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Beswick, Arthur

Boxer, William L

Braine, Charles

Brydson, William

Calder, John

Cooper, John M

Cuff, John

Earle, John W

Farquharson, W N

Farmer, Benjamin

Hall, Charles

Hendricks, F

Isaacs, Augustus

Kennedy, Allan

Johns, William

Leyden, John W

Lewis, William

Lindo, Louis

Maris, Edward

Morgan, M C

Muirhead, M E

Peynado, S C

Phillips, Henry

Phillipson, A

Salmon, Hon. J

Sampson, Frederick

Sawers, John

Senior, B M

Simpson, William

Smith, Raynes W

Smith, Robert

Shakespeare, J J A

Usher, James R

Wells, John B

Wheatle, T K

Wiggan, John

Wiggan, John W


Allan, William

Atkinson, James

Allwood, Robert W

Buchanan, James

Brebner, William

Bruce, Walter

Blackhall, Henry

Browne, William

Bean, William

Brown, Edward

Brown, John

Brown, John

Chisholm, Archibald

Chisholm, Francis

Chisholm, Robert

Caseley, Robert

Carr, Thomas

Clare, William

Campbell, John

Campbell, John E

Castello, John

Crooks, John J

Crooks, John A

Cunha, Isaac M

Cort, William

Carson, Thomas

Collymore, Joseph K

Cohen, Joseph

Clough, Nicholas

Deans, James

DaCosta, Joseph P

Dickson, James

Dickson, John

Davidson, Rev A

Dawes, John N

Davidson, James

Dod, Francis

Davis, Henry

Feurtado, Issac O

Feurtado, DA

Fennell, Joseph

Fayerman, George

Grant, Charles

Gardiner, John

Gordon, Richard M

Gray, Thomas N

Harris, Ralph

Henry, Hugh G

Hind, Richard

Hylton, Henry

Hutton, William

Haughton, William

Hart, David M

Isaacs, Henry I

Iles, William H

Jackson, Jacob

Jackson, John

Johnson, William R

Johnson, James

Kirkaldy, William K

Kenny, William H

Lyon, Jacob

Lyons, George

Martin, John S

Mason, James I

Mason, John I

Miller, Robert

Munro, Murdoch

Morris, Richard

Mowatt, Richard

Nunes, Robert

Otway, Thomas James

O'Sullivan, Patrick

Phillipson, Adolph

Pratt, Henry

Potts, John D

Petgrave, Thomas

Plinger, Henry

Phillips, George L

Phillips, Charles N

Phillips, Henry

Quallo, Abraham H

Quallo, Elias

Rodrigues, Rphl.

Rodrigues, Lewis

Rowe, Daniel

Reddie, George D

Ramsay, Ulick O

Rankine, Alexander J

Symister, Thomas

Stephen, Alexander

Storer, George M

Sharp, Edward

Spence, Frederick R

Spence, Henry W

Tinling, Nicholas

Trench, James S

Turner, William

Vidal, James

Vaz, Isaac Nunes

Vernon, Robert

Williams, Samuel

Whittingham, Joseph

White, Joseph

Wilson, James

Whitelocke, Hon.

Whitmore, William

Walton, Thomas B

Wheldon, George

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