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Addison, Rev G A

Alexander, Edward J

Allan, John

Angell, James

Beswick, Arthur

Bonitto, Simon

Brown, Alfred

Baker, Henry P W

Bonthrone, James

Baker, Richard

Bawn, William T

Bennett, James

Brown, Thomas

Bayley, William R

Biggs, James

Boucher, Humphrey

Bernard, William

Bailey, Alexander

Bramwell, Lewis

Butler, George

Crawford, David

Campbell, Peter

Cornwall, Edward

Cohen, Henry

Chevers, Charles E

Cousens, George

Crawford, Kenedy

Crawford, David

Campbell, Robert

Copland, Adam

Chevers, F M

Davidson, Daniel

Dalapenha, George W

Davis, Foster

Daly, John

Delapenha, Uriah

Daly, John

Delapenha, Jacob

Demetrius, Robert

Dawkins, Henry

Durrant, George

Dwyer, Dennis

Dunwell, Walter

Dunwell, George

Daly, Robert A

Francis, William

Fulford, Charles

Fraser, Alexander

Fraser, Robert

Galway, Peter

Green, James

Green, Samuel

Glare, Stephen

Glanville, Samuel

Henry, William

Hungerford, William

Hewitt, Edward E

Heron, Alexander W

Hollingsworth, J R

Hall, Charles

Ham, Matthew

Henry, William

Huggiors, Mareus

Henry, James

Henry, John

Harrison, John S

Ingram, Charles M

Isaacs, Lionel

Jones, William

Johnson, George H

Jackson, Charles H

Kennedy, Allan

Logan, Alexander C

Loftman, George

Levy, Joseph

Lindo, Alexander

Lewis, Julius

Lewis, James

Lewis, George

Logan, Joseph

Learmond, William

Laidlaw, Henry

Mitchell, Thomas

Morgan, Henry

Messon, Robert

Meikle, Lewis

McPherson, Alexander

Muirhead, Michael

Muirhead, Michael E

Montgomery, J K

McNally, Charles P

McCatty, Alexander G

Miles, C W

Miles, George

Manley, Samuel J

Mowatt, William

Nash, George W

Newman, Robert

Newman, Horatio

Nation, Charles

Napier, Alexander

Neal, Thomas

Owen, Humphrey

Peart, Edward

Peart, Thomas

Pearson, Robert

Parker, Francis P

Powell, Thomas

Pitt, William

Robinson, John

Roach, Alexander

Robinson, Peart

Rose, Duncan D

Richards, John

Robinson, Thomas

Scott, David R

Scott, Henry


Sconce, Robert A

Sutherland, Daniel

Smith, Crawford

Swaby, Horatio

Stewart, Joseph

Sandford, Charles A

Segree, Abraham D

Sawers, John

Scott, James

Saunders, George

Senior, Theodore

Sturridge, George

Tavares, Benjamin

Thompson, Christopher

Thomas, Richard

Thompson, George

Tucker, John

Turner, Charles

Tomlinson, John R

Valintine, Adolphus

Vassell, Thomas

Ward, William

Walker, Samuel

West, James Edward

Waugh, George

Wheatle, W S

Wood, J S

Wellington, Charles

White, Robert


Bravo, Charles C

Bravo, Joseph

Barrett, Edward George

Bent, Henry

Broderick, Michael

Carter, Richard

Carter, Andrew

Caldwell, Robert James

Collie, David

Chavannes, George H

Davis, Jno. Wilson

Davis, Henry

Dobson, Thomas

Fletcher, Charles

Gayner, John William

Grey, Henry R

Gray, Valentine

Gordon, George William

Griffiths, Mlbne. J

Harris, Joseph

Harris, William B

Hutchison, Samuel

Ingram, Thomas

James, John H

Jobson, Austin

McCrone, John

McNab, Gilbert

McPherson, Alfred A

Peat, William

Powell, John R

Royes, Charles

Raffington, Thomas

Robinson, Robert

Rose, William B

Ratigan, John

Royes, Charles, jnr

Smith, Rev John

Smallwood, Henry

Shaw, Henry B

Solomon, Michael

Strachn, John

Tapper, Henry C

Wilson, Robert

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