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This List contains the names and addresses of as many of the well-known country residents as we have been able to collect. Residents in Kingston and St. Andrew will be found under a separate heading.

[My apologies to those living outside of the Kingston area for the use of the term "Country"in this directory]



Macnee James, Lawriston, St. Ann's Bay

Magnus Henry, Oracabessa

Magnus Vivian N., Porus

Magnus M. A., Black River

Main J. R. T., Unity, Falmouth

Maine John, Morant Bay

Mair Samuel, Williamsfield, Black River

Mais Ernest M., Retreat

Mais W., Linstead

Malcolm Col. E. D., Knockalva, Ramble

Malcolm M., Knockalva, Ramble

Malcolm D. A., May Pen

Malcolm Alex., Cascade

Manley Samuel, Hazeldene, Black River

Manley Mrs. M. A., Belmont, Guanaboa Vale

Mantle John, York St, Linstead

March Thomas, Riversdale

Marsh Austin, Retreat

Marsh John T., Warwick Castle, Retreat

Marsh R. H., Warwick Castle, Retreat

Marsh Samuel, Retreat

Marshall J., May Pen

Marshall J. Miss, Post Mistress, Adelphi

Marchalleck David, Morant Bay

Martin Cleveland, Linstead

Mason J. A., Spaldings

Masters Henry, Bonnett

Mattis George, Charing Cross, Old Harbour

Maxwell Stafford, Elphinstowe, Malvern

Maxwell Rev. John, Rookcliff, Black River

Marwell Mrs., Richmond Lodge, Darliston

May Samuel, Crooked River, Chapelton

Mayne William Franfield

McBean N. A., Cross, May Pen

McCalla Joseph, Billy Gordon, Old Harbour

McCalla E. R., Queen's Hill, Old Harbour

McCalla Nathan, Joe's Ground, Old Harbour

McCalla Alex., Breeze Mill, Old Harbour

McCalla Howard, Retreat

McCatty Alex. Dr., Montego Bay

McCook William, Hartlands

McCook Mortimer, Hartlands

McClure C. W., Runaway Bay

McConnell H. G., Duncans

McCrea Joseph, Chapelton

McDaniel Thomas, Look Out, Balaclava

McDonnaugh Charles, Moneague

McDonnaugh David, Rio Hoe, Moneague

McDonnaugh Alfred , Ewarton

McDonnaugh C., Claremont

McDonald John, Old Harbour

McEachron B., Bonny Gate, Port Maria

McFarlane M., Hartlands

McFarlane Henry, Hartlands

McFarlane Charles A., Stewart Town

McGann H., Chandler's Pen, May Pen

McGhie Oliver, Breeze Hill, Retreat

McGrabanc E. N., Chapelton

McGrath Hon. George, Charlemont, Ewarton

McGrath F. G., Edge Hill Pen, Retreat

McGrath J. W., Mango Valley, Retreat

McGrath G. W., Retreat

McHargh B., Black River

McHardy William, Jackson Town

McIntosh A. Claude, May Pen

McIntyre Mrs. M., Greetwell, Claremont

McKay U. Theo., Frankfield

McKenley Dr. A. G., May Pen

McKenzie Robert, Flint River

McKenzie George, Chapelton

McKenzie J. C., Frankfield

McKenzie Robert, Chapelton

McKenzie Charles, Chapelton

McLachlan D. H., Endeavour, Stewart Town

McLaughlin Rev. R. H., Richmond

McLean A. G., Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

McLean A., Frankfield

McNeel T. S., Peters Ville, White House

McPherson Ed. T., Boscobel, Oracabessa

McPherson O., Norris, Yallahs

McPherson Henry, Yallahs Bay, Yallahs

Mellard Louis, Sevens, May Pen

Mellish C. E., Fontenoy, Black River

Melville Rev. Charles, The Rectory , Black River

Melville Cornelius, Black River

Mennell G. W., The Grotto, Sav-la-Mar

Mennell John W., Chilton, Darliston

Messias Howard M., Black River

Michelin Victor A., Duckenfield

Milborne Isaac, Port Maria

Miles Luther, Mandeville

Miller G. F. M., Dry Harbour

Miller Rev. Alfred, Balaclava

Miller William, Bella's Gate, Old Harbour

Miller Dan, Mandeville

Miller Bruce, Chapelton

Miller Matthew, Chapelton

Miller Moses, Chapelton

Miller Joseph, Chapelton

Miller Benjamin, Chapelton

Miller Richard, Chapelton

Miller Thompson, Fellowship Hall, Chapelton

Milliner Herbert R., Manchester Pen, Stewart Town

Milliner John J., Belmont, Stewart Town

Minto Robert T., Home Castle, Dry Harbour

Mitchell Hugh, Fellowship

Mitchell James W., Prospect, Moneague

Mitchell James, Lluidas Vale

Monaghan J. A. S., New Port, New Market

Moodie E. P., Morant Bay

Moore Arthur, Content, Guanaboa Vale

Morant George, Farm, May Pen

Mordecai I. J., Morant Bay

Morgan T. A., Port Maria

Morgan Wilbert A., Porus

Morris E., Chewmagne, Balaclava.

Morris S. Haughton, Blue Castle, Sav-la-Mar

Morris Edw., Shrewsbury, Petersfield

Morris Rev. W. R., New Eden, Balaclava

Morris W. C., Balaclava

Morris C. Samuel, Porus

Morris Robert,, Chapelton

Morrison Albert Sandy Gut, Riversdale

Morrison A., Keith, Brown's Town

Mosquitto D., Lluidas Vale

Mossman H. L., Rio Magno, Riversdale

Motta Samuel, Riversdale

Muir L. D., Buff Bay

Muirhead George, Denbigh, May Pen

Mullings James, Black River

Munn H. C., Low Ground, Chapelton

Munroe Arthur, White Hall, Seaforth

Munton R. A., Mandeville

Murdock R. N., Fellowship

Muschett A. E., Duncans

Myers ExSergt. Major, Runaway Bay

Myers David, Southfield


Nairne Canute, May Pen

Nairne John, May Pen

Nash John S., Water Works, Sav-la-Mar

Nash Septimus, Fullerswood, Black River

Nash William, Blenheim, Black River

Nash Caswell T., Myrtle Villa, Black River

Nash Norman, Mandeville

Nash Oscar, Mandeville

Nash Leslie, Mandeville

Naylor Harold, Tom's River, Castleton

Needham F. H., Morant Bay

Neilson R. S., Foeman's Hill, Moneague

Neish Miss, Balaclava Hotel, Balaclava

Neish James, Balaclava

Nelson Miss Jane, St. Faith's, Moneague

Nelson, S. L., May Pen

Newman Francis A., Brandon Hill, Castleton

Newman R. P., Lluidas Vale

Nicholas Thomas, Heart Ease, Yallahs

Nix A. E., Windsor Castle

Nix H. E., Windsor Castle

Norton Willie J., Sav-la-Mar

Norton B. W., Sav-la-Mar

Norton F. A., Morant Bay

Nugent P. H., Duncans

Nunes C. W., Morant Bay


Ogilvie James A., Porus

Orgill Richard, Fellowship

Orrett Charles, Gayle


Paddyfoote A., Morant Bay

Page Rev. H. T., Lower Works, Black River

Pait John, Retreat

Palmer A. W., Moneague

Palmer S. J., Keith, Stewart Town

Paramore W., Shrewsbury , Petersfield

Parcells L. A., Balaclava

Parchment T. S., Southfleld

Parkins J. B., Seaforth

Parnell J., Black River

Parnell J. A., Balaclava

Parnther Rev. R. M., Glenmore, Claremont

Paterson James G., Pleasant Hill, Port Antonio

Paterson Adolphus, Cascade

Patterson David, Broadleaf, Porus

Patterson I. H., Lluidas Vale

Patrickson Henry, Porus

Pearson Norman, Morant Bay

Peart Lewis, Mandeville

Peast F., Chapelton

Pen Chong C., Lluidas Vale

Pengelly D., Lluidas Vale

Pengelly C. F., Balaclava

Pengelly Walker, Balaclava

Perkins Mrs. S. T., Ogle, Claremont

Perry Hugh, Top Hill, Old Harbour

Petgrave Fred. A., Folly Point, Port Antonio

Petgrave Miss Eliza, Sherwood Forest, Port Antonio

Petgrave Andrew, Favors Ville, Sav-la-Mar

Peynado S. H., Cheltenham, Black River

Peynado Cecil, Clifton, New Market

Peynado Herbert, Luana, Black River

Peynado Willoughby, Ipswich

Peynado Victor, Black River

Phang Charles, Balaclava

Phillips Mrs. E. C., Water Works, Sav-la-Mar

Phillips, J. H., Morant Bay

Phillips William, Epworth, Claremont

Philllips A. S., Mandeville

Phillips J. K., Frankfield

Phillips W. R., Prospect, Chapelton

Phillips A. A,. Claremont

Phillipson G. A., Bethel Town

Pike Rev. C. R. S., Mount Airy, Castleton

Pink Robert, Frankfield

Powell J. C., Mandeville

Powell Easton G., Mandeville

Prendergast F., Highgate

Price Edward, Regale, Buff Bay

Prince Hamlet, Hartlands

Prince J. M., Morant Bay

Pringle Hon. Dr. J., Aqualta Vale, Annotto Bay

Pringle Kenneth, Chovey, Annotto Bay

Pryce Joseph, Porus

Purcell Miss E. E., Moneague

Purcell Felix, Moneague

Purchas Ernest, Dry Harbour

Purchas Dr., Clark's Town


Quinlan Rev. H. C., Yallahs Bay, Yallahs


Rainford P. C., Lloyd's Penn, Spanish Town

Ramsay Miss Felicia, The Lodgings, Sav-la-Mar

Ramsay J. H., Morant Bay

Ramsden Hugh, Bellfield, Hampden

Randall C. E., Wakefield Park, Bog Walk

Ray Alfred, Morant Bay

Reddish Clarence, Black River

Redding Stephen, Hartlands

Reid H. V., The Cottage, Balaclava

Reid A. R., Lluidas Vale

Reid Benjamin, Retreat

Reid W. O., Morant Bay

Reynolds Rev Caleb, Beechamville, Claremont

Richards Walter, Ginger Hall, Riversdale

Richards James, Richard's Pen Linstead

Richards J. D., May Pen

Richards L., Moneague

Richards Julius, Labour Hall, Guanaboa Vale

Rigg Herbert, Retreat

Rigg R. T., Retreat

Riley Robert, Cascade

Roberts Miss R. G., Malvern Lodge, Balaclava

Roberts Mrs. Cleon, Arlie, Balaclava

Roberts F. W. T., The Lodgings, Claremont

Robertson Eustace, Port Maria

Robins Dr. Henry, Sav-la-Mar

Robinson Miss I.,. Trafalgar, Claremont

Robinson Leopold, Dubeny, Linstead

Robinson J., Port Maria

Roche E., Port Maria

Roche S. M., Bagnold's Spring, Gayle

Ruche G. E., Bishop, Port Maria

Roper A. S., Retreat

Roper Frank, Grierfield

Roper Claude, Goshen, Moneague

Rose John, Chapelton

Rose A. Samuel, Porus

Rowan Joseph, Pear Tree Valley, Old Harbour

Roxburgh Adam, Mount Plenty, Walker's Wood

Rudolf H. J., Belleville, Hampstead

Rudolf A. N., Rio Magno, Riversdale

Russell Jonathan, Cudjoe's Hill, Guanaboa Vale

Russell Thomas T., Heart Ease, Yallahs

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