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Aarons, Edward

Abrahams, Athr.

Abrahams, William

Alexander, T. J.

Abrahams, Elijah

Astwood, William G.

Alexander, David

Aria, Alexander

Alvarenga, Abraham

Auvray, Peter E.

Andrews, William

Alexander, Fred.

Alberga, Abraham A.

Aarons, Jacob

Allwood, John

Aldred, George Ed.

Adams, John

Airey, George S.

Alberga, David J.

Auld, John M.

Bonitto, H. P.

Bristowe, John

Brandon, David

Barclay, Alexander

Brown, John S.

Barber, Thomas L.

Berry, William

Bowerbank, L. Q.

Bell, James

Brass, John

Barclay, William

Brandon, James

Branker, A. W.

Brice, John R.

Branker, Alexander

Bailey, William

Burger, John

Brooks, Joseph T

Bryan, Robert

Baugh, Richard L.

Brandon, Henry, Jr.

Brandon, Mortimer

Bruce, Alexander

Branes, Richard

Brock, Charles E.

Branday, Louis P.

Brodhurst, Henry

Bogle, Hugh

Burke, Samuel C.

Bennett, Thomas

Bogle, Alexander

Barton, George

Barrett, James

Brown, Edward S.

Bentley, John

Bonner, Henry W.

Brion, Alexander

Binney, Charles

Brodhurst, Benjamin

Bailey, Frederick

Bassett, Charles

Ballin, Samuel

Beacher, John

Cespedes, Isaac

Cunha, Louis

Campbell, Charles

Cooper, W. S.

Cathcart, Alexander H.

Carter, William

Cushnie, Thomas S.

Campbell, C. L.

Cordozo, Augustus N.

Crotty, John

Cuthbert, G. W.

Cuthbert, Andrew

Campbell, Thomas

Clarke, Charles

Chevannes, G. H.

Colthirst, H. F.

Cator, John A.

Cathcart, Allen

Connolly, J. W.

Deroux, Anthony

Desport, F. G.

Derbyshire, James

DeMercado, I. H.

DaCosta, J. P.

Despinose, Charles

DeCordova, M.

Davison, Samuel

DaCosta, H. W.

Dumont, Alexander

Darby, George

DeCordova, Alt

DaCosta, Albert

DeWalden, John

Dogherty, M. C.

Davidson, Alexander

Davis, Robert M.

Deleon, R. S.

Dunn, H. M.

Duff, John

Delfosse, Charles L.

Delandes, Juan A.

DaCosta, Edward

Dequesnay, J U L [Duquesnay]

Depass, Theodore

Douse, Edward

Degraffe, Alexander N

Demitreus, William


DeVillacy, Ed C.

Declavo, Isaac

Dias, Moses

Depass, Abraham

Desnoes, Peter

Dollar, Frederick

Duncan, Francis

Espeut, Peter A

Ellis, Thomas

Edwards, Richard

Elliott, William C

Escoffrey, John

Escoffrey, Lewis

Fingzies, James K.

Francis, Joseph

Ferron, P J

Fisher, George

Finzi, Daniel

Forbes, William

Farquharson, C G

Figuieres, Louis

Figueroa, Joseph

Ford, James D

Foderingham, H

Francis, John

Ferguson, George

Fegan, John C

Franklin, B A

Gordon, G W

Gardner, William J

Grant, Alexander

Gutzmer, Samuel

Grant, John

Girod, William

Gall, James

Gordon, James

Hamilton, Samuel

Hendrick. Thomas

Harvey, Thomas S

Hutchings, Henry

Hart, John Jonas

Hitchins, R J C

Hall, Manly R

Henderson, George

Hamilton, D

Henriques, I C

Hacket, Augustus

Hays, James

Hutchings, G C

Hitchins, Joseph G

Hitchins, H B

Hickson, James

Hale, A D

Henry, Alexander

Hutchins, Ed W

Hale, Henry

Henry Alexander D

Harris, Henry N

Howard, Charles

Harry, Thomas

Harry, Phillip

Henriques, George

Hardin, Samuel

Hoevertsz, Gabriel

Henry, John

Hogdson, John

Isaac, Andrew, H

Inglis, Alexander S

Jordon, Ed jnr.

James, Wilmot

Jeckelson, William

Jones, George

Jordon, Robert

Jordon, Edward

Jones, Eleazar

Kiesselback, Robert

Kemble, Henry J

King, Alexander

Kirkpatrick, W H

Knox, C C M L

Lucas, Edward

Leake, Henry

Lyon, Andrew

Lawrence, J F

Levy, Edmund

Lyons, Francis B

Langley, Richard

Lee, William

Levy, Hyman

Levy, Charles

Lake, Charles

Leake, Charles E

Lewis, E C

Lawton, Isaac

Lamb, William.

Lindsay, Charles F

Levy, Maurice

Lajeune, Augsts

Lewis, Louis

Langley, Stephen

March, Foster H

Melhado, Solomon

Martin, John E

Minot, James jnr.

Mattos, Alexander

Murray, John

McIntyre, Alexander

Malabre, Arnold L.

Martin, David

Mitchell, Jacob

Malabre, William

McCormack, William

Metzgar, Henry

Magnus, Simon

Morais, Augustus

Mudahy, Jacob

Magnus, George

Morin, John F

Morin, Gustave

Mathon, Charles

Montagnac, G de

Mercado, A P

Myers, Abraham

McPherson, W R

McGlashan, W H

May, William C.

Mudon, William Lee

McIntosh, James

Mallison, Henry

McDougall, D

Magill, R B

Mahon, W B

McCorkell, William

McCormack, L C

Milne, Andrew J

Midnight, H

McKenzie, E Y

Murray, William

McDonald, Matthew

Murray, William

Mais, Stephen W

Martin, John

McMicken, William

McKenzie, W G

McCall, Daniel

Morris, John

Mordecai, G.

Mendes, Samuel

Morais, Anthony

McLean, Thomas

Morris, H W

Nunes, John

Nethersole, John C.

Nethersole, J jnr.

Nunes, Ralph

Norton, William S

Nathan, Moses N

Nethersole, Daniel

Neilson, James H

Nangle, William

Nolan, James

Nicholson, A J

Naar, George

Nunes, Fitzherbert

Osborn, Robert

Price, Charles A

Pinto Abraham

Pouyat, Henry

Paine, William S

Parry, John

Patterson, H F

Pinto, Isaac

Plunkett, John I

Prevost, Louis

Peynado, George J

Pine, William B

Phillipson, Adlph.

Pothmont, Adlph.

Peynado, John C

Qualo, Robert

Qualo, Aurelius

Qualo, Lyndolph

Qualo, David

Quallo, Auckland

Robinson, C A

Reid, James

Robinson, George

Ramos, George A

Roxburgh, T F

Ramos, Moses

Ryan, David

Rodgers, John H

Roberts, Joseph

Roach, James F

Riley, Thomas

Reid, John

Richards, Samuel

Rugless, David

Ross, Donald

Radcliffe, John

Rutherford, A H

Salom, Aaron

Sainsbury, Edward

Solomons, George

Savage, Edward

Smith, George B

Stines, Joseph

Stiebel, James P

Stern, Abraham C.

Scott, Andrew

Sequeira, Emanuel W

Stiner, Charles

Sturridge, Frederick B

Smith, Joseph G

Skipton, William H

Scott, John K

Spence, John

Solomons, H A

Simon, Walter V

Shankland, William

Sanguinetti, E S

Salmon, Fred S

Solomons, Phillip

Symmonette, W J

Scott, James

Sorapure, John B

Smith, Christpher

Sequeira, Ed G

Spencer, James

Solomons, William

Samuels, Henry S

Sims, Andrew

Sykes, Archibald

Surgeon, John G

Smith,William Kelly

Sinclair, John

Smith, Alexander

Sinclair, John

Smith, Samuel

Taylor, James

Taylor, Robert

Titley, William A

Taylor, George Robert

Tweedale, Edward

Tibbal, William

Turnbull, Alexander

Touzalin, D V

Tucker, Adrian T

Thompson, James

Turner, 'Thomas B

Thomas, James

Taylor, John

Taylor, Charles

Thomas, B F E

Verley, Louis

Valentine, John J

Vaz, Isaac Moses

Vickars, Edward

Williams, Thomas S

Wright, William

Watson, James

Wray, John

Ware, Colin

Waite, Charles D

Wood, Thomas

Ware, John

Whitbourne, J W

Willis, Henry

Watson, Samuel

Wolfe, Thomas M

Ware, William

Wiltshire, Thomas B

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