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Alvarenga, Daniel

Alvarenga, Jacob

Alvarenga, William

Alberga, David J

Astwood, William G

Bolton, Edward

Barnett, Jonathan

Bennett, Adam

Basan, Robert

Brown, Daniel D

Brown, Daniel E

Benjamin, Myer

Barclay, William

Bain, Theodore A

Campbell, Daniel

Crosbie, George G

Colthirst, Charles V

Clay, Albert H

Coulbourn, John

Chevannes, George H

Campbell, D A

Campbell, William

Cuthbert, George W

Chisholm, William

Cripps, Thomas N

DePass, Theodore

Downer, George P.M.

Duaney, Edward

DePass, Jacob M

Dadd, William Henry

Darby, Henry

Durant, John

Delgado, Alfred

Delgado, Edwin

Derbyshire, James

Degraffe, Alexander N

Dixon, William

Dallas, Alexander Charles

DePass, James M

Engledue, John, sr

Engledue, John, jnr

Ellis, William

Espeut, Peter A

Ferron, Peter J

Freeman, John

Fyffe, Charles

Goodhall, Thomas

Graham, William

Hollar, William J

Howell, Thomas

Harry, Phillip

Hall, John C

Hemmings, John

Harris, William B

Henderson, George

Hall, John

Henry, William S

Harry, Thomas

Jordon, Edward

Jordon, Edward, jnr

Jordon, Robert

Jeffries, Alexander R

Johnson, Robert

James, Dawkins

Johnson, John

Jewell, Henry

Kent, Henry

Kemble, Henry J

Kean, John Foote

Levy, Charles

Lucas, Edward

Lowe, William George

Lyons, Francis B

Lescelles, Charles

Levy, Maurice

Magill, Benjamin

Martin, John Rob

Morrell, John

Macfarlane, J B

McGann, Robert O

Michaels, John

Marrah, Daniel

Mais, Henry

Mattos, Matthias

Mais, Stephen W

Mitchell, Jacob

Mais, Edward

Nelson, Edward

Nunes, John

Osborn, Robert

Parke, Hibbert

Price, Charles A

Patterson, William F

Paine, William S

Powell, Charles, snr

Paisley, John P

Prawl, Daniel

Patten, George P

Russell, Emanuel E

Russel, Joseph J

Reid, Frederick

Reider, John

Roberts, James

Simmonds, Christopher

Smallbrooks, G P

Saynds, James

Smith, George P

Samuels, Henry S

Simpson, Thomas F

Salmon, Robert J

Smellie, Frederick William

Stewart, William

Stewart, William jnr.

Thomas, John

Thomas, Robert

Tracey, Henry H

Thompson, Charles

Thompson, Robert

Thomas, William

Taylor, James

Vickars, Edward

White, Francis

Windall, Richard D

Williams, James


Alvarenga, Jacob,


Alberga, David J

Armstrong, Charles

Bristowe, John

Berry, William, snr

Bailey, Frederick

Brandon, David

Beacher, John

Brown, Thomas

Barclay, William,

Branker, Alexander

Burke, Samuel C

Brice, John R

Bell, James

Barnes, Richard

Bailey, William

Braine, Rev George T

Berry, William, jnr

Baille, James P

Britton, John

Cator, John A

Chevannes, George H

Chamberlaine, C

Connolly, John W

Carr, John Rich

Curtis, John

Cuthbert, George W

Cushnie, Thomas S

Chisholm, John R

Dunn, William M

Demetrius, Thomas

Desporte, Lewis J

DeGraffe, Alexander N

Derbyshire, James

East, Hon Hinton

Espeut, Peter A

Francis, Joseph

Ferron, Peter J

Gildon, Charles

Graham, George

Gordon, Alexander

Gordon, Joseph

Gordon, George W

Harris, Henry

Hamilton, Samuel

Hughes, Francis

Harry, Thomas

Hamilton, Robert

Hicks, Charles

Hoevertzs, Gabriel

Hammet, James

Jordon, Hon Ed

Jones, Eleazer

Jones, Thomas N

Jopp, Charles M

Isaacs, Hubert H

Johnston, Alexander

Kemble, Henry J

Lawrence, William

Lindsay, Charles

Lucas, Edward

Levy, Charles

Lewis, Edward W

Mothersill, Richard

Morris, John

Murrav, William

Mccall, Daniel

McCall, Joseph

Mais, Stephen W

Mais, Edward

Murrav, John

Mowat, Charles J

McKenzie, E Y

Magnus, Simon

McLean, John

Nunes, John

Newland, William

Naar, James B

Osborn, Hon Robert

Parry, John

Panton, David B

Paine, William S

Panton, Ven R

Roberts, James

Robinson, C A

Stines, Samuel

Salom, Aaron

Solomon, H. senr

Solomon, H. junr

Smith, William

Sorapure, John B

Stiebel, James P

Smith, Joseph G

Soutar, Simon

Taylor, James

Thomas, Burton

Taylor, Robert

Vickars, Edward

Verley, Lewis

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Thomas S

Young, Robert

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