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Addison, John

Adolphus, Joseph

Aird, Alexander

Alcock, Edmund

Anderson, William

Atwells, George W

Baker, Richard

Burke, John M

Bailey, Peter S

Black, William

Blair, Horner

Barker, Richard

Broadfoot, Andrew

Broomfield, George

Burgess, Richard

Cordozo, Edmund N

Clarke, Revd. H

Cunningham, C F

Campbell, Stephen

Campbell, William

Campbell, Tourlin

Clarke, Edward H

Clough, Nicholas

Cooke, William H

Coote, Henry

Coote, Thomas

Curtis, Samuel

Davis, Alexander

Davidson, Frederick

Delvaille, Daniel

Deleon, Aaron

Dempster, Alexander

Dewar, Robert

Dewar, Robert, jnr

Dougall, James

Ewen, William

Evans, Richard

Foote, Ralph A

Fraser, James W C

Farquharson, W N

Fenton, James

Fenton, George

Fidler, Revd D

Fisher, John

Forrester, John B

Fraser, James W

Fray, James

Galbraith, Charles A

Gooceh, Frederick

Gunn, Robert

Gifford, Charles M

Goldson, William T

Gosling, John W

Grant, William

Grierson, James

Groves, Henry G

Henry, Hugh G

Hilton, William

Hind, Richard

Harvey, George F

Harvey, Anthony

Harvey, Richard S

Hebbard, Andrew

Herries, Samuel

Honey, Charles

Isaacs, Daniel

Jelly, Thomas

Jamieson, John

Jenkins, Thomas H

Jenkinson, Benjamin

Johns, William

Johnson, Alexander C

Johnston, Alexander

Leyden, John W

Loch, Robert T

Latham, William H

Lawton, David

Lecky, Alexander M

Mayhew, Rev. W

Mennell, Zebulon

Moore, Augustus

Mason, David

Mason, John I

Moore, Archibald

McDonnell, W jnr.

McFarlane, Peter

McIntosh, William

McIntosh, Wal.

McLean, Archibald

McTaggart, William

McDonald, John

McDonald, Malcolm

McFarlane, Andrew

McKenzie, John

McKie, Peter

Nicoll, William

Otty, Richard

Ochterloney, W J

Pearce, John

Peynado, James J

Phillipson, Adlph.

Pilliner, John

Pilliner, George B

Pinnock, Joseph

Pinnock, Thomas

Pinnock, Richard

Polack, George

Pringle, Alexander

Proud, Hubert

Rose, Alexander J

Riddell, Thomas

Rankine, Alexander J

Rerrie, Alexander

Sadler, Edward J

Smith, James W

Spense, James G

Stopforth, John G

Scott, Archibald

Segre, Jacob

Segre, Joseph S

Sinclair, Daniel

Sloby, Henry [Sloly ?]

Spence, John T

Stevenson, Henry

Stewart, Thomas

Thomas, Robert F

Thomas, David F

Tate, William A

Tate, Napoleon

Tinling, Thomas

Tate, Thomas A

Tomlinson, Joseph

Touzalin, Stephen

Touzalin, S jnr

Touzalin, Edward

Tullis, John Edie

Vickers, Hon. Benjamin

Vickers, William

Vaz, Isaac Nunes

Wheatley, George

Whitelocke, Hon

Webster, James H

Whitelocke, W J

Waite, Joseph S

Walcott, William V

Whittingham, Joseph

Williams, Joseph S

Williams, James L

Williams, James M

Young, James C

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