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This List contains the names and addresses of as many of the well-known country residents as we have been able to collect. Residents in Kingston and St. Andrew will be found under a separate heading.

[My apologies to those living outside of the Kingston area for the use of the term "Country"in this directory]



Samms Oscar, Bykerry, Black River

Samuel Obadiah, Cascade

Samuels Joshua, Cascade

Sancroft W. R., Black River

Sanftleben Hugh A. S., Eaton, Lucea

Sanftleben Hon. G. A., Sans Ville, Lucea

Sanftleben H. C. L., Lucea

Sangster John, The Park , Mountain Side

Sangster P. W., Black River

Sangster W. B., The Orchard, Mountain Side

Saunders M. Balaclava

Savery Matthew, Chapelton

Savery Albert, Chapelton

Sawyers Rev. T. B., Coultart Grove, Claremont

Scarlett J. R., Winefield, Claremont

Schaffer Henry, Gregory Park

Scheifer H .S., Moneague

Schiefer S., Richmond

Scott Joseph, Round Hill, Flint River

Scott Matthew J., Norwood Pen, Montego Bay

Scott Robert, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Scott D. C., Crooked River, Chapelton

Scott T. W., Bogue, Balaclava

Scott William, Derry, Balaclava

Scott H. H., York Pen, May Pen

Scott James H., Moneague

Scott D. L., Port. Antonio

Seaton Robert, Chapelton

Segre B. N., Chatsworth, Sav-la-Mar

Segre J. Matthew, Sav-la-Mar

Senior T. O., Hopewell, Darliston

Service William, Fellowship

Shae J., Sommerville, Chapelton

Shann Josiah, Chapelton

Sharp P. G., Chapelton

Sharpe Archdeacon. F. H., Windsor, Retreat

Sharpe James C., Endeavour, Retreat

Sharp L. W., Ashton, Duncans

Sharpe Rev. W. F., Claremont

Shaw George, Cascade

Shaw Reginald, Black River

Shaw A. H. W., Morant Bay

Shernon Samuel, Castletown, Balaclava

Shore Joseph, Cinnamon Hill, Little River

Silvera E. G., Crescent, Oracabessa

Silvera Robert A., Crescent, Oracabessa

Silvera Charles, Crescent, Oracabessa

Silvera L. G., New Ramble, Oracabessa

Silvera A. E., Russell Hall, Gayle

Simon T. F. A., Hartlands

Simpson William Davis' Town, Claremont

Simpson David, Easing, Yallahs

Simpson Eustace, Sandy Ground, Black River

Simmonds Hon. R. P., Quebec Park, Port Maria

Sims T. J., Moneague

Sinclair John, Pembroke Hall, Gayle

Sinclair John, Moneague

Sinclair George, Caithness, Darliston

Sloley H. E., Woodstock, Bethel Town

Sloley Aubrey L., Sav-la-Mar

Sloley Arthur W., Sav-la-Mar

Smalling John, Southfield

Smart Joseph, Cascade

Smith Benjamin, Bonnett, Linstead

Smith R. W., Maidstone, Darliston

Smith Ernest, Oracabessa

Smith Miss Henrietta, Post Mistress, Darliston

Smith Henry, Byles, Spanish Town

Smith George R., Torrington, Malvern

Smith J. A. McNeil, Sheckle's Pen, Four Paths

Smith H. E., Morant Bay

Smythe Rev. A. C. S., St. John's, Darliston

Smythe John, Black River

Snowball G., Duncans

Solomon Frederick, Retreat

Spalding Nathaniel, Garden Hill, Castleton

Spence Thomas E., Darliston

Spence H., Windsor Castle

Spence Albert, Adelphi

Spence Eustace, Cascade

Spyer L. J., Linstead

Stafford E. H. B., Bethel Town

Staniger W. and Son., Linstead

Staniger W., Linstead

Stanley George, Morant Bay

Stedman S. S., Woodstock, Buff Bay P. O.

Stephens W. J., Black River

Stephenson Harry, Dry Harbour

Stephenson Harry, Rio Bueno

Sterling Philip, Southfield

Stern A. P., Sav-la-Mar

Stevenson Nicholas, Southfield

Stewart Alex., Longville, May Pen

Stewart C. J., Botha, Darliston

Stewart Samuel, Flamstead, Dry Harbour

Stewart Samuel J., Black River

Stewart Rev. G. E., Heart Ease, Yallahs

Stewart A. A., Ramble, Claremont

Stockhausen John, Stewart Town

Stockhausen Joseph, Duncans

Stoddart John, Chapelton

Stoddart L. G., Lower Works, Black River

Stoddart A. L., Black River

Strachan J. E., Black River

Streete Henry, Cascade

Strudwick Henry, Dry Valley, Duncans

Supersangsingh S., Windsor Castle

Sutherland A. N., Porus

Sutton L., Mandeville

Swaby Joseph, Mandeville

Swaby Rev., Old Harbour

Swaith [Snaith] W. H., Seaforth


Taylor Walter, Lucea

Taylor William, Oracabessa

Taylor W., Yallahs Bay, Yallahs

Taylor George, Long Pond, Clark's Town

Teape Fred. A., Roxborough, Mandeville

Thomas John, Brown's Town Porus

Thomas D. V., Mac Ville Sav-la-Mar

Thomas William E., Village, Moneague

Thomas Charles, Campbell's Hill, Old Harbour

Thomas John Linton, Chapelton

Thomas William, Chapelton

Thomas J. S., Barneyside, Bethel Town

Thomas M. J. A., Morant Bay

Thomas T. B., Morant Bay

Thomas George, Spring Hill

Thomas J. G. A., Mandeville

Thompson D. E., Holly Hill, Darliston

Thompson Charles B., Cocoa Ridge, Old Harbour

Thompson W. C., Derry, Gayle

Thompson T. B., May Pen

Thompson James, Easington Yallahs

Thompson Lewis A., Porus

Thompson C. W., Mount Pleasant, Black River

Thorney Nathan, Riverhead, Moneague

Timbley Cyril, Mandeville

Todd Richard, The Ridge, Rio Bueno

Todd Dr. A. R., Black River

Tomlinson Mrs. Buie, Manning's, Sav-la-Mar

Tomlinson O. E., White Hall, Giddy Hall

Tomlinson Victor, Craigie, Lacovia

Tomlinson C. W., Lacovia

Tomlinson Charles, Lloyd's Estate, Guanaboa Vale

Tomlinson M. L. Dr., Montego Bay

Trench Maxwell D., Radnor, Hagley Gap

Trench C. L., Morant Bay

Trewick T. L., Claremont

Trewick George Black Heath Penn, Claremont

Tucker Henry, Mandeville

Tucker A. M., Linstead

Turriffe William, Golden Grove

Tyson C. R., Lambkin Hill, Gayle

Tyson Henry R., Oracabessa


Urquhart Mrs., Falmouth


Valencia C., Morant Bay

Vaz Miss Ana, The Lodgings, Sav-la-Mar

Ventresse A. B., Valetta, Darliston

Verley Vincent, Marley Mt., Old Harbour

Verley Leo. C. L., Spring Garden, Bushey Park

Vernal M rs. M. Kitson Town, Guanaboa Vale

Vickers Hon. W. S., Fontabelle, Sav-la-Mar

Vickers Hon. Charles, Mount Edgecombe, Bluefields

Vickers W. H., Frome, Sav-la-Mar


Walcott Gerald, Beckford Cottage, Sav-la-Mar

Waldron Joseph, Mt. Horeb, Castleton

Walker Benjamin, Amity Hall, Moneague

Walker Miss M., Bolton, Claremont

Walker William, Priory, St. Ann's Bay

Wallace Rev. C. C., Watsonville, Moneague

Wallace Martin, Runaway Bay

Wallace John, New Market

Wallace Joseph A., Black River

Wallace Charles, Black River

Walsh W. E., Port Maria

Washington Rev. S. Porus

Wates L. A., Elmwood, Priestman's River

Watkin George, Morant Bay

Watson James A., Cascade

Watt J. S., Sevens, May Pen

Watt Mrs. C., Hastings, Lucea

Wats J. W., Red Hills, Chapelton

Webb A. A., May Pen

Webb Rev. W. M., Woodlands, Stewart Town

Webb Henry, Encombe, Mocho

Webley David, Dry Hill, Old Harbour

Webley Richard, Hartlands

Webster D. A., Cascade

Wedderburn James, Cascade

Weller James, Black River

Weller William, Sandy Ground, Black River

Wells A., Morant Bay

Welsh H., Orange Vale, Buff Bay

Welsh J. W., May Pen

WesleyGammon C. B., Sav-la-Mar

West G. A. L., Yallahs Bay, Yallahs

Westmorland A. C., Gibraltar, Annotto Bay

Westmorland W., Highgate

White Robert, Frankfield

White Miss M. M., Jeffrey Ville, Moneague

Wniteborne J., Farm, May Pen

Whittle Nathaniel, Old Road, Guanaboa Vale

Wigan A. E., Hartlands

Williams Arthur H., Cornwall Mtn., Petersfield

Williams T. A., Mandeville

Williams T. L., Clapham, Moneague

Williams Joseph. Yallahs Bay, Yallahs

Williams L. N., Mandville

Williams I., Port Maria

Williams I. R., Enfield, Bethel Town

Williams Rev. E. P., Linstead

Williams Thomas J., Black River

Williams A. N., Napville, Black River

Williams J. H., Morant Bay

Williams J. B., Comfort Hall, Guanaboa Vale

Williams Rev. P., Bethel Town

Williams Thomas, Retreat

Williams Thomas, Davis' Town, Claremont

Wilson Ernest, Ireland, Balaclava

Wilson Edward, Kitson Town, Guanaboa Vale

Wint D. T., Seaforth

Wooliscroft Walter, George's Plain, Sav-la-Mar

Wooley Edward S., Meadows, Frankfield

Wright Joseph, Riverhead, Moneague

Wright L. G., Balaclava

Wright Charles, Keynsham, Balaclava

Wright James, Planter's Hall, Old Harbour

Wynter Daniel, Sandy Ground, Black River


Young Foster C., Avondale, Sav-la-Mar

Young Samuel, Morant Bay

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