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Note: The Militia of the Island is in a very inefficient and nearly disorganized state; consequently, slight interest is felt in this arm of the Public Service. The following lists will be found more correct than last year's; the order of seniority being observed throughout.

[Names in parentheses thus (By ---) after each Militia title indicates the source of the information]


Captain General and Commander in Chief: His Excellency Sir Charles E. Grey

Aides de Camp Lieut. Colonels: Alexander R. Scott, William Thomas Kemble

Adjutant General: Colonel Samuel Rennalls

Assistants ditto: Captain J. H. James, Lieut. Col. T. P. Rogers

Deputy ditto: Captain William Tharpe

Quartermaster General: Lieut. Colonel Thomas McWhinney

Deputy ditto: Major H. L. Garrigues

Judge Advocate General: John G. Vidal

Surgeon General: R. Chamberlain, M.D., M.R.C.S.

Deputy Physician General J. W. Buchanan

Deputy Physician and Inspector of Hospitals for Middlesex: L. Q. Bowerbank, M.D.

Major-Generals: Hon. Samuel J. Dallas, Robert Page, J. Dunstone


No. 1: St. Catherine, St. John, St. Dorothy, St. Mary, Clarendon and Vere:

Major General Page

Major of Brigade, Captain A. Asher

Aide-de-Camp, Lieut. William R. Myers

Secretary, Captain R. F. G. Page

No. 2: Kingston, St. Andrew, and Port Royal

Major General Dallas

Major of Brigade, Captain John Duff, Kingston Regiment

Aide-de-Camp, Lieut. John Fowles, Kingston Regiment

Secretary, Captain William Wright, Kingston Regiment

No. 3: St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, and Hanover

Major General Dunstone

Major of Brigade, Lieut. Colonel Walcott, Middlesex Regiment

Aide-de-Camp, Lieut. Bailey, St. James's Regiment

Secretary, Edward Whalley

No. 4: Manchester, St. Elizabeth, and Westmoreland

No. 5: St. Thomas in the East, St. David, Portland, St. George and Metcalfe


Colonel: Francis McCook

Lieut. Colonels: James McCatty, R. H. Z. Hemming

Majors: Adam Gunn, G. D. Willett

Captains: Asher Asher, J. R. Hollingsworth, Gilbert Shaw, Charles Stewart, J. R. Tingle, Jon Aris, Robert Russell, S. D. Lindo, John Brown

Lieutenants: Robert Darling, James Derbyshire, John Mogg, James Wood, John Dillon, William Jarmin, John Wilson, Daniel Fogerty, John Bowan, F. S. Fleming, Mark Plues

Cornets: J. Smallhorn, William Payther, James Falconer, G. McQueen, F. R. Jarman, A. Thompson, H. Beresford, James Harvey

Surgeons: R. J. Bruce, T. S. Bailey, William R. Rose

Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant: James Dundas

Quartermaster: Thomas Dobson

Deputy Judge Advocate: James Allwood



Colonel: Hugh F. Leslie

Lieut. Colonel: Edward McGeachy

Majors: Robert Taylor, John Gordon

Captains: Michael Taaffe, Matthew Thompson, G. D. Parker, John M. Smith, John Palmer, Alexander Branker, Hugh Paterson, J. Williams

Lieutenants: S. Grosett, M. M. Sollas, W. M. Dunn, J. H. McDowell, ___ Douglass, John Pogurty, J. R. Ramsay, J. H. Mitchel

Cornets: H. Y. Richardson, A. M. Perkins, D. Campbell, William Mowat, Joseph Midgley

Surgeons: William Pine, James Macfayden, Gilbert McNab, William F. Henderson

Adjutant: J. H. McDowell



(By. J. K. Hepburn)

Colonel: Lawrence Hislop

Lieut. Colonel: Charles McKenzie, John L. Walcott

Majors: John Maitland, John Ewart

Captains: Thomas Leslie, in command of Hanover Troop

Joseph Isaacs in command of Trelawny Leeward Troop

Alexander Gladstone in command of St. Elizabeth Troop

Hon. Hugh A. Whitelock in command of Westmoreland Troop

John Wilson in command of St. James' Troop

Philip S. Ogilvie in command of Trelawny Windward Troop

Lieutenants: David Davis, Allan Kenedy [Kennedy?], William Walcott, Lewis A. Bing, John S. Salmon, Jonathan Brown, J. L. Mackie, Alexander Davis, G. B. Vidal, Henry Favors, James Fletcher

Cornet, (2nd): Thomas James Kay

Cornet (1st): Alfred Woodley, Edward Angell, Thomas Murthwaite, Nicholas S. Doman, William Kerr



Colonels: Andrew Graham Dignum, Andrew H. Lewis

Major: James Philip Clerk

Captains: Charles Harvey, William Thomas March, John Brown

Lieutenants: Haughton James, James Gaylard junior, John Minot, Boswell Middleton, F. J. Soares, William R. Myers, Charles C. Hamilton, R. Russell

Ensigns: S. S. Wortley, *W. W. Mackeson, Edward Kemble

(* Off the Island)


Captain: John V. Leach

Lieutenants: G. Augustus Thompson, J. S. Facey

Surgeon: Archibald L. Palmer

Acting Adjutant: James Gaylard junior

Quarter Master: A. H. Cathcart

Deputy Judge Advocate: James Allwood

Secretaries: John Bryant, William McFarlan [McFarlane?]

Marshal: W. B. Valentine



(By H. James)

Colonel: Thomas Ludford

Lieut. Colonel: J. P. Nash

Majors: +E. W. Bourke (+ Out of the Precinct)

Captains: P. Harrison, Thomas Hansill, Michael Collman, A. G. Gordon

Lieutenants: William R. Gordon, William Smith, Thomas Melville, G. R. F. Bourke

Ensigns: James Smith, M. J. Griffiths, John Finlay, J. D. Palmer, George Cates, Joseph Reid

Acting Adjutant: John Finlay

Quarter Master: R. G. Hume

Deputy Judge Advocate: McKinstry Kidd

Marshal: Alexander Thomas

Chaplain: Rev. George Rowe



(By H. Parker)

Colonel: P. F. Garrigues, James Heighington (joins)

Lieut. Colonel: George Rees

Captains: R. G. Lowndes, John H. Hall

Lieutenants: Charles Gruber, S. Rogers, W. McNab, W. Rodon, A. Sutherland, Alexander Anderson

Ensigns: George Lewis, Francis J. Garrigues

Surgeon: Charles H. McDermott

Quarter Master: William Harty

Deputy Judge Advocate: John Masterman

Marshal: A. Mossman

Chaplain: Rev. John Campbell



Colonel: James Miller

Colonel in Seconde: Robert Jackson

Majors: George Russell, William Rose

Captains: Nicholas Grove, Hon. Ed. Thompson, Paul McKenzie, Thomas Crosedale

Lieutenants: John Girvan, Francis Lowe, George Edwards, John Thom, J. Lawrence

Ensigns: Henry Hall, S. S. Gale, R. B. Smith, Francis Simpson, M. S. Farquharson, Frederick Miller

Assistant Surgeon: John Tait

Deputy Judge Advocate: F. H. Moxy

Ditto in Seconde: Louis Mackinnon

Quarter Master: Ronald McDonald

Secretary: Frederick Miller

Chaplain: Rev. Samuel Stewart, L.L.D.



(By W. Murray)

Colonel: Thomas Anderson

Lieut. Colonel: William Dowell

Captains: D. Callaghan, John Stirke, James Allan

Lieutenants: James M. Gibb, Alexander G. Kerr, John Moore, John Benningham

Ensigns: James L. Miller, J. Baldwin, Thomas Trench

Surgeon: Dr. Charles Trutch

Adjutant (Acting): Alexander G. Kerr

Quarter Master: John W. Ward

Deputy Judge Advocate: Arthur E. Lindeman

Serjeant-Major: James P. Lewin

Chaplain: Rev. W. S. Coward



Colonel: A. C. Logan

Lieut. Colonel: Joseph Lewis

Majors: John Davy

Captains: W. Robertson, J. Clarke

Lieutenants: Robert Pearson, James Brown, Thomas Burrell, C. M. Ingram, Peart Robinson

Ensigns: P. Galway, W. Austin, H. Depass

Acting Adjutant: H. Depass

Quarter Master: W. Davy

Secretary: John Palache

Chaplain: Rev. George A. Addison, B.A.



(By T. M. Barwise)

Colonel: Patrick Morgan

Lieut. Colonel: Abraham De Souza

Major: H. A. Thomson

Captains: W. T. Martin, A. Bucknell

Lieutenants: Thomas McCulloch, Charles Draeseke, John Ward, Alexander Fairweather, George Armstrong, (a) D. D. Hine

Ensigns: James Ray, Henry Price, J. H. Laing, (b) T. Geohegan

Deputy Judge Advocate: William Gray

Surgeons: Drs. A. Cooke, David Ferguson

Assistant Surgeon: Dr. James Donald

Marshal: John Virgo

Chaplain: Rev. R. Robinson

(a) Joined from the Hanover Regiment. (b) Joined



(By M. Solomon)

Colonel: S. W. Rose

Major: R. Robinson

Captains: George Robinson, Charles Bravo, Samuel Horlock

Lieutenants: George Middleton, Donald McIntosh, William Burrowes, Joseph Bravo, Charles Royes, Michael Solomon, John W. Daynor

Ensign: Edmund Burke

Surgeon: George R. Stennett

Acting Adjutant: Michael Solomon

Quarter Master: Rowland Parkinson

Deputy Judge Advocate: C. C. Bran

Serjeant-Major: J. A. Gray

Chaplain: Rev. J. Smith



Colonel: John Clarke

Lieut. Colonel: W. L. Watt

Major: H. R. Gray

Captains: James Mooderick, William B. Brown, Alexander F. Brown, William Wilson, H. C. Trapp, George Halsal

Lieutenants: William Matheson, John Philpotts, J. L. Mawbey, Hamilton Brown

Surgeon: Thomas Johnston

Deputy Judge Advocate: Edward Tucker



Colonel: Edward Charles Mowat

Lieut. Colonel: William A. Nethersole, D. Campbell

Majors: R. Whitworth, J. Carson

Captains: John Duff (Brigade Major), James Porteous, Henry Hutchings, Henry J. Kemble, E. C. Lewis, Andrew Scott, George Delgado, William Wright, John Branday, J. K. Fingzies, David Smith, Robert Bogle, John West

Lieutenants: John Fowles junior (Aide-de-Camp), James Minot, Robert C. Thompson, John Harvey, T. B. Wiltshire, W. Girod (Deputy Judge Advocate), W. B. Morris, D. R. Mitchelson, Samuel Hendrick, P. A. Espeut, T. S. Cushnie, Colin Campbell, B. A. Franklin, Charles Armstrong, Thomas Burke, John Wray, D. H. Lambert, Charles Lambert, Henry Delgado, John T. Dias, Lewis Aria, J. W. Johnson, F. J. March, C. B. Barclay

Ensigns: Thomas Rodgers, William Phillips, J. H. Beuling (acting Adjutant), John Lawrence, Thomas Groom, Richard Hitchins, P. Belinfante, F. W. Nethersole, John Macdonald, Alexander Nathan

Surgeons: Charles Campbell, S. Altman

Assistant Surgeon: Alexander Fiddes

Quarter Master: Thomas M. Clarke

Marshal: N. Nunes


Captain: Saul Moss

Lieutenants: Solomon Belinfante, Alexander Aria

Chaplain: T. Stewart, D.D.

Strength: 400 Rank and File



Colonel: James Williams

Lieut. Colonel: W. G. Lowe

Major: Edward Lucas

Captains: James Brookes, James Gilbert, J. MsNair, R. Storey

Lieutenants: P. J. Ferron, R. Savage, B. Magill, Thomas Wilson

Ensigns: John R. Kerr, S. L. Barned, T. Depass, H. Stevenson

Surgeon: William Thompson

Adjutant: J. D. Logan

Quarter Master: J. McGregor

Deputy Judge Advocate: Henry Franklin

Chaplain: Rev. C. F. Hall



Colonel: W. Robertson

Lieut. Colonel: Colin Chisholm

Majors: Thomas Lundie

Captains: P. B. Lundie, Charles Hicks, Thomas Ellis

Lieutenants: Francis Harris, J. R. Brice, Thomas N. Jones, G. H. Chavannes

Ensigns: S. W. Mais (acting Adjutant), William Chisholm

Quarter Master: Robert Hancock

Deputy Judge Advocate: A. W. Aikman

Marshal: S. Carson (for Foot and Troop)

Chaplain: Rev. Alexander Campbell

Rendezvous: (Half-way Tree) Residence of Commanding Officer

Head Quarters: Glebe Chateau, near Half-way Tree

Strength: Three Field Officers; 8 Battalion Officers; 5 Staff Officers, re Non-Commissioned, Staff, etc., 18 Drummers and Band, 150 Rank and File, 16 Artillery, 46 Supernumeraries, Total 267



Majors: Charles Nockells

Captains: A. G. Gordon, G. J. McQueen, W. Humphreys, Thomas Scott, J. Wilson, John Henry, D. McPherson, J. Blount, William Paterson

Lieutenants: James Paterson, H. Needham, George Silvera, W. McKay, J. McLean

Ensigns: J. McPherson, A. Jeffry, James Duffus, C. P. Lord, W. H. Harnett, James Lundy, C. Trench, W. P. Coles

Surgeon: Dr. Ward

Adjutant: W. Paterson

Quarter Master: George Reeves

Deputy Judge Advocate: R. G. Marshall

Chaplain: Rev. S. H. Cooke



(By George Ffrench)

Colonel: John P. Jones

Majors: William Croft

Captains: John George Deans

Lieutenants: Charles Anderson, W. B. Lawrence

Ensigns: Richard King, Henry J. Speed, George B. Clachar, George Ffrench, Alexander Escoffery

Surgeon: John H. Henderson, M.D.

Adjutant: Henry J. Speed

Quarter Master: David Bolt

Deputy Judge Advocate: Alexander J. Brymer

Chaplain: Rev. Joseph Williams



(By Robert Dunbar)

Lieut. Colonel: William Hosack

Captains: Henry Mason, J. L. James

Lieutenants: John Gray, N. Guscott, R. J. Robertson

Ensigns: Joseph Brough, Edward Skyers

Adjutant: Henry Westmorland

Assistant Surgeon: C. T. Rapkey

Quarter Master: J. A. Francis

Chaplain: Rev. C. T. May



(By Edward Bond)

Colonel: George Scotland

Lieut. Colonel: R. C. Burke

Major: J. G. Wick

Captains: G. A. Shaw, W. J. Espeut, Augustus Hire

Lieutenants: James Prestwidge, William Bell, Thomas Lowe, H. Spalding junior, Andrew Rudolf, Alexander McGregor

Ensigns: D. Davidson, R. J. Swire, L. H. Desgouttes

Surgeon: J. M. Ferguson

Quarter Master: Thomas R. Norman

Chaplain: Rev. R. Forbes



(By Charles Gordon)

Colonel: Thomas Mason

Captains: James Hall, J. B. Wells, Thomas Wheatle, G. Daly

Lieutenants: D. McTaggart, Robert Smith, John James, John Allen, Charles Lediard, John Wiggan, C. M. Farquharson, F. Maxwell, R. W. Smith, William Henry, D. McBean, Archbald Moore, John Cuff, T. Doran

Ensigns: F. Hendricks, Edward Maris, Nicholas Heath, E. R. Tavares, J. Calder, George Deverill, Arthur Beswick, W. H. Coke

Surgeon: A. Dewar

Assistant Surgeon: A. Maitland

Adjutant: John Cuff

Quarter Master: Samuel Shearman

Deputy Judge Advocate: J. M. Cooper

Chaplain: J. C. Stone



(By E. A. Alcock)

Colonel: Robert Locke

Lieut. Colonel: Charles Braine senior

Majors: Thomas Taite [Tate?], William King

Captains: James W. Fraser, John R. Brown, Walter Comrie, Anthony Rerrie, George Cunningham, Aaron Deleon, John Deleon, A. H. Quallo, senior (Artillery)

Lieutenants: John Dick, William Johns, David Tavares, Samuel Bernard (Artillery), Peter Easson, Richard Pessou [Pessoa?], John McKenzie, James S. Buckingham, Jacob Segre, Robert Locke (Artillery), John Dodd, George R. Ruthven

Ensigns: David King, Charles A. Abbot, Alexander J. Rose, Anthony Rerrie junior, Henry Hylton

Surgeon: Simon A. McDonald

Assistant Surgeon: John Eddie Tullis

Adjutant: David Bernard

Quarter Master: Charles Tomlinson

Deputy Judge Advocate: George R. Gow

Secretary: Giles Williams

Chaplains: Revds. W. Mayhew, D. Fidler



(By J. K. Hepburn)

Colonel: Henry E. Walcott

Lieut. Colonel: William Hutton

Major: Henry Brockett

Captains: Jacob Lyon, E. R. Hine, D. Sinclair, A. Malcolm

Lieutenants: Peter Campbell, George Malcolm, Ed. E. Chambers, J. Chambers, W. Whitmore, Daniel D. Hine, Joshua Hayward

Ensigns: W. J. Chambers, John Campbell, George Munroe, James Wilson, William B. Dickson, Abraham H. Quallo junior, James H. Casely, Henry Lyon, Duncan Dewar, James Jenkins

Surgeon: William Brebner

Assistant Surgeon: D. Potts

Quarter Master: John Campbell

Deputy Judge Advocate: Alexander C. Campbell

Secretary: George Henry Hopkins

Marshal: Samuel Bucknor

Chaplain: Rev. J. Stainsby

Rank and File 291

*Am not certain about the tern Eastern



(By J. Jenkins)

Colonel: Hon. Thomas McNeel

Lieut. Colonel: Isaac Jackson

Majors: F. H. Thompson

Captains: Benjamin Vickers, W. H. Cooke

Lieutenants: J. Parkin

Ensigns: __ Whittington, J. Jenkins

Surgeon: James Davidson

Adjutant: E. H. Clarke

Quarter Master: Andrew McFarlane

Deputy Judge Advocate: Henry Groves



Lieut. Colonel: Henry A. Plummer

Majors: William Boyd, Robert Dewar

Captains: Joseph Fray, R. W. Buchanan

Lieutenants: G. Baillie, W. C. Morris, H. Corinaldi (Artillery). G. Ruthven, John Arguimbeau, William O. Dunbar, Octavius Lawson, William Anderson, S. G. Corinaldi, Richard Turnbull, William Symond, Edward Fray, Lawrence Hill, Ralph Brown, Charles W. Masters, George L. Phillips, E. Foster, Horatio Lewis (Artillery), James L. Williams

Ensigns: William James Jennings, Thomas Reynolds, Francis Blakely, Edmund Morris, Samuel Kerr junior, Joseph R. B. Bowen, George R. Braine, Richard Chambers, William Breakspear

Surgeon: Hon. George McF. Lawson

Assistant Surgeon: John E. Chambers

Quarter Master: Jacob P. Corinaldi

Deputy Judge Advocate: John A. L. Monchet

Marshal: Robert Calvert

Chaplain: Ven. Archdeacon Williams



(By J. K. Hepburn)

Colonel: Thomas P. Kidd

Lieut. Colonel: John R. Kitchen

Major: Thomas Morrish

Captains: Archibald Scott, Samuel T. Sharsmidt [Scharschmidt], James Murray, William Sewell, James Innes, John R. McDonald, Frederick L. Castle, Charles W. Ricketts (Artillery)

Lieutenants: William Hamilton, Phenias Abraham, Paul King, Stuart Edwards, Hugh Stewart, George Lyons, Robert M. Wilson, Montague Salmon (Acting Adjutant), Joseph Roberts, John Peryer, John F. Lions, James Nathan, William Cooper (Artillery), Daniel Abraham (Artillery)

Ensigns: Michael P. Constantine, David Kerr, Thomas W. Cooper, Edward Fedden, Robert Macdonagh, Thomas Patterson, John Reid

Surgeons: George McCartney, Alexander C. Stevens, William Dalrymple, Peter McLaren

Quarter Master: Edmund Anderson

Deputy Judge Advocate: William Holder

Chaplain: Rev. John Magrath, L.L.D.

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