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Anderson, Patrick H

Bartlett, Thomas

Bell, James

Bell, Henry

Bragg, George R

Browne, Rev Henry

Burgess, Henry

Campbell, Louis

Campbell, Duncan

Campbell, Patrick

Chisholm, Rev J R

Davis, Beckford

Davis, David G D

Dias, David

Dunbar, Philip K

Dunbar, Robert

Dyce, Thomas

Engleton, Thomas

Foster, Mathew M

Gegg, Robert E

Grant, Peter

Guscott, Horatio

Hardy, James

Haughton, George

Hosack, Hon William

Humphreys, James A

Jackson, Edward G

James, Richard

Johnston, William

Kirkland, Moses

Lawton, Isaac

Lecky, Alexander George

Lecky, Thomas H

Lowe, William George

Manahan, James

Manahan, Lachlin

May, Rev Charles T

McFarlane, Robert

McFarlane, William

Miller, William

Minott, James

Mitchell, Jack

Moore, John H

Moore, Joseph

Oakley, James

Philips, Robert

Prendergast, Henry

Robertson, Robert J

Scobie, Robert

Shaw, Alexander

Sheckleford, John

Silvera, Isaac

Sinclair, John

Skyers, Edward

Sollas, Moses M

Swire, Augustus

Swire, Roger J

Sykes, John

Waddell, James

Walker, Richard

Welsh, James

Wilson, Alexander


Abrahams, Arthur

Abrahams William

Abrahams, Elijah

Akin, Alexander Augustus

Anderson, Alexander

Anderson, Robin

Anderson, William W

Allan, Thomas

Allbay, Charles

Bartlett, Robert

Baquie, Robert C J

Bertram, John J

Bolt, David

Briscoe, Robert

Brice, Alfred Wm

Brooks, William

Brown, Richard

Bryan, Lynch

Burkley, Charles

Bunting, John

Bunting, William S

Custlereagh, Robert

Clarke, Robert William

Clachar, John S

Clachar, Henry

Clachar, Alexander

Cousens, Richard

Croft, William Ross

Cunningham, Richard

Dias, David

Downer, Thomas

Downer, Edward J

Downer, William W

Edwards, John M

Ellis, William

Escoffery, Alexander

Francis, Richard

Fraser, Peter

Ffrench, George

Gavers, John H

Gordon, George William

Grant, Alexander

Gunn, George

Harris, George

Harris, William

Harris, Robert

Henderson, Jno. J

Henry, George

Hilliary, William

Hoyes, Thomas

James, John L

Jones, John Pugh

Jones, James J

Kelso, John P

King, Richard

King, Kell

King, Henry L

King, Charles L

Knight, Francis

Lambert, Henry

Lungton, Thomas

Mais, Colin

Martin, William

Marshall, William J

Mellis, James

Micklejohn, Thomas

Mitchell, John

Moodie, Peter A

McKenzie, Jno. E

McKenzie, Henry

McKenzie, Thomas

McKenzie, Francis

McLaren, John

McPherson, Alexander

Nelson, Lord

Nichols, Thomas C

Oakley, William

Orgill, Rev T T T

Parris, Thomas

Phillips, James

Pillow, John A

Redmon, Charles

Redmon, William

Rigg, Richard

Reid, Richard

Ritchie, Henry

Roberts, Edward R

Scott, Samuel

Shepherd, Samuel M

Sherwood, George

Smith, Richard

Silvera, Isaac

Silvera, Robert

Swire, John H D

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, Lewis

Thompson, Samuel

Walters, Christopher

White, Thomas

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Rev J

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