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This List contains the names and addresses of as many of the well-known country residents as we have been able to collect. Residents in Kingston and St. Andrew will be found under a separate heading.



Fagan Alfred, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Farquharson M. H. M., Cornwall, Lacovia

Farquharson Dr. W. G., Black River

Farquharson W. N. C., Black River

Farquharson C. M., Black River

Farquharson J. M., Appleton, Siloah

Farquharson Fred., Appleton, Siloah

Farquharson C. C., Amesbury, Sav-la-Mar

Farquharson C. S., Sav-la-Mar

Farquharson F. H., Wallingford, Balaclava

Fearon O., Chapelton

Fennell Edward, Maldon, Point

Findlay W. G., New Castle, Darliston

Fisher B., Mahogany Hall, Jackson Town

Fisher Levi, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Fisher Edward, Clonmel

Fisher J., Richmond, Laughlands

Fletcher James, Carew, Point

Fletcher Mrs., Holly Mount Hotel, Ewarton

Fletcher C. L., Bolton, Claremont

Fonseca J. M. , Morant Bay

Forbes W. S., Black River

Ford Mrs. Nellie, Woodstock, Buff Bay P. O.

Foreman J. B., Burtons, Linstead

Forrest C. L., Watsonville, Moneague

Forest Sandford, jnr., Bluefields, Black River

Forest Sandford, jnr., Black River

Forrest Edmund T., Vineyard, Black River

Foster Robert, Williamsfield, Montego Bay

Foster, A. J., Black River

Foster C., Richmond

Fox Percy, Lydford, Claremont

France C. A. R., May Pen

Francis James, Garden Hill, Castleton

Francis J., Bath

Francis John, Hartlands

Francis E. J., Black River

Francis Hugh, Black River

Francis Samuel, Morant Bay

Franklin E., Black River

Franklin F., Clark's Town

Fraser Rev. S. James, Water Mount, Bartons

Fraser Rev. C. V., Dover, Retreat

Fraser David, Dry Hill, Old Harbour

Fray Mrs. M. E., Spring Plain, Milk River

Fray Rev., Duncans

Frederick Sgt. Major, Rock River

Ffrench-Mullen Dr. V., Claremont

Fuller, J. A., Fellowship

Fullerton, B. E., Duncans

Fullwood A. E., Morant Bay

Fursdon C. A. T., Hartlands

Fyfe James G., Salt Gut, Oracabessa

Fyfe Stephen S., Oracabessa


Gager James B., Dumblane, Stewart Town

Gallant J., Siloah

Gallant Colin, Dunsandale, Black River

Gardner Joseph Soho, Seaforth

Garriques Ezekiel, Bonett, Linstead

Gayle W., May Pen

Gayle Joseph, Chapelton

Georges Robert, Hartlands

Gideon D. S., Port Antonio

Gill Dr. G. F., The Lake, Moneague

Gillespie D. T., Moneague

Girod C. H., Hartlands

Giscombe A. E. L., Hartlands

Glanville Thomas, Richmond Hill , Mile Gully

Gobay Richard John's Hall, Montego Bay

Godfrey Duncan, Cascade

Golden Charles, Charing Cross, Old Harbour

Goldson H., Troja

Gonzales J. H. Old Road, Guanaboa Vale

Gooden William, Springfield , Point

Gooden George, Moneague

Gooden F. T., Black River

Gooden Percy, Black River

Gordon A. W., Duncans

Gordon Nathaniel, Old Road, Guanaboa Vale

Gordon Nathaniel, Chapelton

Gordon George E., Old Road , Guanaboa Vale

Gordon Isiah, Oracabessa

Gordon Thomas, Oracabessa

Gordon J. B., Morant Bay

Gordon W. M., Cedar Valley

Gosset Hon. B. S., Hagley Gap

Goulbourne Lucas, Chapelton

Graham Robert, Chisholm, Chapelton

Graham Frederick, Chapelton

Graham John, Castleton

Graham J. D., Lucky Valley, Riversdale

Graham E. E., Morant Bay

Grant Richard B., Old Savoy, Frankfield

Grant R. A. E., Frankfield

Grant Simon, Cascade

Grant Robert, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Grant Rev. J., Bryan's Pen, May Pen

Grant Daniel, Chapelton

Grant C. T., Sevens, May Pen

Grant Miss Letetia, Hartlands

Grant Ernest E., Paisley, May Pen

Grant J. A., Morant Bay

Grant Charles, Old Road, Guanaboa Vale

Grant A. O., Chantilly School, Williamsfield

Graves Alex., Tangle River, Point

Gray Joseph H., Maldon, Point

Green Alfred, Brown's Town, Point Hill

Greg Percival H., Mesopotamia, Sav-la-Mar

Gregory Matthew, Mt. Merrick, Old Harbour

Grey S. B., Maiden Hall, Port Maria

Griffith H. W., Hodges, Black River

Grinan Dr. A. J., Sevens, May Pen

Grosset Dr. F., Port Antonio

Grosset Vernon, Port Antonio

Gunn Alfred, John's Hall, Montego Bay

Guy Alexander, Hartlands

Guy John, Hartlands

Guy James, Hartlands


Haig B., Oxford, Balaclava

Hales James, Black River

Hall Rev. J. P., The Retreat, Brown's Town

Hall S. E., Cave Valley

Hall Vidal, Black River

Hall Benjamin, Mandeville

Hall George, Taylor's Piece, Yallahs

Hall Charlton, Fox' River, Castleton

Hall T. Wilson, Sav-la-Mar

Hall Chas H. V., Morant Bay

Hall Samuel, Morant Bay

Halliburton Edw., Morant Bay

Hamilton William, Hartlands

Hamilton S. T., Steer Town, St. Ann's Bay

Hamilton Jane, May Pen

Hamilton Arthur, Mandeville

Hammond Joseph, Riversdale

Harding Daniel, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Hardwick Rev. C. G., Port Morant

Hare Thomas, Riversdale

Hare Henry, Riversdale

Harker N. J., Claremont

Harper George, Clark's Town

Harris A., Clapham, Moneague

Harris Cyril L., Content, Retreat

Harris M. E., Moore Town

Harrison L. G., Prospect, Morant Bay

Harrison A. E., Potsdam, Malvern

Harrison W. A., Linstead

Harrison Rich., Harrison Ville, Point Hill

Harrison Leslie, Morant Bay

Hart Samuel, Montego Bay

Hart David, Hartlands St. Ann's Bay

Hart Edmund, Montego Bay

Hart A. J., St. Ann's Bay

Harvey Dr. Charles, Beckford Lodge, Sav-la-Mar

Hawkins Frank M., Brandon Hill, Castleton

Hawthorne Frank, Riverhead , Moneague

Head Rev. W., Cave Valley

Hedley I. H., Enfield, Darliston

Hemans Charles, Cascade

Hemans J. Thomas, Blue Mountain, Williamsfield

Heming C. N., Holm Side, Claremont

Hendriks Rev. E. J., The Rectory, Guanaboa Vale

Hendriks Gilbert, Balaclava

Hendriks A. J., snr., Top Hill, Black River

Hendriks A. J., jnr. Black River

Hendriks Adrian, Black River

Hendriks W. G., Victoria Park, Black River

Hendricks S. A., Porus

Hendrickson W., Siloah

Henriques C. S., Black River

Henriques Luther Mandeville

Henriques C., Mandeville

Henriques A., Windsor Castle

Henriques M., Broadgate, Clonmel

Henry John, Mt. Zion, Castleton

Henry William, Hartlands

Henry Alexander, Hartlands

Henry W., Lluidas Vale

Henry A. B., Caledonia, Darliston

Henry Frederick, Chapelton

Henry C. W., Claremont

Heslop J. H., Kitson Town, Guanaboa Vale

Hewitt Thomas J., Hermitage, Black River

Hewitt W. J., Black River

Hewitt F. J., Southfield

Hibbert A. L., Porus

Hicks David, Mandeville

Higginson C., Duncans

Hill William, Linstead

Hill J. W., Windsor Castle

Hinds Cecil M., Manchester Club, Mandeville

Hogarth D. A., Ivy Villa, Falmouth

Holmes Thomas A., Mandeville

Hood Daniel H., Copse Estate, Ramble

Hopkins F. E., Aylmer's House, Guanaboa Vale

Hopwood Alex, Bengal, Rio Bueno

Hosack E. E. C., Iter Boreale, Annotto Bay

Hoskins Henry S., Vale Royal, Duncans

Houchen A. L., Georgia, Duncans

Hunt Rev. J. D., Stuarton, May Pen

Hunter James, Retreat

Hutchinson Miss A., The Pen, Moneague

Hutchinson James, Moneague

Hutchinson John, Rose Hall, Moneague

Hutchinson F., Black River

Hutchinson Alfred, Riverhead, Moneague

Hyam Henry, Cambridge, Black River

Hyam Matthew, Cambridge, Black River

Hyle W. C., May Pen

Hylton J. S., Linstead

Hylton Joseph, Porus


Ibott M. M., Duncans

Irving James, Dromilly Penn, Dee Side

Irving J. Jacob, Kensington

Isaacs Hon. C. E., Fairholme, Malvern

Isaacs C. H. A., Waterloo, Black River

Isaacs Dr. S. A., Torrington, Sav-la-Mar


Jackson, Port Antonio

Jackson John A., Mandeville

Jackson Samuel, Barton, Bartons

Jacobs, A. O., Montego Bay

James Obadiah, Retreat

Jervis George, Cascade

Johnson Josiah, Steer Town, St. Ann's Bay

Johnson Isaac, Guanaboa Vale

Johnson C. E., Harbour View, Port Antonio

Johnson Cleveland, Dalrymple Park, Moneague

Johnson Frederick, Dry Hill, Old Harbour

Johnson Josiah, Homestead, Stewart Town

Johnson S. A., Woodside, Four Paths

Johnson J. B., Epworth, Claremont

Jonas A. B., Water Works, Sav-la-Mar

Jones Z., Wakefield, Sav-la-Mar

Jones R. A., Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Jones L. A., Morant Bay

Joseph William, Regale, Buff Bay

Josephs Albert, May Pen


Keeling A. L., March Penn, Spanish Town

Keeling George, Duncans

Kelly A., Mt. Angus, Gayle

Kelly John, Pear Tree Grove

Kennedy A. W., Dry Harbour

Kenridge E. G., Morant Bay

Kerr Ernest H., Port Maria

Kerr Egbert, Lucea

Kerr W. Coke, Montego Bay

Kerr J. A., Beulah Park, Claremont

Kerr Lionel, Barossa, Mandeville

King Joseph, Bartons

King John, Black River

King Henry, Content, Guanaboa Vale

King H. A. Miss, Post Mistress, Balaclava

Kinlock Joseph, Scotland, Guanaboa Vale

Kirkham B. A., Grey's Ville, Sav-la-Mar .

Knight Edmund, Epworth, St. Ann's Bay

Knight T. J., Morant Bay

Knight Alfred, Hartlands

Knight C. S., Fellowship

Knowles George, Morant Bay


Lalor J. W., Balaclava

Lambie Charles, Seaforth

Lannaman W. T., Nuts River, Morant Bay

Lannaman Henry, Morant Bay

Lannaman J. J., Highgate

Landale W. H., Pleasant Hill, Clifton

Langley Francis, Rosebury, Old Harbour

Lattibodier Dr. S., Bella's Gate, Old Harbour

Lawes Frederick, Bonnett, Linstead

Lawrence A. F., Malvern

Lawrence Reginald, Malvern

Lawrence J. E., Belvedere Mtn., Bethel Town

Lawrence Charles, Bonnett, Linstead

Lawrence S. H., Lochinbar, Claremont

Lawrence T., Constitution Hill, Hope

Lawton M., Port Maria

Lea Rev. W. S., First Hill, Jackson Town

Leach C. A., Hartlands

LeRoy Joseph, Hartlands

Le Touzel Dr., Sav-la-Mar

Levien Moses, Botheration, Old Harbour

Levy A. W., B.A., The Castle, Sav-la-Mar

Levy A. G., Holyrood, Black River

Levy Clifford E., Holyrood, Black River

Levy Leslie, Holyrood, Black River

Levy T. E., Glendelvin, Black River

Levy Ernest A.,

Levy C. E., Morant Bay

Lewin Richard, Front Hall, Frankfield

Lewin William, Morant Bay

Lewis J., Moneague

Lewis A. M., Mandeville

Lewis J. M., Easlington, Yallahs

Lewis J. E., Windsor Castle

Lewis M. H., Parnassus, May Pen

Lewis E. H., Windsor, Siloah

Lewis F., Riversdale

Lightbourne W. A., Brands Berry, Yallahs

Lightbourne Rev., Duncans

Lindo Rev. S. L., Cave Valley

Lindo E. A., St. Pauls, Balaclava

Lindo Harold, Williamsfield, Riversdale

Lindsay Rev. C. A., Yallahs Bay, Yallahs

Livingstone Alex., Cascade

Locke R. M., Mandeville

Lockett John, Kendal, Troja

Lofthouse W. O., Balaclava

Logan I. E., Mandeville

Long Claudius, Gibraltar, Moneague

Lopez Daniel, Oracabessa

Lopez Manley, Chapelton

Lopez Clarence, Dry River, Hayes

Lopez Brenton, Chapelton

Lord Charles G., Rodons, Old Harbour

Lowe A. B., Adelphi

Lowe Benjamin, Adelphi

Lumsden William, Aeolus Valley, Yallahs

Lynch R. B., Mandeville

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