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Ashley, Henry

Allwood, James jnr

Alexander, Alexander

Abrahams, M

Andrade, Jacob

Austin, Hugh W

Allwood, James

Bolton, Fred. R

Bernall Thomas James

Bristowe, John

Bell, William Q

Brown, John M

Barnes, William

Barber, Thomas L

Basan, Halbert

Berry, William

Bell, Samuel P

Clarke, James P

Clarkson, William J

Cruickshank, G

Cuthbert., William A

Coughtrie, Alexander

Colas, William

Cowan, Richard

Cowan, John

Davy, John

Dalhouse, John James

Davis, Foster

Dallas, Richard

Dowson, Thomas

Dempster, Alexander J

Dias, Clarence

Diamond, Nicholas

Eberall, William N

Elliott, John W.

Emanuel, M I

Espeut, Peter A

Fonseca, John

Flemming, Robt

Facey, James M

Facey, James S

Fonseca, Richard C

Fraser, William

Flemming, Joseph

Fraser, James

Finlayson, Thomas B

Gilbourne, William

Grant, James

Gibson, Henry R

Gayleard , James

Gale, Thomas

Greensword, W N

Henry, William

Howell, George Noel

Henriques, Daniel C

Hamilton, Charles C

Henriques, George F

Hawkins, Frederick

Henry, Thomas

Hall, Prince

Jordon, Edward

Jackson, Charles H

Jackson, Thomas W

Jackson, Francis

Jackson, Robert R

Judah, Abraham

James, Nathaniel

Jordon, Robert

Johnson, William

James, Henry

Jackson, Robert

Kemble, William

Kemble, Edward

Kerr, Alexander G

Leach, John V

Lawrence, Joseph B

Lewis, Charles

Lynch, Francis R

Land, John Coates

Lewis, Andrew H

Levy, Isaac

Lynch, Edward B

Liddell, Walter G

Lawrence, John F

Messias, John T

McGrath, George

Morison, Daniel

Munroe, Thomas

Mullet, William

Morgan, John

McRobbie, James G

Melhado, David B

Magnus, Sept. K

Mendes, Henry

McAnuff, John C

Millsom, George

McAnuff, William

Mais, John Leslie

Macfarlane, W G

Morales, Charles McL

March, William Thomas

Magnan, Charles M

Mais, Stephen W

McCulloch, Joseph

McLean, William

Murphy, James H

Mitchell, Alexander, snr

MacKinnon, L F

Osborn, Robert

O'Meally, James

Oughton, Thomas

O'Meally, Robert

Petrie, David

Pine, Alexander John

Penny, John W

Peixotto, David C

Phillippo, James C

Pinnock, Thomas

Rector, The Revd.

Robertson, William S

Rodriques, Sol

Rennals, William

Roden, William

Russell, Robert

Rose, George

Russell, Robert

Rodon, Henry J

Robinson, Charles A

Sawers, John

Samuel, Henry S

Sandford, Charles A

Shirley, Henry B

Stewart, Walter G

Sanguinetti, M

Sinclair, John

Soares, David J

Sampson, Charles A

Sinclair, Augustus C

Stevenson, Henry J

Sullivan, Frederick

Shaw, Gilbert

Sinclair, Lewis E

Sanguinetti, J J

Thorburn, A W

Trench, Daniel P

Vaz, Horatio

Verley, Lewis

Walter, Nicholas J

Wilkie, George P

Willet, George F

Wolfe, Thomas M

Winter, Thomas

Young, William L

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