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Allan, William B

Askew, George

Brown, Charles

Bernal, Thomas W

Broadhurst, Benjamin

Bennett, George W

Bonner, William

Barrett, William

Brown, William

Brown, Edward

Barton, Richard.

Bennet, Peter snr

Barrett, Edward

Brown, Edward

Barton, Charles

Bennett, Peter snr

Brandon, Edward J

Barrow, Hiam

Baylis, Edwin

Boyd, William

Burnett, Peter

Branker, Alexander

Brandon, David

Brown, William

Burnett, Charles

Burnett, James

Britton, John

Brown, Francis

Clemetson, Peter

Carr, William

Carey, Andrew

Coombs, George William

Chambers, Edward

Campbell, Rev John

Campbell, John

Campbell, Richard

Clerk, Simon

Clunis, Samuel

Cameron, Hugh

Creary, William

Creary, Charles T

Campbell, L

Chisholm, Colin

Campbell, Samuel

Campbell, Hector

Cowan, John H

Cocking, James M

Campbell, Richard

Coney, James

Coney, Wilson

Douglas, William

Davis, Henry T

Davis, Henry I

Davis, George

Dixon, Bryan

DaCosta, Isaac

Duncan, James C

Dasilva, Alexander H

Delgado, Albert

Ducasse, Lewis

Deslandes, P L

DeRosier, John

Deslandes, William

Davis, George

Davis, Charles

Dias, Clarence L

Dixon, James

Dalhouse, Alexander

Davies, George

Edwards, James

Ellis, William

Edwards, Richard

Edwards, James

Edwards, Robert

Fraser, John

Fletcher, Samuel

Freeman, Thomas

Garrigues, Peter F

Geddes, George

Gray, George

Gaynor, John R

Gray, Alexander B

Gordon, Thomas

Gardiner, George

Garel, Leonidas F

Godfrey, James

Graham, Stephen F

Gordon, Francis

Galloway, Henry

Gordon, Joseph

Gilbert, Phillip

Green, Henry S

Gray, Henry

Howell, Thomas J

Hodgson, John

Hamman, Edward

Henriques, Enst. A

Hiatt, John

Hume, James

Harris, Henry

Henry, William

Henriques,William H

Heighington, James

Hall, Joseph

Hamilton, Spencer

Jackson, Henry

Johnston, Robert

Johnston, Richard G

Jacks, Edward

Jones, James H

Ingram, Alexander

Kinkead, Edward

King, George

Kidd, William Thomas

Lewin, Phillip

Langbridge, W R

Levy, Isaac

Latour, Bazil

Lewis, Andrew H

Love, John

Liddell, Walter G

Ludford, Joseph

Lobban, William S

Lewin, Richard

Lewis, John

Lane, William

Landells, William

Lynch, Frederick W

Levy, Alexander

Mighty, James

Mossman, Archibald

McKillop, Angus

McNair, Archibald

Mcphail, John

Martin, Henry, snr

Martin, Joseph, snr

Mitchell, Francis R

McGrath, George

McInnis, John

Mitchell, Lewis

Matthews, Adam

Mackie, Bryan E

McDonald Alexander

McBean, William L

Martin, Benjamin

Morrison, Francis

Matthews, Edward

Morgan, Thomas

McLeod, Richard

McLeod, Alexander

Morris, James

McCaw, Edward

Magnus, Hyman

McIntosh, Edward A

Murray, John William

Marsden, William James

Nelson, Frederick

Nelson, Robert

Osborn, Robert

Palmer, Richard

Pearce, William

Pusey, William

Phipps, Francis J

Palmer, Bamwell

Phipps, Paul

Paul, Peter

Rogers, Thomas

Rannalls, James

Rutherford, William

Rush, James

Rennalls, James

Rennalls, Samuel

Richards, Dick

Rodon, William

Roach, Thomas S

Rae, John

Rickett, Alexander

Rose, Robert

Redwood, William

Roman, Edward

Richards, James

Richards, Samuel

Rubie, Henry

Rainsford, Bryan

Rennalls, Alexander

Richards, Charles

Richards, Rev J G

Russell, Francis J

Reid, Douglas

Richards, James

Staniger, Wolfe

Spyer, Alexander Augustus

Stephen, Alexander

Smellie, Robin

Smith, John

Stewart, William

Soares, John S

Salom, Aaron

Stewart, Richard

Samuel, Henry S

Stewart, Edward

Soares, Ralph

Stephens, George

Scott, James

Strudwick, Henry

Stephen, William

Savage, Thomas

Stephen, John

Service, John

Soares, Samuel C

Stewart, James

Taylor, James

Taylor, Richard

Thompson, Robert W

Thompson, Dugald

Taylor, George A

Turner, Robert

Thompson, James

Thompson, James jnr

Thomas, Richard

Tracy, Charles

Thame, William

West, Samuel

Wilson, Edward

Willasey, James

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Lewis

Waller, Henry P

Wright, William D

Wolte, Daniel

Welsh, Robert

White, Richard M

Welsh, Thomas

Waugh, William

Wallace, James

Williams, Prince

Williams, Charles

Williams, James

Young, Samuel

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