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Anderson, W M

Armstrong, G J

Allen, George

Braham, R, jnr

Briscoe, William

Burnett, Charles

Benjamin, William

Bowen, John

Burrowes, Rckd.

Clemetson, Robert

Currie, Alexander

Churnside, Alexander

Caldwell, Henry

Caton, Desmond

Drake, John G

Day, David

DaCosta, Alexander L

Ferguson, James M

Fraser, John

Fyfe, Charles

Gray, Thomas

Geddes, George

Geohegan, T A

Goffe, John B

Gordon, George W

Hosack, William

Johnstone, Alexander

Johnson, Henry

Kelly, James

Kelly, William M

Lindo, Alexander Joseph

Levy, Michael

Lindo, Herbert

Moore, John H

Morgan, Patrick

Marsh, John

Martin, William T

McLean, Gilbert A

Marsh, Henbry

McInnes, Charles

Madden, Robert

Mitchell, M G

Northover, William

Nash, John E

Rigg, Henry

Russell, James

Russell, David

Rose, Isaac

Staines, John B

Smith, William L

Small, John

Silvera, William

Summerbell, T W

Symes, Lawrence

Satterthwaite, H

Savage, Robert

Tucker, Joseph

Thomas, John

Uter, John

Vermont, Thomas R

Vermont, Henry S

Ward, John, senr

Wilson, John L

Wright, Thomas

White, Thomas

Ward, John, jnr

Welsh, Edward

Wilson, Henry

Willis, Joseph


Allen, John B

Ashmead, Robert

Box, Henry

Barker, Fred H

Braham, William R

Ball, Daniel R

Bagnold, Thomas R

Burgess, Henry

Bell, Pubeo

Bind, Edward

Baxter, Dennis

Chaplin, W S

Clarke, Thomas

Campbell, Thomas

Cook, Henry

Catanach, F R

Clarke, James

Cargill, John

Desgouttes, Samuel

Dacosta, Joseph G

Edwards, Bryan

Espeut, Peter A

Fairweather, William

Ferguson, George J

Forbes, Rev. R

Haughton, William

Hall, William

Hibbert, Francis McK

Hosack, William

Hannam, Robert

Henderson, John

Jones, James

Jackson, Peter

Johnson, Robert

Johnston, William

Kirby, James Y

Kennedy, Edward

Linnell, John

Leivey, James

Leith, Thomas S

Livingston, T M

Langbridge, W R

Lane, George A

Lyon, Peter McD

McDonald, William

Mowat, John E

Murray, Thomas

Maitland, William

Mitchell, Joseph

McIntosh, Barnett

Martin, William

Minot, William

McKie, James

McBean, George R

Nash, Tom John

Pearce, Benjamin

Pickersgill, Charles

Prestwidge, James

Park, John

Rose, Matthew

Stewart, James

Simpson, Thomas T

Schanberry, A A

Scotland, George

Swire, Roger

Smith, John

Smillie, Hugh

Summers, Nicholas

Strachan, James

Strachan, Henry

Saddler, Green

Sutherland, Matthew

Scotland, Horace

Smith, Thomas

Symes, Theophilus L

Swire, Augustus

Towode, Alfred

Travers, Benjamin

Thomas, ANgus

Thompson, Cuffee

Veitch, John

Westmorland, W

Wolcott, Seth T

Walker, James R

Walker, Ralph

Wallis, Joseph

Watt, Richard

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