the bell was brought up from the bottom of the Harbour. Lectures are given at the Institute from time to time to which the public are admitted by invitation. Visitors can subscribe to the Library for three months, with the right to borrow two books and one magazine.

Public Library and Museum.

By the earthquake of 1907 the Museum in East St. was wrecked, the Library building seriously damaged, and the Art Gallery rendered unsafe. For the temporary arrangement and description see "Institute of Jamaica," (above). Mr. Frank Cundall, F.S.A., is Secretary and Librarian.

The Police Sub-Officer's Guide.

This valuable book is compiled by Deputy Inspector General Harry McCrea, and is revised by the Attorney General and with the authority of the Inspector General of Police. It admirably fulfils its aim of supplying a concise knowledge of the most important civil and criminal laws of Jamaica, and in addition is a mine of information concerning such subjects as Procedure in the Courts, Lunatics, Cruelty to Animals, Fires, Arrests, First Aid, etc., etc. It has run through three large editions, and is to be found in the hands of every policeman and Justice of the Peace in the island; many teachers, ministers, lawyers, merchants, land-owners and business men find the GUIDE a great help in the conduct of their affairs.





Inspector General of Police, Lieut.Col. A. E. Kershaw, Kingston

Dep. Insp. General of Police, Harry McCrea, Kingston

First Class Inspector, Thomas Alexander, Manchester

ditto ... Herbert T. Thomas, Westmoreland

ditto ... Capt. T. B. Nicholson, Staff Officer, The Depot

ditto ... William Eden Clark, St. Andrew

Second Class Inspector, Henry Claud G. Purchas, St. Ann

ditto ... George E. Maunsell, On Leave

ditto ... Melville D. Harrel, St. Catherine

ditto ... Arthur F. Strachan, Portland

ditto ... John Courtenay Knollys, Clarendon

Third Class Inspector, W. N. A. Adams, Detective Branch, Kingston

ditto ... Thomas J. Hazlett, St. Mary

ditto ... Thomas J. Field, St. James

ditto ... H. J. Dodd, St Elizabeth

SubInspector, Frederick T. J. Tremlett, Trelawny

ditto ... M. B. O'Sullivan, St. Thomas

ditto ... C. G. Taylor, Kingston

ditto ... O. F. Wright, Kingston

ditto ... T. Charley, Kingston

ditto ... T. J. Palmer, Kingston

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