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THE following is a list of some of the best known residents in the above parishes.

Where the residents of St. Andrew have offices in the City, Kingston has been purposely given as their Post Office, so as to facilitate the delivery of their letters.


ISSA E. A., 26 High Holborn Street, Kingston

ISAACS CHARLES T., "Wayside" Red Hills Road, Kingston

Isaacs R. H., "The Orchard" Hope Road, Kingston

Jackson Frank, "Ellesmere" Half-Way Tree, Kingston

Jacobson R. K. S., "The Gables" Hope Road, Kingston

James Samuel, 61 Princess Street, Kingston

Jessurun, James S., East Queen Street, Kingston

Johnson J. Roy, "Mountain View" Arnold Road, Kingston

Jolly Malcolm, 8 Upper Elletson Road, Kingston

Jones A. H., 11 Blake Road, Kingston

Judah Braham T., Water Works, Constant Spring, Kingston

Judah F. A., 38 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Kelly C. S., 10 Retirement Road, Cross Roads

Kemble Fred, "Elm Tree Cottage" Cross Roads, Kingston

Kemp Thomas, Manor House Hotel, Constant Spring, Kingston

Kenshaw, A. E., 5 Tower Street, Kingston

KINKEADE E. D., "Richmond" Half-way Tree Road, Kingston

KIRKPATRICK W., "Carmone" Windward Road,Kingston

King A. O'R., Hill Gardens, St. Andrew, Kingston

Laidley T. A., 23 Smith Lane, Kingston

Lamdin C., 178 Orange Street, Kingston

Lanigan A., 35 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Latreille P. R., "Rosedale" Rosedale Avenue, Kingston

Lawrence Michael H., The Deanery, St. Andrew, Kingston

Lawrence C. F., 3 Smith Lane, Kingston

Layman A. J., 37 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

LEAHONG THOMAS, 84 Hanover Street, Kingston

Leake St. L. C., 153 King Street, Kingston

Leon, Emanuel X., "Argyle" Half-way Tree, Kingston

LEVY ADOLPH, "Belle Isle" South Camp Road, Kingston

LEVY ELLIS, "Trianon" Woodford Park,Kingston

Lewis J. J., Marine Gardens, Kingston

Liddell Colin, "Hazeldene" South Camp Road, Kingston

Lindo B. G., "Roseneath" Lower St Andrew, Kingston

Lindo G. C., 13 South Camp Road, Kingston

Lindo W. A., 17 West Race Course, Kingston

Lindo S. C., "Fontabell" Kingston Gardens, Kingston

LINTON ERNEST (D.V.S.), "Hill Gardens" St. Andrew, Kingston

LINTON G. C., 12 Bedford Avenue, Kingston

Littlejohn H. M., Manhattan Road, Kingston

LIVINGSTON R. O'C. J., 3 South Camp Road, Kingston

Lockett, E. V., 3 Norman Road, Kingston

Lofthouse W. O., Central Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

LOPEZ C. A. DR., 3 Rosedale Avenue, Kingston

Lopez E., 14 Blake Road, Kingston

Lopez E. S., 14 Blake Road, Kingston

Lopez F. L, 14 Blake Road, Kingston

LOPEZ P. C. DR., 14 Blake Road, Kingston

LOPEZ R. F. DR., 14 Blake Road, Kingston

Love J. R. Dr., "Primrose Cottage," St. Andrew, Half-way Tree

Lucie Smith E. W., Ligunea, Hope Road, Kingston

Lucie Smith J. B., Maryville, Hope Road, Kingston

Lunan A. E., 172 1/2 Orange Street, Kingston

LUNDIE W. H., "Florence Hall" St. Andrew, Kingston

Lyons J. E., 85 Duke Street, Kingston

Lyons Frank, 85 Duke Street, Kingston

MacDERMONT T. H., 14 Penrith Road, Kingston

MACHADO PEDRO, South Camp Road Hotel, Kingston

MACHADO G. T., 8 South Camp Road, Kingston

MACHADO G. R. DR., 95 Hanover Street, Kingston

MacLeod Neil, "Hill Drop Villa" Hope Road, Kingston

MacPherson R. J., Kingston

MAGNUS EUGENE, "Eton Villa" 45a South Camp Road, Kingston

MAIS C. L., Walton Lodge, Oxford Road, Kingston

Mais E. C., Waterloo Road, Kingston

Malabre C. A., 5 South Race Course, Kingston

Malabre H. F. Dr., 155 East Street, Kingston

Manton V. E., 117 Duke Street, Kingston

MAPP J. H. G., 38 Laws Street, Kingston

Marescaux Major, Cherrv Garden, St. Andrew, Halfwav Tree

Marley Robert, Half-way Tree

Martin T. M., 24 East Race Course, Kingston

Martin E. M., 2 Lincoln Road, Cross Roads

Martin J. A. M., 10 North Parade, Kingston

Martinez J., "Glenroy" Retirement Road, Kingston

Maunsell H. E. Dr., 1d North Street, Kingston

Maxwell C. S., 73 Tower Street, Kingston

Maxwell W. R., 73 Tower Street, Kingston

Maxwell Anthony, 73 Tower Street, Kingston

Maxwell, William S., "Maxville" Deanery Road, Kingston

MAYNIER I. C., 141 East Street, Kingston

McCormack L. I., "Louisville" Upper Elletson Road, Kingston

McDougall A. L., 27 Old Slipe Pen Road, Kingston

McFarlane A. B., Mico College, Kingston

McGilchrist Henry, "Camp View" St. Andrew, Cross Roads

McGregor A. J., 96 Duke Street, Kingston

McKAY EGBERT J., Windward & Waterloo Roads, Kingston

McLean C. I. Miss, 45 South Camp Road, Kingston

Melhado Richard, "Fair View" Half-way Tree, Kingston

Mends A. M., 36 East Street, Kingston

MEYER W. Carl., 153 Manchester Square, Kingston

Milholland J. F., "Norbrook" St Andrew, Kingston

MILKE OSWALD, "Schoeneberg" St. Andrew, Kingston

MILLER J. ALFRED, 13 Blake Road, Kingston

MINOTT BENJAMIN, 5 Arnold Road, Cross Roads

Moody C. E., 122 King Street, Kingston

Morais Eugene L. F., "Mowbraby" 5 Lissant Road, Kingston

MORAIS M., 12 Blake Road, Kingston

Morales E. J., 7 Geffrard Place, Kingston

Mordecai Ernest R., "Roseneath" North Street, Kingston

Mordecai Charles B., 4 East Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

Mordecai L. M., Eastwood Park, St. Andrew, Kingston

Morrison John, 22 Barry Street, Kingston

Morrison W., "Amy Ville" South Camp Road, Kingston

Motta A. E., "Devereux Park" North St., Kingston

Mudahy Jacob, South Camp Road, Kingston

Muir O. D., 26 East Race Course, Kingston

Munro Archibald, Jamaica Club, Kingston

Murray C. J., 8 Campbell Street, Campbell Town, Kingston

Murray E. E. Dr., "The Lodge" Arnold Road, Kingston

MYERS FRED L., 1 North Street, Kingston

Myers Alfred deC., 1 North Street, Kingston

MYERS HORACE V., "May Ville" North St., Kingston

Myers G. P. Hon., "Harlcot Farm" Constant Spring, Kingston

Nairne J. R. Maceo, 27 Barry Street, Kingston

NATHAN A. A., (when in Jamaica) Constant Spring Hotel, Kingston

NATHAN A. A., (when in England) 25 Moor Lane Fore St., London, E.C.

Neale W. H. Capt., 14 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston

Neelmeyer L., "Alberdyce" St. Andrew, Kingston

Nethersole J. M., 47 James Street, Kingston

Nethersole E. B., "Crieff" South Camp Road, Kingston

Newman E. L., "Ridgewood" 5 Kensington Road, Kingston

NUNES L., 41 South Camp Road, Kingston

NUNES SAMAH, 21 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Nuttall E., "Vale Royal" St. Andrew, Kingston

Ogilvie C. D. Major, "Airlie", Cross Roads

Ormsby S. O. Rev., St. Michael's Rectory, Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Orrett E. G., The Grove, St. Andrew, Kingston

Orrett W. H., The Grove, St. Andrew, Kingston

Orrett H. M., "Le Challet" Glenmore Road, Kingston

OTTO R. H., "Kingsley" St. Andrew, Kingston

PANTON CECIL HOPE, Bournemouth Gardens, Windward Road, Kingston

Parke H. S., 32 Laws Street, Kingston

PARKER WALTER B., C/o Gleaner Office, Kingston

PARKER N., 1 Slipe Road, Kingston

Parkinson R., 33 Brentford Road, Kingston

Parkinson E. G., 57 Beeston Street, Kingston

PARKS BASIL O., 68 Church Street, Kingston

Pearce.F. L., Club Lane, Kingston

Penso H. H., Retirement Road, St. Andrew, Kingston

PENSO E. E. DR., 25 Old Slipe Pen Road, Kingston

Penso, G. N., Chamberlin Road, St. Andrew, Kingston

PERRY A. WHITSON, 52 Brentford Road, Kingston

PHILLIPS C. B. H., 13 Arnold Road, Kingston

Phillips J., 1 West Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

Phillips Lewis, 1 West Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

Phillips T. S., 33 Maiden Lane, Kingston

Pierce L. H., 4 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston

PIERCE W. 47 High Holborn St., Kingston

PIETERSZ L. M., 92 Hanover Street, Kingston

Pietersz J. L., 92 Hanover Street, Kingston

Pietersz J. E., 92 Hanover Street, Kingston

Pinnock T. R., 12a Blake Road, Kingston

PINTO W. E., 1a West Wellington St., Smith's Village, Kingston

Plummer H. L., 10 Portland Road, Kingston

Plummer D. C., 10 Portland Road, Kingston

Plummer Oscar, 28 Arnold Road, Kingston

Polson J. M., 86 Hanover Street, Kingston

POMAREDA LOPEZ DR., 20 East Street, Kingston

POVEDA J., 39 East Street, Kingston

Powell Eswin T., 1 Trevennion Park, St. Andrew, Kingston

Prendergast P. G., 59 East Street, Kingston

Priest Henry, 147 East Street, Kingston

Priestnal W. Rev., 28 North Street, Kingston

PURDEN W. P., "Glentyan" Lyndhurst Road, Kingston

Quallo H. H., 4 Lower Elletson Road, Kingston

Quallo A. R., 8 Upper West Street, Kingston

Raleigh F. L., "Kyle" South Camp Road, Kingston

Ramson J. L. Rev., 82 Duke Street, Kingston

Ramson T. Hugh, 97 Church Street, Kingston

Randall C. H., 157 Orange Street, Kingston

Randall J. E., 28 Sutton Street, Kingston

RAVES ELLIS, "Earle's Court" 18 North St. Kingston

Reddish George, 89 West Street, Kingston

Reeves J. M., 9 Arnold Road, Kingston

REUBEN S. R., 6 Blake Road, Kingston

Ritchie Alexander, 26 Arnold Road, Kingston

ROBERTS A. D., 12 McWhinney Street, Kingston

Robertson O. D. F. Dr., "Tankerville" St. Andrew, Kingston

Robinson K. A., "Truro" St. Andrew, Kingston

Rouse F. G., "Riverston" East Race Course, Kingston

Rouse E. R., "Riverston" East Race Course, Kingston

ROWLEY A. H., "Aylsham" Constant Spring, Kingston

RUSSELL A. A., 25 Upper West Street, Kingston

RUST G. R. D., Knutsford Park Hotel, Kingston

SADLER CLIFFORD, Harmony Farm, Constant Spring, Kingston

Sale F. Victor, 15 West Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

Samuels A. A., "Cromer" Woodford Park Land, Kingston

SAMUELS F. J., Roddington Lodge, St. Andrew, Kingston

Samuels L. L., 29 South Camp Road, Kingston

Samuels L. V. D., 29 South Camp Road,

SANDERS GEORGE C., 18 North Street, Kingston

Sanguinetti Charles, "Arema" Torrington Bridge, Kingston

SANGUINETTI E. H., Haughton Court, St. Andrew, Kingston

Sargood F. G. Miss, 68 Church Street, Kingston

Sasso David J., 137 East Street, Kingston

SASSO H. F., 1 South Camp Road, Kingston

Saunders F. H. Dr., 3 North Street, Kingston

SCATTI LUCIAS, Constant Spring Hotel, Constant Spring

Schloss S. L., Collins Green, St. Andrew, Kingston

Schloss A. A. Miss, Ivy Green, St. Andrew, Kingston

Schonfield Moses, 78 Princess Street, Kingston

Scotland F. M. Dr., "Arnold Villa" Arnold Road, Kingston

Scotland G. W. Dr., "Arnold Villa" Arnold Road, Kingston

Scotland T. A., "Arnold Villa" Arnold Road, Kingston

Scoltock Sydney, Portland Road, Camperdown Lands, Kingston

Scott A. M., "Lauriston" Hope Road, Kingston

SCOTT J. A., (when in Jamaica) Constant Spring Hotel, Kingston

SCOTT J. A., (when in England) 25 Moor Lane Fore Street, London E. C.

Searle J. L., 48 Rum Lane, Kingston

SEQUIRA A. G., 15 1/2 Barry Street, Kingston

SEQUIRA A. M., 18 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Semour George S. Hon., "The Retreat" St. Andrew, Kingston

SHAMAH E., 3 Melbourne RoadKingston

Sheridan J. W., 15 Tower Street, Kingston

SHERLOCK A. M., "Chestnut Lodge" 9 Norman Road, Kingston

Sherlock R. G. Dr. 9 Norman Road, Kingston

SHERLOCK W. M., P.O. Box 18, Kingston

Sherwood Lancelot H., 1 Cumberland Lane, Franklin Town, Kingston

SHOUCAIR S. N. "Hunt Villa" South Camp Road, Kingston

Simpson H. A. L., "Ennismore" Waterloo Road, Kingston

Smedmore W. D., 49 Beeston Street, Kingston

Smith Astley E., "Brooklyn" Half-way Tree, Kingston

SMITH J. R., "Cheshunt Lodge" 9 Norman Road, Kingston

Sollas A. M., 36 Duke Street, Kingston

Solomon A., "Rosemount" 43 South Camp Road, Kingston

Solomon A. G., "Rosemount" 43 South Camp Road, Kingston

Solomon A. H., 31 South Camp Road, Kingston

Solomon E. M. Miss, 10 Blake Road, Kingston

Solomon M. L., 10 Blake Road, Kingston

Solomon F. G., "Crecklewood" South Camp Road, Kingston

Solomon Harold A., 31 South Camp Road, Kingston

Soloman Leonard, Blake Road, Kingston

Soulette John, "Petit Bonheur" Musgrave Avenue, Kingston

SOUTAR SIMON, "Richmond" St. Andrew, Kingston

Soutar E. D., 95 East Street, Kingston

Stedman L. G., C/o R.M.S.P. Co., Kingston

Stephenson T. B. 2 Sutton Street, Kingston

Stephenson W. A. "The Hermitage" 12 Torrington Lane, Kingston

Stines George, 115 Church Street, Kingston

Stiven James B., "Elgin Bungalow" Hope Road, Kingston

Streadwick S. J., Hill Gardens, St. Andrew, Kingston

SULLIVAN R., Constant Spring Hotel, Kingston

Swain Charles, 18 McWhinnie Street, Kingston

Tamayo A. C., 124 Orange Street, Kingston

TAPLEY JOHN, Mt. Mansfield, Gordon Town, Kingston

TAVARES E. (D.V.S.), 3 Norman Crescent Road, Kingston

TAVARES V. V., 3 Norman Crescent Road, Kingston

TAYLOR R. W., 12 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston

Thompson Spencer, "Addiscombe" Norman Road, Kingston

Thwaites G. R., 8 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Tilley Sylvester, 20 Harbour Street, Kingston

Tillman John, 14 East Avenue, Kingston Gardens, Kingston

Thompson George S., "Champigny" Portland Road, Kingston

Toledano T. W., 9 St. Andrews Lane, Kingston

Townsley W. D., 25 Pink Lane, Kingston

Tozer W. V., 1 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

VAN DYNE, Marine Gardens, Hanover Street, Kingston

Vaz Cleveland C., 110 East Street, Kingston

Vendryes C. L., 114 East Street, Kingston

Verley Ernest, Abbey Court, St. Andrew, Kingston

Verley Arthur, Abbey Court St Andrew, Kingston

Verley E. J. Mrs., "Ivy Green" St. Andrew, Kingston

Vine J. A., 14 Elletson Road, Kingston

Walker W. J., 1 Bow Street, Kingston

WARD ALEX. R., 4 Maiden Street, Kingston

Ward Hon. Lieut. Col. C. J., "Roslyn" St. Andrew, Kingston

Wareham Jacob, Kingston

Wessels Louis "Clieveden" Hope Road, Kingston

Wetherall D. A., "Lansdowne" Hope Road, Kingston

WHITAKER H., 18 North Street, Kingston

White F. B. P. Mrs., "Waverly" Constant Spring, Halfwav Tree

WHITE ARTHUR E., 1 Ivy Road Brentford Road, Kingston

Whitehorn E. H., 33 Hitchins Street, Kingston

Whittingham F. W., St. John, "Hylton Ville" Clovelly Road, Kingston

WIHAN GEORGE, "Ken Cot" St. Andrew, Kingston

Williams B. L., "Cranston" Woodford Park, Kingston

Williams R. A., 5 Brentford Road, Kingston

Williams A. E. A., 5 Brentford Road, Kingston

Williams J. R., C/o Educational Dept., Kingston

WILSON WILLIAM, Constant Spring Hotel, Kingston

Wilson T., R.M.S.P. CO., Kingston

WILSON W. E., 23 Charles St., Kingston

WINKLER LEWIS B., "Hythe" 33 Brentford Road, Kingston

WINKLER LOUIS, "Hythe" 33 Brentford Road, Kingston

Wood R. L. A., 28 Hitchins Street, Kingston

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